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lesbian or bi on kik who wants to trade pics ?

The Problem: im 19 very hot lesbian looking for girls too exchange pics and sex chat so add me on kik - ashleybomb

Asked by: ashley15 at 01:33:12 AM, Saturday, August 18, 2012 PDT FLAG


im 19 very hot lesbian looking for girls too exchange pics and sex chat so add me on kik - ashleybomb

Anonymous Aug 18 2012 8:33am FLAG

Is it okay If u want to trade picture wif a kid

Shaggy Aug 18 2012 1:43pm FLAG
Call me at 475048958

Shaggy Aug 18 2012 1:43pm FLAG
Baileyroseon kik

lesbolove Aug 18 2012 2:42pm FLAG

Your an idiot for posting it XD Aug 19 2012 2:31am FLAG
me babe 9-526-9470

Will Aug 20 2012 3:24pm FLAG
This response was flagged for inappropriate or offensive content.

Deanna455 Aug 27 2012 11:12pm FLAG
Im a bi looking to or sex call or email, im sunkissedlips on kik. Any bi girls kik me. I will try to send pic. :-)

aligirl Sep 01 2012 11:15am FLAG
i am a les i want to girls on kik dont care about age btw i am

sexibunnixxx Sep 02 2012 12:42pm FLAG
Im a lesbian text me 34804901

Anonymous Sep 02 2012 2:19pm FLAG

phoenixyoung64 Sep 25 2012 1:16pm FLAG
Kik me lesbians TayTheLes

Anonymous Oct 04 2012 5:57am FLAG
Baileyroseis fake!!!

Anonymous Oct 04 2012 5:57am FLAG
Hey girls just want to have a fun conversation. Ill do whatever, I'm male.

Adam Oct 15 2012 7:58pm FLAG
Kik is killer444187

Adam Oct 15 2012 7:58pm FLAG
Kik: initialscat Lesbians only

Initialscat Oct 23 2012 4:40pm FLAG
Sexyamy1dfan kik me please

Anonymous Oct 24 2012 10:02pm FLAG
f lez will trade pics. Boys don't bother you will be blocked! Xo Kik: DaniCalifornia.95 xo So so don't leave me hanging!!

Dani Lesbian Oct 26 2012 3:22pm FLAG
f bi ninjago1fan

emma Oct 27 2012 2:35pm FLAG
how about no?

wetards Nov 16 2012 11:25am FLAG
kik me, girls only m.johnston420 i trade pics you wont be disappoint m

Anonymous Nov 21 2012 10:02am FLAG
im 20 year old lesbian and ill kik ifyou're18 or . older my username is katiegranite (:

katie Nov 21 2012 1:10pm FLAG
Lesbians text me plz I trade pics 224 587 7037

Danellie Nov 23 2012 7:58pm FLAG
I'm lez guys will be blocked dirty trade pics only preferebly live pics send me first and ur face must b in all pics so I know ur legit. Kik me anytime at notonline2

Notonline2 Nov 23 2012 9:55pm FLAG
hey im a lesbian and i wanna have some fun ;) kik me girls at : sexyestgirlsonig

Anonymous Dec 02 2012 10:46pm FLAG
Kik me I'm horney wil trade pics: julie_luvs_harry

Me :) Dec 08 2012 9:44pm FLAG
Hey lesbians kik me, I'm f, echammertime (; will trade pics and vids

Emily Dec 10 2012 7:32pm FLAG
hey my hubby wants me to be with another girl for him . . Lookin for advice . . Paulmass51 Kik me

Anonymous Dec 17 2012 12:14am FLAG
Girl, Lesbian. Girls only, I don't trade with guys. Just girls: Derpy33

Anonymous Dec 18 2012 4:00pm FLAG
My Kik is EricRyan420, looking for any girl, 7 inch c*ck

Anonymous Dec 18 2012 5:51pm FLAG
Girls I'm a m kik me if you wanna trade pics: KevinRhanna

NOBODY Dec 19 2012 3:50pm FLAG
Girls only. Im f california. My kik is SexyWonderland

SexyWonderland Dec 21 2012 4:34pm FLAG
any girl wants to trade? mgsplayer2 is my kik name

Anonymous Dec 21 2012 5:02pm FLAG
m add me on kik jmclainif your a les ive got some pics/vids of chicks

jmclain Dec 21 2012 10:32pm FLAG
Add me f bisexual ;) Kik- commitsocialduicide Girls please xox

Commitsocialsuicide Dec 22 2012 4:03pm FLAG
Kik me girls only jlock69 /f/USA ;)

Jl Dec 22 2012 6:13pm FLAG
f lesbian.. Girls only send me pics and I'll send back # putlocked

dea Dec 22 2012 10:26pm FLAG
@ putlocked

dea Dec 22 2012 10:32pm FLAG
nvm made new account msg me at dea44

dea Dec 23 2012 9:44am FLAG
Kik me girls at sucioliger

Anonymous Dec 24 2012 2:41pm FLAG
Add me in kik exchange pics uusername : mohanad 96 I am years

mohanad Dec 24 2012 5:28pm FLAG
Any girl wanna chat ? I'm a male add me cristivlv

Vlv Dec 26 2012 2:10pm FLAG
What to trade pics kik me southern_boy69 or txt me 543220

Anonymous Dec 26 2012 10:20pm FLAG
Fif**** year old male JUST looking to chat. if interested kik @ putlocked

adam Dec 26 2012 11:23pm FLAG
kik whitezombiegirl bi, NO MEN! will swap with girls ONLY if they provide a face pic with kikname in it. MAY converse with guys, if they keep it clean. any , dirty talking, pic swapping, or asking for a face pic will be INGORED an BLOCKED! an i don't care about the size of your penis!

Ms Bum Dec 27 2012 1:11pm FLAG

Anonymous Dec 27 2012 4:19pm FLAG
Kik me @ ebbismart20

jassie Dec 27 2012 10:49pm FLAG
Lesbians kik me, must send a live pic first! Ducati06... Don't add me if you can't send a live pic

Ducati06 Dec 28 2012 6:34am FLAG
Any bi or straight girl wanna message me on kik? Metallica22

Anonymous Dec 29 2012 12:11am FLAG

Anonymous Dec 30 2012 2:02am FLAG
Flippo4real 20/m/Maryland/straight

Anonymous Dec 31 2012 3:53am FLAG
18 yr old guy looking for sexy cat ;) add me:rudz101

rudz101 Dec 31 2012 9:56am FLAG
18 yr old guy looking for sexy chat* ;) add me:rudz101

rudz101 Dec 31 2012 10:12am FLAG
Lesbian kik me at lesbian80 so only lesbians.

Anonymous Dec 31 2012 3:19pm FLAG
Hey lesbians kik me, I'm f, echammertime, will do pics and vids

Emily Jan 01 2013 12:13am FLAG
Calliswaglez kik me

Anonymous Jan 06 2013 2:52pm FLAG
Kik me, Samuel_betts gay guys only

samb Jan 06 2013 11:21pm FLAG
M And Horny!! Dont msg if your not real or not willing. OR TOO YOUNG!! Kik - obl1vion

Nick Jan 07 2013 6:42pm FLAG
18 yr old bi girl add me on kik nat will send pics n vids

Nat Jan 08 2013 8:01am FLAG
Girls text me back and I'll tell you my username on kik!!

Evan Jan 08 2013 10:28am FLAG
abzzrayy lesbian hit me up girls ;3

abi Jan 08 2013 3:22pm FLAG
Hey I'm looking for girls or ovr. Text me on kik at Evan1!

Evan Jan 09 2013 4:36am FLAG
Hey girls I'm les look me up on kik at Evan1

Hot stuff Jan 09 2013 6:00am FLAG
Hey Nat what's your kik I'm lesbian too?!!

Sexy Jan 09 2013 6:04am FLAG
Looking for a girl any age who is really

Someone Jan 10 2013 11:36am FLAG
lesbian girls only, will do pics dirty chat and role play if you have roles. sexyjess

some girl Jan 11 2013 9:58am FLAG
oh and idm what age

some girl Jan 11 2013 9:59am FLAG
call me baby 843-6-1829

sexy girl Jan 12 2013 9:45pm FLAG
Hey girls kik mee Austinjacksonn

Lololololol Jan 13 2013 3:59pm FLAG
hey girls kik me chaseman1022

hot sexy muscular guy Jan 14 2013 3:28pm FLAG
hey girls i will trade pics im skinny muscular and hot kik me chaseman1022

kik me chaseman1022 Jan 14 2013 3:30pm FLAG
Manziel_Heisman2 girls I'm looking for ***** pics

Anonymous Jan 16 2013 7:01pm FLAG
Kik me @allysamartinezI'm a BBW An into incest role play

Anonymous Jan 17 2013 6:17pm FLAG
Sex anyone? Tell me where y'all live and whoever a closer I will give u my address! Tell me that u really want to! Where u live, age, kik, and best things that u can do while sex! Trust me! I made up some new techniques where I can literally be inside of you! Plus I got a longish tounge! Tell me if your interested babes! Before exchanging s I'm gonna get to know u first! FYI! My pussies always wet!!:)<3

Cassie!!!(waiting for the (•) (•) too!) Jan 18 2013 6:16pm FLAG
Girls kik me if u wanna trade pics. im big, if you know what i mean😉 kik: mattbb1997

Mattbb1997 Jan 19 2013 2:48pm FLAG
Cassie la

Alan Jan 19 2013 11:58pm FLAG
whats your kik cassie?

Anonymous Jan 20 2013 10:22am FLAG
18 year old lesbian Kim me @sara22

sara Jan 21 2013 6:39pm FLAG
Add me on kik partygirl9 I don't show My face but Ill show anything else=)

Anonymous Jan 23 2013 5:08am FLAG
Toohott4youyour Kik me chick only!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous Jan 25 2013 10:47pm FLAG
/f/lesbian...Girls ONLY! Trade s pics and vids with ANY girl! Kik me: justlivelife94

Sarah Jan 28 2013 7:42pm FLAG
lesbian kik me at kinky.6699 ALL BOYS WILL B BLOCKED! I love being dominated ;)

i love u :* Jan 30 2013 4:34pm FLAG
Cassie im a female also and would to try your new techniques im about to be blonde and a lsebian so kik me at super_sayan

Anonymous Feb 03 2013 8:56am FLAG
Kik me for pics of girls(need to submit own ones to) kik affepaffe2

affe Feb 04 2013 3:13pm FLAG
Hey any lesies kik me, Emily at echammertime, I do pics and vids if you ask(;

Emily Feb 04 2013 4:03pm FLAG
Kik me! reyreyronalds. 20 m

Anonymous Feb 04 2013 4:31pm FLAG
kinky.6699 is fake!!

Anonymous Feb 05 2013 10:02am FLAG
Lesbians only kik: Trade****s690

Anonymous Feb 05 2013 7:49pm FLAG
Add me girls judexd

Anonymous Feb 08 2013 9:27am FLAG
Girlygirl_y kik! I have to get to know u! U send s! And I will get to know u and send one! Tell ALL if ur lesbians friend or the ones u kik!

Girlygirl_7 Feb 08 2013 4:08pm FLAG
lesbian only kik me! sexymama70

sexymama (ash) Feb 10 2013 9:45am FLAG
Kik me :) yr old lesbian. I'm looking for some loving girls (-). guys can message only if they have girl pics to trade.

emilyloveyou Feb 11 2013 5:07pm FLAG
Any want to trade with girls I'm hot have 6 Pack perfect size d*ck Kik me: bonebonehead

bonebonehead Feb 15 2013 12:47am FLAG
I'm M. any girls want to chat --> ReebokCommercial

meeeeeeee Feb 16 2013 7:34am FLAG
Im up ;) lesbian LESBIANS ONLY! Kik me

ally.6 Feb 19 2013 2:09pm FLAG
Kim me lez

Anonymous Feb 20 2013 6:05pm FLAG

Bilucy92 Feb 20 2013 6:09pm FLAG
Kim me princesslover3

Anonymous Feb 20 2013 6:12pm FLAG
BitchBeSassy bi Ohio just someone gorgeous... Angela

bitchbesassy Feb 22 2013 2:21pm FLAG
Kik: nickarmstrong97

Whoever Feb 23 2013 2:53pm FLAG
Kik me girls Isaac2010 + only if u want to have a group chat

isaac2010 Feb 23 2013 11:29pm FLAG
I'm looking for girls older then me to trade but ill trade with younger people also I guess ok kik chris8888 ;)

Chris8886 Feb 24 2013 12:02am FLAG
Bilucy92 :)

Anonymous Feb 24 2013 3:31pm FLAG
jdunbargirls that wanna trade pics. ****S ONLY. Id mg you want pics of girls I've got a couple of my ex gfs

Anonymous Feb 24 2013 9:20pm FLAG
I'm c; Any year olds willing to trade pics?(; Laure nnash20

MakeMeWet Feb 27 2013 1:17pm FLAG
f, girlies...kik me! Summ000. ! -

Cutiepie00 Feb 28 2013 4:42am FLAG
Be polite, and I will talk to you, guys! As for girls, I am f @iamnatasha kik me!

Natasha Mar 01 2013 1:46am FLAG
I have pics of my ex gf to trade on kik. Jonny3546.

Anonymous Mar 01 2013 1:59pm FLAG
Hey lesbians kik me, I'm and Emily, I'll trade pics and vids if you want to, echammertime

Emily Mar 01 2013 3:01pm FLAG
Kik me at jennacook3 only girls

Jen Mar 01 2013 8:25pm FLAG
f kik me madmartin2

Maddy Mar 02 2013 9:25am FLAG
Kik me lesbians, I'm Emily, echammertime

Emily Mar 02 2013 2:20pm FLAG
Lesbians/bi kik me at young_wild_fe3 i send s and talk dirty . Hurry up at kik me sexys (;

Anonymous Mar 02 2013 7:32pm FLAG
Kik me I trade s imthebabe1 girls only I'm bi

Anonymous Mar 03 2013 12:20pm FLAG
Les kik me at kelseydavis21

Kelsey Mar 03 2013 8:59pm FLAG
Hey girls, I'm creating a tumblr for all the lesbians that think they have a sexy body. If you think you're a sexy bitch kik me your pics and I'll put them on my tumblr. All pics will be anonymous unless you want your kik name with your pic. Don't ask to trade, I'm not doing this for me, its for my tumblr. So if you think you have a sexy body, prove it. Kik me at hottie_bodyy

hottie_bodyy Mar 06 2013 12:57am FLAG
Hiii girliess.. Im louisee, add my kik pweasee i need somee neww peoplee.. xLOUiiSEEx. :) mwahhh x

Louisee xxx Mar 06 2013 8:00am FLAG
Kik me pics @Mlano

Melissa Mar 07 2013 5:10pm FLAG
Any hot lesbian girl the ages between from Australia,Sydney I am a lesbian also from Sydney looking to chat :) if you want to chat with me put your kik name down below please no fakes :P

Anonymous Mar 08 2013 12:03am FLAG
Hi im Naomi :) lesbian, message me @naomibaby

Naomi Mar 08 2013 10:28am FLAG
Kik me girls Dajzha

Anonymous Mar 08 2013 12:38pm FLAG
Kik me at ****beauty send a live first ps I'm lesbian

Anonymous Mar 09 2013 2:23pm FLAG
lez kik me girls only if you wanna send s @ sexilexi0

Lexi Mar 09 2013 6:19pm FLAG
I like girls only. I'm down to trade s and other pics I'm f and bi

BrandiNoDix69 Mar 09 2013 6:55pm FLAG
Trade? Bisexuals only, I trade all pics, jribbons92

Jribbons92 Mar 09 2013 9:58pm FLAG
Add me on kik, Rileyishot34, im lez and willing to trade. No guys because you will be blocked.... cnt wait Babes... xxx

Riley Mar 09 2013 10:13pm FLAG
Ads me BellRamii

Anonymous Mar 10 2013 12:38am FLAG
girls kik me. im male. want to , dirty talk, or send pics. kik: ATLSK8R

ATLSK8R Mar 10 2013 4:02pm FLAG
18 female and bi;) kik me at metaljunkiee

metaljunkiee Mar 10 2013 4:08pm FLAG
18 year old guy here. Sexy girls only! Reach me at if you want my number ;)

Anonymous Mar 10 2013 9:15pm FLAG
You people are all disgusting. If any of you have a shred of self respect and just wanna talk to a regular guy. Go ahead and drop me a simple "hi"on kik. My user is obl1vion

pepper Mar 11 2013 10:41pm FLAG
Hot lesbians kik me @NickLovesYou3 I'm hot and must send pic first

Anonymous Mar 12 2013 3:51pm FLAG
Somebody kik meh trade pics u must send pic first kik:lesbian_sex34

Anonymous Mar 14 2013 7:23am FLAG
Kik me girls add a friend so we can have a group chat + only

isaac2010 is my username Mar 15 2013 7:15pm FLAG
F Canada :) Kik me: Abbiewatkins_ Im Lesbian :) *Girls Only*

Anonymous Mar 16 2013 11:53am FLAG
Anybody know where to find d *** kik me if you do letshavefun42 btw I'm also a lesbian ;)

Anonymous Mar 16 2013 3:55pm FLAG
I trade girl pics you have to send first looking for girl willing to trade kik me Piiwims

Anonymous Mar 17 2013 4:36am FLAG
Hey lesbians kik me, I'm and Emily, echammertime

Emily Mar 17 2013 2:39pm FLAG
Iam make trade pics with girls an lad ryfry94 add me on kik

Ry Mar 19 2013 5:13pm FLAG
male kik acamky text (503) 744-5576

Anonymous Mar 19 2013 6:37pm FLAG

wetGIRLSONLY Mar 20 2013 5:49pm FLAG
f lesbian looking to trade s ! ;) msg me @ hottiechrissie, guys will get blocked. xoxo :*

Anonymous Mar 21 2013 9:55am FLAG
Hey lez. Looking to trade pics and . No guys sorry. Message me on kik: jessica98n

Jess<3 Mar 21 2013 11:15am FLAG
KIK mee , sends s of I do almost everything ;* cassrod69

GIRLS ONLY Mar 21 2013 2:24pm FLAG
Any girl just kik me plea, so I do almost. Anything woth my p.u.s.s.y.;* cassrod69

weet Mar 21 2013 6:26pm FLAG
Hey, im and lesbian... only girls that are near my age (: my kik : sammy.102 ;) Please be quick ^^

Samantha Mar 22 2013 6:26am FLAG
jessress1996 GIRLS ONLY

jess Mar 22 2013 8:36pm FLAG
im a guy but i got girl pics kik me. takeyourheadoff

Anonymous Mar 22 2013 10:02pm FLAG
hey girls kik me at thatoneguy305 ill do dirty or clean chat it doesnt matter im really up for anything (looking for a slave btw) age doesnt matter

thatoneguy305 Mar 23 2013 8:07am FLAG
Hey f lesbian here KiK me s ReDsPiRiT1025 ;) you send one firsttt;)

Anonymous Mar 23 2013 4:00pm FLAG
no one kik kime kimi, its a guy in disguise

anon Mar 23 2013 7:30pm FLAG
Hey 18 m . Kik me babes, I'm gonna do everything ;) Julian2302

julian2302 Mar 24 2013 2:22am FLAG
FEMALE looking for DIRTY DIRTY chats. Love anything. Except NO GUYS. Kik rockinbells

Anonymous Mar 24 2013 10:10am FLAG
Bi looking for fun any age. Kik me sexda

Sexda Mar 24 2013 1:49pm FLAG
Bi looking for sum any age. Kik me TheGabster_

TheGabster Mar 25 2013 2:43am FLAG
im not a girl but i have hot girl pics if you wanna trade. NRack HMU

NRack Mar 25 2013 3:56pm FLAG
Girls.send pics too kik: jmoreno37 plz

...... Mar 25 2013 5:54pm FLAG
ok this is a lesbian tobic, guys get the out of here

no one here wants to see ur d*ck Mar 26 2013 12:18pm FLAG
f lesbian looking to trade s ! ;) msg me @ hottiechrissie, guys will get blocked. xoxo :*

Anonymous Mar 26 2013 2:27pm FLAG
Kik lisavalentine25 hot lesbian

Anonymous Mar 28 2013 9:50am FLAG
19f bi girls only guys will be blocked kik me at littlemary5 I trade s

Littlemary5 Mar 28 2013 2:54pm FLAG
Kik me crazyboy3699

chandler Mar 28 2013 8:30pm FLAG
Half these chicks say they're "Bi" meaning they prefer BOY AND GIRL! Yet they don't want any guys messaging them. Something smells fishy

Anonymous Mar 28 2013 8:47pm FLAG
Kik me at Brittany_Babe94 lesbian. Trade pics Live only. Send live pic first :)

Brittany_Babe94 Mar 28 2013 9:23pm FLAG
no anon, these chicks are mostly lesbian. Go find somewhere else to show of ur d*ck

off guys Mar 29 2013 9:26am FLAG
20 f add me on kik rachelharrison92 and send a LIVE face pic if you want to swap pics also GIRLS ONLY

Anonymous Mar 29 2013 6:12pm FLAG
hey girls kik me at thatoneguy305 ill do dirty or clean chat it doesnt matter im really up for anything (looking for a slave btw) age doesnt matter im btw for lesbian girls if you want to trade girl pics im down

thatoneguy305 Mar 29 2013 6:17pm FLAG
hey everyone, abbylovesyouuis a fake. Asks you to send pics but never sends you any.

scammed Mar 29 2013 11:43pm FLAG
18f les kik me at kateh56 girls only, guys will be blocked

Kateh56 Mar 30 2013 2:33pm FLAG
Kik me at SydL749

anonymous Mar 30 2013 4:19pm FLAG
18f lesbian kik kat_tuner1 girls only, guys will be blocked

Kat_turner1 Mar 31 2013 9:54pm FLAG
20f bi female only but of guys have pics of girls I will trade s for them add my kik kilarity101

Kilarity101 Apr 01 2013 7:54am FLAG
Kik me willing to trade personal pics of girls with face it hast to be legit no guys at all !!! @ Fary2234

Anonymous Apr 01 2013 3:45pm FLAG
LuvChasity fully lesbian, yrs or text only 636403

Cassi Babi Apr 01 2013 8:27pm FLAG
f looking for girls younger than me :) JUST GIRLS PLEASE, GUYS WILL BE BLOCKED! :P kik: kinkylaura

Anonymous Apr 02 2013 2:41am FLAG
Kik me at carlylovesyouu4 Girls only! I do s! Send live pic first!

Anonymous Apr 02 2013 6:35am FLAG
Kik me : detroitballa3

Anonymous Apr 02 2013 2:25pm FLAG
I send s. F UK. Kik leyals1

Anonymous Apr 02 2013 3:50pm FLAG
Sammy.102 is a guy don't kik them

Anonymous Apr 03 2013 4:50pm FLAG
male kik me ilikepie47

Anonymous Apr 03 2013 8:15pm FLAG
f lambo776 kik me girls only lesbian pics and vids

Anonymous Apr 04 2013 3:39pm FLAG
Don't kik leyals1 she didn't pot her name, sick joket

Anonymous Apr 04 2013 3:41pm FLAG
male dont want sex but better (fr me)no need fr penetration just wanna touch eachother genitals and all first we gotta chat on kik im rotmg_gamer cmon gurls im straight so sry no lez im in canada quebec laval so if u r to lets chat and meet at sablon if u dont know where it is its in chemedey.On kik i kan chat after 5o'clock week days week end most of the time. Type of gurl thats hot fr me: Nice round ass Hot round breasts no matter if ur breasts r small i thonk that preety hot Shaved and wet Soo u know all u meed to know plz girls msg me alot!

Smallbreastsrhot Apr 05 2013 12:44am FLAG
Oh and if i finger u u girls wil be sooo wet and turned on after soo ya u got the chance msg me

Smallbreastsrhot Apr 05 2013 12:49am FLAG
F 20 girls kik me at obl1vion guys will be blocked

Anonymous Apr 06 2013 1:55pm FLAG
Girls kik me cam802 girls only!

Anonymous Apr 07 2013 7:27pm FLAG
looking for fun girls ONLY!! mellya27 add me girls ;) xx

anon Apr 08 2013 2:51pm FLAG
Kik me I'm a big tit blonde girls send me a live pic first or I won't respond kik at sexygurl_32;) girls only boys will be blocked!!

Anonymous Apr 08 2013 4:23pm FLAG
Bi yr old male send pics to oreobi69 ill send back!

Anonymous Apr 08 2013 9:46pm FLAG
20 year old lesbian ! Girls kik me at allisonH(:

Ally Apr 09 2013 1:51pm FLAG
Any girls kik me cam802

Anonymous Apr 10 2013 7:18pm FLAG
Anyone kik jviss24 will trade s please!

Anonymous Apr 10 2013 7:31pm FLAG
hey ollie8395 f up for tradeing only girls dont waste your time boys you will be blocked :)

Anonymous Apr 11 2013 11:00pm FLAG
Kik me at blackkid50 I'm a guy though will trade pic of other girls or of me which ever ones u prefer

Anonymous Apr 12 2013 4:05pm FLAG
Kik me at cheezitI'm a guy who trades girl pic and pics of me

Anonymous Apr 12 2013 4:29pm FLAG
Im 10 and lesbian! Boys will be blocked! Kik: sarahloveee03

Anonymous Apr 12 2013 6:28pm FLAG
Kik me girls! Only! @ sexy_brunette2

Anonymous Apr 13 2013 7:52am FLAG
Lisavalentine25 kik me if you wanna trade pics. I'm a lesbian

Anonymous Apr 13 2013 10:29am FLAG girls if u want to.a kik is mcfarlane21

Anonymous Apr 13 2013 7:05pm FLAG
Girls kik me at dannysmith68 m with 8 inch :p

Dannysmith68 Apr 14 2013 3:45am FLAG
lisavalentine25 is a fake... its actually a guy, girls dont kik him

me Apr 14 2013 3:19pm FLAG
Kik chancekillion96 m up for anything female only i have girl pics or me u wont be disappointed

Anonymous Apr 14 2013 9:51pm FLAG
Hiya I'm daisy bi-sexual...looking for gurls only...I block all boys..kik:latina_swagger

daisy Apr 15 2013 5:59am FLAG
Omg! There's a super cute young guy on kik. His name is _i_crazy_ he has a sexy d*ck is looking for any HOT GIRLS ages and u must send a live pic first. I had the time of my life

Lily Apr 15 2013 7:09pm FLAG
Kik me girls only. f les will trade s. Kik HottyBiggles

HottyBiggles Apr 16 2013 8:15pm FLAG
Hey any lesbian girls can hit me up on kik! Lesbian_bigtits

Jess Apr 16 2013 11:13pm FLAG
hey, f18 lesbian from germany. girls only kik me: jesparker but start with a kik camera pic

jessica Apr 20 2013 4:12am FLAG
hey, m hot british guy, charlo247

Anonymous Apr 20 2013 7:41am FLAG
19 F. I love girls. Kik me inbound510 no boys!!!

inbound510 Apr 21 2013 6:52am FLAG
Lesbians kik me, I'm Emily, echammertime

Emily Apr 21 2013 8:27am FLAG
Brenda223 I need a girls help ..... Pleaseeeee kik me but pretty girls and young Pleassee kik me Brenda223

Brenda223 Apr 21 2013 6:30pm FLAG
Hi 18 m any bi girls kik me at powerstar3 ;)

Anonymous Apr 23 2013 4:23am FLAG
Hurry up im so i cam give U videos pics of fingering kii me @ aliazmat

Aliazmat Apr 23 2013 11:01pm FLAG
Add todayy m

Anonymous Apr 24 2013 9:48pm FLAG
im a guy, but i have pics and vids of girls, hmu, NRack

NRack Apr 25 2013 2:59pm FLAG
I'm f bi I don't send pics but I will rp and if you want you can send me pics!kik:sportygirl34

Anonymous Apr 26 2013 6:37am FLAG
19f girls only! Kik: Emilyxxx

Anonymous Apr 28 2013 5:13pm FLAG

Anonymous Apr 28 2013 5:14pm FLAG
Kik lesbo609 u don't need a live pic

megan Apr 28 2013 7:44pm FLAG
Kik me and trade pic im a lesbian sexy_lesbian_girl is my kik

Jessy Apr 28 2013 8:57pm FLAG
hey girls im lez and looking for girls to trade im add me on kik would love to trade sarahthelez69

Anonymous Apr 29 2013 2:33pm FLAG
Looking for bi or lesbian girls only(: kik me: randi20

Anonymous Apr 29 2013 3:08pm FLAG
is there any actual lesbians on this page and not guys pretending like seriously get a life les or bi girls add me xx mellya27

Melissa Apr 29 2013 4:20pm FLAG
I'm bi.. I don't have kik ;-; But email me at I'll trade pics <3

Abbey May 01 2013 12:53am FLAG
Lezbolisagirls only no weirdos please no boys

lezbolisa May 01 2013 9:25am FLAG
kik me abzzrayy

Anonymous May 01 2013 3:48pm FLAG
Sexybaby254 kik me girls I'm so wet!(; no guys!!!

sexybaby254 May 03 2013 4:51pm FLAG
Hey girls I'm guy and ill chat or send pics :) I'm up for anything Kik- Scottness98

Anonymous May 06 2013 9:38pm FLAG
f looking for younger girls ( - ) to trade pics Kik me - ****Boys will be blocked

**** May 08 2013 4:33am FLAG
Kik: Squirrels090 I can trade girl pics, no d*ck pics in return though, Btw, I'm male, and I'm only trading girl pics

Squirrels090 May 08 2013 8:36pm FLAG
kik me lesbians or bi girls trade s or just talk im F and im looking for year old girls kik ashmoore69 ;)

ashley moore May 09 2013 1:09pm FLAG
My kik is Ohstephaaaniee <3 f. GIRLS ONLY

Anonymous May 09 2013 3:52pm FLAG
f trading gurls only Kik kay_richards

Anonymous May 11 2013 3:10am FLAG
Hey imma guy, I love to talk to ppl about anything lol, But if ud like to trade idc :P My kik is madman52

Madman52 May 13 2013 1:18pm FLAG
Kik me at brittany_babe94 lesbian wants to trade s

Brittany_babe95 May 13 2013 10:09pm FLAG
Kik me maybe Ill trade s im lesbia katewand

kate May 14 2013 5:27am FLAG
Girls Who Want to learn how to finger or squirt ill help :) im also up for n trading im male bisexual so Hmu :) i wont bite;) Kik: Dragon_Rider01 Skype: danielcole20Email: i Promise ill help

FA May 14 2013 10:43am FLAG
Hey, I'm looking for girls lez only... I'm and petite with a big ass. I cannot wait to chat with you... <3

Candy_Wasted May 14 2013 1:38pm FLAG
Kik me girls only and up kik me playful6 ill trade s have lots of great pics

Anonymous May 14 2013 1:40pm FLAG
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Anonymous May 14 2013 8:19pm FLAG
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werefreak May 15 2013 6:48pm FLAG
If there are any lesbian or bi girls that want to swap pics with me. I have pics of girls a lot. And I'm 9 inches, so I can send the pics of girls I have or pics of me. Just kik me and I'll ask which you want. Real girls only. KIK : JoeTheMan51

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Sorry I meant no guys! Lol

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Kik: Squirrels090 I can trade girl pics or trade pics of me. Btw I'm male and straight.

Squirrels090 May 27 2013 7:00pm FLAG
I'm a f lesbian so girls only I have lots of greats pics I use toys also;) I really really want vids but pics will do too but please vids kik me at playful6 u won't regret it

Playful6 May 28 2013 10:27pm FLAG
Lol guys come on a lesbian site and expect to get girls kiking them haha. best of luck lol probably aint going to work

jogger101 May 29 2013 7:21am FLAG
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Girls kik arieltrip for some wet fun

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Girls Who Want to learn how to finger or squirt ill help :) im also up for n trading im male bisexual so Hmu :) i wont bite;) Kik: CrazyHawk01 Skype: danielcole20Email: i Promise ill help

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Puss and boobs*

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wolfspa if you wanna trade.. if you wanna kik me and ill send you my #

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Hey girls I'm a lesbian I new dro email someone quick I'm dirty, and like to get dirty

Email me lesbos Jun 07 2013 5:39pm FLAG
Email me

Hey Jun 07 2013 5:49pm FLAG
Hey Im ( F ) If You want to talk just kik meh...mustacheio. ^^

ChubbyBunny Jun 08 2013 12:23pm FLAG
message me, im a female and prefer girls, will send s if asked, ashleygirl2948

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Hannah Jun 12 2013 11:17am FLAG
Looking to swap a few lives of girlies even trade only I don't care if your guy just want to trade lives of girls only Bielle90

bielle90 Jun 13 2013 9:52am FLAG
hi lesbians, hhlangley97 is a fake! I dont want any of you to be tricked

fake people Jun 13 2013 8:14pm FLAG
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TheKomodo Jun 16 2013 1:02pm FLAG
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me Jun 18 2013 2:12pm FLAG
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f looking for girls between will have to get to know you abit before trading s and stuff :P so kik me @ chrisbrown26

chrissy Jun 24 2013 8:31am FLAG
tijanao19 - girls only and send a live pic so I know youre real! :)

Anonymous Jun 25 2013 11:15am FLAG
Looking for les/bi girls. I'm 18 F (: tpo23

Anonymous Jun 26 2013 10:05am FLAG
Hey im /f/lesbian looking for other girls to have fun with (; kik me at ambert_

Amber Jun 26 2013 4:23pm FLAG
Hey lesbians kik me, I'm and les, I'm Emily, echammertime

Emily Jun 26 2013 4:30pm FLAG
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Shannel Jun 27 2013 2:48pm FLAG
kik me lesbians ages ;) live pictures only please i trade pics and videos ;) kik is ashmoore69

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f kik me at lesbo__bitch I prefer younger than me

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Hey lesbians kik me, I'm and les. I'm Emily, my kik is echammertime, must send live using cam in app. No guys!

Emily Jul 06 2013 12:33pm FLAG
Dougtheman4 m kik me looking for f i am hung and young

Anonymous Jul 07 2013 11:08am FLAG
Hey I'm f kik me at : horneyme69 I'm lez only

horney Jul 07 2013 11:40am FLAG
Hey, um, hai. Errrr...posted on here actually not looking to trade s and ..well, just looking for a...Love. and someone who will let me love them, i love everyone...well, a little about me, im punk rock, goth kinda look, purple hair, freckles. Im , im going to get my tounge pierced soon. .. i love animals. i share my love with everyone. Im wierd, Nerdy... Lol, find .out more about me, kik me anitime. Just looking for love relationship. (Cheezy Rite?) and um, if you find me intersting...Message me. ●﹏● 0h and i talk wierd...liek not txt talk..but i spell mai words wierd. mai kik is: pamarq01 Buy Buy. ♥♥♥

Your Lovely Lady ♡ Jul 07 2013 11:34pm FLAG
Hey f USA my name is Tori Kelly and im looking for some babes to swap some naughty picts with(; I love video games and cute butts(; I have alot of picts and vids to share so girlys hmu(; kik: tlord27 GIRLS ONLY guys will be blocked right away.

Tori Kelly<333 Jul 08 2013 10:15am FLAG
Text me only if u live in las vegas 7027646840

Anonymous Jul 09 2013 11:02am FLAG
Dougtheman4 looking for women im m looking for milfs will trade pics

Anonymous Jul 09 2013 12:25pm FLAG
Hosting a young lesbian trading group on kik. Send me two pics to get in. First come first serve. Kik me at kinkywolf. Yes I am a guy and I am just hosting.

kinkywolf Jul 09 2013 6:22pm FLAG
Hey if you think you can make me the age of kik me and we will talk sexxi_pics_only

Anonymous Jul 11 2013 7:33pm FLAG
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Eliza Jul 20 2013 10:12pm FLAG
Hey! I'm bi, and looking for a gf! Kik me random02banana I will talk dirty and then maybe send s if you love each other.

Madi Jul 21 2013 8:12am FLAG
Hey I'm and female and I'm looking for a lover girl or boy i don't care but preferably girls and some one to text all day and all night or any time works and i immediately text back and i like to talk dirty and send clean pic.sso my number us 33654928 I'll be waiting:)<3

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Anonymous Jul 21 2013 10:27pm FLAG
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my email girls me pic ( girls only) i will send back <3

square Jul 22 2013 12:33am FLAG
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ilikepie47 Jul 22 2013 3:35pm FLAG
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Hornyboys Jul 22 2013 6:11pm FLAG
F , Bi. :) girls kik me at boobear4776, not fake, kik me! :D

Boobear4776 Jul 22 2013 10:20pm FLAG
live pics only, katica97

katica97 Jul 23 2013 1:06am FLAG
F les :) you can be any age so girls kik me at natt_martella22 :)

Natt_martella22 Jul 23 2013 10:42pm FLAG
Kik me : sarah6983 I'm lesbian

Kik: sarah6983 Jul 24 2013 4:11pm FLAG
I'm a female, lesbian I like to trade pics but I don't like to do it right away so I can figure out if your fake or not... But if you want to chat kik me at badwolf0101

badwolf0101 Jul 24 2013 10:00pm FLAG
Kik me at jbouse. I'm 18/female and my name is Katie. I use a boys name so I don't get swarmed by desperate guys. Must send a live pic to prove your real.

Katie Jul 25 2013 1:11pm FLAG
Ill swap pics. F . Kik is emilykeys20

Anonymous Jul 25 2013 2:45pm FLAG
 Willing to trade pics of girls Username: livelifeawesomeness

Anonymous Jul 25 2013 6:46pm FLAG
Girls & guys kik me at thegabster_I trade

A Jul 26 2013 5:12am FLAG
Cassieeeh0909 f lesbian kik first pic girls only live cam pics

Cassieeeh0909 Jul 26 2013 1:05pm FLAG
Hey! f USA bi, looking for girls and under to msg(: I do pics and vids, but LIVE ONLY. I will know easily if you're fake. Send me a live FACE pic if you want a response. Guys, I may trade girl vids with you. If you want to trade, send a vid and ill send back. So yeah people c'mon, anytime(:

Kittykat7083 Jul 26 2013 3:57pm FLAG
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Ap Jul 27 2013 10:33am FLAG
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clarissa Jul 27 2013 10:49pm FLAG
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skye Jul 28 2013 12:05pm FLAG
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Anonymous Jul 28 2013 5:28pm FLAG
femme's kik me at CGL07!

CGL Jul 29 2013 7:50am FLAG
Hey(: f USA here, looking for girls and under to , I will do pics and vids but LIVE only, I will not trade if you can't do live. Send me a live pic of you to start c; cya there

Kittykat7083 Jul 29 2013 8:38am FLAG
I'm m guy looking for girls to trade pics with or even boss me around a bit my kik is ilikepie47

Anonymous Jul 29 2013 9:38am FLAG
Hey I'm looking for a special some one and I'm a and female and i like to chat and i live in north carolina in the usa and i want some one true and if i sound interesting to u then call our text me at 33654928 and i will be waiting:)<3

cupids darling Jul 29 2013 4:24pm FLAG
Btw and i date girls and guys but i prefer girls

cupids darling Jul 29 2013 4:27pm FLAG
Kik JonahGonz. Girls only im a guy pretty small d*ck jk idk really but will show u so u can judge trade tho

JonahGonz. Jul 30 2013 12:40pm FLAG
Kik- vicsmith3 ;)

Hornygirl Jul 31 2013 6:26pm FLAG
Girls kik me only! @lesbobre is my kik name, I'm down for anything and yes I send s but you go first, don't worry about it being live!

Anonymous Aug 01 2013 10:27am FLAG
Hey girls I'm a guy and I will trade girl pics and vids With u ...I'll b waiting averyhunter1

Anonymous Aug 01 2013 7:36pm FLAG
Hey Iv got over 00 pics of girls all with face, u wont find anyone with more pics than me, u name the age I got it. The off used to be open to anyone but reading through 200 kiks a day is getting boring so now its only girls, unless you have REALLY good pics. Im kik me Im TheKomodo! :)

TK Aug 02 2013 8:55am FLAG
Girl the netherlands looking for girl my age, im bi girl and looking ONLY for a girl for texting and Maybe more only if it is with live pics to prove you are real... I have little experience but not too much kik me @ liveagoodlife

Liveagoodlife Aug 04 2013 6:56am FLAG
0-10yrs old girls kik bradleyscott32 for clean or dirty/pics Hudge 8 in c*ck wauting ladies

Anonymous Aug 04 2013 7:38am FLAG
Hey bi so kik me @ nikki_3b

Nikki Aug 04 2013 11:20am FLAG

Nikki Aug 04 2013 11:21am FLAG
Hey girls! Add me. I'm boy. I send live pics and vids. Add me @johan346789

johan346789 Aug 04 2013 3:29pm FLAG
20 F , girls from kik me at Jeca93

Anonymous Aug 05 2013 6:56am FLAG
hi im f and into getting dirty and trading too ;)im fit but like chubby too :) im into butt play haha plz do not kik me if you are over :( kik: baybeekitty

Anonymous Aug 06 2013 10:39am FLAG
M 21 live in Florida. I have lots of girl pics for no girls or les. I'm very respectful with what you want to see/talk about. I'm really down to earth and have a good body. Kik is bbqeazye

Bbqeazye Aug 06 2013 3:12pm FLAG
I'm a guy and I have tons of pictures of girls, I trade with guys and girls so Kik me at ju4n_o

Anonymous Aug 06 2013 6:09pm FLAG
Straight couple here, looking to trade for pictures of girls. We have over 400 pics of other people, and pictures of us. We do not take lives. Look forward to chatting!

twiggytree Aug 07 2013 12:22am FLAG
hey im lesbian and would love to kik. im and looking for girls. comment your usernames below

Anonymous Aug 07 2013 1:41am FLAG
XxhailtothekingxX Les only

Idk Aug 07 2013 7:24pm FLAG
Heyyy. I'm les. I'll trade pictures with u or we can talk. BUT SERIOUSLY NO FAKES OR BOYS my kick is kr08

kelly Aug 07 2013 9:45pm FLAG
Kik me. Malo5656. For s. Must send live ***** pic of u

Anonymous Aug 07 2013 11:43pm FLAG
I am bi and black Looking for a young girl like the age that trade pics if ur any older or a boy u will get blocked and I Skype and FaceTime my kik is reallydoe33 so hmu

Thatblackgirll Aug 08 2013 1:05pm FLAG
dont trust sazjaz shes a fake DONT TRUST

Anonymous Aug 08 2013 1:44pm FLAG
Winter_cat kik me ladies!

cathy:) Aug 08 2013 5:34pm FLAG
I'm bisexual .. I'm ... I luv gurlz way mre than boys ... my kik is lukinsexy... gurlz k8k me if yhu wanna trade/ s

tatiyana Aug 08 2013 10:17pm FLAG
lesbian, only REAL girls kik me @sarahlover93

Anonymous Aug 09 2013 2:49pm FLAG
I'm les. That means girls ONLY. NO GUYS. I don't care if u have pictures of girls. AND NO FAKES. I'm not stupid. So les and bi girls kik me @ kr08 AND THE YOUNGER THE BETTER

kelly Aug 09 2013 7:15pm FLAG
tamana_786 female 18 lesbian

Anonymous Aug 09 2013 8:52pm FLAG
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Anonymous Aug 09 2013 10:24pm FLAG
Kik me I'm home alone and my name is _girlygir_95 I will trade with only girls no men!!

Anonymous Aug 10 2013 10:27am FLAG

Anonymous Aug 10 2013 10:28am FLAG
souless23 is my kik id f les

Anonymous Aug 10 2013 4:05pm FLAG
Girls send pics to james_wilz27 il send pics of girls I know or or myself whatever u want or we can just talk dirty ill e get u so wet either way

Guest Aug 10 2013 5:56pm FLAG
f lesbian. Looking for some sexy women to swap pics or vids really . The younger the better kik me at lesbianlovin3 GIRLS ONLY

lesbianlovin3 Aug 11 2013 5:07pm FLAG
m male wanting to trade some pics with some bi girls I also have girl pics and vids of all ages if you want my kik is ilikepie47

Ilikepie47 Aug 11 2013 7:57pm FLAG
lesbian, kik me !!Girls only!! i only trade live pics, no gallery bs hmu girls kellyg_xoxo

kellyg_xoxo Aug 12 2013 8:59am FLAG
I'm f I'm so and want to trade pics I'm lesbian so NO GUYS!!!!! Kik: caro_gaddy

Anonymous Aug 12 2013 9:35am FLAG
hi im f. girls kik me s on ausie_girl open convo with , girls under please

ano Aug 13 2013 6:27pm FLAG
I send s:* I love boobs of any size<3 I'm and lesbian only plz kik:3savannah and I love

Iloveboobs:* Aug 14 2013 12:06am FLAG
Kik me big girls isaac2010 or isaac2019 try both and up only

Isaac2010 or isaac2019 Aug 14 2013 12:08am FLAG
Hey les or bi girls kik me, I'm Emily and I'm . No guys! echammertime is my username

Emily Aug 14 2013 10:14am FLAG
f. Les looking for girls or guys with multiple pics of the same girl. Kik kirstenvoller

Kirst Aug 14 2013 12:12pm FLAG
Hey I'm lesbian so no guys I will block u I will trade s and pusdt and bobs the girl in my kik pic is my nestie lol but kik me I'm always kik me @kelly345678k

licklickkkkk Aug 14 2013 12:19pm FLAG
im 18 kik me any lesbians ages ;) live pictures only please i trade pics and videos ;) kik is ashmoore69

ashmoore69 Aug 14 2013 1:37pm FLAG
Hi im im a lezbian u can kik me at blondiebear452 i love to get wet and share pics and talk dirty send me a pic of u and tell me ur age. Xx

Anonymous Aug 15 2013 7:20am FLAG
thir**** & tight. Id love to get pics from you aren't the same

tickletickle_tracy Aug 15 2013 9:40am FLAG
thir**** & tight. Idc how old you are. Id love to get pics girlsss(; tits of any size<3 Send whatever you think'll get me hot(; Ill send too if I like what i see*; guys, pics from you aren't the same....

oink_imma_starfish Aug 15 2013 9:47am FLAG
i turned 18 ;) kik me any lesbians ages ;) live pictures only please i trade pics and videos ;) kik is ashmoore69

ashmoore69 Aug 15 2013 6:45pm FLAG
Group trade. emily_schupp20

Anonymous Aug 15 2013 7:42pm FLAG
Kik me lesbian kik dennyc42

Anonymous Aug 15 2013 7:47pm FLAG
I'm so wet. Big boobs and butt. Will trade with les or bi only! Kik at T_Barber23

Annon Aug 16 2013 10:30am FLAG
lesbian here, willing to trade if youre a chick. Msg meggani3 and send first

Anonymous Aug 16 2013 10:51am FLAG
kik me @sarahgirl3 for a dirty chat and trade;* guys if you got pics of your girlfriends feel free too chat me too!

Anonymous Aug 16 2013 1:08pm FLAG
lesbian who just wants some pics willing to share hmu sammy21002100

Anonymous Aug 16 2013 7:49pm FLAG
Girls I'm a guy but I liked to be bosses around and be a slave my kik is ilikepie47 ill do what ever you ask (must prove you are a girl with a face pic)

Ilikepie47 Aug 17 2013 1:02pm FLAG
Kik: Squirrels090 I trade girl pics and me. I'm male

Squirrels090 Aug 17 2013 2:25pm FLAG
f I'm lez kik me girls any age. I trade pics jen.mal

Anonymous Aug 17 2013 11:12pm FLAG
I need Kik names now

Sexy bitched Aug 18 2013 11:02am FLAG

Anonymous Aug 18 2013 11:05am FLAG
Horny Lesbian kik- _lesbians_only_69 I traded s... Guys will be blocked

Anonymous Aug 18 2013 2:17pm FLAG
Hey my kik is ambert_and I will trade pics and I prefer girls and younger

Amber Aug 19 2013 1:11pm FLAG
Hey lesbian looking to trade slave days with me kik me jumpingmonkey94

Anonymous Aug 19 2013 2:49pm FLAG
lesbians and bi girls wanna trade live s and vides ;) im 18 lesbian and yy;) kik is ashmoore69 hurry im wett

ashmoore69 Aug 19 2013 3:56pm FLAG
Kik ivyys, send live pic. I love younger girls

Anonymous Aug 20 2013 3:31am FLAG
Hey I'm I'm am a guy any girl age kik me AhFectzz

Anonymous Aug 20 2013 11:00pm FLAG

Anonymous Aug 21 2013 2:40am FLAG
f up for sex chat and pics, ill be your slave and you can be my mistress girl only guys will be deleted kik me at the_chechire_cat;) im into kinky

iwant Aug 21 2013 3:10pm FLAG
female Bi, any age girls ;) Kik - swag_styles hurry <3

Your lover Aug 21 2013 4:40pm FLAG
Are there really no girls out there who want too talk dirty with me??;( this makes me sad Im pretty girls message me on kik for some fun and some s;) kik: Sarahgirl3

Anon Aug 21 2013 5:42pm FLAG
Will trade pics of girls kik my @kingnelly802

kingnelly802 Aug 21 2013 7:44pm FLAG
Kik me girls faith696969

Faith696959 Aug 22 2013 10:22pm FLAG
Hey girls or guys send me videos of you masturbating! Ill send one back must send first with face tho;) ill do whatever else you want me too do;) kik: Sarahgirl3

Anon Aug 23 2013 4:27pm FLAG
im 18 kik me any lesbians ages ;) live pictures only please i trade pics and videos ;) kik is ashmoore69 (;

ashmoore69 Aug 24 2013 8:50pm FLAG
female lesbian, i only trade live pics, also i wouldnt mind having a girl be my slave ;) kik me kellyg_xoxo

mistress kelly Aug 25 2013 7:08pm FLAG
f looking for a submissive slave kik me @ sexyyygirl 97

Tara Aug 25 2013 8:56pm FLAG
please if there are any older women out there im f looking for a sexy middle aged woman to do mother/daughter role play on kik. if interested kik me @emm_jones AND NO GOD DAMN GUYS

Anonymous Aug 26 2013 7:33am FLAG
19 lesbian looking for lesbian real girls or bi girls and naughty I'm up for anything will send live pics or videos so kik me but I'll have to sent the stuff on whatsapp!! Kik me first though at imsorrymila

kiralangly Aug 26 2013 3:10pm FLAG
Mixed race lighty guy from south london yr old green eyes sixpack kik bi girls and lesbians if you feel like it or if you just wanna chat and have a hot friend kik me @ DJjandles

bosslykmoi Aug 26 2013 4:33pm FLAG
Hey I'm 18 f lesbian so girls only and I'm only lookin for a submissive girl who does whatever I ask so only kik me if ur interested in being submissive to me and send ur asl ad a live pic of ur boobs while biting ur fingers tired of fake girls@playful6

Playful6 Aug 27 2013 5:54pm FLAG
im 18 kik me any lesbians ages ;)wanna have a buddy live pictures only please i trade pics and videos ;) kik is ashmoore69 (;

ashmoore69 Aug 28 2013 9:43am FLAG
Kik me at Sarahgirl3 I'm super right now send me a video of you masturbating with your face in it!! (must be real!!') and ill send a super naughty one right back(; tired of dumb guys your all send the same thing and please guys I really don't want too see a 40 year old guy eat out a 5 year old girl seriously that was creepy.

Anon Aug 28 2013 3:59pm FLAG
Kik ivyys, looking for young girls

Anonymous Aug 28 2013 7:14pm FLAG
Kik me babes MJjohns send me s anything! Hurry I'm exetremely horney and cumming!! f

MJjohns Aug 29 2013 12:00am FLAG
Kik me les or bi girls only @ brittany_babe94 I'm 18 and must send live pic first for reply thanks kik me girls:)

Brittany_babe94 Aug 29 2013 8:01am FLAG
im 18 kik me any lesbians ages ;)wanna have a buddy live pictures only please i trade pics and videos ;) kik is ashmoore69

ashmoore69 Aug 29 2013 8:57pm FLAG
Kik me @jazzy__jazz no boys , I'm lesbian

Anonymous Aug 31 2013 12:13pm FLAG
kik anniecumss 30/lesbian femme..only chat with other females. plus if you can voice boys

ann Aug 31 2013 12:34pm FLAG
I'm m looking for a mistress. I will do what ever you want. My kik is ilikepie47

ilikepie47 Aug 31 2013 2:13pm FLAG
I'm a f looking for other girls my age to be my slave kik me at sexygirl9874

amanda Sep 02 2013 5:55pm FLAG
Zakirra I don't trade. I'm an freshman and bi my kik is Zakirra

Zakirra Sep 02 2013 7:02pm FLAG
Kik me lesbians! My kik is JenniferReya

Jen Sep 02 2013 9:46pm FLAG
Any lesbians wanna trade Must take a live face pic I am 18 and trade live pics only ;) hurry while im wet! ashmoore69

ashmoore69 Sep 03 2013 1:22pm FLAG
Hey im 19 and a girl and im les. my kik is apeirce6so message me we can trade pics if you want

apeirce6 Sep 03 2013 8:39pm FLAG
Brewells1 just pic for pic trade as much as you send is as much as you get. Also if you would like a male for your dirty work to use and abuse I have them at the disposal so message me for them if you would like?

Brewells1 Sep 03 2013 8:41pm FLAG
Kik me at SexyWonderland f bi I might trade, depends GIRLS ONLY!!! I WILL BLOCK GUYS!

SexyWonderland Sep 03 2013 8:58pm FLAG
Girls kik me your sexy videos and I'll send one back of me and my toy ;) girls only!!!! Sexy_alexcan't wait ;)

Anonymous Sep 04 2013 6:39am FLAG
Hey I'm and female and i want a relationship girls only no boysplease and my Number is 33654928

cupids lover Sep 04 2013 1:59pm FLAG
Hey im 19 and a girl and im les. my kik is apeirce6so message me we can trade pics if you wan

apeirce6 Sep 04 2013 3:50pm FLAG
Hey girls kik me - jenniferreya im so wet!!! I trade s

Jen Sep 04 2013 5:19pm FLAG
apeirce6, it's griffin, none of my will send to you... its all stuck on s, wont deliver

grffnstvns Sep 04 2013 9:02pm FLAG
Hi I will trade pics with boys and girls if you are or younger. You must have profile picture and like having fun. If you are older i will ignore you.kik me _girl4ever . F

Anonymous Sep 05 2013 1:20am FLAG
Any lesbians or bi girls under kik kelseydavis21

Kelsey Sep 05 2013 11:42am FLAG
f looking for girls and under will trade s or just talk :) the younger the better ;) my kik is mytruecolours GUYS WILL BE BLOCKED, love Kylie

Kylie <3 Sep 05 2013 11:10pm FLAG
F us kik me kaylahstagram I don't do s I want a mistress though someone older +

Kayislovely Sep 06 2013 2:12am FLAG
I'm m and I have girl s to trade kik me if you want to trade

Anonymous Sep 06 2013 11:36pm FLAG
Oh my kik is silvert210 If you want to trade girl s

Anonymous Sep 06 2013 11:37pm FLAG
female lesbian, i only trade live pics, also i wouldnt mind having a girl be my slave ;) kik me kellyg_xoxo

Anonymous Sep 07 2013 4:08am FLAG
Staring up a lesbain live trade group kik me to join must send a live face pic to join my kik is heyimlucylu I'm f

Heyimlucylu Sep 07 2013 11:33am FLAG
Heyimlucylu Is a fake becareful I don't think nun of the lesbians on here r real girls they always say there cam broke

beware Sep 07 2013 2:13pm FLAG
Ashmore Is fake to they save lives of real lesbians then try to claim it's them so if ur a real girl don't trust these posts or website bcuz it's easy to fake a live

fake pervs smh Sep 07 2013 2:17pm FLAG
Also for thos who are wondering how these fakes can fake a live pic I'm tell u how all u need to do Is kik yourself on kik By that I mean go to search on kik then type In ur user name nd then u can msg ur self. Now when a real girl sends a live pic wat the fakes do Is push the share button on kik then share the pic with them selfs In there kik convo then It will stay there with the camera logo nd they send that to ppl then they say it's them but there fake not real lesbians rarely there real but If ur a real girl don't trust this site cuz pervs can fake a live pic .

fake lives exposed Sep 07 2013 2:33pm FLAG
18.f fresh into college and looking for some sexy fun. dont freak out cuz my pics dont say "live" i took them with an actual camera. if you cant believe that then dont even bother. looking for les only. any age. Kik- mykah21

Anonymous Sep 07 2013 8:25pm FLAG
Looking for a girl slave preferable yr old, I'm lesbian and ;) also the girl must only be able to send live photos. Kik me at mytruecolours

Anonymous Sep 07 2013 8:32pm FLAG
ATTENTION EVERYONE MYTRUECOLOURS IS A GUY. He is using the pics you send for his own profile! Do not trust him! If you don't believe me, go ahead and question him about it

a friend Sep 07 2013 10:42pm FLAG
Lesbians any age kik me pic first and I'll trade pic for pic;3 Kik: dino_sam

Anonymous Sep 07 2013 11:43pm FLAG
girls only, lesbian, live and face so i know your real hmu My_Fun

My_Fun Sep 08 2013 5:52am FLAG
Kellyg__xoxo is a fake she claim she but the lives she send look like a woman in her 20s tbh all the so called lesbians who post on this site are mostly fake u can fake lives so u so the ones who post there kik ids on here r mostly fake like

exposing fake live pics Sep 08 2013 10:16am FLAG
f texas llookin for any age girl or a guy with multiple pics of the same girl. Will do a few lives to prove I'm real. Kiks kirstenvoller

kirs Sep 08 2013 12:51pm FLAG
Kirsten voller is another person who uses fake lives be a ware real lesbians out there

you can fake live pics wake up ppl Sep 08 2013 1:35pm FLAG
Btw some of these fakes are making new kiks with different names stop now or u will be exposed...

fake lives dont be stupid for who ever a real girl on here Sep 08 2013 1:39pm FLAG
It's really a shame that guys really make fake girls accounts like foreal get a life u no who u r ..

pervs=no life no friends nd means they that desperate cuz no gir Sep 08 2013 1:47pm FLAG
Girl want them In real life so they pose as a female to get s online so they can jack there lil wee wees In there moms house smh get a life u no who r u

all fakes will be exposed.. Sep 08 2013 1:50pm FLAG
Uh kirstens my best friend she's definately not fake

chris Sep 08 2013 1:52pm FLAG
This site Is no good for who ever a real female And reads this advice It's best u push backspace this site has no real females yw.

this site no good dont do It Sep 08 2013 1:54pm FLAG
Lol cris I bet ur kirsten loool see wat I mean ppl don't be fooled

cris=Kirsten=fake Sep 08 2013 1:55pm FLAG
I'm just be real here If u r a real femAle nd Is a lesbian try to find a real life lesbian that lives close by u don't post s to random Internet ppl u don't even no could be a killer or who knows save ur self

be smart. Sep 08 2013 2:00pm FLAG
that persons just jealous she cant get any

chris Sep 08 2013 2:16pm FLAG
On the internet nobody knows you're a sloth NOBODY

sloth Sep 08 2013 2:32pm FLAG
Lol I don't post s if myself on the net like a dum ass I'm bi but I don't look for ppl on the net to date lool

stay In ya line Sep 08 2013 3:00pm FLAG
Girls only kik: faith696969

Faith696969 Sep 08 2013 5:02pm FLAG
Another fake found that's uses fake live Faith beware...

no real girls at all smh all Pervy guys Sep 08 2013 9:33pm FLAG
Add me on kik genuine female - bensmith42Names scares guys

Anonymous Sep 09 2013 8:04pm FLAG
F here looking for girls younger than me ;)

Anonymous Sep 12 2013 3:52am FLAG
^ ashley99888

Anonymous Sep 12 2013 3:52am FLAG
ANY AGE LESBIAN GIRL KIK ME : tamana_786 im a HOT les trading pics with REAL girls no boys ;) boys you will have to send me some HOTTTT!!! pics to get my attention :)

tamana_786 Sep 14 2013 7:22pm FLAG
ANY AGE LESBIAN GIRL KIK ME : tamana_786 im a HOT les trading pics with REAL girls no boys ;) boys you will have to send me some HOTTTT!!! pics to get my attention :)

tamana_786 Sep 14 2013 7:25pm FLAG
lesbians wanna trade live pics take a face pic first hurry im ! ashmoore69 if you want to be a slave or whatever tell me ;P

ashmoore69 Sep 14 2013 7:49pm FLAG
I'm but kik me tho.

Anonymous Sep 14 2013 8:47pm FLAG
By the way I'm lesbian, and I text back like really fast... So you don't have to wait....... Oh and I'm always

Anonymous Sep 14 2013 8:48pm FLAG
Ik I said this before but this for the real lesbians who just came on this site. Ashmore 69 is fake he uses fake lives so be aware of that ..

get a reallife lesbian girlfriend Sep 14 2013 9:53pm FLAG
Tamana_786 is a fake also I'm warning u real girls this site have all fakes no real girls so don't display your body on the net

fake lives r easy to do Sep 14 2013 9:57pm FLAG
Flesbian! girls wanna trade live pics? ;)NO BOYS AT ALL!! kik h*ornypancake(without the star) :P

h*ornypancake Sep 15 2013 5:45am FLAG
I will be hitting up most of y'all ladies on her....

Anonymous Sep 15 2013 9:56am FLAG
female lesbian, i only trade live pics, also i wouldnt mind having a girl be my slave ;) kik me kellyg_xoxo

kellyg Sep 15 2013 10:39am FLAG
male. have a really small d*ck. kik tinypenis63

tinypenis63 Sep 15 2013 1:53pm FLAG
f trade pics with girls only. Guys if you can really impress me

Anonymous Sep 15 2013 6:29pm FLAG
Kik sexychickex I dont trade pics

laney Sep 15 2013 7:35pm FLAG

Anonymous Sep 15 2013 8:02pm FLAG
Kik silvert210 Kik me if you want girl s but you have to be willing to trade live photos of yourself if your a girl I like black girls the most Or emo girls I have a collection of pics that have been sent to me so if you want to trade kik me My kik is Silvert210

Anonymous Sep 15 2013 11:57pm FLAG
Trade girl pix iloveya4

Anonymous Sep 16 2013 10:07am FLAG
Lesbians Kik me at indian*ussy6 Only for girls..lets trade and have fun. Like to dominate too .. So any sub/slave are free to text .. I only do lives. Fake profile and guys ll be blocked. (replace * with p )

Anonymous Sep 16 2013 1:01pm FLAG
Add me lesbians. Kaylasamu is my kik. No boys

Anonymous Sep 18 2013 7:05pm FLAG
male. I have a really small penis. Willing to trade kik me at tinypenis63

kik Sep 19 2013 6:26am FLAG
im 18 f lesbian :) any lesbians wanna trade live pics need to take a face pic hurry im ! ashmoore69 if you want to be a slave or whatever tell me ;P

ashmoore69 Sep 19 2013 1:01pm FLAG

Anonymous Sep 19 2013 4:06pm FLAG
Lesbian, msg for swapping Meggani3

Anonymous Sep 19 2013 6:30pm FLAG
Ashmore Is a fake

exposed fake lives Sep 19 2013 7:06pm FLAG

Anonymous Sep 20 2013 8:54pm FLAG
yr old lesbian looking for girls kik me kirstysmith76

Anonymous Sep 21 2013 5:59am FLAG
F Lesbian, Kik me: Paytonlovesfun I will trade pics for pics back and will talk dirty :)

Anonymous Sep 21 2013 7:13pm FLAG
Heyy guys!! blonde f from uk Kik me at geraldingoesrawrr

Rawrr Babe Sep 22 2013 2:14am FLAG
Hey girls, M here, tanned, pretty tall, black hair, brown eyes, 7inch c*ck looking for a cute girl to trade s ;) Kik me at Kevin0606 ;)

Kevin0606 Sep 22 2013 6:56am FLAG
m really small/tiny d*ck. Trade pics at tinypenis63

kik Sep 22 2013 10:12am FLAG
To the girl with kik name fluffy dinosaurs i lost ur number and if u could text me our ur number thanx 33654928

Anonymous Sep 22 2013 12:15pm FLAG
Any lesbians up for a good time? I trade live pics or older ones. I prefer u to be from but I like really young girls to. Kik: project_vendetta

Anonymous Sep 22 2013 8:03pm FLAG
Kik me girls I am a boy owen6806

Anonymous Sep 23 2013 12:57pm FLAG
female lesbian, i only trade live pics, also i wouldnt mind having a girl be my slave ;) kik me kellyg_xoxo

kellyg_xoxo Sep 24 2013 6:26pm FLAG
Bi, looking for a slave ;) Any age Kik me - swag_styles

Your mistress<3 Sep 24 2013 7:53pm FLAG
f live pics only and live pic first My_Fun

My_Fun Sep 25 2013 12:07pm FLAG
Kik: project_vendetta Lesbian and like to trade live pics. Girls come make my wet.

Anonymous Sep 25 2013 2:37pm FLAG
Im a lesbian F 18 c: and I trade s . Kik Nicole_the_c*unt ( remove da star ) for my s .. I reply fast also , remember @Nicole_the_c*nt (:

nicole_the_c*nt Sep 26 2013 12:16am FLAG
f lesbian. looking for a fun decent lookin girl that doesnt mimd trading and being my new good friend:) any age girl as lomg as ypu can keep a convo going. kik kirstenvoller

kirs Sep 26 2013 11:18pm FLAG
lesbian mistress looking for slaves add me misstresssmith

Anonymous Sep 28 2013 5:08am FLAG
dominant girl. kik me lez4life9

Anonymous Sep 28 2013 5:10am FLAG
f looking for any age girl to trade with. Can do live nut majority of pics must have face. Kik kirstenvoller Girls only

kirs Sep 28 2013 4:42pm FLAG
Looking for a bi or lesbian friend to talk with at baller825 yes I am a guy but looking for friends 😄

Anonymous Sep 28 2013 10:59pm FLAG
+ lesbians kik @ latinablack nowwwwww!

Anonymous Sep 29 2013 7:06am FLAG
Girls only please (: faith696969

Faith696969 Sep 29 2013 6:17pm FLAG
Looking for a female any age willing to be a sex slave on kik! If you are willing to just kik me at jdamehey!

Jaime Sep 29 2013 8:17pm FLAG
f lez lookin for muscular girls:) kik kirstenvoller

kirs Sep 29 2013 9:53pm FLAG
Very h*o*r*n*y lesbian willing to trade with girls kik me! kik: h*o*r*n*y.gurl1 ignore the stars

Anonymous Sep 30 2013 8:13am FLAG
looking for girls :) im sooo yyy. and wanting to trade pics. kik- mykah21

mykahyla Sep 30 2013 10:35am FLAG
yyy*** lol by the way im 19 so everyone get at me ;)

Anonymous Sep 30 2013 10:36am FLAG
Hey Im M Scotland Ive got over 2000 pics of girls, u name the age and willing to trade. Im tired of trawling through hundreds of replies so this offer is only open to girls. Kik = Scotz98

Scotz Sep 30 2013 11:44am FLAG
euro_girl_synne97. guys and Girls kik me. you must start and you must be under or else you will Block you. will talk dirty and trade pics. u wont regret it.

Anonymous Sep 30 2013 1:14pm FLAG
Im a lesbian F 18 c: and I trade s . Kik Nicole_the_c*unt ( remove da star ) for my s .. I reply fast also , remember @Nicole_the_c*nt (:

nicole_the_c*nt Oct 01 2013 3:30am FLAG
Hey girls hmu kik ashleyharriso1 can fone sex

Anonymous Oct 01 2013 6:40am FLAG
f lesbian willing to trade pics ONLY Boys and girls my kik is xxxsarahbethxxx

Sarah Oct 02 2013 2:38pm FLAG
f looking for girls to trade with, always willing to trade so dont be shy young ladies ;) mykah21

mykahyla Oct 02 2013 3:50pm FLAG
f bi....wanna trade girl s -. Kik: jessbear96

Anonymous Oct 03 2013 5:57am FLAG
Girls kik me @emily_schupp20for trades:)

Anonymous Oct 05 2013 7:05am FLAG
interested in young girls and of almost any age, i can send whatever you want. me or something younger ;) dont be scared to get at me mykah21

Anonymous Oct 05 2013 2:59pm FLAG
I'm 18m looking for a slave anyone will do as long as they have a working camera kik is thefatman0

Thefatman0 Oct 05 2013 6:22pm FLAG
Hey any lesbians around the range kik me:) I'm and les, my name is Emily Kik me at echammertime, trade pics and vids:)

Emily Oct 05 2013 7:58pm FLAG
Hey any lesbians around the range kik me:) I'm and les, my name is Emily kik me at echammertime, trade pics and vids:)

Emily Oct 05 2013 8:30pm FLAG
Hey girls only. I'm really wet and and looking for a girl to swap pics. F. Andreashot. Kik me!!!

Andreashot Oct 05 2013 8:54pm FLAG
I gave lots of random girl pics and vids willing to trade. Kik me at sell2007

sell2007 Oct 05 2013 9:55pm FLAG
Any age welcome

sell2007 Oct 05 2013 9:56pm FLAG
letschat69_.. kik me people.. les looking for fun.. im good at role playing.. if you want my brother can also show you something haha

Anonymous Oct 06 2013 11:39am FLAG
I have tons of girl pictures and I trade with everyone, Kik ju4n_o

Anonymous Oct 06 2013 5:11pm FLAG
girls kik me @ newmsauce i will trade pics of my ex, gettin back at her cause she sucks. ill show you her first if you want, got a lot of pics of her. only for a short time

Anonymous Oct 07 2013 12:04pm FLAG
Girls kik me! Faith696969

Faith696969 Oct 07 2013 9:13pm FLAG
Hey I'm LESBIAN SO NO GUYS. I'm 18 and my real name is Katie. Send a live pic of yourself and then tell me how old u r. If u can't send lives, then don't bother texting me. My kik is JBouse(I USE A GUYS NAME SO BOYS DONT TALK TO ME)

Katie Oct 07 2013 10:15pm FLAG
Funny thing is that 90% of those girls are boys. LoL

Anonymous Oct 08 2013 3:03am FLAG
Kik me at funbuddyim /f/south Carolina. Send a live when you first kik me...(girls only) (follow directions or dnt kik). We cn trade videos or s send what you preffer as your first kik to me.

Anonymous Oct 08 2013 9:13pm FLAG

Anonymous Oct 08 2013 9:32pm FLAG
german girl looks for girls to chat with (not older than ) and no boys... add me on kik ( boys will be blocked and i dont care if u got pics of girls )...sammy.102

Anonymous Oct 09 2013 6:50am FLAG
add me, girls only, live pics only hmu - My_Fun

Anonymous Oct 09 2013 7:51am FLAG
ivyys, send live. younger the better, no one above please! i trade young too

Anonymous Oct 09 2013 9:20am FLAG
aperez6077 Bi m

AP Oct 09 2013 5:54pm FLAG
Dougtheman4 kik me im young and hung im on now so hurry

Anonymous Oct 10 2013 12:40pm FLAG
I'm katie, 18 year old mistress looking for slaves girls of any age. Kik me at JBouseI will ask you to send live pics and maybe vids. I will send you lives when I think you have deserved it.

Katie Oct 10 2013 11:29pm FLAG
hey im ellie, im single and if you want to chat and get dirty im the one you want to talk to, message me and then i will ask you to send 1 live doing something as proof you are real, if you are ok with this kik: watkins20002 oh and p.s GIRLS ONLY GUYS WILL BE BLOCKED!!!

Anonymous Oct 11 2013 8:33am FLAG
Kelcie.nutella9 f. Girls only :) Kik me!

Kelcie Oct 11 2013 7:59pm FLAG
Girls only. Looking to trade only. Kik- maryannjenkins

Anonymous Oct 12 2013 9:15am FLAG
im 18 f lesbian :) any lesbians wanna trade live pics need to take a face pic hurry kik is ashmoore69 if you want to be a slave or whatever tell me ;P

ashmoore69 Oct 12 2013 9:36am FLAG
Girls only: if interested send a live and ill send you one back <3 Kik- maryannjenkins

Anonymous Oct 12 2013 5:30pm FLAG
Girls only: if interested send a live with face and ill send you one back <3 Kik- maryannjenkins

Anonymous Oct 12 2013 5:41pm FLAG
f bi i have huge boobs and luv huge boobs boys girls can be older lesbians and bi girls included i hv cam and kik,kik me at razzy_so_fly boys if ur really cuteu can be up to

Anonymous Oct 12 2013 8:22pm FLAG
hi I'm f lesbian kik only LIVE pics, only girls allowed any age but I prefer younger girls :P kik: cherrylezbomb

Anonymous Oct 13 2013 9:31am FLAG
Female trade s girls only:) kik: kristyhilling

Anonymous Oct 13 2013 9:36pm FLAG
girl bi, trade pics kik: marydawson

Anonymous Oct 13 2013 10:39pm FLAG
GIRLS ONLY KIK ME. NO GUYS. DONT EVEN TRY. Any girl younger than . Kr08 is my kik

kellyyy Oct 15 2013 1:37pm FLAG
Add me on kik ;) + allowed Kik; lovers01

Tori Oct 15 2013 3:25pm FLAG
white girl looking for white 10-to kik bgarret10

Anonymous Oct 15 2013 8:08pm FLAG
f girls please send lives first if interested.i will trade with boys too. Kik-maryannjenkins

Anonymous Oct 16 2013 1:58am FLAG
Im a Leabian looking for a submissive/slave or may be .. .. so Girls kik me at indian6 .. Send live pics and i ll do the same .. If no live pics then dont bother to text :)

Anonymous Oct 17 2013 3:27am FLAG
any lesbians wanna have fun;) 18, very wet right now;) I only trade live pics and videos;P ashmoore69 hurry im wett if you have any fetishes or want a mistress tell me;)

ashmoore69 Oct 17 2013 1:51pm FLAG
Kik: emily_schupp20

Em Oct 17 2013 8:01pm FLAG
Girls 10 and up kik me iam_lezz BOYS WILL BE BLOCKED im bored n

Anonymous Oct 20 2013 10:30am FLAG
Lizzy.janee is my kik and bi ;*

Lizzy.janee Oct 20 2013 12:12pm FLAG
I'm Alison IM LESBIAN GIRLS ONLY, 19 year old mistress looking for slaves girls of any age. Kik me at Allyo3 I will ask you to send live pics and vids if you can. I will send you lives when I think you have deserved it. To start say: "Hello, mistress. I am (your age) years old, and send a live pic. kik is ALLYO3

Alison Owens Oct 20 2013 8:54pm FLAG
im and a lesbian kik me but you must not be older than !

kik: lez09876 Oct 21 2013 1:04pm FLAG
Lesbians looking to exchange pics kik me _lesbehonest_69. No guys!

_lesbehonest_69 Oct 21 2013 9:06pm FLAG
kik @ inuyashamoocow im trading videos for more videos of girls only please if youre a guy, dont add me trying to get with me instablock if you waste my time im /f

Anonymous Oct 22 2013 7:37pm FLAG
female lesbian, i only trade live pics, guys will be blocked ;) kik me kellyg_xoxo

kellyg_xoxo Oct 22 2013 7:51pm FLAG
im just bored and wanna talk or something. im gay kik dimitri_anatoli just wana talk or anything

Anonymous Oct 22 2013 8:11pm FLAG
Any bi/lesbian girls wanna message me, hit me up. Must be able to do live pics, no guys please. tara.sampson

Tara Oct 23 2013 7:58am FLAG
So75cs Major thankies for the post.Really looking forward to read more. Want more.

UljkyWrtaXHiryhQi Oct 23 2013 9:32am FLAG
m kik me at randyisooosexy u go first 6 for 6 and girls and up only

Anonymous Oct 23 2013 3:32pm FLAG
lesbians wanna trade live pics kik me ashmoore69 18, , and wet! if you want a mistress tell me, or just trade live pics!

ashmoore69 Oct 23 2013 3:56pm FLAG
, male, straight, looking to with girls - Kik: xxFearMexx

Anonymous Oct 23 2013 8:36pm FLAG
sascha2448 Girls only...lm lesbian

sa Oct 24 2013 7:22am FLAG
Hi im ashley, 18 and really ! kik is lezbeoashley i trade only live pics if youd like a mistress tell me:) or just trade!

ashmoore69 Oct 24 2013 1:33pm FLAG
Like me if you wanna trade (girls only :* ) mariiiaaa_24

c;; Oct 25 2013 10:42pm FLAG
I want to exchange fotos with girls only. I am and return pictures of me of from girls. Kik : thomas839

guy Oct 26 2013 6:50am FLAG
kik mattlovesyou88. I got many pics and vids of girls if you wanna trade. We can also trade pics and if you want. I reply quick!!

mattlovesyou88 Oct 26 2013 2:45pm FLAG
Hey I am lesbian I want to be a sex slave LESBIAN ME ANY TIME PLZ kik me at ilovecoffie any time

Kate Oct 26 2013 4:04pm FLAG
f­xckingsexy, f trading young pics

Anonymous Oct 27 2013 6:54am FLAG
Send me first kgwoop c'mon girls let's have a kinky time ;)

Kgwoop Oct 28 2013 7:25am FLAG
Lesbian f, girls only. Michellebabyxxx3 ;)

Michellebabyxxx3 Oct 28 2013 4:39pm FLAG
Kelcie.nutella9 Kik me f :) lesbian only!

Kelcie Oct 28 2013 11:13pm FLAG
lezbeoashley + lesbians live pics only im 18 and

ashley Oct 29 2013 3:43pm FLAG
lesbians wanna get dirty;) im 18 and trade live pics only ashmoore69 hurry im wet!;)

ashmoore69 Oct 30 2013 4:33pm FLAG
Kik: Amystuck , lez my age only no guys

Anonymous Oct 30 2013 8:56pm FLAG
female lesbian, i only trade live pics, guys will be blocked ;) kik me kellyg_xoxo

Anonymous Oct 31 2013 3:41am FLAG
f lesbian looking for girls to swap pics with

xx_shay_oo Oct 31 2013 7:35am FLAG
20 f lesbian looking for girls to trade pics with ;)

xx_autumn Oct 31 2013 7:44am FLAG
Kik: amystuck girls only

Anonymous Oct 31 2013 9:34am FLAG
Horny 18 yo lez looking for girls to swap pics with

xx_tammy_bbg Oct 31 2013 10:03am FLAG
lesbians wanna get dirty;) im 18 and trade live pics only ashmoore69 hurry

ashmoore69 Oct 31 2013 2:52pm FLAG
i need a female slave 18 yo and down can be bi too.... kik jacob88a saying hi master

Anonymous Nov 01 2013 2:23am FLAG
lesbians wanna trade;) im 18 live pics ashmoore69 hurry

ashmoore69 Nov 01 2013 2:47pm FLAG
f Looking for a girl to talk to, cant trade pics till later because im in the car madmartin2

Maddie Nov 01 2013 4:16pm FLAG
I am and I am bi. I will send s etc... I am looking for a buddy and/or mistress. Kik me Lexy_Bearr

Lexy_Bearr Nov 02 2013 7:32am FLAG
trading pics of my ex. kik me @ newmsauce

newmsauce Nov 02 2013 9:40am FLAG
Kik: brittany_babe94 lesbians only send live first. No boys. Only girls :)

Brittany_babe94 Nov 03 2013 6:00pm FLAG
Hey I'm bi and fif**** year old girl i want a relationship i like boys to but i prefer girls and i don't do dirty pictures i promise to be good to you and my number it's 33654928 and text me:)

angel darling Nov 04 2013 1:14pm FLAG
Kik me lesbians only!!!! yarddog2020 guys you will be blocked

Lisa Nov 04 2013 2:14pm FLAG
Kik me at ChristinaDesire if you want to trade pics, I will find out if you're a fake, I'm not stupid.

Chrissy Nov 04 2013 9:48pm FLAG
Any girls willing to trade with a guy for girl or guy pics kik me at selfies1

Anonymous Nov 06 2013 4:18am FLAG
Hey I am a year young girl Bi I want a video of a girl masterbaiting I will trade with guy or girl for it kik amwright3

Amwright3 Nov 06 2013 1:10pm FLAG
Hi I am and I am lesbian I don't care how old you are I want I will be a slave or master plzzzzzz kik me at ilovecoffie

Awesome Nov 07 2013 6:17pm FLAG
Girls messege me on kik (only girls) @ lesgurl2

..... Nov 07 2013 7:00pm FLAG
If any girls here want to text me girl pics I can do that

TECHNOFREAK32 Nov 09 2013 7:24am FLAG
hey guys, its Tiffany! female tennis player bi looking for a gf;). i love to talk dirty to girls and send picts but i need a live one first;) NO GUYS NO EXCEPTIONS. Girl me up;) my kik is: tlord27

Tiffany Kelly Nov 09 2013 8:02am FLAG
f looking for girls to have fun with :) Kik- "ashley99 888" (numbers combined)

Anonymous Nov 09 2013 12:03pm FLAG
inuyashamoocow is my kik id, only looking for girls doing stuff in shower, pm me to trade vids. only girls, only vids please. im female btw, .

Anonymous Nov 09 2013 10:45pm FLAG
Bi girl or lez trade pic of girls kik is at the bottom

redwhiteblue. Nov 11 2013 1:21pm FLAG
male , kik name: edibas

Anonymous Nov 13 2013 2:08pm FLAG
im bi and m mostly don't talk to girls cuz i mostly trade with guys soif any girls just wanna talker something kik me: dimitri_anatoli

Anonymous Nov 13 2013 3:16pm FLAG
les will take any age send me a vid or pic first and ill send back kik is; jenlover10

Ann Nov 14 2013 5:30am FLAG
lesbian f meggani3

Anonymous Nov 14 2013 9:41pm FLAG
18/f USA looking to trade vids and be dominated. Kik @ itsninahere93

Nina Nov 15 2013 1:30pm FLAG
i need a female slave 20 yo and down can be bi too kik jacob88a saying hallo daddy

Anonymous Nov 16 2013 4:39am FLAG
Trade pics of girls send one to start kik ju4n_o

Anonymous Nov 16 2013 2:40pm FLAG
trade pics of girls kik Lntensify

Anonymous Nov 16 2013 2:53pm FLAG
Kik me TarynCarter

Anonymous Nov 16 2013 3:24pm FLAG
watkins2*0*0*0*2 remove stars aged females only xx

Anonymous Nov 17 2013 8:14am FLAG
, f, kelcie.nutella9 :) lesbian

Anonymous Nov 21 2013 9:01pm FLAG
hi i am a F that wanna trade Pictures With boys and girl -, if you are older you will be blocked. kik THAI.GIRL97 i wanna trade pics and have fun

Anonymous Nov 23 2013 7:08am FLAG
Hi I'm a yr old lesbian kik me Looking for a girl who likes to be bossed around kik me at:ImmaRapeYall NO BOYS!!!!

Me Nov 23 2013 1:26pm FLAG
male , kik name: edibas

Anonymous Nov 24 2013 2:46pm FLAG
Looking for slaves! Kik girlygirl_7!

Girlygirl_7 Nov 24 2013 7:00pm FLAG
kik richawesomeness

Anonymous Nov 25 2013 8:50am FLAG
Les or bi girls between kik me, I'm and les, I'm Emily and I'm always down for some trading;). Must be able to trade lives. My kik is echammertime

Emily Nov 25 2013 1:13pm FLAG
hey girls got over 200 pics and 20 videos of girls if you wanna trade kik eddieboy98

eddieboy98 Nov 25 2013 2:19pm FLAG
lesbians trade live pics only and videos im 18 and ! ashmoore69

ashmoore69 Nov 25 2013 2:38pm FLAG
Lesbian group chat. Message jdamehey to join (;(;

Anonymous Nov 25 2013 3:57pm FLAG
18 lez here with big boobs... kik dboyd2 got lots of pics ;)

dboyd2 Nov 25 2013 8:13pm FLAG
Need a young slave... female, bi and yo kik jacob88a saying hallo daddy

Anonymous Nov 26 2013 11:04am FLAG
f les, looking to trade f only, no boys/men. If interested send live pic with asl first. Kik me tallicaftb :) <3

Anonymous Nov 26 2013 11:28am FLAG
female lesbian, i only trade live pics,girls only guys will be blocked ;) kik me kellyg_xoxo

Anonymous Nov 27 2013 5:13am FLAG
lesbians wanna get dirty ;) kik ashmoore69 and i can get dominant if you want me to;) just say

ashmoore69 Nov 27 2013 1:57pm FLAG
hey im male, looking to talk, role play or trade pics with a female any age on kik, my kik name is gothictiger6, kik if you want to talk, dirty or clean :) see you there. you must be able 2 send a live pic of your face please.

Anonymous Nov 27 2013 3:16pm FLAG
Hey girls who like clean or dirty chats kik me ilovemyducks8 and any ages

ilovemyducks8 Nov 29 2013 12:26am FLAG
f lez girls kik me at thatguywithaface34 ;)

Thatguywithaface34 Nov 29 2013 7:56am FLAG
hey girls got over 200 pics and 20 videos of girls if you wanna trade kik eddieboy98

Anonymous Nov 29 2013 3:27pm FLAG
Kik me: abby.b

Abby Nov 29 2013 10:55pm FLAG
Girls only abby.b

abby.b Nov 29 2013 11:10pm FLAG
eddieboy98 is a lameass dont trade with him, cries too much like a baby and has crap videos

Anonymous Nov 29 2013 11:32pm FLAG
well maybe if you don't act like a baby then I wouldn't wine like one

Anonymous Nov 30 2013 1:33am FLAG
massive keyboard warrior

eddieboy98 Nov 30 2013 1:34am FLAG

Anonymous Dec 01 2013 1:24pm FLAG
If you were kiking tallicaftb, my Kik screwed up. Kik me at tallicaftb2 now thanks :)

Tallicaftb Dec 02 2013 9:29am FLAG
Ground chat? abby.b

abby Dec 02 2013 5:55pm FLAG
If you were kiking tallicaftb my Kik screwed up. Kik me at tallicaftb2

Anonymous Dec 03 2013 10:20am FLAG
trading very young girls on kik, gothictiger6. send first or no reply. you get vid if you have a kik name of a girl or below. and another if they reply

Anonymous Dec 03 2013 12:01pm FLAG
any girl wanna be my slave? you must be completely submissive. if you are then kik me at cupcake_shake

jess Dec 03 2013 3:45pm FLAG

abby Dec 03 2013 9:05pm FLAG
Lesbians wanna trade live pics kik me ashmoore69 18 and !:) And u if want a dominant girl just tell me so (;

ashmoore69 Dec 04 2013 2:24pm FLAG
any girl wanna be my slave? youmust be completely submissive. if you are then kik me at cupcake_shake

jess Dec 04 2013 8:35pm FLAG
I'm f,girls and girls only Kik me, must send pic with asl. Kik me tallicaftb3

Anonymous Dec 04 2013 10:32pm FLAG
Kim me to trade girl pics or just talk. I prefer ****. I'm like me @mattyb305

mattyb305 Dec 05 2013 1:05pm FLAG
jessicash1 im basically always looking for younger girls under and girls from 24-40. talking and eventually trading. im and from the usa

Anonymous Dec 07 2013 9:48pm FLAG
I'm looking for girls 10-40! Mainly older girls... I'm .. Also... If you have a snapchat.. I'm willing to trade. Also looking for slaves... Kik me: girlygirl_7 Snapchat me:girlygirl_7 Kik my girlfriend: cutiepie_610

Girlygirl_7 Dec 08 2013 4:56pm FLAG
I'm LEZ IM . Send a live pic first. Kik is allyo3.

Allyo3 IS KIK Dec 08 2013 7:55pm FLAG
my kik is inuyashacowgoesmoo and im trading vids for vids of girls in the shower. + only please and only girls please

Anonymous Dec 09 2013 4:04am FLAG
lesbian. Kik me at kelseydavis21

Kelsey Dec 09 2013 10:26pm FLAG
18F searching for girl slaves... + Kik falpich

Anonymous Dec 09 2013 10:32pm FLAG
Hey girls! I have a friend who has the best girl pics and some vids he is a boy please give him a chance he's great with the pics don't believe me kik :TECHNOFREAK32 or just ask me myself :wetc*nt5replace the * with u((((only girls))))

The girl with pics and the boy with pics Brooke and Steven Dec 11 2013 3:58pm FLAG
Abby.blive pics and gf pics only

abby Dec 11 2013 10:03pm FLAG
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penny Dec 12 2013 8:45am FLAG
trading young f­xckingsexy send to receive

Anonymous Dec 12 2013 10:48am FLAG
Ladies this is Steven (TECHNOFREAK32) I have a girl who's likes but can't get girls to text her can u help? Her kik is kellybibabe plz help out

The boy with pics needs a favor Dec 13 2013 3:46pm FLAG
I'm 24 lesbian with a broken camera. I'm in need for a slave. Only girls though. Kik me@ madihunter. I'll teach you well ;)

Madi the mommy ;) Dec 14 2013 11:36am FLAG
Hey anyone wanna trade pics? I prefer big tits but anyone who wants to trade is fine by me;) my kik is dino_sam I'm f any guys with girl pics can trade too

Anonymous Dec 14 2013 1:27pm FLAG
I'm a mistress looking for young slave girls, must be able to send live pics, I will treat obedient slaves with pics and vids of myself. Add me on kik stahhhpp Say hello mistress.

fds Dec 15 2013 12:05am FLAG
Lesbian looking to trade live pics,kik me at abby.b

abby Dec 15 2013 7:22am FLAG
Hi im amanda:) F lesb from germany:) im loocking for a girl slave:* kik: AmandaCoxs

Anonymous Dec 15 2013 1:40pm FLAG

Anonymous Dec 15 2013 9:14pm FLAG
Hi im amanda:) F lesb from germany:) im loocking for a girl slave:* but we can swap normal too:)) kik: AmandaCoxs

Anonymous Dec 16 2013 5:46am FLAG
Hey girls! I have a friend who has the best girl pics and some vids he is a boy please give him a chance he's great with the pics don't believe me kik :TECHNOFREAK32 or just ask me myself :wetc*nt5place * with u, he prefer girls but boys with vids he will trade I might too ;)

The girl with pics and the boy with pics Brooke and Steven Dec 16 2013 12:47pm FLAG
just looking for a girl to talk to kik me

murphy527 Dec 17 2013 5:40pm FLAG
/F looking for young girls to trade pics with. I can't do live pics but I have like 90 of myself in my gallery. So yeah. Anyone with pics of young girls, kik me. Kik: Uhhhlexia

Uhhhlexia Dec 17 2013 8:37pm FLAG
hi im bi,ONLY trade pics of girls 10+ only.. i wont reply unless i see a pic sent to me on my kik.. men can trade too but wont reply unless i see good pics of girls! im into ass spread and pee pics MY KIK IS.. abbygailsfun

x Dec 18 2013 5:23am FLAG
Kik me I'm skinny and athletic no fakes! So girls kik me at Holaitshannahh xxx

Anonymous Dec 20 2013 1:32pm FLAG
Kik I'm girls and under only I trade and no guys!!! Little_sunshine

Anonymous Dec 20 2013 10:13pm FLAG
nat_tib f so wet.

Anonymous Dec 21 2013 5:48am FLAG
boy, kik name: edibas

Anonymous Dec 21 2013 7:26am FLAG
Kik me girls I'll do anything! I'm wet!! So hot girls kik me Holaitshannahh! I'm blonde athletic and skinny go for it kik me like I said ill do anything! Xx

Anonymous Dec 21 2013 9:33am FLAG
Kik me girls I'll do anything! I'm wet!! So hot girls kik me Holaitshannahh! I'm blonde athletic and skinny go for it kik me like I said ill do anything! Xx

Seriously hot girls kik me :) Dec 22 2013 4:30am FLAG
inuyashacowgoesmoo <--kik , trade only girl videos for girl videos, vids and incest (bro on sis, sis on sis) only vids hmu only

Anonymous Dec 22 2013 5:50am FLAG
M looking for naughty girls to and trade pics & vids with. kik mattlovesyou88. I reply quick and you wont be disappointed ;)

mattlovesyou88 Dec 22 2013 4:47pm FLAG
Lesbians trade live pics only Kik ashmoore69 18 and (; I can be dominating if you want me to;P

ashmoore69 Dec 22 2013 5:09pm FLAG
Hi am jasmine am lesbian just ask for my email and I will give it to you

Jasmine Dec 23 2013 11:01am FLAG
girls kik me ;) i use a boy name but i'm a girl. my username is below

jm9800 Dec 23 2013 11:03am FLAG
lesbian looking for fun ;) kik: MillstheLes

MillstheLes Dec 23 2013 5:15pm FLAG
Lesbians or Bi girl kik me, I'm les, my names Emily. Especially looking for girls ages -, since I'm . Must be able to send live pic. kik is echammertime

Emily Dec 24 2013 2:48pm FLAG
Abby.blesbians and live pics only

Anonymous Dec 24 2013 9:18pm FLAG
boy, kik name: edibas

Anonymous Dec 26 2013 8:06am FLAG
Kik shay_kisses

Anonymous Dec 27 2013 4:44pm FLAG
trade videos of girls peeing&squirting only!! im bi and so no old women videos! i trade with boys and girls but wont reply if no vid is sent! my kik is - abbygailsfun

Abby Dec 28 2013 2:13pm FLAG
im male(not gay), but i have pics and vids of girls or myself for anyone that wants to trade kik - forvids3

Anonymous Dec 28 2013 3:23pm FLAG
I've got pics of girls to trade, and I might trade pics of myself (male, bi) Kik me: _justnope

_justnope Dec 28 2013 10:11pm FLAG
im f lez (so girls only) looking to trade/ kik: brookefelton

brookefelton Dec 29 2013 12:28am FLAG
My new kik is abby.b2

abby.b Dec 29 2013 8:10pm FLAG
i have vids and pics of girls if anyone wants to trade. kik - b*i*g*w*i*l*l*y*9*0*0*1 (remove all *)

Anonymous Dec 29 2013 10:30pm FLAG
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Anonymous Dec 30 2013 11:56am FLAG
lesbians trade live pics only kik ashmoore69 18 and wet! i can be dominant if you want me to ;)

ashmoore69 Dec 30 2013 4:05pm FLAG
F just looking to talk girls only

madmartin2 Dec 30 2013 5:01pm FLAG
F kik me oheyits_ali

Anon Dec 30 2013 5:20pm FLAG
im angeline lesbian ,i want a n ude live video or pic first to talk i send lives too kik me girls angelinecortez

Anonymous Dec 30 2013 8:04pm FLAG
i am girl , kik me trondheims_kid97. i am a lesbian that use that name so boys dont spam me With picktures of there .... you know what. add me if you wanna have some fun. will send u my old profile pic when u kik me then lets have fun.

Anonymous Dec 31 2013 4:40pm FLAG
female lesbian, live pics only, guys will be blocked, kik me at kellyg_xoxo

Anonymous Jan 01 2014 9:44am FLAG
looking for a young female slave who wants to send livepics, kik me at pehudd

pehudd Jan 01 2014 4:07pm FLAG
im f kik me @ rya.mcfadden (:

Anonymous Jan 02 2014 12:11am FLAG
Kik funbuddyill trade vids for live girl pics doesn't have to be of you

Anonymous Jan 02 2014 1:04am FLAG
I'm Megan. Looking for other girls to talk and trade with. My kik is xxmeggysaurusxx

Anonymous Jan 02 2014 6:30am FLAG
lesbians kik ashmoore69 im 18 and dripping wet;) trade live pics only. i can be dominant if you want me to just say hurry!

ashmoore69 Jan 02 2014 8:31am FLAG
20f looking for girls only A_Blauvelt

Anonymous Jan 02 2014 4:25pm FLAG
A_blauveltis fake does not send a live!!!!

The truth Jan 02 2014 11:38pm FLAG
And she says wanna trade pics and shows them to other women

The truth Jan 02 2014 11:39pm FLAG
Little boy who kiked me please kik me again and in vite your friend- durtygirl69. I deleted you by mistake

Durtygirl69 Jan 02 2014 11:48pm FLAG
F looking to trade x Must send live first as I have been naive in the past x xxChelseaxDaggerxx

Anonymous Jan 03 2014 12:57pm FLAG
Girls kik kelseydavis21

Kelsey Jan 03 2014 9:19pm FLAG
female lesbian, live pics only, guys will be blocked, kik me at kellyg_xoxo

kellyg_xoxo Jan 04 2014 2:22am FLAG
f looking for other girls to talk to Kik- Katie_katxoxo

Anonymous Jan 04 2014 8:32am FLAG
f uk kik girls only, boys will be blocked, name below

hottie102938 Jan 04 2014 2:41pm FLAG
Hi i am a lesbian girl that are willing to give avway of my 3 female slaves for a whole day. But you have to be my slave for a while if you want the deal (30-60) min . Add me on kik Trondheims_kid97. Only girls kik me. Think about having a girl that do whatever sexual thing you want.

Anonymous Jan 05 2014 1:29am FLAG
19 M Im a psychic will do readings for sluts and slaves, girls only kik: saxxons19 snapchat maxthehacker or text two one five-three one five-seven three seven one

Anonymous Jan 05 2014 10:57am FLAG
Hey girls if you are I have videos of girl that you can have I just require pics or videos back kik jamesfku

jamesfku Jan 05 2014 11:26pm FLAG
hi am a lesbian girl that has 3 girl slaves.i dont neeed taht many so i can give you 1 of my slaves for a Whole day. only lesbians add me.add me if you wanna have fun. trondheims_kid97

Anonymous Jan 06 2014 1:14pm FLAG
lesbians and bi girls kik ashmoore69 trade live pics only and im 18 and really wet hurry!;) i can be dominant if you want me to just tell me so;)

ashmoore69 Jan 06 2014 4:13pm FLAG
trondheims_kid97 is a fake dont kik him! he tries to get your pics then sends fake "slaves" who are also guys! watch out!

Anonymous Jan 06 2014 4:14pm FLAG
Looking for lesbians im a fkik me at marlene_sanchez1

Anonymous Jan 06 2014 6:10pm FLAG
female lesbian, live pics only, guys will be blocked kick me kellyg_xoxo

Anonymous Jan 06 2014 8:03pm FLAG
lesbians trade live pics only im 18 and really tonight;) kik me ashmoore69 i trade vids too!

ashmoore69 Jan 07 2014 4:51pm FLAG
18m looking for someone to boss me around and I'll do whatever you want as long it's not a face pic my kik is ilikepie47

ilikepie47 Jan 09 2014 5:05pm FLAG
Girls with small boobs kik kelseydavis21 I have a small boob fetish.

Kelsey Jan 09 2014 9:51pm FLAG
I have pics and vids of really young and sexy girls and if you're bi pics of me. Kik maxbazil1 to trade

Maxbazil1 Jan 11 2014 5:18pm FLAG
Kik me at tiffg... Girls only trade live pix and vids... Or u can be my slave with live rewards n vids too kik me and say hi

Tiffg... Jan 12 2014 7:52pm FLAG
Kik me jdquetip for a dirty chat ;) straight and bi girls guy

jdquetip Jan 13 2014 5:16am FLAG
hey im female and lesbian, i love to trade live pics with other girls hehe, also I would love for a girl to be my slave aswell hehe kik me kellyg_xoxo

Anonymous Jan 13 2014 6:22am FLAG
hey I'm m. i know I'm not a girl (obvious) but I'm willing to do anything for girls only so if you are interested msg me :) KIK: dimity_anatoli

Anonymous Jan 13 2014 3:57pm FLAG
Tiffg... Is FAKE

Anonymous Jan 13 2014 6:44pm FLAG
im male but i have pics and vids of girls kik @ picsnvids1

Anonymous Jan 13 2014 7:32pm FLAG
female and lesbian, sick of all the fakes and guys on here, girls snapchat me at kellyg_xoxo

Anonymous Jan 14 2014 3:04am FLAG
lookin for asian vids only or asian girls inuyashacowgoesmoo is my kik , trading young vids and girl vids for asian vids

Anonymous Jan 14 2014 12:14pm FLAG
m from australia. Straight, but anyone can kik me. kik: chris.roddo

Chris Da Legend Jan 15 2014 7:22am FLAG
Any girls want to be my slave or want to trade pic of girls email me at

hi Jan 16 2014 3:15am FLAG
f looking for other girls to trade with My kik is luvlytori

Anonymous Jan 16 2014 11:03am FLAG
hey I'm m. i know I'm not a girl (obvious) but I'm willing to do anything for girls only so if you are interested msg me :) KIK: dimitry_anatoli

Anonymous Jan 17 2014 7:10pm FLAG
f lesbian. Pretty good looking blonde looking for any age girl with plenty of pics, I have alot mf myself so hit me up:) guys too if you have multiple pics of a hot girl kik is breebishop

bre Jan 19 2014 10:19am FLAG
/f looking for asian girls or asian girl vids, NO YOUNGER THAN , ( ALL YOU PEDOS WILL BE REPORTED, DO NOT PM ME IF YOU ARE INTO KIDDE PRON)

Anonymous Jan 20 2014 1:02am FLAG
Heh;) f les. I need girls or realy order mom:$ pics. My kik is ilikeyou00xo

Anonymous Jan 20 2014 3:48am FLAG
Looking for girl selfies preferably same girl, OR cute girl that likes taking selfies, kik is breebishopfemale

bree Jan 20 2014 12:32pm FLAG
Send first if you want to trade kik: annaqueen20

Anonymous Jan 22 2014 7:43am FLAG
Got pics of my gf kik me if u wanna trade

kik: max_lee24 Jan 22 2014 9:11am FLAG
Hey:3 I'm les. My name is Emmily. I'm looking for girls pics. Kik: emmilylikeyou

Anonymous Jan 22 2014 11:03am FLAG
I have a new tumblr blog. If you want to be on it, send me a naughty pic on Snapchat : @Kierans40 Kik : @KieranSmithDJ (LIVE PICS ONLY) GIRLS ONLY!!!

Anonymous Jan 22 2014 12:42pm FLAG
jessy 44 (combined) f kik me :)

Anonymous Jan 25 2014 9:52am FLAG
Kik Hollywoodundeadrocks. I don't trade of myself but I do of other girls. I have videos too. So kik me

Hollywoodundeadrocks Jan 29 2014 2:54pm FLAG
les want to trade with girls under no older. I love small cute and perky. No chubs or ugly. Sorry I don't like ugly people. I'm small and cute. No lives, I don't ask and u don't

smallbooblove Jan 31 2014 8:40am FLAG

Anonymous Jan 31 2014 3:29pm FLAG
heyy im 18 and lesbian and new to kik kinda in the mood for fun;) girls only and live pics :)kik is lezbeoashley

lezbeoashley Feb 01 2014 9:04am FLAG
lesbian. Kik me at kern_sarah. ONLY girls

kern_sarah Feb 01 2014 11:36pm FLAG
vids only girls, abbygailsfun

Anonymous Feb 02 2014 9:47am FLAG
Synne J i am a lesbian girl that wanna have funadd me on kik SJ_98..

Anonymous Feb 03 2014 11:46am FLAG
Lesbian fux_puzzy girls send me a pic first

Anonymous Feb 03 2014 7:23pm FLAG
my name is mykahlya and im looking to trade pics with younger lesbians or pics of young lesbians kik me mykah21 f!!!

mykah21 Feb 04 2014 5:19pm FLAG
.f looking for girls vids and stuffs kik @ moocowtera

Anonymous Feb 06 2014 12:07am FLAG
i have pics and vids of girls if anyone wants to trade, kik @ bigwilly90*01 (remove the *)

Anonymous Feb 08 2014 2:03pm FLAG
lesbians send a live pic to sammy_ren | F | GUYS WILL BE BLOCKED

Anonymous Feb 08 2014 4:17pm FLAG
F lez trade with GIRLS ONLY! and only live pics. kik h*ornypancakewithout the star ;P

emily Feb 09 2014 1:50pm FLAG
lez looking to trade (live only) send one first to make sure you're real (girls only) ages and up

Kik: Hookah_ Feb 09 2014 11:50pm FLAG
heyy lesbians kik me im 18 and kinda feeling naughty;) live pics only kik lezbeoashley

lezbeoashley Feb 10 2014 12:26pm FLAG
Sj_98.. Female .i have 2 female slaves that i can share with you.i also trade pics

Anonymous Feb 11 2014 3:22pm FLAG
dont kik sj_98.. he is a liar and will threaten to put ur pics online if yo dont send more pics! DONT KIK HIM. just watch out for him. just letting you guys know

Anonymous Feb 13 2014 1:40pm FLAG
lez. Girls hmu I'm up for anything ;) kik: kksmith54

Anonymous Feb 14 2014 8:32am FLAG
Hey and female wanting a relationship i like girls and i will treat u special and i want a long true one and i will send pic.s if u r my one and only and i will love you i like to have special nights with my girl and if i seem interesting to you text me i will be waiting

pphpho Feb 14 2014 2:27pm FLAG
Hey I'm and wanna talk to some cute and hot girls aha! I'm skinny and I'm athletic so like kik me girls ----> Holaitshannahh xx

Anonymous Feb 14 2014 2:58pm FLAG
synne k here. female lesbian that have 2 slaves that i can share. sj_98..

Anonymous Feb 14 2014 2:59pm FLAG
Synne here. female lesbian girl here. I have female slaves and i trade pics. Add me if you wanna have fun and have a slave . Sj_98..

Anonymous Feb 15 2014 8:20am FLAG
sj_98 is a FAKE! DONT KIK HIM.

Anonymous Feb 15 2014 3:41pm FLAG
Hi i am a lesbian girl that are willing to give avway of my 3 female slaves for a whole day. But you have to be my slave for a while if you want the deal (30-60) min . Add me on kik Trondheims_kid97. Only girls kik me. Think about having a girl that do whatever sexual thing you want.

Anonymous Feb 16 2014 6:15pm FLAG
Kik Dconrod male but have lots of pics of girls willing to trade!

Anonymous Feb 25 2014 6:33pm FLAG
any lesbians want to get dirty kik me ;) im 18 and dripping wet right now… kik ashmoore69 live pics only all kinds of girls i dont care (:

ashmoore69 Feb 26 2014 12:07pm FLAG
fit blonde female. I've been told I'm really sexy:p lookin for girls only can do lives. Kik is sarahdooler

ah Feb 26 2014 8:34pm FLAG
kik : tamana_786 les f trade chat up to you girls only please

tamana_786 Mar 01 2014 2:19pm FLAG
sexylexiiilooking for young boys pics

Anonymous Mar 01 2014 8:30pm FLAG
super 18 f here... looking to trade pics, also have pics of exs! great tits :D looking for younger

dboyd2 Mar 02 2014 2:41am FLAG
Kik me lesbians, ages -, I'm and can trade pics and vids. Must be able to do live! echammertime

Emily Mar 02 2014 1:24pm FLAG
Also doing vids my kik is sarahdooler can do lives

Anonymous Mar 03 2014 8:17am FLAG
any lesbians want to talk or get dirty kik me ;) 18 lesbian and really right now! kik ashmoore69 live pics only!

ashmoore69 Mar 04 2014 1:03pm FLAG
hi am a lesbian girl that has 5 girl slaves.i dont neeed taht many so i can give you 1 of my slaves for a Whole day. only lesbians add me.add me if you wanna have fun. trondheims_kid97

Anonymous Mar 05 2014 9:52am FLAG
Im lesbian kik me at lisamakiroy, i can trade pictures or i can give you alot for a video. Hmu 😉

Lisamakiroy Mar 07 2014 5:27pm FLAG
I think lisamakiroy is a fake I sent a live and she or he didn't text me back we sed live for a live and she or he told me to go first and when I did she or he didn't text me back

Anonymous Mar 07 2014 7:36pm FLAG
19 F looking for girls to trade with live only or you will beblocked kik- girlsaremylove

Anonymous Mar 08 2014 2:48am FLAG
m wanting a slave or mistress kik griffo109 (girlsonly)

cool Mar 08 2014 5:22am FLAG
If any bi girls want a young guy I'm I only use live pics kik- chickensrus9

Anonymous Mar 08 2014 5:13pm FLAG
I'm a bi so send me kicks at cdargis and u will get some back

Anonymous Mar 08 2014 8:51pm FLAG
Kik me. @alypatricee Girls only!

Aly Mar 09 2014 12:40pm FLAG
Bi @GirlZone8

Anonymous Mar 09 2014 7:06pm FLAG
im angeline lesbian ,i want a n ude live video or pic first to talk i send lives too kik me girls angelinecortez

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