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girl looking for a buddy

The Problem: Feeling super !!

Asked by: ItsCarolina! at 09:24:27 AM, Wednesday, August 08, 2012 PDT FLAG


R u a gurl

Big boy Aug 08 2012 4:25pm FLAG

hey baby

sexy guy Aug 08 2012 4:25pm FLAG
i would throw you on bad and french kiss you so hard ;)

baws Aug 08 2012 4:25pm FLAG
Txt me im a boy 5042369724

, Aug 08 2012 4:27pm FLAG
Ill be your buddy. Email me your number. and ill you all ducking day long

evo1991 Aug 08 2012 4:27pm FLAG
Txt me im a boy 5042369724

Big boy Aug 08 2012 4:27pm FLAG
I would love that ;) @baws

ItsCarolina! Aug 08 2012 4:27pm FLAG
(:Pd:) maybe then i would put my hand in your

baws Aug 08 2012 4:29pm FLAG
Sorry I only kik :)

ItsCarolina! Aug 08 2012 4:30pm FLAG
can u come to mail pls?? :(

baws Aug 08 2012 4:30pm FLAG
@baws, maybe? No u would put your hand up my tang! ;D

ItsCarolina! Aug 08 2012 4:32pm FLAG

baws Aug 08 2012 4:34pm FLAG
@ItsCarolina! and i would accidentally finger your tang too ;)

baws Aug 08 2012 4:38pm FLAG
I have a kik. Username is. Axlevo1991

evo1991 Aug 08 2012 4:41pm FLAG
Hey wats yo kik

Big boy Aug 08 2012 5:13pm FLAG
Hey wats yo kik

Big boy Aug 08 2012 5:13pm FLAG
Hey wats yo kik

Big boy Aug 08 2012 5:13pm FLAG
Kik me. destroyer57

Anonymous Aug 08 2012 5:31pm FLAG
My kik is bigboy333999 I'm a guy I'll you

Bigboy99 Aug 08 2012 6:33pm FLAG
Me im a sexy

Connor Aug 09 2012 1:33am FLAG
Me im a sexy

Connor Aug 09 2012 1:33am FLAG
Conner do u have a kik?

Anonymous Aug 09 2012 3:02am FLAG
@bigboy my kik is itsCarolina

Anonymous Aug 09 2012 3:03am FLAG
Kik me at sxybeast69

Anonymous Aug 14 2012 10:47pm FLAG
haha ill help u :p

Aaron Aug 16 2012 11:00pm FLAG
add me joblair im ;)

jordan Aug 25 2012 4:26pm FLAG
kik me girls at Eric27

Eric37 Sep 08 2012 6:03pm FLAG
Any girls up to me im with a six inch d*ck

Chris Sep 08 2012 10:40pm FLAG
I'm a guy really kik user name is DeathAdder21 girls only

Gray Oct 07 2012 9:23pm FLAG
I'm a guy who wants a buddy! :) kik me at lhartnett3 :D

Brian Oct 09 2012 7:27pm FLAG
Add me im @reecey1999

reece Oct 19 2012 9:36pm FLAG
Looking for girls im male 42356747

jj Nov 01 2012 6:34pm FLAG
Looking For Horny girl Kik me at Dj.Batarang

Billy<3 Nov 01 2012 11:49pm FLAG
Any girls wanna chat my kik is pdoggtaylor

Anonymous Nov 04 2012 3:32am FLAG
Kik me ...megusta4

Me Nov 05 2012 2:48pm FLAG
No girls and want to talk kik is pdoggtaylor

peter Nov 06 2012 12:40am FLAG
Any ladies kik me I swappix @GoonPanda561

Lethavefub Nov 06 2012 2:14pm FLAG
Kik me mCali Kik : stewartbc209

Stewartbc209 Nov 07 2012 7:38am FLAG
Kik me m looking for with a girl any age kik: Mathewtruetoyou

Anonymous Nov 07 2012 2:55pm FLAG

Lily Nov 07 2012 8:45pm FLAG
Hey me!!! I wanna a hot girl text me at 423 435 0967 or lik me @ cjohnson2232

Cody big c*ck Nov 08 2012 1:47pm FLAG
Hey girls, if u want some fun dirty chatting or swapping pics then come kik me at: mrbobim a yr old male from the uk ;)

Rob Nov 09 2012 4:14pm FLAG
Hey kik me girls at. supasparta007

Sparta007 Nov 10 2012 3:02am FLAG
I'm , male from Canada, Alberta. Girls willing to can Kik me up @ ChaoticTrack.

Peyton Nov 11 2012 11:24pm FLAG
Ill with any girl just text and say i wanna so i know what and wher e u seen this my number is 336 380 8090 girl between ages and up i got a big white c*ck with youlls name on it

dylan Nov 12 2012 10:39am FLAG
Kik me at hockey_boy

Anonymous Nov 12 2012 5:23pm FLAG
Kik me at Anthony_the_boss6921

Bigd*ckAnthony Nov 12 2012 11:49pm FLAG
Kik me Allibaster

D Nov 17 2012 8:53pm FLAG
Hey everyone I'm Tyler and although I probally dong stand a chance of finding a friend you can still give me a chance :) I'm and really cute like :3 and up for anything ;3 add mee oTYL3R :D you won't regret it

Tyler Nov 18 2012 2:53pm FLAG
I'm looking for a girl buddy any age hmu at 706-768-2673

Chris Nov 19 2012 9:46am FLAG
looking for a in/ trading pics buddy girls kik me ;) Green_Machin3 m

Brett Nov 21 2012 6:52am FLAG
kik me, girls only m.johnston420 i trade pics you wont be disappoint m

Anonymous Nov 21 2012 10:00am FLAG
19f looking to kick with younger guys < preferred KaylaMcKenzie423

Kayla Nov 21 2012 10:07am FLAG
Need buddy on KIK KIK name : WildBillMode Male looking for female

Danny Nov 21 2012 10:16pm FLAG
M, snapchat me girls. matt_collins1

Me Nov 22 2012 6:07am FLAG
M , add kik hugo7in . Girls only!

hugo7in Nov 22 2012 8:11am FLAG
I ❤ boobies

Austin Nov 22 2012 10:13pm FLAG

Austin Nov 22 2012 11:05pm FLAG
Anybody kik me I'm up for anything I'm straight male girl if you wanna or dirty talk just write <3 I'm up for it my kik is jaka.zois I'm waiting for you ;)

Jaka.zois Nov 24 2012 4:59am FLAG
That's a guy^^^ LOLOLOLOL he's like 10 :P

Truth Nov 25 2012 9:39am FLAG
Hey any girls wanna have fun ;) kik me gabe18818 I'm

Anonymous Nov 26 2012 10:51pm FLAG
Eliasberry kik & snapchat

Anonymous Nov 27 2012 9:30am FLAG
If any girl wants to cum all night hit me up Justin73263 "kik"

Non Nov 27 2012 3:21pm FLAG
Hey ItsCarolina! and other girls my kik is notafanboy MSG me first then we can pics

Cody Nov 29 2012 6:17pm FLAG
KIK is all dudes :( what if girls just wanna each other? looking for a 18+ f to kik Melladie

Melanie Nov 30 2012 10:07am FLAG
kik: y2minusyone

me Nov 30 2012 5:03pm FLAG
Girls send me s: Lil_Papa_B ;)

Kik: Lil_Papa_B Nov 30 2012 11:10pm FLAG
Girls hmu for a buddy, M , kik me at Hoosierdaddy2397

Jake Dec 01 2012 2:15am FLAG
Add me, message me and then we can swap pics ;) harryfelton;)

harryfelton Dec 01 2012 6:41am FLAG
hey girls ad me up on kik at mikezedz, 18 and ready to

Anonymous Dec 01 2012 4:12pm FLAG
Bwinbig.87 24m usa

Anonymous Dec 01 2012 4:15pm FLAG
Hey add me on kik a_beauch. Male super I'll send pics ;)

Anonymous Dec 01 2012 6:49pm FLAG
Kik me@ tapout98.GIRLS ONLY ill or e cn jst tlk.

tapout98 Dec 02 2012 5:08pm FLAG
kik me paddyrankin male, 18, girls only

Anonymous Dec 02 2012 10:11pm FLAG
Tbn1991 here ladies kik me

Anonymous Dec 02 2012 11:29pm FLAG
kik me. my username is dramaguy257. if we hit it off, i'll give you my number

dramaguy257 Dec 03 2012 5:59pm FLAG
Txt me im a guy and need to I am super and my no. is 52902949 girls only

Bigd*ck Dec 04 2012 2:45pm FLAG
kinda board lookin for cute girl to talk to:p im so no old people

slimandtrim:P Dec 05 2012 9:25am FLAG
Kik me at lukebomb:) We can trade s or just talk! I'm !

lukebomb Dec 05 2012 2:46pm FLAG
FifaSkiller101 have abs will send pics

Anonymous Dec 06 2012 4:49pm FLAG
Add me on kik junaid_junman

Anonymous Dec 07 2012 4:49pm FLAG
diazed2 girls only

Anonymous Dec 07 2012 9:59pm FLAG
Kik me EtheDead

Anonymous Dec 09 2012 6:02pm FLAG
Any ladies message my kik which is big10incher69 I am 18 and will send pics and vids

Anonymous Dec 09 2012 6:25pm FLAG
KIK ME: xadiii please :$

xadiii Dec 10 2012 12:56pm FLAG
Any girls looking to trade kik me at tim champion m

Tchamp54 Dec 12 2012 5:44pm FLAG
Kik: itzzgabe M Cute Down for whatever ;)

Gabe Dec 12 2012 5:56pm FLAG
Kik me to timjim78 ;) m

Tim Dec 12 2012 7:32pm FLAG
Kik me girls leteranes94 and pics 18 male

leteranes Dec 12 2012 9:02pm FLAG
Ladies trade pics! 25227750

Joey Dec 12 2012 9:52pm FLAG
Kik me girls Mfrom italy Trade pics and s Kik:marcor46

Marco Dec 13 2012 6:05am FLAG
kik me whitezombiegirl bi but seeking girls only @ moment!

alynn Dec 14 2012 10:21am FLAG
kik me Mgirls only that trade and Kik: audiotrapper

Anthony Dec 14 2012 1:51pm FLAG
Kik me!! ;) mastamustang

Anonymous Dec 14 2012 3:58pm FLAG
Liammeechan1888 kik me girls

liam Dec 15 2012 10:39am FLAG
Add golden_muffin if you want to trade pics ladies ;P

Anonymous Dec 15 2012 12:19pm FLAG
text me girls any age 3096203865 trade pics and

sexy guy Dec 15 2012 5:50pm FLAG
Ladies, kik me if ah, bored. Altzio

R Dec 15 2012 11:09pm FLAG
Kik me zachxxxx ladies only, I have a 6pack and big muscles, kik me and il send you a pic. I trade pics and vids

Zachh Dec 16 2012 4:31am FLAG
I have a kik christiansthebest

Me Dec 16 2012 4:25pm FLAG
Kik me tyler_2freefalling if your feeling ready to get down;)

Tyler_2freefalling Dec 16 2012 7:04pm FLAG
Kik me ladies niel0109

Anonymous Dec 16 2012 9:24pm FLAG
Kik me crazydude46

Anonymous Dec 17 2012 12:55pm FLAG
Text me 9082024457 m Six inch

Anonymous Dec 17 2012 4:03pm FLAG
Kik me @iOFWGKTA m

Kkkkkkk Dec 17 2012 5:01pm FLAG
Kik name is clabr68 hit me up and ill

Joe dirt Dec 19 2012 1:13pm FLAG
Kik me (; GetThis_Money I'm super M girls only!

GetThis_Money Dec 19 2012 1:21pm FLAG
Kik me. LilM34

Anonymous Dec 19 2012 10:05pm FLAG
Kik me konnerlayman

kjl Dec 20 2012 5:27pm FLAG
Any girl whants ty or just chat add me on kik (samirsmokey)

smooth dude Dec 21 2012 7:48am FLAG
kik me : Schopar

Schopar Dec 21 2012 8:00am FLAG
Kik me huntter920

Anonymous Dec 21 2012 11:46am FLAG
Kik me I am as hell and will trade s (girls only) m kik: benjaminrutland

benjaminrutland Dec 21 2012 3:12pm FLAG
^^^^ as hell

Anonymous Dec 21 2012 3:12pm FLAG
Add my kik camstet1010 boy will swap pics with girls around my age xx

Anonymous Dec 21 2012 5:55pm FLAG

Anonymous Dec 21 2012 5:56pm FLAG
Girls i need a buddy. Im and my kik is joseph445 i have a pretty big d*ck

Anonymous Dec 22 2012 12:12pm FLAG

Anonymous Dec 23 2012 9:40am FLAG
me girls, i'll trade s ;) kik: oj96 cell#: 9224553 (us only for cell number)

Anonymous Dec 23 2012 6:01pm FLAG
kik me baseballguy2333

Anonymous Dec 23 2012 10:24pm FLAG
ext me, merlieon, male

Anonymous Dec 24 2012 12:31am FLAG
Im a guy from finland, hot gurls kik meh; aksum8

yolodolo Dec 25 2012 5:48pm FLAG
Bi guy with 8 inch c*ck and abs and pecs. I'm . Will send pics. Nonpul39 . add me

Nonpul39 Dec 26 2012 9:52am FLAG
Add me: kokolo7

Someone Dec 26 2012 4:13pm FLAG
Kik me Louieingram girls only

278 Dec 26 2012 7:33pm FLAG
Kik me southern_boy69 or txt me 543220lookin to girls only

Anonymous Dec 26 2012 9:38pm FLAG
any girls wanna kik me:ya_ lun

Anonymous Dec 27 2012 5:53am FLAG
Hey add me kik savcheer98

Savannah Dec 27 2012 6:06pm FLAG
Cookitups big d*ck come see babes:)

Anonymous Dec 27 2012 7:45pm FLAG
Nate99991 I want topples females or ones will pics

Nate Dec 28 2012 10:12pm FLAG
Kik me @picklehouse

Anonymous Dec 28 2012 11:21pm FLAG
kik me jmlflara

anonymous Dec 29 2012 1:41am FLAG
Kik me, im Kik: JohnnySvensson

Johnny Dec 29 2012 4:49am FLAG
Send me sexy pics. Females only!! Kik @sofamousmill

papi fantasy Dec 29 2012 6:29am FLAG
Kik me 'theoriginalc' m play soccer have abs and and muscles girls will trade pics, guys will trade pics of girls.

Theoriginalc Dec 29 2012 8:12pm FLAG
Girls kik me if u want some fun;) or just to talk. fun

Jack Dec 30 2012 8:27pm FLAG
Girls, kik me for a great time;). Vichai

Vichai Dec 30 2012 9:06pm FLAG
Girls only please! Kik- iamthekira

a guy Dec 31 2012 3:00am FLAG
Kik me at DJDANNY24 and male

Anonymous Dec 31 2012 6:39am FLAG
Ight male just turned today 1/2 inch d*ck tlk trde pics idc kik name is therealmiclovin

Anonymous Jan 01 2013 12:37am FLAG
m with 8 iinch c0ck kik for pic swaps nickemaxx

anonymous Jan 01 2013 10:06am FLAG
Kik me(; aliloveswizkhalifa You won't regret it I'm pretty cute(;

Alison miller Jan 01 2013 10:17am FLAG
m girls kik me at cj9001 ;)

Anonymous Jan 01 2013 10:58am FLAG
Girls kik me drakefromthegame I am a hot guy with a 6 inch I trade pics girls only -18

Anonymous Jan 01 2013 12:47pm FLAG
Girls kik me, I have a tattoo on my d*ck. It's something you won't find anywhere else ;) Kik- thisguy0880

Thisguy0880 Jan 01 2013 9:34pm FLAG
hey kik me at: HowBoutIt98 im a m looking for girls any age and boys my age or younger we can do what ever you want dirty or non-dirty thanks!

Please add me Jan 03 2013 3:30pm FLAG
Add me for fun and photo swap! Male 25 from holland Username: erotixx

ganjaman Jan 03 2013 9:50pm FLAG
What's your kik? I'm , and a guy.

Anon Jan 04 2013 12:25am FLAG
male, great abs, kik - chaza1997

chaza1997 Jan 04 2013 9:08am FLAG
m girls kik cj9001

Anonymous Jan 04 2013 6:10pm FLAG
Girls kik me at jessy_smith10 super will trade picks

Jessy Jan 04 2013 6:24pm FLAG
Girls kik me at nathanolguin0

Anonymous Jan 04 2013 8:32pm FLAG
Email me your # at

Brandon Jan 04 2013 11:36pm FLAG
Soaking wet right now... 19 year old female living in the UK. @FairyGirl93 (haha, sorry about the username!) x

FairyGirl93 Jan 05 2013 2:20am FLAG
Kik me girls I want to trade pics or guy if u have girl pics ill trade with u

Sexybeast232 Jan 05 2013 5:18am FLAG
m girls kik me cj9001

Anonymous Jan 05 2013 8:02am FLAG
Does any won want my phone number caus if u call me we can arrange a place to meet

Man looking for see ting Jan 05 2013 5:49pm FLAG
Imma girl And I'm really horney right now I'm 21 yo and needs to make out with someone I'm half bi and half normal add me: gypsy10

Lily Jan 05 2013 11:21pm FLAG
Sexy male looking for a girl -, must be an willing for s, kik me at: Aidsman.

Anonymous Jan 06 2013 12:44pm FLAG
m kik me girls jtmills

jtmills Jan 06 2013 4:54pm FLAG
Kik me sexyboy2353663266

sexyboy2353663266 Jan 07 2013 9:40am FLAG
1920 219 0208 please anyone me!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous Jan 08 2013 5:28pm FLAG
Horny girls? Kik mcjd3

Anonymous Jan 08 2013 8:08pm FLAG
m. seanccm

seanccm Jan 08 2013 10:23pm FLAG
Male I need girls to username is: Itsbleu

Anonymous Jan 09 2013 7:19pm FLAG
kik me- cj9001. im m

Anonymous Jan 10 2013 2:40pm FLAG
Kik me at your_grandma_my_Thot m looking and trades

Anonymous Jan 10 2013 8:30pm FLAG
Mr_Perfectt some girl send me some s please? I'm .

Anonymous Jan 12 2013 6:57pm FLAG
I Send s back ItsCarolina I would make out with you

Anonymous Jan 12 2013 6:59pm FLAG
I'm male from louisiana im white My kik is monicamichaels1 Monica michaels is a psyedonym My real name is john

Anonymous Jan 13 2013 12:03pm FLAG
Add me

Anonymous Jan 14 2013 5:38am FLAG
me 650 834 84 I am a male trade pics

Mike Jan 14 2013 9:06pm FLAG
Add me on kik, 27, m, Germany for all girls and women Benni251985

benni Jan 16 2013 3:46pm FLAG
Girls looking to trade pics. My kik is AirJordan19

Anonymous Jan 17 2013 6:38pm FLAG
18 M I gotta big d*ck. kik: kobeii

Anonymous Jan 17 2013 11:18pm FLAG

jake Jan 19 2013 2:13pm FLAG
yr old male here from England, if any girls are looking for some fun then kik me @: Rob_Q3

Rob Jan 20 2013 5:32pm FLAG
male lookin for a -girl Kik= robert1997

robert1997 Jan 20 2013 9:49pm FLAG
lookin fo a in friend kik me hopgoodlax :-p

Hopgoodlax Jan 21 2013 4:44pm FLAG
Hey kik me got a huge d*ck for u girls shanewussow

Anonymous Jan 22 2013 8:50pm FLAG
hey send me some s GIRLS ONLY kik=at80

Anonymous Jan 23 2013 3:30am FLAG
kik: firebird619

Anonymous Jan 26 2013 5:58pm FLAG
m Kik me @ seanyboy29

Anonymous Jan 27 2013 1:22pm FLAG
Tdstone hit me up

Anonymous Jan 27 2013 3:39pm FLAG
@itscarolina kik me "CaliClass25" ill make you so wet

CaliClass25 Jan 27 2013 9:21pm FLAG
male, kik me Kevin.K99

Kevin.. Jan 29 2013 6:52am FLAG
kik: firebird619 im a boy

Anonymous Jan 29 2013 12:44pm FLAG
Girls only any age up to 8-me 3042883285 or kik me moomooquack we can trade s

Moomooquack Jan 29 2013 8:05pm FLAG
male kik me tkonrad223

Tkonrad223 Jan 30 2013 6:59am FLAG
Lol me for s Hotdude97

Anonymous Jan 31 2013 4:28pm FLAG
Kik me for s Hotdude97

Anonymous Jan 31 2013 4:31pm FLAG
im jakob, , tan, blonde, abs and sporty!any girls any ages kik me! kik: jakobambrose

jakobambrose ★ Jan 31 2013 5:55pm FLAG
StrangeThing...29 m... looking for any women. Guaranteed bigger c*ck than any of these kids here

Anonymous Jan 31 2013 8:14pm FLAG
Im a 19 old F looking for some fun girls im bi so ill only take guys with 9in d*ck or bigger kik: KayKayla34

KayKayla34 Feb 02 2013 2:48pm FLAG
im a m looking for dirty girls my c*ck is 10" and i have mint abs

abs Feb 02 2013 5:03pm FLAG
Text me ladies 720-272-95or kik me jackfrost0322

Anonymous Feb 02 2013 7:08pm FLAG
any girl, any age, any time kik me @ imsowrek (im a male) for :) i prefer younger girls

imsowrek Feb 02 2013 10:45pm FLAG
me on kik I'm M and my user is P4P4N1CK

Nick Hagan Feb 02 2013 11:25pm FLAG
Male , if any girl needs a buddy Ministud23 kik me

Anonymous Feb 03 2013 1:31am FLAG
I'm a guy, kik is trumpetlife, hit me up to trade pics

Anonymous Feb 03 2013 5:01am FLAG
Kik me ladies Im Male, and I'm very , kik is GTR_V

Anonymous Feb 03 2013 10:31am FLAG

Anonymous Feb 03 2013 10:32am FLAG
Kik me @freshjas_ I want phone sex

Anonymous Feb 03 2013 12:20pm FLAG
me purpleswag007

Sean Feb 03 2013 6:06pm FLAG
Ladies kik will325 I will get you dripping wet

Will325 Feb 03 2013 8:42pm FLAG
I am a guy. I want to trade s. girls only! Any age! Kik: dominik01 email:

Anonymous Feb 04 2013 3:44am FLAG
Kik me - n3dd girls only

Anonymous Feb 04 2013 7:01am FLAG
Blueprotector I'm a yr old boy looking for older women or younger to trade pics with

bp Feb 04 2013 1:48pm FLAG
Come on guys over 30+ reguests in a few days is to much ive been sick for a while so im not responding.

KayKayla34 Feb 05 2013 4:59am FLAG
Hey buddy needed

Anonymous Feb 05 2013 10:07pm FLAG
Danieliscool3 hit me up girls

Anonymous Feb 06 2013 7:17pm FLAG
Small d*ck here m tired55

Anonymous Feb 06 2013 10:26pm FLAG

Anonymous Feb 07 2013 9:06am FLAG
Kik me : dendimon - only girls, please!

Anonymous Feb 07 2013 9:52am FLAG
Kik me @milicer

Milicer Feb 07 2013 9:16pm FLAG
Girls + im a guy why lie.. I want a girl that talks and sends pics/vids from time to time. Im not a jerk. And if u amaze me i will always stick by you Kik is pleasemeplz

PLEASEMEPLZ Feb 08 2013 3:24pm FLAG
My kik is bryce_I'm and am , kik me if you want to have some fun! I know how to make you really wet!!

Anonymous Feb 08 2013 8:49pm FLAG
I have a 9" for girls kik me at OoberNuber for pic swapping

GhillieStealth Feb 08 2013 10:05pm FLAG
lollllipopppps I need a girl

Anonymous Feb 09 2013 3:11pm FLAG
Kik me: bubbabrown07 years :)

bubba Feb 10 2013 8:49pm FLAG
M stiff c*ck kik me: iggylefty

iggy Feb 10 2013 8:53pm FLAG
girls add me im male

tonybigc*ck2468 Feb 11 2013 1:54pm FLAG
Kik: cosahly m

Sup Feb 11 2013 4:11pm FLAG
Hey I'm a guy with a 7 inch d*ck I'm and here's my number only girls 704035

matt Feb 11 2013 8:47pm FLAG
21 M. Girls kik me glockguy.

glockguy Feb 12 2013 12:26am FLAG
Johnmsi 22 M

John Feb 12 2013 9:11am FLAG
Hey people Im and want to I live in fairfax VA if you want to hookup my kik is jak51

Jak51 Feb 13 2013 12:47pm FLAG
Girls any age, kik: jetsetdon. I'm 25 M

Anonymous Feb 13 2013 1:05pm FLAG
Looking for Girls to date, kik username: OnlyUseMeRifle76 Im Kik me please asap

OnlyUseMeRifle76 Feb 14 2013 7:20am FLAG
Bored, kik me at Meowsiph m.

Meowsiph Feb 14 2013 5:13pm FLAG
Kik me at irishdave95 I'm from Ireland and yeah I'll do anything just talk to me I'm bored! :O

Irishdave95 Feb 15 2013 12:24pm FLAG
m Kik Mikeymousew9

Anonymous Feb 15 2013 8:56pm FLAG
aussie keen to trade s with girls if your keen send me a photo or a message

josh Feb 16 2013 1:12am FLAG
male, just want some peeps to talk with, I send pics but no s sorry): but I'm fun and still down to or whatever haha kik me everybody! soccerlogan99 I play soccer too!

Soccerlogan99 Feb 16 2013 7:56am FLAG
Hey i got a crap tonne of girls i've traded with, if you want any kik Jack_L_fanboy, also if your willing for girls im into that too, and i promise i wont let you down

Animelover Feb 16 2013 8:09am FLAG
Kik me I'm Male lookin for girls to trade pics or chat with. Falconsfan24

Falconsfan24 Feb 16 2013 9:01am FLAG
girls - me im m bendabozz

ben Feb 16 2013 10:55am FLAG
Girls me at tonytheninja ;) you won't regret it :)

Sexy beast Feb 16 2013 2:14pm FLAG
If you want my number we can talk over it on kik

Sexy beast Feb 16 2013 2:14pm FLAG
Man all of u guys are total faggots

This_guy_here Feb 16 2013 3:04pm FLAG
m kik me: waldo1990

waldo1990 Feb 17 2013 12:50am FLAG
boy with abs from Sweden, looking for hot/cute girl to kik with. Kik; davidfransson.98 ( girls only)

David Feb 17 2013 3:14am FLAG
im a girl . skype me jannelle3

Anonymous Feb 17 2013 4:44am FLAG
GUYS ONLY KIK:elephantu im f and and under

Anonymous Feb 17 2013 5:07pm FLAG
who wanna to kik? longman_

Anonymous Feb 17 2013 8:48pm FLAG
longman_girls only

Anonymous Feb 17 2013 8:48pm FLAG
You can me. Id have sex you with you for so long and so hard ! Im for you ;)

Anonymous Feb 18 2013 11:53am FLAG
You can me. Id have sex you with you for so long and so hard ! Im for you ;)

wet ;) Feb 18 2013 11:54am FLAG
Any girls kike at rorycom 18m here

Rorycom Feb 18 2013 7:33pm FLAG
Im a good lookin male lookin 4 a good lookin girl any age send me a pic of your self and the er they get the more you will c of me check my profile pic and rate me p.s my 10" is 100% real dont belive me just kik me

me Feb 19 2013 5:26am FLAG
Add me

Add me Feb 19 2013 7:19pm FLAG
Picsforpics420 kik me ladies I'm lookin for the of age girls that wanna talk and trade pics and maby more nothing below I am 18

Picsforpics420 Feb 20 2013 12:17am FLAG
Kik username: NinjaSquirrelly Girls only plz

Anonymous Feb 20 2013 2:23pm FLAG
Girls kik me macmil9 or text me 618197483 I'm yr old guy

Mil9 Feb 20 2013 6:04pm FLAG
Kik me girls on nelson

Brandon Feb 21 2013 1:59am FLAG
Add me girls any age, kik: jetsetdon. I'm 25 M

Anonymous Feb 21 2013 2:29pm FLAG
girls kik cj9001, im m

Anonymous Feb 21 2013 2:47pm FLAG
Girls kik me kennyawesome big c*ck is the cure for your ness

Bigmeat Feb 21 2013 8:19pm FLAG
Hotdude97 girls only everyday

Anonymous Feb 21 2013 11:17pm FLAG
Kik me guys alex_yongue37

Big booty hoe Feb 22 2013 2:25pm FLAG
Kik me I'm and love squirting on camera alex_yongue37

Anonymous Feb 23 2013 7:00am FLAG
girls kik me ;)

cj9001 Feb 23 2013 8:25am FLAG
Kik me at Eli1998H i am a m looking for a girl any age to i am cute as girls put it at my school

Eli1998H Feb 23 2013 12:31pm FLAG
kik me at redshadey

Evan Feb 23 2013 6:04pm FLAG
m.075010846 text me girls

dirtydan Feb 23 2013 6:08pm FLAG
Kik me : rock_lover1999

Rockeur Feb 24 2013 7:42am FLAG
lesbian girl want some fun with -girls im 18, add me on kik loren_p_1994

Anonymous Feb 24 2013 11:24am FLAG
Kik me girls that want to trade pics @BMicheals02 or guys that have pics of girls

Brandon Feb 24 2013 10:56pm FLAG
m 18 add me-cristanoronaldo7

Anonymous Feb 25 2013 1:07am FLAG
m 18 add me-cristanoronaldo7

u will hav fun xxx Feb 25 2013 1:08am FLAG
Someone me Stephanie 08

Stephanie 08 Feb 25 2013 6:34pm FLAG

Stephanie 08 Feb 25 2013 6:41pm FLAG
You won't regret talking to me;) trust me<3 Kik: @jbpirate23

Anonymous Feb 26 2013 2:02am FLAG
Kik me im and i would love to

Anonymous Feb 26 2013 2:42pm FLAG
stephanie 08how old send number to

juan(notmyrealname and im ) Feb 26 2013 3:12pm FLAG
I can't find u

Stephanie 08 Feb 26 2013 4:09pm FLAG
Any girl whant to

gauge tillery Feb 26 2013 4:48pm FLAG
I do gauge tillery

Stephanie 08 Feb 26 2013 5:11pm FLAG
Kik me I'm a guy. Kik:EvanGir

Anonymous Feb 26 2013 7:15pm FLAG
Kik me girls @ birdlogan don't ask it's a nick name. Don't care how old you are I am m from NY

Anonymous Feb 26 2013 8:37pm FLAG
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