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I'm , how do i get my sister to have sex with me

The Problem: One time my brother and my mom went to go see a movie I didn't want to see, so me and my sister are home alone, earlier that month she flashed her nice plump ass in my face and I asked her how much I would have to pay for her to have sex with me(In a joking way) which was way to high. But then I thought about it that day and when my mom and brother left, I started to get really and agressive which she called my mom and i was grounded for a week. Now it's been nearly a year and the thoughts are coming back anyone willing to help me keep a lasting incestous relationship with my sister? Oh yeah and I forgot to mention that I live in Canada so the age of consent is different here so I don't need any jerks being up in my face saying "wait 'til you're doucshe bag".

Asked by: IncestIsBest at 01:12:03 PM, Saturday, July 28, 2012 PDT FLAG


Also in Canada incest isn't illegal, it's simply taboo here, it's just illegal to marry someone you're related to

IncestIsBest Jul 28 2012 8:23pm FLAG

That is realy disgusting and you shouldn't do that their are so many disease you can gget and you will regret it.

Nikki Jul 28 2012 9:28pm FLAG
That's what protection is for, and it doesn't matter anyway because you still take the same risk either with or without incest. And incest can have positive effects, I don't know what wikipedia told you. the only concern with incest is inbreeding which is why there is such as protection.

IncestIsBest Jul 28 2012 10:03pm FLAG
Such things as protection*

IncestIsBest Jul 28 2012 10:04pm FLAG
Suggest you try to know first what she really wants...

Somarudra Jul 28 2012 11:28pm FLAG
Protect ya tings and use rubber it helps prevent aids pregnance and disease

sex Jul 29 2012 5:16pm FLAG
Rubber= condom

sexxxxx Jul 29 2012 5:20pm FLAG
The consequences are much more than just getting her pregnant or getting STDs. And tell me, what are these "positive" things from incest.

The Justice Jul 29 2012 9:28pm FLAG
Hay I got a sister that's you can date her if she likes you if you have facebook tile in vickivanantwerp ok and show her a pic of you so give it a try ok by by

julia Jul 29 2012 11:19pm FLAG
stupid... she is ur sister...

Anonymous Jul 30 2012 5:54am FLAG
Did anyone not read that, what I said? First in Canada incest isn't illegal. Second, That's what protection is for. Besides I got over it now. Also well "The Justice" Positive things are if it lasts then I can get laid 7 nights a week, and believe it or not lot's of people have had their first sexual experience to something incestuous, even "playing doctor" counts as a sexual experience. And before you be like "oh well the psychological damage blah blah blah" Lot's of people have good Incestuous with siblings like i stated earlier, if you're getting all your facts from the wikipedia then don't bother posting.

IncestIsBest Jul 31 2012 8:25pm FLAG
Dude, of course you'd say that. You're extremely biased. Your username alone says that. If you don't want to get shot down like a chump on the Internet (which is the place you're relying on with these sick fetish of yours) don't even bother yourself.

The Justice Aug 03 2012 12:22pm FLAG
Go ahead and state how you feel about your sister in public. I'm sure it'll go REALLY well for you if that's how confident you are about this, about how "normal" this is.

The Justice Aug 03 2012 12:23pm FLAG
Let me her n u at the same time

Kid b Aug 04 2012 11:58pm FLAG
Let me her n u at the same time

Kid b Aug 04 2012 11:59pm FLAG
Let me her n u at the same time

Kid b Aug 04 2012 11:59pm FLAG
she was turning u on calling mom, she wants ur d*ck in her stuff okay? if she says no she means yes trust me i know.. me and my bro do it 24/7 now xoxozozozoz

just rap e her Aug 05 2012 5:34am FLAG
Wait for the time again when u and ur sis are alone in home , go to her nd kiss her neck many times this wil drive her on nd she will try to kiss u let her kiss u and thats the time u ur job

With pleasure Aug 20 2012 10:27am FLAG
If u dont like this idea ,after she kisses u tell her dat u wil tell ur mom and tell her if she doesnt want u to tell to ur mom, she will have to heck u

With pleasure Aug 20 2012 10:32am FLAG
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Jyss97 Aug 25 2012 10:53pm FLAG
I once had sex with my and i'm only 10 years old. P.S.= i'm a girl

Sex and *** Oct 14 2012 10:36pm FLAG
Get her by urself n talk to her bout it n do what u can to talk her into trying it

David Dec 27 2012 8:14am FLAG
Whatt the hell!

faggots Jan 09 2013 3:56pm FLAG
Send m I pic of the puSsy

er Jan 28 2013 5:16am FLAG
the fact that you want someone to tell you how to take advantage of your sister shows that you are a very sick person. I have a good feeling that if you are attracted to girls now you will always be. It's only a matter of time until you become a child molester. Either get professional help no or just kill yourself. either way, don't scar your sister for life because your mentally unstable.

godkills Feb 25 2013 12:55am FLAG
In Canada it is illegal to have inter course with ur immediate family members, I.e mom, dad, sis, or bro but if ur cousins then go for it and ps incest is best bro my sis has DD dude they are so much fun to play with and she is 25 and I'm and the very first time I hot head and a piece of ass was off her and now I am just hooked to her yo, and the best part is that I live alone with her in an apartment ;)

A Canadian friend ;) May 07 2013 2:23pm FLAG
I'm and I live in California I wat a bf or gf cuz I just got dumped so kick me

lexifabulous Jun 06 2013 2:54pm FLAG
Damn it we all love sex.

pantyman Jun 14 2013 10:11am FLAG
You guys are all psycho paths that want to do ur family members do u know how messed up u are, and u guys are way to young to be having sex at least ur freaking sister!

the only smart one Aug 24 2013 9:40am FLAG
welcome incest friends. if you face problem enjoying sex with sis or bro or any family person get my free guidence thru webcamera on in yhaoo messanger or skype for vdo call. do not dream butt enjoy ings either email or yahoo chat Oct 28 2013 3:57am FLAG
just tell her how u feel

its pleasure Nov 02 2013 5:26pm FLAG

Anonymous Nov 25 2013 8:11pm FLAG
Girl. I know you want this d*ck.

Kendrick lamar Nov 25 2013 8:12pm FLAG
Hahaha aw bub. Your probably like . You should be worrying about grades, not sex xx Kik me: georgiahbabyxo

Georgiahbabyxx Dec 12 2013 4:50pm FLAG
my d*ck is hard

sister lover Dec 26 2013 7:33pm FLAG
I and felt unbelievable. Do it.

d*ckie dogleg Mar 07 2014 12:41pm FLAG
I'm and I started having sex since I was 8 it was good I always had sex with boys my age everytime we moved houses I touched d*cks like me and my best friend came over for my birthday we wet in the jumper alone in the dark so he said u wanna have sex im like sure but here he's like no in ur room in like ok so we went and while I locked the door he got. Undressed and started i really like it even when he cums in me so doesn't matter wat age u r just her

pokemon Mar 18 2014 2:43am FLAG
till she begs for more

andyboy Oct 26 2015 2:28pm FLAG
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