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can a tampon pop your cherry?

The Problem: if you use a tampon for the first time could it really pop your cherry?? and would it hurt??

Asked by: aqua01 at 02:28:39 AM, Monday, March 08, 2004 PST FLAG

Advice a tampn can NOT pop your cherry..

Expierenced learner Mar 08 2004 11:59am FLAG

if your talking about the hymen it can break it

strange man Mar 08 2004 12:14pm FLAG
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he 's an ass clown???????? Mar 08 2004 4:48pm FLAG
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strange man Mar 08 2004 4:59pm FLAG
strange man is not a loser im joking

Anonymous Mar 08 2004 5:24pm FLAG
why do yall keep puttin that he is a loser? and are yall scared to put yalls name?

sweetthang Mar 08 2004 7:28pm FLAG
yer it does and it does hurt but onli 4 a second but ur still a virgin yall yall yall

hades bitch Mar 08 2004 9:38pm FLAG
iwas right, its ok carolyn he was joking

strange man Mar 09 2004 3:42am FLAG
yall?... jokaz

naz Mar 10 2004 1:12pm FLAG
I was wondering the same thang.......I NEED TO KNOW I DONT LIKE WEARING A PAD!!

HELPLESS ANGEL! Mar 11 2004 3:17pm FLAG
Honest to , the stupidity of some people. If I smash you in the face will it hurt?

Dr Smeg Mar 21 2004 10:29pm FLAG
umm no that cant happen...

Anonymous Mar 22 2004 5:07pm FLAG

dunno Mar 26 2004 2:25pm FLAG
srange man .......... you r stupid...... but you make me laugh my ass out so i like you! how old r u?

ama Apr 02 2004 8:31pm FLAG
i always use tampon it don't hurt at all.. maybe thats just because i'm so loose!! haha jk

emma Apr 04 2004 9:40am FLAG
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jessica lewellen May 03 2005 11:34am FLAG
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judy May 03 2005 11:35am FLAG
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terri May 03 2005 11:36am FLAG
hello yall am kylah am n i have slept with 18 lads and never bleed so i think my cherry popped by a tampon

Kylah mabarrow age Jul 07 2005 3:18am FLAG
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Shaney Taylah Jul 07 2005 3:21am FLAG

dEAN hALL Jul 07 2005 3:23am FLAG
to helpless angel use ya brain n wear a ing tampon if u dont like pads u geek just get shagged u virgin freek lol rite back bitch

Shaney Taylah Jul 07 2005 3:26am FLAG
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Shaney Taylah Jul 07 2005 3:28am FLAG
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Shaney taylah Jul 07 2005 3:30am FLAG
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joeys gurl Sep 18 2005 9:23pm FLAG
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joeys gurl Sep 18 2005 9:26pm FLAG
your cherry can be popped by inserting a tampon you may feel some tension but it shouldn't if you have discomfort call your docter.

sally cane R.N. Dec 12 2005 10:32am FLAG
ok u people are nuts

tina Jan 24 2006 6:28pm FLAG
umm I HAVE A QUESTION!!!!! after a guy pops your cherry.. and it bleeds.. what do you do? CLEAn it up with a towel.. HEY BOYFRIEND.. MY CHERRY IS POPPED CAN YOU FETCH ME A TOwel

928987 Apr 13 2006 10:34pm FLAG
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.. face.. May 11 2006 10:57am FLAG
i lost my virginity when i was 9 so all you bitches dont know what ive been through

bad ass bitch Jul 05 2006 3:57pm FLAG
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cherrypoper Aug 05 2006 12:12am FLAG
i think so

jessica Aug 10 2006 11:32pm FLAG
yes it breaks ur hymen, yes u will bleed, but u wud still be considered a virgin b-cuz u never had sexual intercourse...and for shaneya or what ever ur name is ....u need a life...what do u do look for sites to curse on? i mean jeeeeezz how f*****kin pathetic is that, why don't you go and f**k urself cuz that's the only f**k u wud get. u dumb ass h****

SHHHHHHHHH....not one to mess wit Nov 03 2006 4:36pm FLAG
all of you are really mature. some people need help understanding this. my boyfriend is amay-ing is bed. and mine popped my a tampon. haha pathetic losers

Shawddi got a fing fo dat dude Dec 16 2006 8:30pm FLAG
you people need to chill. when I used a tampon all was happy and well. I love to exercise. And swim.

HappyPeppyPoopy Jun 17 2007 7:20pm FLAG
My very first period started and it has been 6 months from then. My period hasn't started since then. Is there something wrong with me??? P.S. Stop cussing. It doesn't make you special. I'm only

Concerned Jun 17 2007 7:52pm FLAG
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Emily Jun 23 2007 12:10pm FLAG
i need this question answered truefly my baby has been with me for 2 years and we juss now started to have sex but her cherry didnt pop she said her tampon did it can it realy do it she not a wild girl at all can it possibly happen?

??? Jul 30 2007 9:14pm FLAG

??? Jul 30 2007 9:15pm FLAG
any 1! im olny

?????????? Jul 31 2007 12:36pm FLAG
any 1! im olny

?????????? Jul 31 2007 12:36pm FLAG
u guys r lamo!! lol but if u bleed in ur cherry has popd yet but still how can a tampon pop ur cherry? or how can u tell that ur cherry has bn popd by a tampon n u dont want to talk 2 ur doctor about it?

duh!!!!! who i am..????? Oct 27 2007 3:06pm FLAG
well i hav the same problem too. i used a tampon this morning and everything was fine. then ihad to change later and i put in a super and it didnt go up enough and i took it out and now it hurts and it usually doesnt.. so idk

hey Jan 25 2008 10:37am FLAG
I just want to know, jesus, just save the swearing and answer the god damn question

Ryan and Karsten May 13 2008 9:07am FLAG
God you all are ing retards yes your cherry can be popped by a Tampon, your cherry is popped by pressure during sex so it is believable that pressure from a tampon can be explainable and no normal people wont know that it has been popped unless you go a year without a tampon because your cherry can go back if you go long enough without sex or a tampon or serious pressure

Zaner Jun 15 2008 8:22am FLAG
do ya'll ever stay on in topic??? i mean damn!!!! ya'll are like three year old dumb asses!!!!!

colleen brown Jul 01 2008 10:00am FLAG
K sirisly, im and I made plans with this guy to hav sex with nd I lied sayin im not a virgin but I am in actuality, and I wanted to know if its tru that u can pop ur cherry wit a tampon cuz I need 2 kno! so if u guys can stay on topic (if that's possible) and answer the question. Can a tampon really pop ur cherry?

shay Nov 01 2008 8:34pm FLAG
if I've had sex already but u didnt bleed the first time and you use tampons doesn't mean u popped it with a tampon girls don't need them so some r born with out it so yea ya all if ur asking:)

jaylor Nov 20 2008 4:37pm FLAG
it does not pop your cherry because when inside the vagina it expands,instead of popping the "cherry"also known as "hymen".

Dr.Anderson Nov 20 2008 8:19pm FLAG
Are Tampons Right for You? Many girls and women believe tampons are more discreet than pads and help keep your period more private. Tampons can be worn confidently under bike shorts, a leotard or a bathing suit without showing. And the tampon, cardboard applicators, and paper wrappers are all biodegradable and flushable. Tampax Tampons are also convenient and compact. Although tampons are small, they work great like pads to absorb your flow. Unlike pads though, tampons absorb menstrual flow before it leaves the body, helping reduce odor (which can occur when your menstrual fluid comes in contact with the air outside your body). Once inside the vagina, the tampon (made from compressed fibers) expands and absorbs the menstrual flow. The vaginal walls and muscles hold a tampon securely in place until you remove it. Then, the saturated tampon will easily slide out through the vaginal opening with only a gentle pull on the removal string. Absorbency A variety of tampons are available today. Because menstrual flow varies, you'll find that Tampax tampons come in several different absorbencies. It's important to use the right tampon absorbency for your flow. Even during one period, your flow can vary, so don't be surprised if you switch tampon absorbencies throughout your period. The absorbency rating on each box shows how absorbent the tampons are. How do you know what absorbency you need? Try this simple test: start with regular absorbency tampons. If the tampon absorbs as much as it can in less than four hours, you should be using a higher absorbency. If you remove a tampon after four or more hours and a lot of white fiber is still showing, you should use a lower absorbency. Generally, for days of light or medium flow, Lite or Regular absorbency is suggested. Super is for medium to heavy flow, and Super Plus is for very heavy flow. Types of Applicators Tampons come in plastic or cardboard applicators that make them easy to insert into the vagina. For beginners, we recommend the use of Tampax Pearl Plastic? tampons. They have a smooth plastic applicator with a rounded tip for comfortable, gentle insertion. Some women like cardboard applicators because they are flushable; other women prefer plastic because they feel easier to insert. Tips for Using Tampons Tampons are a comfortable, effective way to handle menstrual flow. Girls and women should follow a few simple guidelines for proper use of tampons: # Wash your hands before and after changing a tampon. # Use tampons only during menstruation, not for absorbing vaginal discharge. # Change tampons regularly, every 4-8 hours. ALWAYS remove a used tampon before inserting a new one. # Tampons don't need to be changed every time a woman goes to the bathroom. Just move the cord out of the way to keep it dry and clean. (When you urinate, pull the string to the back or side; when you defecate, pull it to the front.) # Always remember to remove the last tampon you use at the end of your period.

72 Nov 20 2008 8:23pm FLAG
It can but I would believe you would have to be a) Really rough inserting it. b) Rip the hyman with the pointed edges. c) Or have a very small, or deformed, vaginal hole. And if it hurts, I don't know. It would just depend on how tight, if you have mastubated, and even working out. So It would just matter on how long you wore pads before you used tampons because as you age the hyman will slowly go away. Anyway, the hyman has to be pierced or stretched to a point really but there is some cases like this. Unless you have waited and such, as I said. :] Smily.

:] Smily Nov 27 2008 9:34pm FLAG
Wow yahll hav nuffin tew do

Supa Jan 07 2009 8:43pm FLAG
ummm. im only and i dont wanna talk to my mom but where is the hymen part cause i stuck a tampon in and now theres like well it goes in pretty far and i dont know if i popped my cherry or not. nothing hurt though.. help???

a person Jan 21 2009 7:35pm FLAG
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jcbabii May 19 2009 11:15pm FLAG
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jcbabii May 19 2009 11:17pm FLAG
a person this is for yu if yu don't won't 2 ask yur momma then ask yu doctor or some1 yu can trust that if older nd wiser nd knows there shiit.

jcbabii May 19 2009 11:20pm FLAG
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iLLiT3R4TE BLACk GiiRL Jun 29 2009 10:47pm FLAG
Mmm, iv'e had sex once. And my cherry did pop? But it was involentary sex. . . .if I have sex with my current boyfriend will he notice im not a virgin? Or can I lie and say I bled?

curious Dec 25 2009 9:45pm FLAG
how bad does it hurt to get your ccherry popped??? im too and i am a virgin but i want to pop it before i have sex because dont you think it would be kinda gross for the guy to do it for you?

brenda(: Jul 04 2010 2:33am FLAG
and btw if your gonna say the ppl on here have no lives...i bet your wonderin the same thing because thats probably how you even got here. it the question can you pop your cherryy by a tampon. else would you have found this page besides curiousity, (: thank you.

brenda(: Jul 04 2010 2:38am FLAG
can i cum id my cherry hasnt popped yet?

Anna Jul 12 2010 11:47am FLAG
can i cum if my cherry hasnt popped yet? someone plz help.

Anna Jul 12 2010 11:48am FLAG
haha "ask jeeves"

vic Sep 10 2010 10:54pm FLAG
is it possible to pop your cherry at 3 and never have sex again until your like 18

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anonymous Apr 17 2011 1:49pm FLAG
im kinda nervous . im a virgin and im going to have sex tomorrow with my b/f . we're using condoms and i wanted to know will it hurt when he pops m cherry ? what do i do after he pops it ? do i keep going or stop ? needed answers !

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LaSparkleBitch Jul 28 2011 5:56pm FLAG
I'm and Ima virgin and I'm curiois about.loosing my virginity. How much is the pain? Does it hurt? What does it feel like? Do you bleed a lot?

LaSparkleBitch Jul 28 2011 5:56pm FLAG
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1 Feb 18 2012 3:08pm FLAG

-1' Feb 18 2012 3:08pm FLAG
yes. using a tampon can and most likely will "pop your cherry". it only hurts for a few seconds, but at least you won't bleed during "you-know-what".

no, i'm not lying. i've had experience Feb 23 2012 6:12pm FLAG

1 Jul 02 2012 10:13am FLAG

-1' Jul 02 2012 10:14am FLAG
People On Here Is Gross & Im Only , & Still A Virgin I Use Tampons & I Want Too Now If I Poped It By Using A Tampon ! No Discussing People & Please I Need The TRUTH ?

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