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girls with kik

The Problem: Horny girls leave your kiks here to swap some pix. Im so hard and ;)

Asked by: shadow305 at 01:25:05 PM, Monday, August 20, 2012 PDT FLAG


No but im game to give u a swift kik in the ass.... ssound good?

Angie Aug 20 2012 8:26pm FLAG

How about I cut you until you bleed to death you dumb hoe? -_-

shadow305 Aug 20 2012 8:29pm FLAG
Not interested? Then get the f u c k out of this post. Dumb ass bitch trying to be funny.

shadow305 Aug 20 2012 8:30pm FLAG
And Im game to kik YOU in the ass and throw you in the dumpster for being so ugly you fat ass c*nt.

shadow305 Aug 20 2012 8:31pm FLAG
shadow can u stop? cause.... OH HERES A GOOD ONE! cause that is criminal work & you just proved 2 be a threatener & also AN ASS HOLE! so plz, calm yo self. Thx 4 reading! bu-bye!

Sammi Aug 20 2012 8:35pm FLAG
How about you get out of this post thats not even your business? -_-

shadow305 Aug 20 2012 8:37pm FLAG
Bitches and hoes up in this place. I love em ^_^

shadow305 Aug 20 2012 8:37pm FLAG
maybe i will ... thx honestly 4 reading Suckerrrrr! ha! & HA!

Sammi Aug 20 2012 8:40pm FLAG
If people talk trash to me I'll hit them right where it hurts. So dont tell me to calm down. -_-

shadow305 Aug 20 2012 8:40pm FLAG
And thanx for continuing to read mines retarded skanky fat ass slutty hoe. ^_^

shadow305 Aug 20 2012 8:41pm FLAG
Want a gold medal for being the world's most dumbest retarded fat hoe? Cuz I think you deserve it c*nt

shadow305 Aug 20 2012 8:42pm FLAG
Anytime! & once again calm down,haha

Sammi Aug 20 2012 8:43pm FLAG
I bet you ugly as f u c k you need a bag over your hidious face

shadow305 Aug 20 2012 8:43pm FLAG
How about dont tell me what to do? -_-

shadow305 Aug 20 2012 8:44pm FLAG
If I were you I would get the hell out of here before I keep talking shiz to you. You better not mess with me.

shadow305 Aug 20 2012 8:44pm FLAG
Its stupid for people to come to a post that theyre not interested in and say something so stupid and then get bitched at.

shadow305 Aug 20 2012 8:47pm FLAG
Yea well if u mess with me HELL & i mean HELL WILL BREAK LOOSE!

Sammi Aug 20 2012 8:47pm FLAG
Let it loose then bitch -_- Why dont you get out of here before you get bitched at some more cuz nobody asked you to butt in and come to this post if you dont feel that way. Dumbass

shadow305 Aug 20 2012 8:50pm FLAG
Seriously get out of here before I hurt you some more. Please -_-

shadow305 Aug 20 2012 8:52pm FLAG
How would u know i would not want 2 trade pix with u? ;) jk sucker bye

Sammi Aug 20 2012 8:52pm FLAG
Cuz you're arguing with me you stupid f u c k. You're so stupid. You probably a fat ass girl who needs to staple her mouth just to shut the hell up. Bye now

shadow305 Aug 20 2012 8:54pm FLAG
im not tryin to be nothin. I just feel like gettin on ur nerves.... but byee im not stayin :D

Angie Aug 20 2012 8:54pm FLAG
And yeah. Go to a city dump cuz thats where you belong and where you sleep. Stupid bitch. Byee

shadow305 Aug 20 2012 8:55pm FLAG
-.- u people annoy me.. and im a hoe? i dont or nothin and here u are askin for random girls to .... whatever -.-

Angie Aug 20 2012 8:56pm FLAG
Yea you trying to be a slut. ^_^ And I just love to bitch at retards like you so you're not getting on my nerves. And good dont stay cuz nobody is asking you to stay. Bye bye :3

shadow305 Aug 20 2012 8:57pm FLAG
Cuz Many girls are here to have fun. And you're a hoe to me. And they annoy you? Then dont bother talking to them people you retarded c*nt!

shadow305 Aug 20 2012 8:58pm FLAG
You dont cuz you a little girl right? Then get the hell out of a post that doesnt concern you. Mind your damn business.

shadow305 Aug 20 2012 9:00pm FLAG
well dude u dont ask random people on the internet for -.- for all u know they could be grown old men giving u pix from *** sites or pix that they took for child *** -.- who's the retarded c*nt here??? think about it stupid

Angie Aug 20 2012 9:01pm FLAG
im smart ass

Angie Aug 20 2012 9:03pm FLAG
You're such an idiot. -_- They have their own picture on their default and I know whether they are real or fake. Looks like you dont know that cuz you never tried it. Right now you're still the c*nt bitch. Now quit your bitching and stop talking to me.

shadow305 Aug 20 2012 9:04pm FLAG
Oh wow ! I dont give a damn about your age cuz you're retarded fat ass who is a freaking c*nt muffin. Now quit wasting your breath on me missy and stay away from a post that is none of your f u c k i n g business SMART ASS. DERPY DEERRP! Retard!

shadow305 Aug 20 2012 9:06pm FLAG
no..... i dont have to :3 i can sit here and bitch at u all night if i wanted to and rly what would u do? would u go thru google and all the *** sites on the web to make sure? THINK ABOUT IT DUMBASS then see who's the retard -.-

Angie Aug 20 2012 9:06pm FLAG
if u dont care about my age why'd u bring it up?? "Cuz ur just a little girl right?"

Angie Aug 20 2012 9:07pm FLAG
Are you retard? I think you are. -_- Just get out of here. Wow.

shadow305 Aug 20 2012 9:10pm FLAG
Im a retard??? dude ur askin possible 60 y/o women and men that fake as ****s to -.-

Angie Aug 20 2012 9:11pm FLAG
You're so dumb. XD Wow you funny. Get a medal. Wow. Retard bitch but a funny ass c*nt. You know what I should just go and do what I do. So f u c k you. Have a nice day and be retarded somewhere else. ;D

shadow305 Aug 20 2012 9:11pm FLAG
Wow. I told you that I can tell whether pix are fake. Watch some pictures you dumb f u c k. -_- Retarded fat ass, monkey face piece of s h i t

shadow305 Aug 20 2012 9:13pm FLAG
UR A RETARD THINK ABOUT IT, DAMN UR STUPID. but anyway im in a good mood and ur not ruining it ^-^ So go have fun in ur grandma

Angie Aug 20 2012 9:20pm FLAG
Nah. Im F U C K I N G your sister. ^_^ And damn you're an ugly fat bitch. Have fun sucking on an old guy's shlong :D

shadow305 Aug 20 2012 9:22pm FLAG
u've never seen me ^-^ and even if u have idc what u think anyway ^-^

Angie Aug 20 2012 9:25pm FLAG
True but I dont wanna see you anyway cuz YOU UGLY AS F U C K! Bye Bye ^_^

shadow305 Aug 20 2012 9:27pm FLAG
how would u know .. -.- talk to me when u can give a legit answer ^-^ Byee Bitch

Angie Aug 20 2012 9:30pm FLAG
Oh I know dumb c*nt. Bye hoe. ^_^

shadow305 Aug 20 2012 9:32pm FLAG
I got a legitamate answer bitch. I F U C K I N G KNOW YOU UGLY LITTLE C*nt!! Bye now hoe. ^_^

shadow305 Aug 20 2012 9:33pm FLAG
Were u dropped on ur head as a baby? No... its obvious that u were thrown at the wall.

Angie Aug 20 2012 9:34pm FLAG
Nah. Im perfectly fine. But unlike you you were born with your mother in a city dump and you fell in a swamp of turd. Thats why you so ugly on the outside AND the inside. Now run along now little girl. Cuz I am done with you hoe. ^_^

shadow305 Aug 20 2012 9:37pm FLAG
Buh bye. ^_^

shadow305 Aug 20 2012 9:38pm FLAG
No im pretty sure u were thrown at the wall...and im sure i was born in the hospital like a normal non- mental child ^.^ byee

Angie Aug 20 2012 9:41pm FLAG
Well you are so wrong hunny. And still you keep yapping like a little bitch that you are and you're letting a complete stranger take control over this conversation. Haha. You retarded. Go kil yourself. Jump off a bridge. Light yoursef on fire and burn you dumb bitch. Slut. Whore. Skank. Bye ^_^

shadow305 Aug 20 2012 9:43pm FLAG
And yeah you are mental. You just dont know cuz you dont knlw when the hell to shut up. But I'll end the convo just for you. Bye bye little girl ^_^ Have a nice day ;D

shadow305 Aug 20 2012 9:45pm FLAG
and ur wanting to a complete stranger! -.-

Angie Aug 20 2012 9:45pm FLAG
dude ur the one that has said bye to me 20 damn times and then came back -.-

Angie Aug 20 2012 9:45pm FLAG
So do you bitch. And cuz you keep yapping -_- Shut up then I'll stop talking. Can you do that or you need some help?

shadow305 Aug 20 2012 9:47pm FLAG
Or you want some more bitching? -_-

shadow305 Aug 20 2012 9:47pm FLAG
And I feel like stranger. Got a f u c k i n g problem!? Are you !? No!? Then mind your f u c k i n g business dumbass! -_-

shadow305 Aug 20 2012 9:51pm FLAG
Nd Now Your Talking To Yourself! Wow Nd She The DumbAss

Anonymous Aug 20 2012 9:58pm FLAG
I was talking to her before she left you dumb f u c k. And who are you? -_-

shadow305 Aug 20 2012 9:59pm FLAG
Probably you're that c*nt. You just have an anonymous name. Retard. XD Later.

shadow305 Aug 20 2012 10:00pm FLAG
Does It Look Lik She Here Now? So You Were Talking To Yourself

Anonymous Aug 20 2012 10:00pm FLAG
If You Must Know I'm SexyBabe

SexyBabe Aug 20 2012 10:02pm FLAG
She WAS here before you came. What part of that dont you understand? Wow you're retarded. -_- I aint wasting time on you. Later loser.

shadow305 Aug 20 2012 10:03pm FLAG
Well how nice to know. -_- See ya

shadow305 Aug 20 2012 10:04pm FLAG
I've Spoken To you Before -__- Your A Royal jerk.Nd If You Notice She Ain't Here Nd Your Still Calling Her A C*nt Nd A Retard. (Which she Ain't) -___-

SexyBabe Aug 20 2012 10:07pm FLAG
*Ass Hole

Anonymous Aug 20 2012 10:08pm FLAG
I dont know you. -__- And f u c k you. And I knew she left cuz I stopped posting comment until you came and is pissing me off even more. You want some bitching too? Im not in the mood -__-

shadow305 Aug 20 2012 10:09pm FLAG
How do you hit them where they hurt if they are either guys pretending to be girls or fit girls but really to hurt somebody you'd have to know it was true not just say it over the Internet without knowing what they look like it doesn't make sense I'm not fighting you but you can say something if you want I just don't see how any name calling of a faceless stranger can actually hurt someone

Anonymous Aug 20 2012 10:09pm FLAG
And who are you? -__-

shadow305 Aug 20 2012 10:11pm FLAG
Anonymous Is Right.

SexyBabe Aug 20 2012 10:11pm FLAG
He's A Guy (Or Gal) With Common Sense

SexyBabe Aug 20 2012 10:12pm FLAG
-__- You think I give a s h i t? Hurt me I hurt them.

shadow305 Aug 20 2012 10:13pm FLAG
How about you stop talking to me and f u c k off? You're annoying me and Im not in the freaking mood -__-

shadow305 Aug 20 2012 10:14pm FLAG
I would like to see you try to hurt me

Anonymous Aug 20 2012 10:16pm FLAG you like to put it

Anonymous Aug 20 2012 10:16pm FLAG
How Can Someone Hurt You Over The Internet. Lik Calling You Names Or Calling Them Names Really Makes Us Feel Like Over The Internet. You Can't Really Do Anything, So Why Do We Care

SexyBabe Aug 20 2012 10:16pm FLAG
How about you give f u c k yourselves? -__- Im out of here.

shadow305 Aug 20 2012 10:18pm FLAG

shadow305 Aug 20 2012 10:18pm FLAG
Is that the best you've got? Really? Come on let me have it

Anonymous Aug 20 2012 10:20pm FLAG
Come see me in real life and I'll f u c k you over. You're probably just a little kid. Puny f u c k trying to be all tough. Retard. Grow some balls. -__- I aint waisting time on a little kid like you.

shadow305 Aug 20 2012 10:21pm FLAG
Nd That Means? -____- Wow, I Think You The Retard

SexyBabe Aug 20 2012 10:22pm FLAG
I'm , Nd What R U? 10? Wouldn't Doubt it

SexyBabe Aug 20 2012 10:23pm FLAG
Not you idiot. Mr/Ms Anonymous you retard. -_- And Im f u c k i n g 19 bitch. Bet you aint sexy at all.

shadow305 Aug 20 2012 10:24pm FLAG
Then Act 19 Nd You Hav Neva Seen Meh. Plus Looks Don't Matter Anyway. It's Personality. Your Just A Man Whore

SexyBabe Aug 20 2012 10:27pm FLAG
So if I was a girl you'd beat me up? I see why you can't get a girl in real life but yawnnn I'm not impressed with your insults they aren't even thought out how was that supposed to hurt?

Anonymous Aug 20 2012 10:28pm FLAG
Oh, Nd Btw. With You Being 19 Nd Therefore NOT A You Could Actually Get Charged As An Internet Predator and For Threatening Us s. So You May Wanna Second think What All You Hav Said To Us

SexyBabe Aug 20 2012 10:29pm FLAG
I dont have to see you cuz I know you ugly. ^_^ Looks dont matter? Holy s h i t! Go suck a wrinkly old man's shlong. How about that bitch? And I got good personality. But not to any one in here :D And ok. Im a man whore. Wanna be my ugly ass slave? Lets see how many men would want you. Later hoe! ;D

shadow305 Aug 20 2012 10:31pm FLAG
Uhhh not really. Dumbass. If girls want something to do with me I ask for age honey. So hahaha. Put a stamp on your forhead with a big fat L! Later!

shadow305 Aug 20 2012 10:33pm FLAG
If you don't like anyone on here, and nobody will kik you why are you here?

Anonymous Aug 20 2012 10:34pm FLAG
And good luck finding me bitch. Haha. Stuck-up bitch! XD

shadow305 Aug 20 2012 10:34pm FLAG
How Could You Know I'm Ugly If You Hav Neva Seen Meh. Ha, Your Such An Immature Idiot

SexyBabe Aug 20 2012 10:34pm FLAG
Oh I got plenty to kik with on here so dont worry about that anonymous fag ^_^

shadow305 Aug 20 2012 10:35pm FLAG
Like I said. I dont need to see you. I know. ^_^ Dumbass. Read before you say anything hoe!

shadow305 Aug 20 2012 10:35pm FLAG
And Anon I search for girls my age to kik so dont worry

shadow305 Aug 20 2012 10:36pm FLAG
And if they wanna screw with me I screw with them back like Im doing to you two ^_^

shadow305 Aug 20 2012 10:37pm FLAG
Nd any Of Us Could Easily Print Out A Screen Shot Of This Page And Take It To The Cops And You Know They Can track your Dope Ass

SexyBabe Aug 20 2012 10:38pm FLAG
But you don't that's the thing, you just take others kiks that are posted already, it's funny without knowing my gender suddenly you have no words and insults? Weird why do you search for under age girls that's strange

Anonymous Aug 20 2012 10:39pm FLAG
Nice try. Whats my address? :o Dumbass. They cant find me so whatever. Later peeps! ^_^

shadow305 Aug 20 2012 10:39pm FLAG
Agh, Can You Get Any Stupider -__-

SexyBabe Aug 20 2012 10:40pm FLAG
I'm Not A Cop. I Said "Take It To The COPS" God, Your A DumbAss

SexyBabe Aug 20 2012 10:40pm FLAG
Im not searching for under age girls idiot. I have a limit to the age moron. I aint like these people who are pedos. And I can give you insults on whatever gender you may be. But Im just to lazy to speak with any of you cuz I am done with yall.

shadow305 Aug 20 2012 10:41pm FLAG
I never said you. Wow your dumber than I though. -_- READ BITCH READ. I said THEY. THEY cant find me cuz they dont know my address. God you retard little girl.

shadow305 Aug 20 2012 10:43pm FLAG
Exactly You Lazy -__-

SexyBabe Aug 20 2012 10:43pm FLAG

SexyBabe Aug 20 2012 10:43pm FLAG
Wow girl you stupid AND retarded at the same time. Looks like YOURE the one that got throw to the wall. XD

shadow305 Aug 20 2012 10:44pm FLAG

shadow305 Aug 20 2012 10:45pm FLAG
Actually they can find you every post on here has a unique ip address all someone has to do is look at the server find your ip address see who your ip provider is contact them and get your address it's not hard all you do is type in on who is: their ip number so actually you are easily traceable and asking s to send you s is looking for girls. is anything under 18 which by law makes you a pedophile so to say you are different and aren't is a lie

Anonymous Aug 20 2012 10:46pm FLAG
Wow girl why dont you suck on a 's shlong so you can shut up? Maybe it can help you make that retarded brain of yours to function

shadow305 Aug 20 2012 10:46pm FLAG
Nothing Your Saying Is Funny In The Slightest Way -__- So What's With All The "XD" ? Nd No I'm Not. You Just Tryna Prove ing Fact

SexyBabe Aug 20 2012 10:47pm FLAG
Yeah whatever anon. Later!

shadow305 Aug 20 2012 10:47pm FLAG
Im not trying to be funny bitch. Im done arguing with a slut. Bye now :)

shadow305 Aug 20 2012 10:49pm FLAG
It's true shadow do not take my word for it it's not a threat it's just a fact you can look it up the info is out there I figured though by 19 you would be careful and know this stuff

Anonymous Aug 20 2012 10:50pm FLAG
Yeah whatever anon. Peace!

shadow305 Aug 20 2012 10:50pm FLAG
i thought we were supposed to

Anonymous Aug 20 2012 10:51pm FLAG
Nobody brought any of you in this post so why dont we end this with a bang? Peace bitches! And F U C K YOU!

shadow305 Aug 20 2012 10:51pm FLAG
Your So Stupid -__- Byee Man Hoe Agh

SexyBabe Aug 20 2012 10:53pm FLAG
Correction: YOURE stupid honey. Bye hoe

shadow305 Aug 20 2012 10:55pm FLAG
I Just Looked At All The Comments Nd Seriously? You Said The Exact Same Insult To Every Person Who Came on This Post Not Wanting To -__- That's So Pathetic.

SexyBabe Aug 20 2012 10:55pm FLAG
Bai -__-

SexyBabe Aug 20 2012 10:56pm FLAG
Youre pathetic skank ^_^ Bye now

shadow305 Aug 20 2012 10:56pm FLAG
Actually leaving it on a public website brings us into it. You're lack of knowledge and inability to say one thing that hurt me at all is disappointing to me

Anonymous Aug 20 2012 10:57pm FLAG
If you wouldve stopped talking then this whole thing wouldve been over and done with

shadow305 Aug 20 2012 10:57pm FLAG
I Didn't Use The Exact Same Insult EveryTime You Came At Me -__-

SexyBabe Aug 20 2012 10:57pm FLAG
Well good for you. Want a medal? Shut up and have a nice day ^_^

shadow305 Aug 20 2012 10:59pm FLAG
You Didn't Even Have To Respond Nd This Wouldn't Hav Even Started DumbAss. This Is A Public Website Meaning We Hav The Right To Give Our Opinions On Anything You Say Regardless If you Lik It Or Not

SexyBabe Aug 20 2012 10:59pm FLAG
How nice. So I have the right to say what I want to say. -_- And I say f u c k you, and shut the hell up! Bye now -_-

shadow305 Aug 20 2012 11:01pm FLAG
Bai Nd Hav Fun in Yo Dad.

SexyBabe Aug 20 2012 11:02pm FLAG
If you didn't care what others thought of you you wouldn't keep coming back shadow you've said bye a dozen times now yet you are still here, on top of that you pretend that you've actually hurt someone here and that your words or feelings matter but the truth is quite frankly in a place like this they don't

Anonymous Aug 20 2012 11:04pm FLAG
Nah Im sleeping with your sister that you dont even know about. And she smells like s h i t so I put her in the dump waiting for you. Later bitch!

shadow305 Aug 20 2012 11:04pm FLAG
Sexy you shouldnt let what he says Bother you, no need to rebuttal in the same fashion as his statements

Anonymous Aug 20 2012 11:05pm FLAG
Deal with it anon fag -_-

shadow305 Aug 20 2012 11:05pm FLAG
Chances are she would have a younger sister so you would be sleeping with a or younger which definitely makes you a sexual predator

Anonymous Aug 20 2012 11:06pm FLAG
Youre such a faggot anon.

shadow305 Aug 20 2012 11:06pm FLAG
What exactly am I supp

Anonymous Aug 20 2012 11:06pm FLAG
Thats probably the person youre sleeping with anon. And shes probably a male.

shadow305 Aug 20 2012 11:07pm FLAG
What exactly am I supposed to deal with? I don't understand why you think your words effect me at all?

Anonymous Aug 20 2012 11:07pm FLAG
You say she's a male but what If I'm a girl doesn't that make it straight sex? You're insults are ineffective and not well thought out

Anonymous Aug 20 2012 11:08pm FLAG
Whatever anon. Youre so stupid. -_-

shadow305 Aug 20 2012 11:09pm FLAG
It Doesn't Bother Me, It Just Pisses Me Off. It Pisses Me Off Because He Can't Realize How Immature He Is Acting. He's (Supposedly) 19 Nd Is Acting 10

SexyBabe Aug 20 2012 11:09pm FLAG
Wow you are such a retarded anon f u c k. Whatever bro whatever

shadow305 Aug 20 2012 11:09pm FLAG
Anonymous Isn't Stupid My Friend, You Are. You know Your Stupid, Just Read What You Hav Said To Us. Nd Half Of What You Hav Said Doesn't Even Make Sense -__-

SexyBabe Aug 20 2012 11:10pm FLAG
How stupid can you get slut? When the hell can you shut up?

shadow305 Aug 20 2012 11:10pm FLAG
Whatever bitch. Im gonna do what Ive always done and you cant stop me. -_-

shadow305 Aug 20 2012 11:11pm FLAG
Why is your only insult saying shut up and calling us stupid? On top of that why do you switch between referring to me as a girl or guy? I thought you had lots of insults for a gender you weren't sure of but apparently you don't. What's the point of boring me? You should at least try to seem intelligent and witty with your insults. Use a little finesse kid

Anonymous Aug 20 2012 11:13pm FLAG
Sure. What The Ever. Say what You Wanna Say. I'm Out Hav Fun Talking To YourSelf Because it's Obvious You Don't Know How To Leave Nd Shut Up

SexyBabe Aug 20 2012 11:14pm FLAG
Exactly @Anonymous Bai now

SexyBabe Aug 20 2012 11:15pm FLAG
No honey you dont know when to the f u c k up. -_- You dont knlw how to leave. If you shut up I'll leave -_-

shadow305 Aug 20 2012 11:15pm FLAG
F u c k you anon. -_- Youre just a kid. No matyer what gender you are youre just a kid. You dont even have the balls to say your gender. As a matyer of fact why are you even here? None of you two had any business in this post so why the hell butt in? -_-

shadow305 Aug 20 2012 11:17pm FLAG
You know what? Im ending this convo cuz yall are just pissing me off with your retardedness. Goodbye and go f u c k i n g rot -_-

shadow305 Aug 20 2012 11:18pm FLAG
ok leave but you probably won't you're too unstable to leave you need to feel like you won like someone cares what you have to say. You need to feel tough, here are the facts you dont know my gender so you cant say anything to me because you feel stupid trying to insult me you are so sure youre the grown up here but what if I'm 25, 30, 40 and so on and so forth? Now what? Where's your witty come back? I really am looking forward to seeing what you write because you will come back no matter what you say you will come back.

Anonymous Aug 20 2012 11:22pm FLAG
Wow..Retard alert! I dont care if I win or lose or if Im trying to be funny or not. Just an annoying little kid who just needs attention -_- Grow up and go talk to someone else you useless turd.

shadow305 Aug 20 2012 11:24pm FLAG
Exactly u came back retard!

Anon2 Aug 20 2012 11:26pm FLAG
you see? You cant stay away you do care. This is entertaining to me, very much so, you hope Im a little kid but Im not, Ill let you know that one thing. Or was that a lie? But you've kicked and screamed so much Ill go. Unlike you I wont come back to see what has been said. Have fun with whatever you write. Just know, every post you make the other anon's and I, of every gender and age will troll you very hard and every post you make will end up just like this one. See you soon:)

Anonymous Aug 20 2012 11:28pm FLAG
Ayye shadoww u bitch ass mutha outta ur dumbass

SouthCentalLA310wsc Sep 21 2012 9:37pm FLAG
305??????? Nigg ur lil white boy ass 305 its all about 310 hoee straight like that!

SouthCentralLA310wsc Sep 21 2012 9:39pm FLAG
Damn n i g g a i wanna slap tha outta u soo bad i dnt even kno u ugly ass mf

SouthCentraLA310wsc Sep 21 2012 9:41pm FLAG
West side connection LA 310 blood n i g g a

SouthCentralLA310wsc Sep 21 2012 9:42pm FLAG
How do u feel u said how bout i cut u and u bleed to death ? Biotchh i wish u would come down to my hood and try that punk ass that t i would invite angie jus so she kood come and give u that swift kik in the ass

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Anonymous Nov 24 2012 12:04pm FLAG
shadow you are the lowest form of life you are scum you have been going around this site trying to gey s from girlswhy dont you stop you dumb prick pull that in real life and get stomped oh and by the way you have respect for women your a watse of life

Shawn a guy who wont stand for your bull Nov 25 2012 11:47am FLAG
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Anonymous Nov 26 2012 10:27am FLAG
hey shadow305 you who needs to learn when to shut the hell up b4 he gits his ass royaly whooped

nick Nov 26 2012 4:44pm FLAG
ahahaha shadow looks soo ing gay he makes elton john look straight😅

nick Nov 26 2012 4:45pm FLAG
oh and you aint gonna get if you dont learn to respect women jackass women arnt a slab of meet put here for you to look and drool over d*cklicker

Anonymous Nov 26 2012 4:47pm FLAG
the only reason ur smack talkin is cuz ur online and you know ur too much of a to talk like that face to face i bet you be like that if we where all standing neer you prick and you need to get some respect for girls ittl get you alot farter in life gay ass cum guzzler

Anonymous Nov 26 2012 4:52pm FLAG
the only reason ur smack talkin is cuz ur online and you know ur too much of a p u s s y to talk like that face to face i bet you be like that if we where all standing neer you prick and you need to get some respect for girls ittl get you alot farter in life gay ass m o t h e r i n g cum guzzler

Anonymous Nov 26 2012 4:53pm FLAG
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thadd Nov 30 2012 8:53am FLAG
DAMN THAT !^ start at the top!(:

kylerdeanhayes Nov 30 2012 12:34pm FLAG
Shadow305 is a d*ck..... JS

Niooooooo Dec 02 2012 7:39pm FLAG
Shadow, don't be such a d*ck

Jayhow Dec 04 2012 4:53pm FLAG
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Scream10062 Dec 09 2012 6:32pm FLAG
For the dumb bitch who said are u retard? Hmmmmm well i think u r the "retarded" one in this situation... First learn how to use grammer correctly and then go get a ing life..

grammer wiz Dec 10 2012 7:47pm FLAG
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What's up bitches

that guy Jan 26 2013 7:14pm FLAG
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