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I sucked my dads penis while he was sleeping

The Problem: I really love my dad and he slept on the couch so I really wanted to suck his d*ck. Then I unzipped his pants and took his penis out gently. Than started sucking on it. As I was sucking he woke up and he said I knew you wanted my d*ck. I sucked him hard and his sexy hot cum got in my mouth and I swallowed it and he peed so I also drank his pee. It was tasty. He said that it's his turn to suck my penis. So he made me ***** and while he made me ***** he also slapped me. Why did he slapped me? Than he started sucking on my penis and he bit it hard. And my cum got in his mouth and he swallowed it. He said that need to have gay sex or I'll tell your mom that you sucked my penis. I just wanted to suck his penis I didnt wanted to have sex with him. He also told me to lick his whole body. Which I did and I had fun. I also sucked his ass.. But why did he made me have gay sex with him? Is it rape. will he tell my mom?

Asked by: Dadspenis at 07:54:54 PM, Saturday, July 07, 2012 PDT FLAG


i dont know in away it kinda is but its not intirally rape like 20% rape and 80% reguler gay sex

lovable Jul 08 2012 6:08am FLAG

U r chutia.

Anonymous Jul 08 2012 9:46am FLAG
don't commit incest, don't get kinky

Skemz Jul 08 2012 4:53pm FLAG
guys he is really going for it, he told my granddad and i had to suck him off, it was massive help?

Dadspenis Jul 08 2012 5:09pm FLAG
U motherer

Anonymous Jul 08 2012 9:13pm FLAG
Dude you should just do it

t Jul 12 2012 12:36am FLAG
dumbass he raped ur ass

Anonymous Jul 14 2012 1:17am FLAG
you raped ur dad and he raped u back

Anonymous Jul 14 2012 1:18am FLAG
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Garam Larka Jul 14 2012 6:11am FLAG
I'm not trying to bully you in any way shape or form but why would you ever in a million years think to suck your dads penis, it's your dad for gods sakes that wouldnt even be a thout and the fact that you lusted over him is awful you raped him and he wanted in what kind of ed up brains do you and your dad have. And for your dad to want it is even more ed up home

Anonymous Jul 15 2012 3:47pm FLAG
It's rape

Anonymous Jul 16 2012 9:13am FLAG
I will have sex with you in you live in michigan !(;

Babyboo Jul 16 2012 7:45pm FLAG
OMG! Come over and have sex with me sometime. Plus, if you had fun try doing it again. Only this time when you give him oral try blowing, it makes a world of difference.

gayguy Jul 17 2012 3:13pm FLAG
me and my daddy all the time that sweet old saggy dirty c*ck of his. It sure is painful when he sticks his penis in my bumhole but i love licking it off after!

dermala Jul 17 2012 8:57pm FLAG
Eww soo gross I could never think of ever ever in a million years doing that with my dad I love him And he loves me but not in the manner of sex he's your farther not your boyfriend you sick people

Anonymous Jul 20 2012 5:36am FLAG
email me pics im so :D

scarlett Aug 11 2012 1:57pm FLAG
babyboo u a guy or girl??

trains Aug 19 2012 5:51am FLAG
You people don't need advice you need god

Anonymous Aug 24 2012 6:18pm FLAG
Hey kiddo.... Its me your Dad... I know you sucked my penis but you need to get with GIRLS... Eat their wet Pussies out dude!

anonymous Sep 04 2012 7:30am FLAG
just him all the way i would give him a good finger blow job while ur at it

Anonymous Sep 07 2012 2:45pm FLAG
have a masturbate with him in the bath

Anonymous Sep 07 2012 2:47pm FLAG
I just jizzed -_- ahhhhhhh.Good job dude

Jizz Sep 07 2012 11:55pm FLAG
u can do this all the time, im bisexual, ang i love c*ck <3 if i wer u i wud suck my dad evere ing time! Dont report him !

gayched Sep 10 2012 12:07pm FLAG
rape meeeeeeeeeeeeee

Anonymous Sep 16 2012 9:38am FLAG

YOUR DAD Sep 24 2012 1:39am FLAG
Thats some sick ppl.

GOD Sep 24 2012 6:48pm FLAG
Just become a c*ck whore like me and suck and every c*ck you can get

Phillycumdump Sep 25 2012 6:08pm FLAG
Hey I suck my dads d*ck all the time while he's sleeping and I never get caught and I was when I started doing it and I'm now and if I do he tells at me then turns over and god back to sleep

Anonymous Sep 30 2012 6:23am FLAG
your sick go to a hospital and get some jesus medicine

Anonymous Oct 03 2012 10:10pm FLAG
yoou sick ass mother and made u thats nasty u need serious HELP

Anonymous Oct 03 2012 10:17pm FLAG
speak to god and say help me please

Anonymous Oct 03 2012 10:19pm FLAG
suck thta c*ck dry

medaddy Oct 11 2012 7:35am FLAG
You arsehole of a kid ... you suck your dad and give him a go ahead by turning him on ...... and then because you dont like one part of the act which he does.. u want to claim a stake on rape? Kids like you should be slapped to put in place honestly.. of course you cannot tell anyone ... But request your dad that I dont want to do it anymroe .. cry or whatever to get out of the situation .. he is your father he should melt. However, please dont report hin because he did not make a move on you .. you brough him to a point of no return .

Errol Oct 14 2012 12:00pm FLAG
When I was like 10 my dad walked in on me jacking off and came over to me an he asked if I ever scucked a d*ck before and I said yes because my older brother ed almost evey night so he had him come in my room with me an he told us to do it he joined and it was amazing I loved his fat c*ck an now my dad and I have sex all the Time now.

Sex machine Oct 30 2012 3:04am FLAG
I wanna be ed in my ass hard I live in saint Joseph mo

Rick Oct 30 2012 3:06am FLAG
niqqa if u liked it do it again get hornay and wach *** while u do it! ahh ahh ahhh do itt!

SUCK THT Nov 04 2012 11:58am FLAG
möchte von frau abgesaugt werden

Anonymous Nov 13 2012 11:35pm FLAG
Ummm tell ur mom. maybe she will join?

Anonymous Nov 19 2012 10:41am FLAG
I'm and I've been curious what it would be like to suck a c o c k I really wanna try it

Trevor Nov 29 2012 7:51pm FLAG
My dad. Was. Trying to suck my d*ck

Anonymous Dec 08 2012 6:43pm FLAG
My dad. Was. Trying to suck my d*ck

khai Dec 08 2012 6:44pm FLAG

Anonymous Dec 12 2012 5:30am FLAG
k stop

a Dec 30 2012 11:05pm FLAG

Anonymous Jan 05 2013 8:07pm FLAG
I am 40. I started sucking my father off when I was about . He fell asleep drunk one night and woke up while I had his d*ck in my mouth. I thought he would kill me, but he just moaned a little bit and let me continue. I wasn't very good at it and I stayed on it for a while. By the time it was fully hard, he was all the way awake. He didn't say anything, but he put his hand on the back of my head and pull me down on it all the way. I gagged a lot, but I didn't stop. After about minutes he came. I didn't necessarily want to swallow it, but I did anyway. After that, every Saturday when mom would leave to go do the weeks grocery shopping, I would suck dads d*ck. He is about 7.5 inches. After about a year I could deep throat him to the base. Dad is now 63. I sucked dad until I turned about 35. The only reason I stopped was because I moved out of state with my job. All my life I've enjoyed sucking my dad.

hidden Jan 11 2013 10:35am FLAG
are you gay??????????????? this is for hidden

oliver Jan 11 2013 8:36pm FLAG
My dream is always to have sex with a guy... and i am a GUY! And I'm GAY.. Seriously! I always wanted to suck my dads d*ck but i just don't know how to do it!?!?!?!? Yo my dad is like 36 and once i saw his d*ck... So it started like this.. He was in the shower and he forgot to lock the door and i wanted to go pee... so i went in the bathroom and i peed.. BUT the shower's curtain was closed so i peeped in the Shower and believe me!!! my dad had a boner that time and his d*ck was like 8 Inches!!!... YUMMMMMMMM I wanna suck that d*ck!!!

d*ckSucker Jan 29 2013 1:15pm FLAG
If u liked sucking his d*ck ask him can u suck his d*ck again and just say u dnt want to have gay sex u just want to suck his d*ck and thats it. ps i'm a boy and lately i wanted to try sucking d*ck i wonder if i should.

Wonder boy Jan 31 2013 2:40pm FLAG
I agree wonder boy i am a boy to and i have been thinking about sucking d*ck but i think once i do i will regret it does anyone think i should try it

boy who want to suck d*ck but thinks he will regreat it Jan 31 2013 3:08pm FLAG
i also like to suck my daddy d*ck bcas its very hard n long thick c*ck ...pls any one give idea to suck my dad c*ck boss ?

bala Feb 01 2013 10:59pm FLAG
Evey one on this suck a d*ck bitchs

Big d*ck Dady Feb 06 2013 2:44pm FLAG
okay can i suck yours Big d*ck Dady

wonder boy Feb 20 2013 3:10pm FLAG
Suck c...ocj it's yumy I'm doing it now

Anonymous Feb 26 2013 10:05am FLAG
ratchet hoes!!! yall motha fukas need some JESUS!!!

grossed out!! Mar 02 2013 5:09am FLAG
every c*ck I suck I imagine its my dads or my brothers

Matt Semenuk Mar 06 2013 10:01am FLAG

HUNGRY FOR d*ck Mar 06 2013 2:00pm FLAG
i always suck my dads d*ck and lick his ass hen he comes home from the pub.never wakes up

dadc*cksucker Mar 07 2013 8:32pm FLAG
my grandpoppa popped a short one in the pooper

PenisinYOASS Apr 01 2013 3:50pm FLAG
Fathers enjoy sex, with All. I an sucked my pop starting at the age of 8. Sex was painful. At 1st. Then I couldn't wait for him to force him in me. I love sex with all.

jeddit Apr 22 2013 12:29am FLAG
Penis taste good

Whom ever Apr 29 2013 6:33pm FLAG
i wanna do it wid my dad like alot!!!! i saw his c*ck wen i was young but dont remember much he drinks so he forgot to close da toilet door. only a bit was opened so i saw his thighs and da oder day i tried to raise his pant and look at it but it was dark so wasnt clear. hopin 2 do it 1 day ( '_') ~~~~ ‹====3

wanna c dads c*ck!!!! May 02 2013 2:46am FLAG
Ok I am 24 and I had sex with my sister and she is 23 she suckt my c*ck and I suckt her BIG tits lol and I had sex with my mom and my Grannie and she is 98 and her tinny tit were good but I am going to have some with my dad tonight with me Luck bye

Gaygumg May 04 2013 8:34pm FLAG
Your dad is good that he gave his penis for sucking. My dad has not permit me. You are lucky.

Chamari atapatu May 15 2013 10:03pm FLAG
i learned to suck my father when I was . i had been running around outside the house ***** and once when I came in, he was there. I think he was going to yell at me but in my surprise, i took his c*ck in my mouth and sucke him until he came. After that,we were regular buddies

Art May 22 2013 7:23am FLAG
i love it

Willie tg Jun 18 2013 10:41am FLAG
i love it i never sucked my dads but i am a guy and i love oral and anal sex. if someone would get up with me i would dress as a girl and let them pound my butt. text me 8282263472

Tank Jun 18 2013 10:48am FLAG
Can I suck Ur c*ck??

Penis<3er Jun 24 2013 7:15pm FLAG
suck it good drink the cum good for you

Anonymous Jun 25 2013 5:34am FLAG
wee wee head

me Jul 04 2013 3:49am FLAG

sucking a c*ck of your father is for the girl and gay

astroboy joshua Jul 06 2013 3:03pm FLAG

SWEETLIPS Jul 14 2013 1:00pm FLAG

SWEETLIPS Jul 14 2013 1:02pm FLAG
I sucked my fathers c*ck. I wish I could do it again and again and again.

arthur hawks Jul 25 2013 9:41am FLAG
I am a c*ck sucker and a cum slut. , ill pay to do this. please make me your cum slut. ill do anything you want,

arthur hawks Jul 25 2013 9:43am FLAG

Jessie Jul 30 2013 7:57pm FLAG
People in this site are stupid!!!!! Bucnch of stupid d*ckface people!!!!!!!""""""

Rocko Jul 30 2013 7:59pm FLAG
Its your dad. If he wants your ass than what can you do

Justin Jul 31 2013 9:13am FLAG
I always whanted to suck my Dad's Penis. So can some of you please gif me atways

adrian Aug 09 2013 1:48pm FLAG
U sick mother ers that's rank

Anonymous Aug 23 2013 12:12pm FLAG
Suck Away! And Enjoy it!

kara Hanna Aug 26 2013 4:09am FLAG
my dad loves it when I suck his c*ck and I get a real rush out of knowing that others know I suck him. I think it is the hottest to know that my lips on his c*ck is known by others

arthur hawks Aug 27 2013 9:40am FLAG
I almost orgasm just imagining my mouth circling the head of my dads huge c*ck. I just want him to me and dominate me. You're very lucky dadspenis! I wish I was you mmm

Dirtyslut Aug 29 2013 4:37pm FLAG
in the past few years, Ive been able to suck most guys who have wanted their c*cks in my mouth. the more, the better. Look, I want to drink cum and ill do anything you want to get it.

arthur hawks Sep 11 2013 7:40am FLAG

jj Sep 29 2013 8:47am FLAG
Do you wanna listen my story :I am 52 years now.When I was 28 I always felt that something is going on while I am asleep in the night.One day I came home in midnight,my dad offered me my dinner but I had had my dinner out before so I secretly whacked that under my bed and slept.That evening I had masturbated too,so I could not sleep.Abruptly my door opened,it was my dad, so I pretended as asleep.He came to me and uttered my name three to four times.But I did not answer.Then he gently took off my outfit and started to kiss my whole body.He has been sucking my penis and balls for about 10 minutes.I got my penis erected.Then I woke up and said.DADDYYYYY!!!!!!!!After 3 years we sexually befriended for ever.I am not gay but I think I am bisexual.Since then I have never got married.I am still alone with my dad happlly ever after.

daddyboy Sep 29 2013 9:08am FLAG
What the actual !

Anonymous Oct 02 2013 6:05pm FLAG
if u r gonna have sex do it with a hot girl like me!

sexychick Oct 03 2013 9:22am FLAG
anyone questioning if they should suck a c*ck or not should definitely suck a c*ck. I started when I was about and it's surprisingly fun :) never with my dad though >.< seeing others with their dads is hot but I'd never do it personally. sooo suck dat c*ck if you want it

totallyconspicuousname Oct 12 2013 5:57pm FLAG
animality yucky ewwwwww3x

rai Oct 22 2013 9:20am FLAG
do what you think is best, dont rely on other peoples answers you have to make your own choice, take your time young one.add me on xbox if you need more advice, my gamertag is demon death ch2.

advice of the grand cobra Oct 27 2013 5:09am FLAG
i jerked off to your story

Jerk off Nov 08 2013 1:14pm FLAG
You should suck a c*ck.

Horsec*cksucker Nov 14 2013 1:46am FLAG
You should suck a HORSEC*ck. The cum is so yummy.

Horsec*cksucker Nov 14 2013 1:49am FLAG
um, why would you want to suck on you dads penis anyway? i really dont see whats wrong with being gay, but hes your DAD. thats just wrong.

db Nov 30 2013 8:09pm FLAG
I can't get over the number of people who believe this story LOL

lsg Dec 02 2013 6:17pm FLAG
Maybe a story. Maybe not. Someone I knew had an experience not to different. I thought my Dad was really hot when I was in my ****s & twenties. I would've done him.

GreenTartan Dec 07 2013 9:41am FLAG
EEEe uuuuu what d. u should go kill u f self nasty juy dog

Anonymous Dec 13 2013 10:28am FLAG
If u wanted to suck him y would u not wanna do the rest ?

yolo lawdd Jan 18 2014 1:24pm FLAG
god, c*ck sucking is fun. thanks dad for getting me started.

arthur hawks Jan 27 2014 10:54am FLAG
It's not uncommon for Father's and Sons to have sex once in a while. Often Dad's will see their sons as a buddy much like the son see's his own buds. Even if sex only happens once in a great while or maybe even only once this is more of a horsing around sort of thing. I remember hitting on my dad when I was but he said no but we might fool around when I'm older. But he died before I was 18 when some woman on a cell phone ran a walk light. So I never got the chance to explore my Dads body. But I am happy for those who do get to have sex with their dads. Even though they might not be gay it seems to be more of a bonding thing plus just boys being boys. I don't see it as rape at all as long as they are both willing and both attracted to each other. Though there is a social taboo about it and for some reason women tend to turn this into a bigger issue than it is so mom's tend to turn it into a Lifetime Movie of the week thing and try to guilt the sons into believing their Dads are evil. When in reality it's just nature. It would be wrong if actual rape or manipulation was involved but most the time men and ****s get and there is a need for a son to bond with is dad in a very personal way. They might be out on a hunting or camping trip alone and get caught up in a private moment. Thing is that if both the Father & Son are mutually attracted and are both willing participants then nobody should make you feel guilty or turn it into a TV Talk Show scandal. It's their bodies after all.

Ryan Feb 07 2014 10:31am FLAG
both are willing so keep it up! I first sucked my dads penis when I was nine. my mother sort of forced me to do it so she could watch, Loved it then and still love it!!!!

STEVIE Feb 21 2014 2:50am FLAG
I was only six and was sleeping with mom and dad when one night I woke up and I slid under the cover and took dads c*ck out and sucked it. I remember it grew big and hard real fast and as I was just laying there, his c*ck filled my mouth and I liked it, but then I heard him waking up and I pulled off and got back up in bed between them. First and only time I did that, and I have no idea why I did it at only six. This is the first time I have ever told anyone about that night and I'm 60 now. This is a true story! I have had 5 other men in my life that I either sucked them or let them suck me. I'm married with four children and grandchildren now. Not gay, but sometimes want to be with a man.

Jerry Feb 26 2014 3:22am FLAG
This is such a troll grow the up

Gay much Apr 01 2014 10:15pm FLAG
Immso gay too I sucked my brother d*ck when he was sleeping

jose harrnedes Apr 18 2014 9:41pm FLAG
I love d*ckks

jose harrnades Apr 18 2014 9:42pm FLAG
Why are you complaining? You got your dad's c*ck in your ass and mouth and got to eat his nut. What boy wouldn't want this

Justin Apr 30 2014 7:50am FLAG
When i was like 10 my father came into the bathroom and asked me to hold his d*ck, i got scared and didnt but it was in my hand for a second or two,now he is dead and i wish i would have, i would hold it for him, feel it getting hard in my hand, i would suck it, i would bend over and let him , just wish i had them both at the same time lol

bi guy May 26 2014 6:50am FLAG
I have done that bit he didn't wake up. Just let him have s*x with you.

Anonymous May 27 2014 11:44pm FLAG
I was and my dad and I were living alone after my mom passed. One night I woke up and heard some noise coming from dads room and I went to investigate. The bedroom door was slightly ajar and I peeped in and saw my dad on his tummy and a young guy ( about 18 or so ) on top of him with his d*ck in dads butt. Dad was moaning to the guy to keep going that it felt godd. My d*ck immediately got hard and I reached into my briefs to stroke it. After I had cum in my briefs I went back to my bedroom and I could still hear my dad and the young guy having sex. After that night I began having thoughts about my dad being ing and sucking that night off and on in between rest and naps. We continued having sex and we still have sex when ever we are together.

Brett Jul 03 2014 4:38pm FLAG
I keep coming back to this site as I love the memory of sucking my dads c*ck. I love c*ck sucking, drinking cum, I would do anything to have cum in my mouth every day.

arthur hawks Jul 07 2014 6:11am FLAG
Arthur Hawks is a gay, c*cking sucking enthusiast, available for anyone at anytime. take me or make me beg. your c*ck is delicious.

arthur hawks Jul 07 2014 7:22am FLAG
When i was i had two friends over at my house, they were brothers so i pulled their pants and under wear down and started to suck them off in their sleep and loved it and i did it every time they came and sleeped over and they never woke up when i sucked them off. i am now and never did it again but dont know how they didnt wake up when i did it to them.

suckingd*ck Jul 26 2014 11:36am FLAG
im a c*ck sucking whore who loves having d*ck in my mouth. let me suck your d*ck and drink your cum. Arthur at mark

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Arthur Hawks is a c*ck sucking whore. ill pay you

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anonymous Sep 19 2014 5:13pm FLAG
Isay the sucking and gay intercourse is to be started as young as thtee weeks. My sins Bern bowing mgr since before he could roll over. It was his sex pacifier. Now he's a great sucker.

Anonymous Sep 19 2014 5:35pm FLAG
My mother caught me with my dad's d*ck in my mouth and taught me how and what to do with him. I was two. I've been gay all my life and my dad had an eye dropper filled with come

Anonymous Sep 19 2014 6:28pm FLAG
One time my dad was asleep and he left his bedroom door open, it was about 3:00 in the morning and I knew he was out so I went in and he was just wearing underwear so I started groping him and jacking myself off, I pulled his d*ck out and it was like 7 in roughly and friggin fat as hell! I was so turned on I stuck it in my mouth, it tasted greater and then I came on his hand. Ivery always kinda felt like he was attracted to me because he'd make saddle movements like peeing with the door open, falling asleep with his fly unzipped on the couch, itching his nuts in front of me, talking about jacking off, etc. And that was only the second time I've seen him *****, I just want him to take advantage of me like a bdsm ***

Anonymous Sep 30 2014 10:51am FLAG
I want to suck my dads d*ck give me advice plz or i am bisexual and i need a relationship!!!!

Hell Lord Sep 30 2014 5:52pm FLAG
I love my dad we go all way, oral any, he loves it and so do i :)

family guy god 99 Oct 15 2014 8:22am FLAG
After reading this persons question/statement I have this to say. 1. You should of never messed with anyone when they are sleeping.Unless waking up your partner in a kinky way that they wouldn't mind. 2. He is your Father & your his Son. He should of told you No and explained why what you did was wrong and get you therapy. 3. I am to understand that you maybe under age, so with that you didnt know better in a abstract point of view. And what he did is unlawful. So I think you should tell your mom and get years of therapy.

My Brain Turned To Mush Oct 31 2014 12:28am FLAG
You get Therapy. Your Dad needs to be in jail.

Why Oct 31 2014 12:30am FLAG
Is everyone here from the dark bogs of the south. Incest is NOT NORMAL, hate to break it to everyone.

Common Sense Oct 31 2014 12:36am FLAG
Continu to him he will never tell your mom

jevonte spencer Nov 23 2014 8:35am FLAG
I've been taught by my father from real young, my first memory of incest was dad watching me shower I was roughly 10, he wud show me pics of gangbangs and told me I'm meeting his mates later. Remember guys standing around me telling me to say, " I'm a 10 yr old little girl" and get *****... At he pulled me out of school to make him money also it stops me telling people, I didn't think I was different until a friend asked wot I like to do an I said " I like it wen dads friends come over" I never got hurt only praise, money an gifts so they conditioned me to please men, getting down on my knees and blowing men was as natural as shaking hands... My boobs were growing and I was nearly a young women an had my first orgasm with my dad an a guy watching, at my dad got I'll from cancer so his mate looked after me. Nigel dads mate made me let all the I'll men in the room touch me I liked it so over the following weeks I'd do that. Present day I'm 21 an in college I wore no knickers short skirt an top first day I got pulled aside by a teacher, bald an fat" your *****s little girl arnt u? Wow uv grown blah blah yes I sucked him off, the word spread I'm a slut and this and that thru the staff, your no thinking this is made up... It's really not. I left after two weeks an still live with nigel, iv been groomed to be like this an I find it strange that girls arnt like me, I watch incest and bukkake all the time really miss dad.... Nigel has a wife an two girl, twins about 4yrs two days ago he got me to suck him in front of them then get the girls to copy an they do also I visit my grandad often with his neibours, I'm a sex addict I'm told and love is measured in spunk, which is true and I forgive an understand why men like to use there daughter having the real life of a groomed girl I really dnt blame dad I never got hurt so yeh I miss our time together, if u dnt believe me I dnt blame you, I'd love to spk with a dad who wants the forbidden fruit, girls too! I am hooked on hard c*ck more so than ever, last bit, I know at least 40 dads who do this in my area over half the mother is involved too, it's wrong iv got told but still dnt regret it, leave ur email if u want more info on how to make a girl a slut, love incest love you dirty dads, north londons super slut xxx

Mystory Dec 03 2014 11:08am FLAG
I sucked my dad's c*ck at a young age too. I was five.I went in his room, my mother wasn't home. After that, I kept sucking him off and eating his cum.That was 30 years ago.

Carl Feb 01 2015 11:33pm FLAG
I know why it's sometimes called "Daddymilk".I grew up giving dad bl*wj*bs. It felt so good. He made me aware I'm bisexual.It was a nurturing act.Wnen I sucked his c*ck, Ialways got a big load of cum.

Jeff Feb 01 2015 11:40pm FLAG
This is beautiful.He also got to suck his grandfather's c*ck.This is the ultimate act of bonding.All boys should grow up sucking their dad's c*cks,and eating his cum.I grew up, from age 5 to 20,sucking my dads c*ck. I'm very thankful.He made me aware of my bisexuality.Dad still had the sweetest cum.But maybe I'm biased.

dave Feb 02 2015 7:01am FLAG
All boys shou grow up suckng their dads c*ck.

sam Feb 10 2015 1:25pm FLAG
Babies should be raised with both mother and father's milk.

Dad Feb 15 2015 4:36pm FLAG
Dude just enjoy,if your dad is sexy go for it and also kiss him in the lips yummy!

? May 12 2015 4:33am FLAG
i,m a dad of a 26yo son. he,s a total stud, getting with different girls all the time. ohhh, i,m 56, orally/closeted bi. it only happened 1 time, but he came home about 3am,(yea, he stilled lived with us then, he does have a place with a girl now), pretty buzzed. that particular night, i just happened to still be up/awake & was on the computer watchin ***, as hell!! i had really never thought about gettin with my son, but, that night, after i saw him strip down to his boxers gettin ready for bed, i wanted him!! i was also buzzed from drinking (probablly why i did it), i txted his phone telling him "if you want a b**w job, & c*mm eaten, just open your door a bit, & i,ll come in, do it & leave"!! at first he told me i was a fu**ing freak & to just go to bed, but i texted him again & said "c,mon, you know you want suc**d off, just be *****, lay there & enjoy it, alls you gotta do is just open your door a crack, & that way i,ll know to come in, you just lay back & enjoy, no talking, dark room, & i,ll do it"!!!! there was no reply to my text, & i waited, watching/listining for his door to open for about 10minutes. i figured he fell asleap---then, the door opened about 2inches, & i was now wondering "should i or shouldnt i"!!! i got *****, slowly went in, shut the door, and since it was pitch black/dark, i felt around for his bed, then felt him laying on his back. i felt his chest & worked my hand down to find his c**k totally hard, i went to my knees & went straight to suc**ng it. i was suprised to feel he was just like me, about 8", no words were said, & i was giving him the best suck**g i could! it didnt take but about 5mins, he starts bucking his hips, & shot a BIG load of c*mm in my mouth! i ate it all, licked him clean, got up & left the room. NOTHING was ever said about that night, things between us are same as before, but it only happened that 1 time!! TRUE STORY!!

bi dad Jun 27 2015 7:09am FLAG
I also s*cked my dads co*k when he was sleeping straight in the night. First I go to his bed and i saw he was sleeping in straight position & i gently put my fingers on his stomak to conferm he is in deep sleep. but good luck he was in deep sleep. then i remove his pent and than after remove the brief i saw a long thick and black co*k that i want to s*ck. first i take co*k to my hand and push the foreskin and starting it s*cking. after two minutes it becames thick and long. but he was till in deep sleep. after s*cking i rezip the pent. After somedays I also repeat this but that day he woke up and not talked me two days. but I like the previous experiment. it was climax for me.

Deny Nov 10 2015 5:04am FLAG

Billtit Nov 18 2015 9:47am FLAG

huater Nov 18 2015 10:09am FLAG
I slept at my dads house and he got drunk I got rilly er when I sor his d*ck popping out so I got up and gently got his d*ck out he was still sleeping so i started kissing it then I Merckx off a bit and started sucking it he work up and un dresd me so I was in my under wer I lade on top him and I sucked him off and he sucks me off for a whil then he fell a sleep and I got in my bed agen her old over on his stumick so I got his condon and poor it on and stuck my d*ck I n his ass it was great

Josh Dec 22 2015 1:10am FLAG
My experience is Here. I wanted to su*k my father's d*ck when he will in sleep. First I slept in noon about 5 hours. so that I can do that in night. Then at night my dad goes in deep sleep around :30 AM. he was sleeping straight. so, I want to make sure that he is in deep sleep so I put my hands on my father's tummy and legs and push, but he not reacted so I was sure that he is sleeping. Then I remove his pent slowly than his underwear in such a way that his hair on the d*ck not be stretch. I saw a d*ck that I wanted and remove foreskin quickly. and start s*ck slowly. and taste the penis. I start hard s*cking then the d*ck was eracted. I saw huge black dirty smelly d*ck. its to hard. I play with it and rezip his clothes.

John Jul 05 2016 11:09am FLAG
I'm a faggot and I love to suck c*ck. Having my dad breed me and push his c*ck into my ass is the hightlight of my life. I love sucking d*ck and would happily be your c*ck sucker for life.

arthur hawks Jul 23 2016 1:32am FLAG
should I suck my dads d*ck as he sleeps

Anonymous Sep 01 2016 5:51pm FLAG
C*ck is good.I started sucking my Dads' c*ck at the age of 6.that was 20 years ago.I always swallow his cum.

William Oct 24 2016 6:16pm FLAG
William again.Dad has a 10 o inch c*ck.Basically,he just shoved it in and out of my mouth.He cums a lot.I can suck big c*cks,thanks to Dad.

William Oct 24 2016 6:19pm FLAG
I want to suck his d*ck

arthur hawks Feb 06 2017 8:33am FLAG
I hate all these queer stories. I want to hear about girls and their dads

anonymouse Mar 25 2017 7:49am FLAG

wtf boii Apr 11 2017 9:36am FLAG
Whatever your doing... it's better than being religious. You see how throats.

yourreligion Aug 08 2017 3:35am FLAG
I'm youngest son of 4, so I get away with most things I do, my bed room is inbetween my Dads bed room & my oldest brothers bed room, my bed is on opposite side of the bed room wall from my brothers bed in his bed room next door, so I can hear everything he dors, and also on the other side of my room I can hear everything my dad does,my brother wants off a lot through the night which wakes me up very , so I decided I was gonna sneak in to dad's bed room slowly push my hand underneath his blankets till I had hold of his huge c*ck, if I got that far I was going to have to have a taste of his bellend so I did he didn't move a single finger, he didn't get hard just semi hard I was half way underneath his blankets sucking his c*ck licking his massive balls he didn't move an inch, I've done the same thing to My Oldest brother, he was mortal drunk kept calling me Becky, that's his girlfriends name , pulling my hair really hard on to his thick c*ck if had enough after 20 minutes I pushed him off went to bed in a huff. This is a true story about my experience with wanting to suck my Dads c*ck... Difference is I really enjoyed every suck more then millions, some people do stuff then worry them self s sick about it, what's done is done don't waste ya time worrying after wards , there's no point enjoy what ever you do mostly be (((safe))) love 💘 Dec 24 4:18am FLAG
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