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i want to have sex with my 9 year old cousin

The Problem: ok so i want to have sex with my 9 year old cousin, shes hot brown skin brown eyes and hair.i kissed her neck a couple of times and didnt mind it. what should i do?! im boy

Asked by: 14peeker at 02:22:03 AM, Tuesday, July 31, 2012 PDT FLAG


Ok you sick minded ALONE! YOU SICKMINDED d*ck!!!!!

YOU! Jul 31 2012 11:44am FLAG

Ok you sick minded ALONE! YOU SICKMINDED d*ck!!!!!

YOU! Jul 31 2012 11:44am FLAG

LIL EMILY Jul 31 2012 12:17pm FLAG
ha you crazy guy

me!!:) Aug 03 2012 10:13pm FLAG

!!!!! Aug 04 2012 5:28pm FLAG
her trust me if she lwt you suxk and kiss her neck sge ovo wabts your d i c k, i kniw bcis that same thing happenes to me when i was eigght and he was 4 now we do it all the time im now xozox just get ger wet then strip her then feel her then in goes yur d i c k

me&my cus f u ck a lot Aug 05 2012 5:30am FLAG
you know what dog!! go for it

jesus Aug 06 2012 3:19pm FLAG
you know what dog!! go for it

jesus Aug 06 2012 3:23pm FLAG
you know what dog!! go for it

jesus Aug 06 2012 3:58pm FLAG
Okay,if your jesus right above me,why the heck would you say Go For It,cause there is NO way jesus would approve of this cause this is his baby cousin we are talking about.This dude makes me sick. :(

Anonymous Aug 08 2012 8:14pm FLAG
How to have sex with your 9 year old cousin

Anonymous Aug 25 2012 6:54pm FLAG

Anonymous Aug 25 2012 6:55pm FLAG
Don't listen to the idiots above me. If you want to have sex with her bad enough then just do it. When your both home alone grab her, strip her ***** and her. Not really much more to it.

Anonymous Sep 13 2012 10:07pm FLAG
Alot of ppl to incest..but dude she is like 5 years younger than you, so i dont think you should do it with her. but its your life, do what ever you want

... Sep 18 2012 2:05pm FLAG
right look at her and say you have nice eyes then say that oh something went down ur shirt then say ill get it for her then say i need cream for my cok please it hurts then say that i have to my cok in an ass but i dont kno whose then say i can i do it in yours and it will worked i did to my cousin who 9 as well

a person that lives in bolton zain im muslim Oct 28 2012 1:32am FLAG
Goooooooooo for it i did it with my 10 year old cuz and he loved it i give him sex once in awhile like hes birthday or an early christmas gift

Noooooo one Nov 02 2012 9:27pm FLAG
for any advice 100% helpfull and working me on 8602200007 Aaditya

aaditya Nov 03 2012 2:32am FLAG
Im 18 yrs any girl text me 0334588

king Nov 04 2012 6:25am FLAG
Go for it I am and done it with 9 year old

Chloe Nov 17 2012 3:44pm FLAG
If you both agree and have no hang ups about sexing each other then I say go for it!

Anonymous Mar 03 2013 9:41am FLAG

Stealth_Ninja Mar 21 2013 7:04pm FLAG
Ok when you guys are alone at home just lift her up from her thighs and open her skirt/pants and shove it in their witchever hole I suggest the ass because you dont want to get her pregnant she will enjoy it trust me i've done it I was she was 9 and I dont regret it niether do

anonymous Apr 18 2013 3:35pm FLAG
The guy on top of me is right

awsome dude Apr 18 2013 3:37pm FLAG
Ok this is a girl who was raped at the age of 9 and I think she can't agree to this even if she wanted to. She doesn't understand and it is WRONG. She will be traumatized. U are in the wrong. And btw u are and u should wait for marriage.

Hurt girl May 10 2013 8:32pm FLAG
dont worry im and i had sex wiyh a 6 year old and i published in youtube

vishnu May 13 2013 8:03am FLAG
and she loved it we had sex for 4 times from then and i call her every week and say to her dad that we are going to play when my mom and dad wont be in home and she dont even have period

vishnu May 13 2013 8:09am FLAG
i licked her every part and she is acting like a grown up

vishnu May 13 2013 8:11am FLAG
sorry i meant 10 year old girl anna

vishnu May 13 2013 8:12am FLAG
Go swimming with her a if she loves swimming she will do anything for u to stay In with her

Anonymous May 17 2013 4:01pm FLAG
i want to have sex. if you can and you want to do it. its not wrong and at one point you will have to.

awesome friend®®®®®®®®®®®®®®®®®®® May 18 2013 4:45pm FLAG
do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

awesome friend®®®®®®®®®®®®®®®®®®® May 18 2013 4:48pm FLAG
whahahaha ur sick dude I don't even want some 9 year old ... my cousin she I'm it was lawyer it was my aunts wedding I was recording the moment when she said to me that so you have a crush on me .. . when she said you have my mind just blown away...and she said come I wan t to show you something I said no I don't wanna I'm recording the moment and she said ok ur decision ... I thought were gonna kiss... when I turn I was thinking about that... and something got in my mind... I said to my self do I think she wanna have sex with me? help me guys i wanna do that again... she said that because I said hey our other cousin got a beer ....

Mr.pancake May 26 2013 6:18pm FLAG
my sisters and my 3 cousin was watching a movie called Friday the when it was the sex scene... I laugh and when the sex scen was over I walked to my girl cousin and I whispers I said... do you want to do that? i think it fun and she didn't replied she just smiled their maybe she wanted to do sex with me?

Mr.Pancake May 26 2013 6:41pm FLAG
First of all I think its totally normal I have a 8 year old cousin who keeps asking for sex so I said fine and were still totally cool

sexy ass May 27 2013 5:47pm FLAG
i had my cousin ho has 6 yrs and i have only8

nasreen May 29 2013 2:14am FLAG
now she is and iam we both are so intrested how can i start

nasreen May 29 2013 2:15am FLAG
Go for it dude I and have with a 10 year old

Y do u wana no Jun 03 2013 9:01am FLAG
I want to has sex with my cousin to but scared she might say no what do I do

Anonymous Jun 24 2013 5:04am FLAG
Oh am the one one the top I'm

Anonymous Jun 24 2013 5:13am FLAG
Ok I am totally with it so take her in a room and tell her she is going to learn something fun and grown up take your clothes of firs so she can see where this is going then take her clothes of and don't make her suck your d*ck first insert your d*ck in her Vigina then go in and out really fast then make her sck it

10 year old sex lover Jun 24 2013 5:37pm FLAG
wtf is wrong with you man

you *** freak Jun 30 2013 7:40am FLAG
Your EN Crazy Don't Listen To Those Other Crazy Hoes. 1st: If You Want To Have Sex Do It With Someone Your Own Age. 2nd:DON'T Do It With Somebody That Is Part Of Your Family.3rd: You Should Think More On School Then Sex. And If You Listen To Those Other Hoes Then Your Oit Of Your EN Mind. And If You Listen To Us Smart Ones Then If I Would Meet You In Real Life Then I Would Tell You Your The Smartest One In The World So Do The Right Thing And Don't Listen To Hoes.

Gabriel. Jun 30 2013 9:32pm FLAG
crack her on the back of the head with a in brains out

deep into incest Jul 25 2013 11:00pm FLAG
blow her brains out then f##k the bullet hole

deep into incest Jul 25 2013 11:02pm FLAG
I am and I wana have sex with my 9 year old cousin what happens if she gets suspicious I tried getting her ***** when she was sleeping but she almost woke up what should I do

Anonymous Jul 26 2013 12:59am FLAG
i'm 19 and i am attracted to my cousin and she is . i don't know why but we have a bond that kinda just goes out of the Cousin zone. it kinda strays into the expirimental zone for both.

ASatanicMan Aug 01 2013 3:43pm FLAG
I wana have sex with her but we mostly can't be only becouse there is alout of people help me

Anonymous Aug 07 2013 1:00am FLAG
Well you can find a 9 year old my sisster mite look the same

leah Aug 09 2013 4:58pm FLAG
I have a sisster who is 9 year old do you want her to suck your d*ck

leah Aug 09 2013 5:01pm FLAG

Anonymous Aug 13 2013 3:08pm FLAG
I wamt to have intercoursewith my cousin.amd shes 8 i had liked her alot we had seen a scary movie and she wanted to hold my hand. I felt so . Then everytime i go to her house we would kiss and hold hands and i would rub her thighs. I want fo have intercourse with her but dint know how to tell her

Anonymous Aug 13 2013 11:00pm FLAG
you can sleep with hr its fine like i have sex with my unkel for fun

good think Aug 18 2013 3:13am FLAG
How old are you

Anonymous Aug 19 2013 1:52am FLAG
Meri czn meri khala k ghr pr rehti hai wo buhat sexz hai main us k6 chodna chahta hn

Saim Oct 04 2013 9:20pm FLAG
are you crazy you crazy yoyu are crazy

Anonymous Dec 21 2013 4:10pm FLAG
no girl will date you ever

adriana little girl Dec 21 2013 4:12pm FLAG
a boy liked me and he still dose and he said to have sex with him

Anonymous Dec 21 2013 4:15pm FLAG
Anyone tat says go 4 r sick individuals

Anonymous Dec 28 2013 1:52am FLAG
! She's nine u Hippocratic!! Get a lyyfe!! #hoee

noneyadamnbuissness Jan 24 2014 6:29pm FLAG
who can help me i wanna my 8 year old cousin and suck the piss out her c*nt

braden Mar 01 2014 9:26pm FLAG
anyone age wanna me?

braden Apr 11 2014 11:00am FLAG
anyone 4 a sx txt

braden Apr 11 2014 11:03am FLAG
my little cousin is 6 year old she is so cute my d*ck get hard when I'm around her I want to have sex with her so badly how do I get her to sex with me I want her so badly help please

king 1992 May 07 2014 12:19am FLAG
Everyone is calling you sick, lol. I wanted to do this tonight :P

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SXzfpsmPRsr Jan 15 2015 4:40pm FLAG
Go for it I had sex with my cousin she's 9 it was so awesome!!!

Lol May 07 2015 8:12pm FLAG
Well what you need to do is pretend to play a game of doctor tell her that she can only heal you if she took your pants off and tell her she needs to do cpr on your junk when she doe sit tell her its working the mak eher take in in the ass for the puss for it to heal faster then theass works the fastest i did this to my little cousin at age of 8 its really painful for them but awsome for you so them

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XttMjXqFZWHWdqLJ Jul 05 2016 1:11pm FLAG
Don't have sex with any of your family that is disgusting I don't know about you guys but I believe in God and that is a sin. So if I were you I would not do that well unless your future enough and your using a condom and your doing it with your own age.

Isabell the bot th Jul 06 2016 10:18pm FLAG
Go for it. She'll love it

Vladimir Sep 11 2016 10:54pm FLAG
Go for it. I had sex when I was 5

Peter Sep 16 2016 12:01am FLAG
CWl4PQ Lovely site! I am loving it!! Will be back later to read some more. I am taking your feeds also.

LOJkiMUl Nov 26 2016 11:06am FLAG
I want to and I want her bad wat tf should I do?

Idk Dec 25 2016 7:00pm FLAG
Jt6ODf si ca c est pas de l infos qui tue sa race

jQoQpxMWPQqxJXDSbpE Jan 31 2017 3:31pm FLAG
yCXpn7 I used to be able to find good info from your blog articles.

CVnradbwoGKlUryMQK Mar 04 2017 4:17am FLAG
Tear that her in the ass too if she snitches cut her throat and dump her body in the dumdter in the projects

Barrack Mar 17 2017 7:17pm FLAG
Do what you gotta, had my niece at 6 and 7 and she loved it... best time of my life

Little1lover Apr 10 2017 11:48am FLAG
you sick son of a bitch go to hell

ten yr old girl Aug 09 2017 12:19pm FLAG
Yes please say yes i had sex with my nephew and my niece when my nephew was 2 he sucked my c*ck than when my niece was4 her and i ed so hell yes go for it

Anonymous Mar 29 8:27pm FLAG
Now I'm letting my girlfriends 2 year old boy suck me and i cumed in his mouth the other day and he likes it he always smiles when i release a load in his mouth

Nephew Mar 29 8:35pm FLAG
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