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i need a girl for kik sex?

The Problem: I am rock hard right now and need an 18+ year old girl to help me.

Asked by: shon138 at 09:42:49 AM, Friday, August 31, 2012 PDT FLAG


Im 59 and very wet!

Sexygran Aug 31 2012 9:53am FLAG

O.o ewwwww....

Kayleigh Aug 31 2012 9:55am FLAG

Anonymous Aug 31 2012 9:56am FLAG
Shut up i have more to flaunt than you anyday!

Sexygran Aug 31 2012 9:57am FLAG
What saggy tits and wrinkles?!? Hmmmm yeah because all boys digg that....

Kayleigh Aug 31 2012 9:58am FLAG
Not all guys. XD Only desperate ones

Anonymous Aug 31 2012 9:59am FLAG
True..... I would prefer younger if possible

shon8 Aug 31 2012 10:04am FLAG
Im sexy i had sex with my gransons

Sexygran Aug 31 2012 10:07am FLAG
Cuz you're a desperate old woman xD

Anonymous Aug 31 2012 10:08am FLAG
Who wants to act sexy with your saggy boobs. Yuck.

Anonymous Aug 31 2012 10:09am FLAG
Sex with your grandson!?! That's just so wrong in so many ways

shon8 Aug 31 2012 10:10am FLAG
For real dude..

Anonymous Aug 31 2012 10:12am FLAG
She desperate for sex and she goes after her grandson instead of a desperate old man. Filthy old hag

Anonymous Aug 31 2012 10:13am FLAG
Seriously though...... I need a girl on kik..... any girls interested?

shon8 Aug 31 2012 10:15am FLAG

Not sexygran Aug 31 2012 10:26am FLAG
Hmmm..... getting desperate now

shon8 Aug 31 2012 10:52am FLAG
Who is not sexygran?

shon8 Aug 31 2012 10:52am FLAG
Thats the same hag that spoke with you. That 59 year old

Anonymous Aug 31 2012 10:53am FLAG
I not

Not sexygran Aug 31 2012 10:55am FLAG
Add me on kik.... username is shon8

shon8 Aug 31 2012 10:58am FLAG
Yeah...Good luck bro

Anonymous Aug 31 2012 11:01am FLAG
Just cuz she said NOT sexygran. Dont let that fool you man

Anonymous Aug 31 2012 11:02am FLAG
So right now I almost don't care

shon8 Aug 31 2012 11:15am FLAG
Just letting you know man. I dont really care if you dont wanna listen to me but happy f u c k i n g

Anonymous Aug 31 2012 11:17am FLAG
Lol.... still no love

shon Aug 31 2012 12:21pm FLAG
Hey no sex with granny she might die I the middle of it :

Anonymous Aug 31 2012 3:37pm FLAG
Lololol Hahaha that was funny xD @anon

Anonymous Aug 31 2012 5:21pm FLAG
Sexygran kik me yaysport

Dec 05 2012 2:29am FLAG
hhahaah what a mug

Anonymous Dec 08 2012 9:02am FLAG
Sexygran add kreg003

Anonymous Dec 10 2012 10:23pm FLAG
Girls of any age kik me for pic trade and I want to make u very wet ;) I promise u won't be disappointed kik me @ bleach

Anonymous Dec 17 2012 12:48am FLAG
Sexygran u can add my kik if u want it is bleach

Anonymous Dec 17 2012 12:51am FLAG
m.johnston420 kik me girls only and no fakes!! i trade

Anonymous Dec 19 2012 11:32am FLAG
Sexygran add johnwall222

Anonymous Dec 20 2012 9:56pm FLAG
Sexygran add jcarlson101 for the time of your life

Anonomyous Dec 23 2012 10:56pm FLAG
I'm a girl, new to kik so add me for any

cafields_ Dec 26 2012 11:44pm FLAG
james.stevens any females add me on kik

Anonymous Dec 30 2012 5:47am FLAG
girls add me..kik at johnsex9

johnsex9 Dec 30 2012 11:53am FLAG
Girls add me username:SanieB

Sanie Dec 30 2012 5:53pm FLAG
Sexygran add JGiovanniR

Anon Dec 31 2012 3:30am FLAG
Kik tennisplayagirls

Hey Jan 01 2013 7:42am FLAG
guys only kik hotandnopics I need to get really wet

anon Jan 04 2013 11:01pm FLAG
FairyGirl93 (haha, sorry about the username!)... I'm 19 and live in the UK. No pics... Just talk dirty to me. Currently extremely wet and need to get off!

Anon Jan 05 2013 2:05am FLAG
Kik me girls njsuarez ;) we could have fun ;)

Njsuarez Jan 09 2013 1:36pm FLAG
young boy need to cum!!! liolic96

liolic96 Jan 10 2013 11:08am FLAG
add OfficiallyNik

Anonymous Jan 10 2013 1:15pm FLAG
up for anything sean.ryan73

anon Jan 11 2013 9:49am FLAG
me Ben_shoshani

Anonymous Jan 12 2013 3:09am FLAG
liolic96 young, and ready to cum ;) NEED GIRLS !

liolic96 Jan 12 2013 8:20am FLAG
skype: bigboombuzz1 k i k: liolic96 email:

liolic96 Jan 13 2013 12:20pm FLAG
Girls kik me! Rock hard 8 in c*ck. Goreds789

Anonymous Jan 13 2013 7:53pm FLAG
Kik me girls for and pic trades.. Kik me at kikvader

Kikvader Jan 22 2013 8:14am FLAG
m kik me if you want to trade pics girls

golden_muffin Feb 01 2013 9:01am FLAG
Kik me, i am 19 and very ! @Sexygirl4u_

Anonymous Feb 01 2013 12:34pm FLAG
Kik me - n3dd girls only I'm male ;)

Anonymous Feb 04 2013 6:26am FLAG
Heey boys add me Xx I'm wet please help

wet chick Feb 11 2013 12:54pm FLAG
I'm really really wet right now Please help me . Add me @

Feb 11 2013 12:56pm FLAG
girls add johnnyboii189;)

Anonymous Feb 11 2013 8:13pm FLAG
Girls age to ONLY! Kik me @ mort321 M y

se*y boy Feb 12 2013 2:09am FLAG
I'm 27 male. Kik me for dirty chat at eric2020player

Anonymous Feb 12 2013 5:23am FLAG
My name ransack on kik I need some one to f*** hard all night

Letsfu** Feb 14 2013 10:16pm FLAG
kik me girls: th3obs3rv3r

Anonymous Feb 15 2013 10:09am FLAG
Kik me "JonathanLS20"... I'm dominican

Anonymous Feb 19 2013 4:33pm FLAG
Kik me please c: girls only xXKillMe3Xx

Anonymous Feb 20 2013 10:50am FLAG
Kik me for clean or dirty talk bendabozz im so anyone from -

Anonymous Feb 20 2013 7:55pm FLAG
Kik largeone9 girls any age

largeone9 Feb 27 2013 5:15pm FLAG
Girls KiK Superbadass1 for a good time;) will send pics

Superbadass1 Mar 01 2013 9:30pm FLAG
need some girls for dirty talk and pics, kik tamdiepthao

tamdiepthao Mar 02 2013 4:32am FLAG
Girls add me on oui for

madra.naofa Mar 04 2013 3:29am FLAG
Girls add me on kik , madra.naofa

madra.naofa Mar 04 2013 3:35am FLAG
F Bi, looking to chat with guys n girls (mainly girls) Boys only add me if you can trade photo/videos of girls 0-kik me twiggytree

twiggytree Mar 07 2013 1:28am FLAG
18yo girl, wanting chat with guys... samanthais

Anonymous Mar 08 2013 7:51pm FLAG

Anonymous Mar 08 2013 7:53pm FLAG
M. seanccm.

Anonymous Mar 08 2013 8:04pm FLAG
Female 18 Bi add me: meowlex

Anonymous Mar 10 2013 8:24am FLAG
Male 36 kik kadonomaro onli girls

Anonymous Mar 13 2013 7:26pm FLAG
Larsp87 Any girls

Anonymous Mar 16 2013 1:02am FLAG
Girls kik me if u want to trade pics ;) ballallday23

swag Mar 16 2013 4:59pm FLAG
Girls add me: dodotoast Only girls

Anonymous Mar 21 2013 10:12am FLAG
Girls add me on kik..i'm atletic.. 23 years old: albinoluca23

albinoluca23 Mar 23 2013 8:36am FLAG
Hormy girls kik me @laxbrobechillen ,im athletically toned md blue eyes blonde hair;)

Anonymous Mar 24 2013 8:30pm FLAG
Horny girls send me your titties... 87turbo6

87turbo6 Mar 25 2013 2:18pm FLAG
Girls hmu at crazygoof46 for some and what else you prefer

Fun Mar 26 2013 5:54pm FLAG
hey girls kik me at thatoneguy305 ill do dirty or clean chat it doesnt matter im really up for anything (looking for a slave btw) age doesnt matter im btw

thatoneguy305 Mar 27 2013 2:49pm FLAG
Horny girls kik me at awesome_guy

Anonymous Mar 28 2013 6:34pm FLAG
Anyone add me I'm horn y as

Iliveto Mar 30 2013 2:07pm FLAG
Horn y m anyone under 18 iliveto no dashes!

Anonymous Mar 30 2013 2:08pm FLAG

Anonymous Mar 30 2013 8:46pm FLAG

Anonymous Mar 30 2013 8:46pm FLAG

Anonymous Mar 30 2013 8:46pm FLAG
K Put it together no spaces

Anonymous Mar 30 2013 8:46pm FLAG
Girls send me snap: badboy000 Im wet and F: 10-18

Badboy000 Mar 31 2013 8:12am FLAG
mikeon84 add me

mikeon Mar 31 2013 5:02pm FLAG
Kik me pics farmer.kid I want girl pics

Anonymous Mar 31 2013 8:44pm FLAG
If ur a girl tomax in quebec laval ur lucky cuz i know hiw to give u THE best orgasm uve ever had we can meet at sablon but befor lets chat Kik is rotmg_gamer

Furthurinfoifwechat Apr 05 2013 12:24am FLAG
zebkbeer add me wet girls ;)

9 inches Apr 06 2013 8:59pm FLAG
m...send me girl pics i'll return the favor. kik..seanlikesgirls

Anonymous Apr 07 2013 11:08pm FLAG
Kik chancekillion96 m up for anything female only

Anonymous Apr 14 2013 9:50pm FLAG
I'm lesbian, 24 f from Malaysia... Add me chloechew

chloechew Apr 17 2013 12:24pm FLAG
add: ishowmyd*ck1

victor Apr 23 2013 11:17am FLAG
kik me girls, lets have some fun ;) mikelawson06

mike l Apr 23 2013 10:09pm FLAG
Naughty Boy for sexy girls... jbond24- add me

jbond24 Apr 25 2013 4:28am FLAG
Kik me girls any age philly03

anonymouse Apr 27 2013 11:38pm FLAG
Kik 779457

Anonymous Apr 30 2013 4:09am FLAG
Any young girls KIK jamies5

Jamies5 Apr 30 2013 7:13am FLAG
Im Sarah 18yo text me boys a08029

a08029 May 02 2013 4:18am FLAG
Kik me: jetsetdon. I'm 25 M. Girls any age can add

Anonymous May 02 2013 9:47am FLAG
19 m. Kik:MattALaw. Straight. Prefer clean over dirty chat. Will swap pics

Anonymous May 02 2013 11:08am FLAG
Kik me! Feelingsexy97 I'm a dude and I would like girls only any age, talking. dirty or clean. ****s appreciated, me baby ;)

Anonymous May 03 2013 11:29pm FLAG
Girls kik joegy66 for a good time 😚

Joegy66 May 04 2013 2:07pm FLAG
Any dirty girls Kik me for some picture swapping and sexy talk. Cherrybuck.

Marty May 05 2013 1:42am FLAG
m Kik me @ iloveboobsndc*ck . I prefer older women

Anonymous May 05 2013 2:58am FLAG
M, Any cute girls who can get dirty, kik @ smoodude ;)

Anonymous May 05 2013 6:06pm FLAG
Letsjustxxx girls any age ready to play ;)

Letsjustxxx May 06 2013 5:57pm FLAG
Hey I'm any girls wanna chat or send pics? Im up for anything Kik- Scottness98

Anonymous May 06 2013 9:04pm FLAG
BBSammie Kik me..

BBSammie May 09 2013 6:11pm FLAG
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anon May 10 2013 10:16am FLAG
Any GIRLS any guys annny AGE wanna talk dirty I have pics ajd.videos and am a US MARINE:)) kik me: kikdude345

dirtytallguy May 10 2013 9:39pm FLAG
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salman May 12 2013 2:38pm FLAG
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J May 13 2013 8:29pm FLAG
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Isaiah May 14 2013 12:44pm FLAG
any girls wanna chat kik DaveInScotland clean or dirty I don't mind

DaveInScotland May 15 2013 7:26am FLAG
Lets trade...Anyone 18+ @ MarkyMarkSteven

MarkyMarkSteven May 18 2013 8:16am FLAG
Kik me: jetsetdon I'm 25 M. Girls any age can add

Anonymous May 18 2013 10:01am FLAG
im bisexuel m <3 add me boys and girls hotonyou.

youdontknow May 19 2013 1:04pm FLAG
Hey m 19 kik : Hejnanninanni Add me and maybe we will trade pics ;) girls only plz :D

Anonymous May 19 2013 4:16pm FLAG
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derek May 19 2013 8:31pm FLAG
adammada kik me. m for

adammada May 20 2013 4:32pm FLAG
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Cfkau May 26 2013 2:40pm FLAG
m18 chatter888

Anonymous May 27 2013 4:59am FLAG
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derek May 27 2013 1:43pm FLAG
Girls aged kik me. Appl97 😘

Anonymous May 27 2013 2:43pm FLAG
Ex gf jasmine_the_penguin

derek May 27 2013 3:54pm FLAG
Hey 19m ;) kik me tony86482

tony86482 May 27 2013 4:47pm FLAG
girls kik Jeffy420__

jeff May 27 2013 10:21pm FLAG
I love older women plz kik me I'm always alexthemaster96. If you are young girl I like that too. :)

Alexthemaster96 May 28 2013 11:35pm FLAG
Add btlmnc I'm a girl. 19. And bisexual (;

Btlmnc May 29 2013 1:42am FLAG
themusicluva kik me girls..

Anonymous May 29 2013 2:17am FLAG
Looking to kik girls/women 18 year old male with abs and 8 inches, kik: A1S29. Hurry ladies

Sexy guy May 30 2013 11:32pm FLAG
Kik me girls im 18 and xprobex

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dude4cpl Jun 03 2013 2:43pm FLAG
Kik me nikita_o, I'm a boy y. o. Can do anything you want. Prefer very young or 30-60yo women! =)

Nik Jun 03 2013 3:27pm FLAG
Kik me bailey3010 in male looking for girls any age

Anonymous Jun 04 2013 1:59am FLAG
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male GIRLS ONLY ILL TRADE PICS ILL DO CLEANN OR DIRTY WICH EVER U PERFER i can do anything you want kik: weedsm0ker420. kik me for age doesnt matter

Anonymous Jun 05 2013 9:08am FLAG
I'm a sexy man,Girls Add Me Cico95

Xxx Jun 05 2013 10:14am FLAG
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Isaac2010 Jun 07 2013 6:15pm FLAG
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Sebastian Jun 08 2013 9:06pm FLAG
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Anonymous Jun 12 2013 11:20pm FLAG
My name is Blaire . Add me <3 kik: b.blaire.bear ,, I'm F

Blaire Reynolds Jun 13 2013 1:44pm FLAG
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Anonymous Jun 13 2013 2:00pm FLAG
me up, m who loves to get dirty. let me show you why you should come chat with me. give me a shot, i promise you won't regret it ;) kik: Opalms

Opalms Jun 13 2013 2:18pm FLAG
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Anonymous Jun 13 2013 9:28pm FLAG
Kik me~ , Female! Kik addy is my name!

Cutelilkitten96 Jun 14 2013 8:59pm FLAG
Jgillett86 kik me boy ;)

Anonymous Jun 16 2013 12:02am FLAG
Kik: jetsetdon and I'm 25 M. Girls any age can add..

Anonymous Jun 16 2013 10:20am FLAG
Hello Girls. . Please Kik me @AlvinYoung. iam Mascular. ONLY Girls.

KIK USER Jun 18 2013 4:10am FLAG
Black dude from London needs white girls to and pic swap. No dudes please. Kik and skype is tyslogo and facetime is

Ty Jun 20 2013 11:22am FLAG
Hey :) Ill have sex with girls -nenmann Lonely :(

Anonymous Jun 20 2013 5:26pm FLAG
Hey I'm max and I'm 18:) I'm from Australia, girls kik me pics and I'll kik mine😘 GIRLS ONLY kik: maxmofoe

Maxmofoe Jun 22 2013 12:51am FLAG

anonymous Jun 22 2013 9:50pm FLAG
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Anonymous Jun 30 2013 7:51am FLAG
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(.v.) :)

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Anonymous Jul 09 2013 12:22am FLAG
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Kik: jetsetdon and I'm 25, M, from Northern Ireland. Girls any age can add.

Anonymous Jul 19 2013 8:06am FLAG

Hi Jul 22 2013 5:47pm FLAG
Girls jromerooo

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I like mostly matures Jul 29 2013 11:59am FLAG
This is kinda sad. with strangers? Really? Do u know how many things could go wrong with that? Your pictures might end up somewhere u dont want it. Why dont u go out and find a gf/bf who is actually real to help u when ur are there s doing this?! btw im pretty sure its not legal to if youre d.

Anonymous Jul 31 2013 1:06pm FLAG

Anonymous Jul 31 2013 1:07pm FLAG

Anonymous Jul 31 2013 1:08pm FLAG
I wanna put my name up, but i know no one will answer me. Im so lonely.

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