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How do i get my hot aunt for sex?

The Problem: Well my aunt has a nice ass big boobs and 2 kids and a husband but her huband leves for work really early and i stayed the night one night and after her husband left for work i went into her room to tell her i dont feel good and when i walked in she was fingering her for sex?

Asked by: Horny for life at 12:59:08 AM, Saturday, July 07, 2012 PDT FLAG


Oh well i dont she would mind having sex with you coz as you said she was still fingerin while u entered the next time when ur hard just hug her frm behind and make her feel ur hard on on her ass and strt giving a little jerks i bet she'll like it..if i was ur aunt i would have loved it hehe

biancastewart90 Jul 07 2012 10:52am FLAG

don't commit incest, she has a husband, don't do it batty boi

Skemz Jul 08 2012 4:55pm FLAG
i tried it but i walked in on them having sex and i joined, but my uncle rammed my arse, i didn't get any auntie and he says he loves my tight arse

Horny for life Jul 08 2012 5:12pm FLAG
your so dumb you cant trick some in to having sex with u

Anonymous Jul 14 2012 1:20am FLAG
your so dumb you cant trick some in to having sex with u

Anonymous Jul 14 2012 1:20am FLAG
your so dumb you cant trick some in to having sex with u

Anonymous Jul 14 2012 1:20am FLAG
Masturbate & leave that feeling... Think tht z a big sin

anonymous Oct 20 2012 1:28pm FLAG
Make some injuries & tell her to treat tht....(ex-thigh) be with her.... & be frank.... Whn u get clz.... Sleep on her lap

anonymous Oct 20 2012 1:30pm FLAG
show you c*ck to her accidently

bolt Nov 17 2012 2:40am FLAG

KING DALOS Dec 09 2012 11:20am FLAG
tell her you can lick gooooood

master mind Dec 09 2012 5:41pm FLAG
how to get in the bed with her

lebron Mar 01 2013 3:02pm FLAG
Touch her while she sleeping

Big C :. Mar 13 2013 2:41pm FLAG
i want to aunty how can i trick in to sex.

sr Apr 02 2013 12:53am FLAG
masturbate and ask her if she can help

Dopee May 21 2013 11:24am FLAG
i want to my aunt .. she is so hot.. help me ?

nicky Jun 14 2013 11:51pm FLAG
I want to for her

Chris Jul 07 2013 12:44am FLAG
How do I get her alone

Anonymous Jul 13 2013 5:57pm FLAG
My aunt is allways pinching my ass. next time i will grab her tits. when i spend the nite i sleep on her couch. i will be masturbating when she walks in and see me.

Yojo Aug 17 2013 8:42pm FLAG
just go for it and every thing will happen easily

x Sep 10 2013 6:17pm FLAG
Dude thats kinda weird

donky kong Oct 19 2013 7:36pm FLAG
just rub your penis on her ass while she is bend.

Anonymous Dec 04 2013 8:46pm FLAG
just rub your penis on her ass while she is bend.

XxxSexGuruXxx Dec 04 2013 8:47pm FLAG
What if she's Christian

Dan Dec 19 2013 4:45pm FLAG
I also want to have sex with my aunt she is so hot everytime I touch her boobs and she does not do anything and I tried pressing my d*ck against her ass but I don't know if she wants to have sex with me

Anonymous Dec 24 2013 4:34pm FLAG
Jst her bro

t-man Jan 19 2014 11:56am FLAG
Grab her tits and feel the and she will fuk u

Sexgod Mar 06 2014 8:25am FLAG
grab her boobs tightly. her.

manu Mar 21 2014 10:35am FLAG
Just and rape her. Shes a milf and a bitch. I would. That damn bitch needs a lesson. You might as well kill her afterwards

white lover boy18 Apr 18 2014 6:18am FLAG
Just and rape her**

white loverboy18 Apr 18 2014 6:19am FLAG

Anonymous May 04 2014 2:59pm FLAG
I had all these problems but now am any time welcomed to her . Just accidently touch her boobs and then she comes to know what we need . And they are slowly attracted

umaiba May 06 2014 3:19pm FLAG
Wow I really want all the guys in this page to all the time and very boared of my cousine his d*ck is some kinda smalll one but really thick as he is onlyy .

maya May 06 2014 3:22pm FLAG
i want to have a sex with my neg.bor she have a two child and a husband she will come to my house to talk with my mom everdy

raghu Sep 29 2014 4:47am FLAG
just lie to her like ur testicles are not equal ask her if it is normal and if she really wanna have sex with u she will want to see ur testicle,if she want to see she wants to have sex then u go first

pedoski Oct 08 2014 1:47am FLAG
jst get to her help her and sleep with her hug her innocently go a little up jst near her boobs and touch them then if u get agreen signal rub her thigh up up up nd to her pusyy make her hug you tight drag down your pants and make her hand fall acceidentlay on ur d*ck thn game on......... she will d the rest

killler Feb 17 2015 2:06am FLAG
If u want to have sex with her, do little things like- show ur horniness,while coming out of the bathroom,drop off ur towel accidentally

Anonymous May 25 2015 10:43am FLAG
I want to have sex with my aunt she's always takin my phone and doin somethin in private on it but I'm not sure how to get her to have sex with me with out her knowin I want to have sex with her

tre May 27 2015 7:13pm FLAG
Just do it #nike

lover Jun 08 2015 7:32pm FLAG

WILLIAM KUDER Nov 04 2015 5:25pm FLAG
I licked my aunts it was the best thing i've ever done

mhm Jan 17 2016 11:01am FLAG
s need to learn how to spell

Anonymous Apr 15 2016 5:32pm FLAG
Just grope her while she is wearing tight clothes

Alex Jul 03 2016 5:13am FLAG
This story is about my aunt Mary This was one of my first true bondage experiences. This was a few years ago when i was about . I liked bondage at the time but i never had really experienced it first hand. It was a warm summer and the best thing to do was to stay inside where it was nice and cool. I had been hanging out with my Aunt Mary name has been changed of course, for about a year when this happened. We were sitting in my basement on another hot day watching tv when i saw a bondage scene on the show we were veiwing. I immediatley thought how great it would be if i tied up Mary. i couldn't ask her now because it was not planned out, and my parents were leaving in a day so it would be perfect. As soon as she sent home my mind went to work gathering ideas of what i would do if she said yes, and even if she said no. i gathered the supplies that i would need and put them away so i could get them fast. I had the usual stuff such as duct tape and rope, scarfs and other bondage impliments. My parents left and then Mary came over. i decided that i would now ask her. When i asked her she quickly said no. I was determined to tie her up though. the next day when she came over i didnt eve n ask her a grabbed her from behind with a chloroformed cloth, that i had borrowed from a friend, in one hand and she was knocked out. this gave me plenty of time and cooperation to do what i had too. she just happened to be wearing a short black miniskirt which she looked oh so fine in. as i grabbed my bag i gathered my thoughts of how i was to tie her up. i first took a long peice of rope and and tied her elbows together knotting it on occasion. that made her breasts stick out very far which pleased me a lot. then i continued that rope all the way down to her hands encasing her forearms.she was praticly helpless. i next took 2 peices of rope and tied one to each ankle then i took those ropes one at a time and tied them to her elbows. the ropes were very tight but i didnt care i was caught up in the moment. i then decide that i should better incase her in the hogtie. so i took a rope and tied her big, sweaty toes together. i couldnt resist leaning down to take a whiff of her stinky feet. They smelled that bad that the smell knocked me out faster than the chloroform did to her. She was starting to come around at the same time I was. I got out my phone and started to take some pictures. when she woke up she was awstruck that i had actually done it. she started to swear at me and i warned her that if she did i would gag her. she didnt listen and i took one of her sweaty socks and stuffed it into her mouth then sealing it in with another hankercheif wrapped around her head. she was really mad now and she started squirming all ove rthe place. in doing this her black skirt slid down 6 inches or so revealing her bright red thong which gave her captivite more of an appeal.i tipped her on her side on told her to quit screaming and i would take the gag out. she did and i removed the gag from her mouth. she started to say something but before she sould i kissed her. we kept kissing for a while. The joke was on me because there was some anti-rape drug in her lipstick that knocked me out. When I came to her yelling at me, theni then placed a red rubber ball gag in her mouth much to her dismay. she squirmied about and i took a few more pictures. i left her like that for about 3 or 4 hours. i video taped her struggling. after she stopped struggling and mmmmmpppphhhing i let her go. we made love shortly after. i will never forget that experience. that wasn't the last of the bondage we shared but if there are requests i might post them.  

Antonio Oct 28 2016 3:52pm FLAG
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