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The Problem: so how do u have sex with stuffed animals

Asked by: mallory hart at 10:11:25 PM, Wednesday, October 24, 2012 PDT FLAG


Stick their head in between ur legs right next to ur vagina and hump

Anonymous Oct 24 2012 10:14pm FLAG

um do i do it now im going to try that

mal Oct 24 2012 10:15pm FLAG
uhhh help r u a boy or a girl tell me step by step ok

mal Oct 24 2012 10:17pm FLAG
@mal what kind of stuffed animal is it? You probably want to use something other than a stuffed animal b/c (I don't know how to put this nicely) you probably want to use something hard and stuffed animals are soft...

michaelnox Oct 24 2012 10:19pm FLAG
Girl, and first, get a stuffed animal(hard head soft body works best) put its head close to your vagina in between ur legs

Anonymous Oct 24 2012 10:20pm FLAG
mal u have kik

konner Oct 24 2012 10:20pm FLAG
well its a pig and its face it hard trust me i made out with it and humped it i also hump my pillow and my friends

mal Oct 24 2012 10:21pm FLAG
no konner srry)and anon wat else

mal Oct 24 2012 10:22pm FLAG
hahahah *brust laughing out* hump on friend,stuffies animal,& pilliow? wow ur must b desperter sex..

Anonymous Oct 24 2012 10:22pm FLAG
Ok... do you have it in the right position??(if ur left handed lay on left side, right handed, right side)

Anonymous Oct 24 2012 10:22pm FLAG
"...i also hump ... my friends": if you have your friends then why do you need a piggy? Um, you'll probably want to rub it in little circles rather than try to actually have it penetrate you it b/c I'm guessing the head is round like a ball? How big is the pig's head?

michaelnox Oct 24 2012 10:24pm FLAG
@anon wouldn't you want to lay on the opposite side as your handedness? Or just lay on her back...

michaelnox Oct 24 2012 10:25pm FLAG
Don't listen to him, I do this ALL the time

Anonymous Oct 24 2012 10:25pm FLAG
yeah im right and yes im desprate for sex but i really dont hump my friends would even have sex with the wall

mal Oct 24 2012 10:26pm FLAG
And no michael, it won't work, because you have 2 use both hands

Anonymous Oct 24 2012 10:26pm FLAG
That anon that said that was a dif anon, I ll go as this now

Anon1 Oct 24 2012 10:27pm FLAG
How old r u if ur so desperate 4 sex?

Jonnys girl 4evr Oct 24 2012 10:27pm FLAG
i meant to say i really do hump my friends

mal Oct 24 2012 10:28pm FLAG
@anon Oh okay I see what you're saying now.

michaelnox Oct 24 2012 10:28pm FLAG
Ya, lol

anon1 Oct 24 2012 10:28pm FLAG
The anons are confusing me! Thanks @Anon1 for using that handle to help clarify! [=

michaelnox Oct 24 2012 10:29pm FLAG
i dont and im

mal Oct 24 2012 10:29pm FLAG
Ooh, ! {-; (maybe I should leave this thread...)

michaelnox Oct 24 2012 10:30pm FLAG
R u in the right position now mal?? And welcome michael ;)

anon1 Oct 24 2012 10:30pm FLAG
yeah and michael im mature for my age so

mal Oct 24 2012 10:31pm FLAG
Haha @mal ur so open bout sex and ur only haha thats cool

Jonnys girl 4evr Oct 24 2012 10:32pm FLAG

mal Oct 24 2012 10:32pm FLAG
Ok now grab both sides of the animal (left hand on legs, right hand on head, btw the head goes to ur ass)

ano Oct 24 2012 10:33pm FLAG
Ya u seem mature 4 ur age

Jonnys girl 4evr Oct 24 2012 10:33pm FLAG
Ano was me

anon1 Oct 24 2012 10:34pm FLAG
ok now wat

mal Oct 24 2012 10:34pm FLAG
No I meant b/c I'm a 20yo pedophile and is an age I can be attracted to depending on the girl... So I might want to leave the thread so I don't start thinking dirty thoughts.

michaelnox Oct 24 2012 10:35pm FLAG
Did u position ur hands in the right spot??

anon1 Oct 24 2012 10:35pm FLAG
ok and yes i am mature for my age @jg4e

mal Oct 24 2012 10:36pm FLAG

mal Oct 24 2012 10:37pm FLAG
Ok, now hump ur stuffed animal while moving the animal back and forth

anon1 Oct 24 2012 10:37pm FLAG
ok do i hump it hard or wat

mal Oct 24 2012 10:38pm FLAG
Omg @michaelnox.......

Jonnys girl 4evr Oct 24 2012 10:39pm FLAG
U don't hav 2, but pull the animal up while ur humping

anon1 Oct 24 2012 10:40pm FLAG
ok thkz

mal Oct 24 2012 10:41pm FLAG
Did it wrk??

anon1 Oct 24 2012 10:46pm FLAG
yeah go to my new post

mal Oct 24 2012 10:50pm FLAG
hmmm.... interesting... lol

Laxbrahh7 Oct 25 2012 1:45am FLAG

KIA Oct 25 2012 4:12am FLAG
gross dont lick the cum

Anonymous Feb 04 2013 4:13pm FLAG

Delaneersaurusrex Feb 25 2013 1:57am FLAG
hey guys could i have sex with a pillow?

amyxsonic Mar 22 2013 3:00pm FLAG
Yeah you can put it in between your legs and hump it or rub it around you vg.

Tswl Apr 01 2013 7:38am FLAG
Can I. Cum if I have not had my first period?

lilgurlluvsher Apr 02 2013 1:05pm FLAG

guh/ Apr 20 2013 11:19pm FLAG
Just hump the muthA a

Sexaddict Apr 21 2013 8:38pm FLAG
Sex is awesome and if they want to lic the cum let them. It tastes awesome.

Ana Apr 28 2013 6:14pm FLAG
Ty I wanted to know how and now I do ty so much

Sopianas Apr 28 2013 6:54pm FLAG
u shouldnt talk about this on the internet were people can see your txt

person May 02 2013 6:33pm FLAG
She can if she wants and cum is awesome

stars and stripes forever May 04 2013 7:42pm FLAG
I like the way to take the hard snout and rub it on ur opening of ur vagina and then when u feel really really good, don't take the snout out but kinda sit on the snout while the snout is up ur vagina, and move around on top of it some, feels so good!!

Annoymus ;D May 23 2013 8:15pm FLAG
Mabey rub the citrus on the mouth May 25 2013 10:44pm FLAG
idk about this, i just want an orgasm

Jordanstar Jun 02 2013 9:16pm FLAG
make sure u bounce up and down and moahn

ashly Jun 04 2013 6:38pm FLAG
Um i just want the hardcore sex... btw im a girl

Jordanstar Jun 11 2013 3:25pm FLAG
you should get a friend to help it really works then and it feels great.

cobra Jun 11 2013 3:55pm FLAG
just put it in ur it its really good

s78h Jun 12 2013 8:29am FLAG
how long does it take tell ur done

s78 Jun 12 2013 8:32am FLAG
It lasts as long as you want it to last. I have sex with my stuffed animals whenever I'm not having sex with my boyfriend! Don't make a big deal out of this by telling people though. They will literally think you are crazy. Everyone my siste told called the police. I hope you use my advice!!!!!

The instant humper Jun 12 2013 4:33pm FLAG
If I were you I would suggest not having sex with a stuffed animal at all. If you want to have sex with something I would really suggest for you to not put your a DUDETTE not a STUFFED ANIMAL!!!!!!!!.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The HUMAN er Jun 13 2013 5:16pm FLAG
but what if ur boyfriend dosnt whant to have sex

s78 Jun 24 2013 9:12am FLAG
Since ur only , I suggest having fake sex with it. If it has a mouth, put it close to your vagina and pretend it's licking u. And lick its d*ck.

sexisfun Jun 26 2013 6:37pm FLAG
Take its hard snout and rub it roughly on your cl*toris. Then you can take its stomach((Where its d*ck would be)) and rub it hard

Anonymous Jun 26 2013 9:51pm FLAG
you shouldn't talk about this on the internet where people can see you

taylor Jun 28 2013 1:27pm FLAG

Anonymous2 Jul 01 2013 12:46pm FLAG
i am an animal when it comes to sex

skull99 Jul 03 2013 9:33pm FLAG
rub your ***** boobs on its face while humping it

Anonymous Jul 08 2013 9:37am FLAG
im 8 and i love it

Anonymous Jul 08 2013 9:40am FLAG
if it has a tail pretend its its d*ck and stick it up your vigina

lily Jul 09 2013 2:56pm FLAG
get a stuffed and open ur legs and put it face @ur vg act like it licking u

stuffed sex Jul 09 2013 5:14pm FLAG
Take a big teddy bear if it has a snout start french kissing it then start stripping in front of it leave your under wear on (in the beginning) make its paw Rub up and down your vg. then start having sex!!!!!!!!!!!

Hardcore. Jul 09 2013 6:20pm FLAG
Like lily if it has a tail make its tail go in and out of your vg it feels the best.

Hardcore. Jul 10 2013 7:30am FLAG
you can have sex with me

erman Jul 15 2013 6:10pm FLAG
With you? Condoms right?! to erman

Hardcore. Jul 16 2013 7:47am FLAG
Are you a boy or girl?

Hardcore. Jul 16 2013 7:50am FLAG

some Jul 21 2013 6:21pm FLAG
If its a dog put its tail in your thing

Anonymous Jul 22 2013 7:37pm FLAG
Im a girl too. thats not gonna work.

Hardcore. Jul 23 2013 1:37pm FLAG
how do you hump a stufed animal and have it feel like real sex

sexybi.. Jul 24 2013 5:52pm FLAG
I don't know???

Hardcore. Jul 28 2013 1:57pm FLAG
I'm y

sexygirll Aug 03 2013 6:58am FLAG
I'm 20 someone hav sex with me ;)

sexygirl2 Aug 03 2013 7:01am FLAG
Get a bog stuff animal like a dog and stick its tail in your vg an go up an down it feels so good

Umm Aug 05 2013 4:12pm FLAG
Hehhhhhh freaks

melon Aug 07 2013 12:22am FLAG
I am a male how do u have sex with stuffed aNimals

:: Aug 07 2013 8:52pm FLAG
^ To above question: Cut a hole in it.

Anonymous Aug 08 2013 11:23am FLAG
Just it real good and dont stp

The er Aug 09 2013 2:53am FLAG
I use a vibrating toothbru feels soooo good

Ha Aug 12 2013 11:50pm FLAG
Someone tell me how to have sex with a stuffed animal plz

Anonymous Aug 17 2013 1:59pm FLAG
Alright, time to hear someone's idiotic question. How do you hump in general?

XxShatterxX Aug 17 2013 5:06pm FLAG
U put whatever it it is in between your legs and then "hit it" with your privet

Ass Aug 23 2013 8:11pm FLAG
And also if your a girl to have a nice feeling in your vag put a pencil or a sharpie inside it and then pu in and out over and over again

Ass Aug 23 2013 8:15pm FLAG
And lastly I'm 34 and a virgin an that's how I wanna stay

Ass Aug 23 2013 8:16pm FLAG
I want to have sex really bad but im afraid i'll get cot

Amanda Sep 02 2013 11:02am FLAG
is anyone there please

Amanda Sep 02 2013 11:06am FLAG

Amanda Sep 02 2013 12:38pm FLAG
Amanda just do it under the covers and if u get cought tell them your jut cuddling and you can't get comfterble -p.s I suck at spelling

Anonymous Sep 10 2013 9:10pm FLAG

Anonymous Sep 14 2013 10:21am FLAG
if it has a long tail strip and put tail in vagina crack, pull up hard on both sides

yum yum penis Sep 17 2013 5:06pm FLAG
How do you ha e sex with your stuffed dinosaur

Anonymous Sep 22 2013 3:15pm FLAG
How do you have sex with you stuffed animal and make it feel like the real deal

natalie Sep 23 2013 6:05pm FLAG
How long does it take for it to start working

Anonymous Sep 23 2013 6:06pm FLAG
what size does the bear have to be.

Anonymous Sep 25 2013 3:00pm FLAG
wen i stares to fill good you mit what to stop do not ok love you bye

linda Sep 25 2013 4:38pm FLAG
if you are a girl okay love girls hat men

love Sep 25 2013 4:40pm FLAG
It feels good you do want to stop but you dont

anonymous 3 Sep 28 2013 12:09pm FLAG
I meant not

Anonymous Sep 28 2013 12:25pm FLAG
How long does it take for it to start feeling good

brandy Sep 28 2013 12:25pm FLAG

brandy Sep 29 2013 4:23pm FLAG
I love sex

Anonymous Sep 29 2013 4:25pm FLAG
i still dont get it

Amanda Sep 29 2013 10:39pm FLAG
What don't you get

katie Sep 30 2013 2:28pm FLAG
If your on your period can you still have sex with your stuffed animal

jessica Sep 30 2013 2:29pm FLAG
Booooooobs are awesome is better

Fred's Oct 01 2013 3:01pm FLAG
Us a pair of socks put them in a really tight ball and put them in your under pants lie on your stomach and move your hops up and down

lolly Oct 02 2013 8:48pm FLAG
Thanks lolly

jessicA Oct 03 2013 12:26pm FLAG
i still dont get it that aint that fun

Amanda Oct 05 2013 6:35pm FLAG
Mal i need advice

raelynn Oct 05 2013 8:22pm FLAG
How do i get prgnet?

Anonymous Oct 05 2013 8:23pm FLAG
With a boy you guys have sex them his sperm will go into you vagina

your mom Oct 06 2013 12:03pm FLAG

raelynn Oct 06 2013 5:44pm FLAG
I meed mal!

raelynn Oct 06 2013 5:45pm FLAG
Please give a tip for the guys to

Anonymous Oct 10 2013 7:57am FLAG
Look it's a bad habit of mine to but u have to stop I won't be able to have children when I'm older because I had sex with my toys I'm I've got so much to live up to and all I wanted in life was my own child. Now my wish is ruined.i hope u take this into concideration. Your habit is worse than you think please stop before its too late.

Lilyana Oct 14 2013 4:22am FLAG
I love humping my stuffed animal but I can't get an orgasm fast enough pleeze help me.

bug Oct 14 2013 4:38pm FLAG

bug Oct 14 2013 4:41pm FLAG
Here's some advice every time u want to have sex with your toy leave the room that the toy is in or get rid of your toys if u r or over I did and I have never felt the urge to have sex again. The worst bit is when your parents find out what you've been doing.

Anonymous Oct 14 2013 11:55pm FLAG
That last piece of advice was from me I just forgot to put my name there

Lilyana Oct 14 2013 11:56pm FLAG
Some advice from a girl I use a big animal only because its easier to control ok.then I hold it qith my legs and then things go from there.

Bug wht u do is think and let body do the rest. It's that simple

;-) Oct 18 2013 12:21am FLAG
And by things I mean hump srry didn't kbow if tht was clear or not

SWEETHEART Oct 18 2013 12:24am FLAG
How do you get an orgasm fast

nataly Oct 21 2013 6:55pm FLAG

its nataly again now answer plz Oct 28 2013 2:34pm FLAG
umm.. us a american warehouse lion

anymonous Oct 29 2013 5:20pm FLAG
I want a orgasm fast

Brady Nov 02 2013 12:05pm FLAG
i had sex once with my friend but i have a big teddy bear wat do i do

someone Nov 02 2013 11:21pm FLAG
Put your penis on it and hump

I Love to have sex with girls Nov 05 2013 11:32am FLAG
Ok get on top of it and start kissing it slowly taking some of your clothes off. Then take your panties off and slowly grind the animal while making out. Go faster and moan for pleasure. Do different positions and hump it so hard

Me Nov 16 2013 8:04am FLAG
How do you get a orgasm fast

me #3 Nov 16 2013 12:16pm FLAG
Cut holes in not now how spell!?!?!?!

Logan pagΓ© Nov 18 2013 8:34pm FLAG
How do you hat a orgasm fast without taking up 5 minutes

chole Nov 20 2013 2:37pm FLAG
Just me

Horney old woman P.S. IM VERY OLD Nov 24 2013 8:05pm FLAG
Any one there??

Can't tell Nov 25 2013 2:59pm FLAG
What's your question

chloe Nov 27 2013 2:48pm FLAG
Can you take a vidio of you doing it

riley Nov 27 2013 4:16pm FLAG
Anser it now!

riley Nov 27 2013 4:18pm FLAG
Can you send me a vidio of it

Anonymous Nov 27 2013 4:23pm FLAG
Sexywoman do you what to have sex

Anonymous Nov 27 2013 4:30pm FLAG
Let's have sex

Anonymous Nov 29 2013 3:51am FLAG
It feels so nice to hump my stuffed frog

Anonymous Nov 30 2013 10:21am FLAG
im a lezbien but im nine boobies(..)

Anonymous Dec 01 2013 7:37am FLAG
Hey guys I use stuffed animals this way OK step 1 get ***** step 2 get a stuffed animal if it has a soft nose put water on it put the stuffed animal in your vagina on the wet part and hump it slowly then get faster mmmm feels so good

I love sex with stuffed animals Dec 02 2013 3:51pm FLAG
Try Getting ***** and poke a hole somewhere.Then stick your penis in the hole then start humping it slowly then get faster and faster.

Dat Freek Dec 11 2013 2:04pm FLAG
How do u do it tell me plz I'm despreat to know

carrie Dec 15 2013 1:59pm FLAG
For any animal first strip down to ur underwear and have it rub it's paw wear ur vagina is then......

Person Dec 15 2013 8:31pm FLAG
Well you lay the stuffed animal down and then Get ***** and act all sexy

Anonymous Dec 16 2013 6:18pm FLAG
I'm a boy and what I do is make a hole in the butt of the stuffed animal and I just shove it in

Mikea001 Dec 17 2013 2:18pm FLAG
Anyone there

Mikea001 Dec 17 2013 3:43pm FLAG
What's your question

anonymous 3 Dec 23 2013 3:23pm FLAG
I hump a stuffed from tractor supply all the time but I need to do the right way

nathan Dec 27 2013 1:36pm FLAG
from tractor supply

adding to nathan Dec 27 2013 1:37pm FLAG

nathan Dec 27 2013 1:37pm FLAG

Lisete Jan 04 2014 1:34am FLAG
This is what I do. At night I get my stuffed animal and I get ***** in the bed and I start humping it and it feels so good. You should try it.

Lisete Jan 04 2014 1:35am FLAG
I am a girl and I am 9 and I have a big teddy bear. Can I have sex with it without humping it?

Horse lover 81 Jan 06 2014 11:25am FLAG
I tried humping it really hard and really good but I didn't care it felt like sitting on somthing ***** in a rocking chair so I guess it felt good but it was boring

Horse lover 81 Jan 06 2014 11:32am FLAG

Uig Jan 06 2014 8:30pm FLAG
I am and I am having sexwirh my stuffed animal right now feels so sexy

Hi Jan 09 2014 4:46pm FLAG
Btw little kids should not be trying to have sex just sayobg

Hi Jan 09 2014 4:49pm FLAG
Hey having sex again any of u me

Fdhehgtwjr Jan 10 2014 7:58pm FLAG

🍩 Jan 12 2014 11:13pm FLAG
I have sex with 3suffed animals at once and it feels so good on my cl*t i rip off all my clothes and put there head in my ads and then i moan ohhhhh yeah an then put the tail in my vagina

sex expert Jan 29 2014 12:28pm FLAG
You can get on top of it and start grinding on it or move your hips back and forth

Lisete Jan 29 2014 7:48pm FLAG
I am trying it on my stuffed animal and it feels nice but it feels better when your in a room alone then start humping it and then act all sexy and have sex.

Sexiscool Jan 31 2014 5:22pm FLAG
I just did it but I want to have sex with a real person at my house and I am a girl so I need a orgasm fast.

Sexiscool Jan 31 2014 5:31pm FLAG
I once had sex with a cat. But on accident. I was in the shower but the tub was leaking. I got out of the shower and fell. When I woke up my cat was licking my vagin* and then stuck his peni* up my vagina

Horse lover 81 Feb 01 2014 8:48am FLAG
Horse lover 81 I feel bad for you.

Sexiscool Feb 01 2014 11:14am FLAG
I took the cat to the vet and the vet kept the cat at the vet for a while and when I came back the vet said he was trained to have sex with humans and probably from his last owner

Horse lover 81 Feb 01 2014 3:17pm FLAG
Luckily the cat didn't get me is possible for a animal to get you pregnant

Horse lover 81 Feb 02 2014 1:30pm FLAG
Who the would train their cat to have sex O.O

Lisete Feb 02 2014 1:43pm FLAG
A sick person would

a shyguy Feb 02 2014 8:06pm FLAG
What if it starts to hurt after a while

Anonymous Feb 03 2014 1:23pm FLAG

Anonymous Feb 04 2014 12:22am FLAG
What kinda stuffed animal do u use if it doesn't have a tail? I need to know

randomkitty Feb 04 2014 12:25am FLAG
Use its nose

Anonymous Feb 04 2014 11:56am FLAG
Use a that has a leg

Horse lover 81 Feb 04 2014 12:16pm FLAG
I mean use a that has a not too long leg

Horse lover 81 Feb 04 2014 12:17pm FLAG
I Meagan

Horse lover 81 Feb 04 2014 12:18pm FLAG
This iPad is making me mad I mean h o r s e

Horse lover 81 Feb 04 2014 12:19pm FLAG
Who will have sex with me? And what is your name, phone number, and a picture of you

Sexiscool Feb 04 2014 3:22pm FLAG
Help. I need help. How do you do it.?

Anonymous Feb 06 2014 10:09pm FLAG
How do I have sex with clothes on with a stuffed animal

Anonymous Feb 08 2014 12:00pm FLAG

Lisete Feb 10 2014 3:45pm FLAG
Hey I have advice can I come over and help

Justin Feb 14 2014 11:05am FLAG
I'll you

Justin Feb 14 2014 11:05am FLAG
Should I have sex with a stuffed animal in my vagina if I am a virgin or not???!!!PLEASE HELP I NEED SEX it feels good when I rub my boobs up and down them but that is not enough

PONY POWER!!! Feb 15 2014 9:45am FLAG
Look I am a lezbo and I have had sex with 3 girls and 1 Man

sexbeast Feb 24 2014 11:45am FLAG
Who wants sex

Anonymous Feb 24 2014 11:46am FLAG
I do want sex anonymous but how old are you?

Semis cool Feb 24 2014 7:20pm FLAG
Hello anybody?

Lisete Feb 24 2014 10:28pm FLAG
Someone help

Sex Feb 26 2014 1:49pm FLAG
Put its head between ur legs and go really in crazy With it! It feels great and I always moan when I do it

mad humper Mar 01 2014 10:50pm FLAG
Put its head to ur vagina. Start. Slowly. Get faster. Moan. FASTER FASTER FASTER!!!! U HAVE REACH ORGAMISM! Z MOAN a lot it turns itself on. I like to really just lick Up all the cum while I'm moaning. I LOVE SEX!!!!!

sex-lover Mar 01 2014 11:29pm FLAG
What I like to do is stick a small teddy bear's snout on my cl*t and hold both it's ears and go up and down and every time I climax! It's really nice! Try it!

Sydney Mar 02 2014 7:30pm FLAG
Ok Sydney but do you mean a small teddy bear

Sexiscool Mar 04 2014 6:49pm FLAG
Who wants sex with me I am katelyn and I am

Sexiscool Mar 04 2014 7:11pm FLAG
Hey what I usually do is to on top of it start humping slow then faster:-)

jennette Mar 08 2014 7:03am FLAG
Im with Massive tits wat do I do

jess Mar 08 2014 9:30pm FLAG
Hello am 9

Michaela Mar 15 2014 3:32pm FLAG
I need sex

Michaela Mar 15 2014 3:34pm FLAG
If you search up best sex positions try them out on your animal. I have sex with my teddy and it feels great. I don't want to stop but I pull myself off. I like to stick a pen up my vagina and start to moan. The best time to have sex with an animal is when your parents think your changing. I just strip down and go hard core all the way!!!!!!!

hardcore d*ck lick Mar 15 2014 4:10pm FLAG
To pretend to suck a d*ck take something plastic and big, tape it to your animal then shove it up yur vg

hardcore Mar 15 2014 4:12pm FLAG
I'm , should I be having sex with my stuffy? Plz answer

hardcore Mar 15 2014 4:13pm FLAG
Am 9 years old are you a girl or a boy

Michaela Mar 15 2014 7:27pm FLAG
If you have a small stuffy and it has a tail stick it in your d*ck \ vg or butt and wigle it I think it feels good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michaela Mar 15 2014 7:33pm FLAG
Should I have sex with a real boy that I have a Big crush on am 9 years old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michaela Mar 15 2014 7:38pm FLAG
How do have sex with a stuffy

how? Mar 16 2014 5:56am FLAG
Please answer asap, how do I have an orgasm within five minutes with my stuffy?

how Mar 16 2014 4:13pm FLAG

Michaela Mar 16 2014 10:26pm FLAG

Natalia Mar 17 2014 2:59pm FLAG

Michaela Mar 18 2014 9:16am FLAG
How do you get an orgasm fast within 5 minutes

brandy Mar 18 2014 4:49pm FLAG
Open your legs and take the moth and suve it in your vg and then make out and then lick it's vg/d*ck and make out with its vg/d*ck I think it feels good!!!

Michaela Mar 19 2014 4:03pm FLAG
What dose wtf mean Natalia

Michaela Mar 19 2014 4:05pm FLAG
Hell enyone there

Michaela Mar 20 2014 3:48pm FLAG

Michaela Mar 20 2014 3:48pm FLAG
Always take off your underwear otherwise it won't feel good!!!!!!!!! Remember !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michaela Mar 20 2014 5:32pm FLAG
Enyone fuc* enyone there

Michaela Mar 22 2014 9:06am FLAG
I take a stuffed animal and have an orgasm for 5 seconds but how do I do it with a stuffed animal for 1 minute

? Mar 22 2014 6:32pm FLAG
Is t ok if im id a ing love sex so much i hump my stuffed animal and try to suck my own penis?

kevin Mar 23 2014 12:05am FLAG

kevin Mar 23 2014 12:06am FLAG

kevin Mar 23 2014 12:09am FLAG
I cant stop having sex its amazing im twelve is that ok?

kevin Mar 23 2014 12:10am FLAG
I just started humping my stuffed animal and got cum to come out

joey Mar 23 2014 12:23am FLAG
But i need sex now

kevin Mar 23 2014 1:03am FLAG
Best part is my stuffed lion used to have a tail till i was swinging it and it broke off and i look at it and it look like a vaginavlso i went hardcore and it felt great

kevin Mar 23 2014 9:59am FLAG
Well you get ***** and hump

Anonymous Mar 28 2014 12:44pm FLAG
Act like its a sexy ***** model

Anonymous Mar 28 2014 12:45pm FLAG
My wife and I have sex and get ***** hump. We also shut of the lights and light candles and put on sexy music and start humping and I undress her and she undresses me we are old people

Anonymous Mar 28 2014 12:52pm FLAG
I lick my wife's breasts and kiss them

Anonymous Mar 28 2014 3:56pm FLAG
Oooohhhh sexy style

kevin Mar 31 2014 9:01pm FLAG
i love sex

layla hamelin Apr 05 2014 7:00am FLAG

d*ck Apr 05 2014 7:07am FLAG

Anonymous Apr 05 2014 7:21am FLAG

ci Apr 05 2014 7:23am FLAG
Hump it sow hard that u go aww aww

Skylerd Apr 05 2014 4:16pm FLAG
Hew wants to me

Skylerd/Skye Apr 05 2014 4:17pm FLAG
Im and I am humping is that okay?

Tomboy Apr 06 2014 5:09am FLAG
My wife and I are sixty and we hump like no tomorrow. First we get *****. Then shut of the lights and light candles and then put sexy music on. I kiss and lick her breasts and vagina. She does the same for me she kisses and licks my nipples and then my penis

Anonymous Apr 06 2014 1:25pm FLAG
My wife's breasts are sexy

Anonymous Apr 06 2014 1:26pm FLAG
My wife is sexy she is sixty. Our grandchildren always catches us humping and having sex. I love to see my wife's boobs and vagina. She likes to see my nipples and penis

Anonymous Apr 06 2014 1:28pm FLAG
I undress my wife she's sixty. She and I have sex every night. Our grandchildren stay over and catch us having sex. They saw me humping my wife. My wife and I undress eachother. We perform lap dances *****. Tonight we had a nice romantic dinner and then I said wanna do it she said yes. We went in and shut off the lights light candles and get ***** and then we humped and had sex. She's still on top of me now. Gotta have sex now

Anonymous Apr 06 2014 6:15pm FLAG
My sixty year old wife is humping me and licking my penis now. She's saying come on hun and have sex with me. My grandchildren saw us having sex and humping. I'm kissing her boobs and vagina. We have no clothes on. Can someone tell me where else my wife and I can have sex.

Anonymous Apr 06 2014 6:21pm FLAG
Go to a ing hotel in Florida or Paris or somewhere sexy, that's the best way to get cum and hardcore sex, get her to twerk first the try to stick your d*ck in her vg an try some really sexy positions.

Sexlover Apr 08 2014 1:14pm FLAG
My sixty year old wife is humping me and licking my penis now. She's saying come on Hun have sex with me. My grandchildren saw us having sex and humping. I'm kissing her boobs and vagina. We have no clothes on. Can someone tell me where else my wife and I can have sex?

Anonymous Apr 08 2014 7:11pm FLAG
Where can my sixty year old wife and I have sex besides the bed?

Anonymous Apr 08 2014 7:13pm FLAG
Can someone tell me how to set a romantic dinner and then sex for my sixty sexy year old wife? She and I both love to have sex. How do you perform a lapdance for my wife. Can you also tell me how to undress her?

Anonymous Apr 08 2014 7:17pm FLAG
Can someone tell me how to undress my sixty year old wife? She is begging me to touch lick and kiss her boobs and vagina. How do I do that though

Anonymous Apr 09 2014 1:58pm FLAG
Let's have sex tonight. You can have sex with me. I'll undress you and you undress me then we can hump then kiss then ill touch your penis and nipples and you touch my boobs and vagina

Anonymous Apr 09 2014 2:04pm FLAG
Can someone tell me where else my sixty year old wife and I can have sex besides the bed? I'm kissing her boobs and vagina. We have no clothes on. How do you undress your wife?

Anonymous Apr 09 2014 7:30pm FLAG

kevin Apr 12 2014 9:55pm FLAG
Can someone tell me where my sixty year old wife and I can have sex besides the bed? We have no clothes on and I'm kissing her boobs and vagina

Anonymous Apr 13 2014 2:49pm FLAG
Wait, can girls get cum?

Anonymous Apr 14 2014 3:53pm FLAG
And is it ok to hump my stuffed bear? I started yesterday and i got so high. It was at night and me and my sis share a room and i almost stared moaning. 0_0 is this ok

Anonymous Apr 14 2014 3:54pm FLAG
Oops forgot my name. Can girls get cum plz sorry im just learning. I dont want cum on my stuffed besr and my mom being like wtf is this.

Thatchick Apr 14 2014 3:55pm FLAG
Sorry another question. Whats better, clothes or no clothes? And how many stuffies at once? Plz tell

Thatchick Apr 14 2014 3:57pm FLAG
ONE MORE QUESTION (maybe) where is the best place to hump/ sex with my stuffies??? And what should i do with it? Strip etc.

Thatchick Apr 14 2014 3:58pm FLAG
Also what is the most romantic way to fuk your stuffie? Im btw and im REALLY and i dont wanna fuk ppl just stuffies. What do u guys sugest???? Plz tell me im gonna have sex with it tonight, and i need help fast 😍😍😍😍

Thatchick Apr 14 2014 4:05pm FLAG
You guys, i did more reasearch on if this is safe, and i found out that you can from doing this and get orgasm well orgasm first, then So idk if you guys wanna get a yeast infection, just look it up more just see if this is safe. Im probably gonna do it twice or once a week. I recommend to do the same if you really want sex like me. So play it safe!

Thatchick Apr 14 2014 5:15pm FLAG
I also suggest, if you want some "safe" fun, i recommend not sticking anything in your d*ck or vg. Just grind on your stuffie. I also suggest a big stuffie. Like as tall as u. PEACE! Im gonna fuk

Thatchick Apr 14 2014 5:19pm FLAG
Can someone tell me where my sixty year old wife and I can have sex besides the bed? We have no clothes on and I'm kissing and licking her boobs and vagina

Anonymous Apr 15 2014 6:05am FLAG
Why are u repeating wht u say bro

That Apr 15 2014 2:54pm FLAG
And where is this best place to have sex with your stuffed animal? Some one tell me

That Apr 15 2014 2:55pm FLAG
Just have sex. Infrount off the granchildern and tell them to try it with stuffies

I want d*cks now Apr 16 2014 2:02am FLAG
Can someone tell me where my sixty yea old wife and I can have sex besides the bed. We have no clothes on. I'm kissing and licking her boobs and vagina now. We have grandchildren over and they caghit us and we locked them out. How should I undress my wife tomorrow night?

Anonymous Apr 16 2014 5:48pm FLAG
Let's undress and have sex

Anonymous Apr 18 2014 10:27am FLAG

Im eager to have sex with someone!! Who wants to??? Lick...lick..lick!

Letsgo Apr 18 2014 8:32pm FLAG
Let's undress and have sex you and me. Who wants to?

Anonymous Apr 19 2014 9:28am FLAG
Anonymous do it to me! Mmmmm....

Babyfirecracker Apr 19 2014 10:04am FLAG
Can Someone have sex with me? We can get ***** together.I will rock your world!

Mmmmm.. Apr 19 2014 10:44am FLAG
I need sex, how do I have an orgasm fast and make it last long

sexy bitch cum and all Apr 22 2014 1:23pm FLAG
Let's have sex and undress

Anonymous Apr 22 2014 2:05pm FLAG
Let's have sex tonight. Who wants to? We can undress and lick and kiss each others parts.

Anonymous Apr 22 2014 2:07pm FLAG
Guys! PLZ tell me how to have sex with a stuffed animal if you share a room with a sibiling? HELP ME!

Me Apr 22 2014 2:32pm FLAG
Ok i am litterly in my bathroom getting undressed and i have a stuffed animal next to me. Im gonna have some fun! And my door is locked. Woah gettinf organsm while talking bout it! See yall in about five mins with tips!

Me Apr 22 2014 2:37pm FLAG
Ok, so, i recommend boy or girl, u need a "d*ck" and boys u need a whole.

Anonymous Apr 22 2014 2:44pm FLAG
Let's have sex tonight. Who wants to? We can lick and kiss each others private parts.

Anonymous Apr 22 2014 5:28pm FLAG
Ok its me again with tips. 1. If boy u need a whole, if gurl u need a leg or something 2. Go somewhere romantic and private 3. Strip infront of stuffie 4. Definitly lay ON TOP 5. H*mp slowly, then start going faster and faster 6. Lay on something soft, or something thats easy to lay on 7. MOST IMPORTANT TIP: at first, if you dont think its fun, continue anyways. And after a while if that doesnt work, try another position!

Me Apr 23 2014 4:38pm FLAG

HELP I REALLY NEED SEX Apr 23 2014 4:46pm FLAG
Let's have sex tonight. Who wants to? We can lick and kiss eachothers private parts

Anonymous Apr 23 2014 6:20pm FLAG
How old are you

Anonymous Apr 23 2014 6:21pm FLAG
who goes to belle river and wants to make out at recess

audrey Apr 24 2014 7:16pm FLAG
who is a boy that wants to make out p.s. im a girl

audrey Apr 24 2014 7:20pm FLAG
im really desprit for a boyfrend so i can make out with something other than a stufftie HHHEEELLLLLLOOO!!!!!!!!!!???????????

audrey Apr 24 2014 7:23pm FLAG
im audrey F***ing people come talk to me

audrey [sexy one] Apr 25 2014 2:03pm FLAG
I'm so Horny

Anonymous Apr 25 2014 4:40pm FLAG
I need help fast I'm so and I don't have a bf I'm desperate

Anonymous Apr 25 2014 4:42pm FLAG
Audrey I'm a boy who goes there

Anonymous Apr 27 2014 6:41am FLAG
Im and i love to have sex with my stuffed animal i cut a hole in its private parts and stick my di*k in its butt hole a vigina and also mouth

sex lover with girls Apr 28 2014 10:44am FLAG
How old r u im and i can have sex with u

Anonymous Apr 28 2014 10:47am FLAG
we can have sex but how old are you anoymous?

sexiscool Apr 28 2014 2:38pm FLAG
How old are you sexiscool?

Anonymous Apr 28 2014 2:43pm FLAG
We can have sex sexiscool. We can undress eachother and lick and kiss eachothers private parts

Anonymous Apr 28 2014 2:44pm FLAG
Who is a girl here

sex lover with girls Apr 28 2014 11:10pm FLAG
Im a boy and im who wants to have sex

Anonymous Apr 28 2014 11:13pm FLAG
Who wants to have sex with me?

Anonymous Apr 29 2014 6:11pm FLAG
Who wants to have sex with me

Anonymous Apr 30 2014 4:13pm FLAG
Who wants to have sex

Anonymous May 01 2014 3:33pm FLAG
I hump my friends I had sex with her we licked eachother scissored and played tarzan and jane I peed all over her

Anonymous May 04 2014 1:59pm FLAG
Who wants sex with me

Anonymous May 10 2014 3:49pm FLAG
sometimes i'll take my barbie's leg and stick it up my va***a. and i rub my vajj on my stuffed animals and after about 5 seconds i feel AWESOME!!!!

sexiestontheplanet May 13 2014 11:30am FLAG

Canisuckit? May 14 2014 3:26pm FLAG

Canisuckit? May 14 2014 3:27pm FLAG
will someone like me on here? I just wanna have a little fun ;) . p.s. im a girl sooo, that means i need a man to ... just sayin'.

sexiestontheplanet May 20 2014 12:54pm FLAG
i ment like me on here.

sexiestontheplanet May 20 2014 12:55pm FLAG
*s e x t me. it keeps taking that word away :p

sexiestontheplanet May 20 2014 12:57pm FLAG
well, ANY TAKERS??!???!!!!?!?? im a good singer, i have blond hair, my bra size is a C and i am the s e x t master... well... ive done it like three times but still. i just wanna s e x t!!!!!

sexiesontheplanet May 21 2014 6:09pm FLAG
I'll do it with you sexiesontheplanet. I'm a man and boy. Well we can undress eachother and lick and kiss and touch eachothers private parts. I wanna see your boobs and vagina.

Anonymous May 21 2014 7:05pm FLAG

Htn May 31 2014 1:31am FLAG
just take a hard snout and rub it up and down your vagina and hold its head and legs and use a dildo and glue it to the stuffed animal and hump

sexisawesome May 31 2014 2:43pm FLAG
plz tell me how to the above one was my friend

sexisawesome May 31 2014 2:44pm FLAG
/\ /\ /\ /\ /\ /\ /\ AA BB OO VV EE OO KK

sexisawesome May 31 2014 2:45pm FLAG

Anonymous May 31 2014 2:45pm FLAG
the above is me just 4got to put my name

sexisawesome May 31 2014 2:46pm FLAG
I usually skip the stuffies! They are so amature! If you want some real pleasure then what I do is get my all nice and wet then I get my hairbrush or a spoon or something long and shove it in there! I rub my cl*t hard and fast and soon it becomes too much and I orgasm. If you do this often then you'll get more comfortable with it and it will be more fun and hot. Wanna me or something??

Anonymous Jun 04 2014 1:05am FLAG
Anonymous wow u sound so hot I'm a guy haha my names Logan hit me up girl

NaLu moment Jun 04 2014 1:08am FLAG
Haha ok how old r u? ;** ;)))

Anonymous Jun 04 2014 1:09am FLAG
Four**** baby, you?

NaLu moment Jun 04 2014 1:10am FLAG
Thir****! U gotta phone? Email? ;)

Anonymous Jun 04 2014 1:11am FLAG
Hb a kik

NaLu moment Jun 04 2014 1:12am FLAG
Yeah mine's ivy_rm_4

Anonymous Jun 04 2014 1:14am FLAG
K I'll kik u bby 8===D ready for some fun?? ;))

NaLu moment Jun 04 2014 1:15am FLAG
Hahaha yes come on sexy hurry up :**

Anonymous Jun 04 2014 1:16am FLAG
Wish me luck dolls ;))

NaLu moment Jun 04 2014 1:17am FLAG
i reckon there is no way to send pics through this thing is there? if so, i can send y'all ALL KINDS of pics of me. :9

sexiestontheplanet Jun 04 2014 8:31am FLAG
I have one question. Wtf Why in the f would anyone want to fdo that?

wtf Jun 07 2014 8:31pm FLAG
How do I have sex with my stuffed animal, what is an orgasm, does an orgasm feel good? I want to have sex hurry up OLX bitches

girl Jun 22 2014 7:59am FLAG
Can I get pregnant humping a stuff animal

somebody Jun 27 2014 10:28pm FLAG
My d*cks 8inch long who want it

Anonymous Jul 16 2014 11:13pm FLAG
Me and my wife are in our fifties and we need to know how to sexily undress eachother. We have sex every night. She goes for my penis and I go for her boobs and vagina. She wants me to hump her how do I do that. She and I are getting ready to have sex now. Please respond... She also wants me to give her a lap dance.. ***** too.

Anonymous Jul 22 2014 7:19pm FLAG
Who wants to have sex with me

Anonymous Jul 22 2014 7:23pm FLAG
Are you a girl or a boy anonymous?? I'm a girl with tucking big tits

bigtits Jul 24 2014 1:40pm FLAG

Anonymous Jul 24 2014 8:09pm FLAG
Who wants a threesome

hot girl Aug 08 2014 9:53pm FLAG
I want a threesome

Anonymous Sep 24 2014 4:31pm FLAG
My wife and I are in our fifties and we have sex every night. I go for her boobs and vagina and she goes for my penis. How can we spend a sexy weekend together and where? She wants me to hump her but how? Our grandchildren walked in on us with their dad. And they said what are Grammy and Pop Pop doing? Their dad immediately took them home. We are getting ready to have sex now. She wants me to give her a lap dance ***** too. Our anniversary is on Tuesday and she wants to spend it having sex all day. Should we go somewhere or stay home? Her name is Jan and my name is Charles.

Anonymous Sep 24 2014 4:39pm FLAG
Any sexy women here?

Anonymous Sep 24 2014 4:40pm FLAG
Well first you lay them on the bed then you strip in front of it after that you light candles put sexy music on talk dirty to it and go to town. I'm having sex now with my fifty year old wife we are both in our fifties. Please tell us how to spend a romantic night. Also where should we have sex and should I hump her? We do the steps I have you. And name ur stuffie.

Old people have sex too Oct 09 2014 5:00pm FLAG
Would you have sex with me

Anonymous Oct 18 2014 6:26pm FLAG
Yes, I would are you a boy or a girl?

Anonymous Oct 20 2014 4:07pm FLAG
Have sex with me?

Anonymous Oct 20 2014 4:16pm FLAG
Any sexy people on here?

Anonymous Oct 21 2014 1:10pm FLAG
is everyone on here 9 lol

Anonymous Oct 21 2014 8:27pm FLAG
Yes I'm 9

Anonymous Oct 23 2014 6:04pm FLAG
#1 Go to your room and close/lock the door so that nobody walk's in on ya. #2 Start taking you clothes off and try to act all sexy like it is a real person. #3 Start to hump the stuffed animal until you get a nice wild orgasm. #4 Start to moan and stuff like that and that is how to have sex with an stuffed animal.!Enjoy!

Sexiscool Oct 25 2014 12:31am FLAG
I'm nine and I've had sex with my boyfriend and this is how we did itπŸ‘Š first he took my shirt off and then my pants and then my thong and then my bra then he licked my vagina and he literally squeezed the milk out of my tits then I sucked his d*ck and fingered him PS IF YOU WANT SEX TXT ME BACK😜

awesomeperson Oct 25 2014 1:13am FLAG
Jk I'm 20

awesomeperson Oct 25 2014 1:14am FLAG

I.G.G.Y AZALEA Oct 25 2014 1:17am FLAG
Don't txt iggy or awsoome person back they aren't real people

Anonymous Oct 25 2014 1:31am FLAG
Awesome person I need sex

Anonymous Oct 26 2014 6:50pm FLAG
How do I have sex with a stuffed animal as if it were a real person? What kind of dirty things can I say to my stuffies? I watched my parents have sex and my grandparents too!

Anonymous Oct 27 2014 2:20pm FLAG
look I'm a girl and I do I get my organisms in less then five minuates ok step one get your stuffed animal step two take off your clothes step 3 hold your animal put its hind legs user your put so the belly is in the v the get the head a pull and move a circular motion hope it helps bye

Roxy Oct 27 2014 10:53pm FLAG
Hey anonymose I have a kik

awesome person Nov 15 2014 6:37am FLAG
ok, I'm a girl and i have a stuffed animal wolf and the way i usually havesex with it is I stick its tail up my vagina and lay on top of it and i lift my shirt up so that my boobs are out and then I start to actually hump the out of it!!! hope the advice works for anyone!!!

Anonymous Nov 23 2014 11:21pm FLAG
What dirty things can I say to it?

Anonymous Nov 25 2014 4:50pm FLAG
if you dont feel like making a lot of noise while having sex with your stuffie or u just want to hav that feeling then just get ur v wet and get a soft stuffed animal part thats long and get that wet then put it up ur v and close ur legs and lay on 1 side and just push and squeeze it with ur v hope it helps!!!!!

sexiest girl of the century Nov 27 2014 12:59pm FLAG
sexiest girl of the century's new name is S.G.O.T.C GOT SEX

S.G.O.T.C. GOT SEX Nov 27 2014 1:02pm FLAG
i cant orgasm but im so i dont hav a bf im a virgin but i luv sex ( with stuffed animals) prety pathetic

S.G.O.T.C. GOT SEX Nov 27 2014 6:18pm FLAG
duz any1 get on here anymore

S.G.O.T.C. GOT SEX Nov 28 2014 1:36am FLAG
Ok. But wht kind of sexy things can I say or do to my stuffie? I really need sex. My grandparents role played how they have sex so I watched them have sex.

Anonymous Nov 28 2014 5:35am FLAG

wolfhound Nov 30 2014 2:50am FLAG
how to have sex with a stuffie

wolfhound Nov 30 2014 2:54am FLAG
antarctic suck my d*ck

wolfhound Nov 30 2014 5:29am FLAG
You people are weird,it's so funny

NIKITA Dec 01 2014 8:27am FLAG
Hello,how old are most of you? I was called NIKITA now im awesomeness

AWESOMENESS Dec 01 2014 8:30am FLAG
I use my doll thats up to my hips,I put its hand in my vg then kind of pu in and out.It fells soooooooo great!

AWESOMENESS Dec 01 2014 8:41am FLAG
I have a big teddy bear 1i get on top of it and say dirty things like " oh oh oh ooooooh right there baby faster ooooooh my faster faster faster you bad boy( if your a lesbo then do this) Oh oh oh ooooooh baby oooooooh baby ooooooooh yeah oh you my mommy your mommy ohhhhhh faster harder oooooooooooooh that's right I been a bad girl faster oooooooooooooooooooh ah ah ah ah ah ah ah

bad sexy girl Dec 06 2014 4:13pm FLAG
Get a Barbie and put its leg in your vagina and then wiggle it around and hump or the same thing but with the head

crazy girl 183 Jan 15 2015 5:16pm FLAG

kaleb Jan 24 2015 5:22pm FLAG
what about a big dog and how do you cum

annoymous Feb 08 2015 10:53pm FLAG
Hello sex world

#SomeoneWhosTaken Feb 13 2015 10:36am FLAG
Really!!??? Get a damn dildo or the real thing!! Why a stuffed animal?? What's next raping children??!!

annoymous Feb 18 2015 10:50am FLAG
I agree Annonymous,Get A Damn Life !

:-D Feb 19 2015 7:58am FLAG
hi I need help I don't know what to do! I want sex but I don't know how

Anonymous Feb 20 2015 7:23pm FLAG
I need a d*ck right

awesome person Mar 01 2015 12:09pm FLAG
This is a really really REALLY weird site btw it's S.G.O.T.C. GOT SEX again I haven't been on here in forever I'm not lying about my identity

S.G.O.T.C. GOT SEX Mar 14 2015 9:40pm FLAG
Well after quite awhile reading through all the posts, here's my opinion: I'm turning 28 now, from SA (south africa) white guy, my d*ck's 10" (or 24cm whatever measuring your using) and I've ing whatever style teddy ya got and enjoy your sex too ;) PS: Saw one post that said the teddy thing is bad for you in the long run... Well 22yrs down the line I'm still fertile and fit to make a kid so go see your doc coz it wasn't ur teddy...

Grey Stevens Apr 02 2015 2:15pm FLAG
i get a medium teddy bear and fold its legs and start jumping it it feels so great on my vagina

Anonymous Apr 20 2015 8:17pm FLAG
Fold your legs around its waist if its big enough and hump away :D Ive jumped all my teddies :( need new ones XD

ed Teddies Apr 24 2015 9:16am FLAG
Anonymous we can have sex and stuff. Also we should have sexy music on and we should be all sexy and stuff.

sexiscool Apr 27 2015 11:19am FLAG
What the is wrong with all you people!

boy that hates you all!!!!! May 09 2015 9:45pm FLAG
put your vagina under the faucet in your bathroom. push yourself up if needed

Anonymous May 11 2015 3:06pm FLAG
How can you make yourself not hump thing

Girl May 20 2015 10:02pm FLAG
Get something small but not to small and then at the bottom of it put a hole on it,s but and then get it in there and go out and in put your finger by the hole and push down softly and walla

€£Β₯~l May 25 2015 10:20pm FLAG
Eny one wana date me I'm free

Love is better then life it self May 25 2015 10:23pm FLAG

Horny Jun 12 2015 7:05pm FLAG
someone me on kik at beneath.the.saddle , im a girl with c cup titties, a wet af

littlebitch Jun 16 2015 3:33pm FLAG
Does anyone get on this anymore???

Suck my d*ck Jun 30 2015 12:16am FLAG
Yo sex can wait. You guys must be some perverted ****s. Judging by your writing abilities your in the range. LOL

Julian.Nels Jul 25 2015 2:40am FLAG
Ok I almost had sex with a girl and I got suspended and my parents had lost all trust in me. If you want to be like me with parents who dont even trust me to stay he alone anymore than be my guest. But seriously... wait till your out of the house and I know it sounds like a long time but it will be fast.

N. Jul 25 2015 2:44am FLAG
How do I put my penis in the stuffed animal?

someone Nov 17 2015 6:32pm FLAG
I am and I am a boy and if you want to be wet try doing it in the shower. I've done it and it feels great. By the way if u are a boy stick it penis in it vagina. I have sex with my stuffed animal on weekends.

someone Nov 18 2015 6:25pm FLAG
plastic nose stuffed animal

bearmy Nov 27 2015 6:15pm FLAG
ohhhh sexy

sexyone Nov 27 2015 6:17pm FLAG
How do you have sex with a small stuffed animal

someone Dec 02 2015 9:23pm FLAG
if you have a stuffed animal with a shiney eye lick it or make it wet and just rub it up and down your vagina slowly then start picking up speed then just go fast it feels great!

person Jan 02 2016 7:04pm FLAG
Dare to have with a 10 year old

jk Jan 24 2016 7:34pm FLAG
Just sick its head between you legs it let it go up and down

your girl Mar 25 2016 8:17am FLAG
Like a good neighbor State Farm is there!

State Farm Insurance Mar 28 2016 12:05pm FLAG
How to have sex with a steelers ball

πŸŽ†πŸŽ† Apr 02 2016 3:20pm FLAG
With big eye

πŸŽ†πŸŽ† Apr 02 2016 3:23pm FLAG
Just buy a dildo *sucks dildo*

dildo Apr 12 2016 3:04pm FLAG
Me and my bf were out camping with friends and it was getting late and everyone was asleep so i started humping my stuffed bear but my bf was right next to me and then we started making out and he was getting a boner so i rubbed my vagina over it and then he started taking off his clothes but i was ***** already then he asked if i was ready -NOTE: I was a virgin- and i was ready but lucky us one of his friends brought condoms -NOTE: we were - so he pounded me so hard that i had about 7 orgasms and now we are 19 and we still date and have sex.

Sexy May 18 2016 7:22pm FLAG
how do i get an orgasim quick

Stuffed animal lover May 21 2016 5:24pm FLAG
Do u people even talk on here anymore

Stuffed animal lover May 22 2016 11:05am FLAG
If you've got a large one great if you've got one with a tail even better shove the tail in your vagina and hump until you orgasm or sit on it where its penis would be put your arms under its back and pull it up and hump hope this helped

Humper May 23 2016 8:36am FLAG
I only have a large rabbit that has lost most of its stuffing and the nose isn't really big eithet

Stuffed animal lover May 23 2016 2:51pm FLAG
Also my thigh bones start hurting before i ever get to orgasim because of the going up and down fast and hard

Stuffed animal lover May 23 2016 2:53pm FLAG

Stuffed animal lover May 26 2016 3:54pm FLAG
I seriously need advice for how to hump stuffed animals

Micky mouse May 31 2016 3:18pm FLAG
First put its snout or something hard on your vagina. Second start off by going really slow. Then start getting fatter and faster. TIP. You can go fast slow or medium. You/ can also go in circles or forward and back. I usually take my underwear off but you could keep them on

10yrsold Jun 28 2016 3:14pm FLAG
you could make out with it to and pretend your whole family was like Regina Georges family but they had sex with each other

sex master Jul 04 2016 10:36pm FLAG
You should get a giant stuffed bear a put water on its nose and pretend it's ******* you

Sexylover89 Jul 08 2016 9:12am FLAG
Who wants SEX

Sexylover89 Jul 08 2016 12:34pm FLAG
Helloooo does anyone use this website anymore

Anonymous Jul 08 2016 12:47pm FLAG
Here, humping noses does feel good but if you do it with a medium sized beanie boo its different. Just take it, put its stuff under your stuff, and hump. Its good. Then make it hump you byutting it on your stuff and using your hand to make it rub.

Meowwww Jul 13 2016 7:17pm FLAG
Ok this is wired what is going on So I do have sex with my stuff I use the legs and it worked

any girl Jul 24 2016 9:54pm FLAG
Any girl your dum dont use the leg use the head girl and are you even a girl!!!!!!????

minecraft sex Jul 24 2016 10:00pm FLAG
If your a girl what do u use with a stuff

Girls are cool Jul 24 2016 10:17pm FLAG
How do I have sex with bolt

Sexy Jul 25 2016 5:26pm FLAG
How to hump dog

Sexy Aug 11 2016 4:52pm FLAG
Is anyone on here? Im bored ;)

Wetasf Sep 11 2016 9:37pm FLAG
Does anyone want to have sx

Miner Oct 30 2016 2:11pm FLAG

popularuser9000 Nov 15 2016 11:44pm FLAG
rap the legs of the stuffed animal around your d*ck

popularuser9000 Nov 15 2016 11:48pm FLAG
I have a stuffed lion that is absolutely the cutest. I love it. Love it because now we have the timing down just right to cum, and cum hard at the same time. My lion is 5 feet so he's good size. So damn hot! Just live gangbanging my lil lion lover! And never complains. Has a smile almost like he's begging for more. When I see that, I give him more and more!

Animal Dec 02 2016 2:02am FLAG
Take the stuff animals tail and put it in their

Maya Dec 07 2016 7:48pm FLAG
Miner I want to have sx

Maya Dec 07 2016 7:50pm FLAG
Who.wants to have sex

I'm nine Dec 09 2016 4:09pm FLAG
Is anyone on here

I'm nine Dec 09 2016 4:37pm FLAG
Wow, I just had the hottest orgasm ever! I attached a 6inch dildo on my big stuffie and had two boys come over. One of my boydriends layed on his back, I got on top with his d*** in me and my stuffies dildo in my butthole. My other boyfriend let me put his d*** in my mouth. It was so hot! Both my boyfriends let me swallow their milky sperm and it tasted so good. I felt super . We are going to do it again soon. Boy sperm tastes so good, it's so yummy! Stuffie sex with helpers is so fun.

Anonymous Jan 12 2017 1:03pm FLAG
yummy pu**y

DR.CARSON Jan 29 2017 6:42pm FLAG
Thx for da advice! Its rally helpful!

SexQueen Jun 07 2017 9:09pm FLAG
Spelling s

SexQueen Jun 07 2017 9:09pm FLAG
Last night my boyfriend And I were sitting on meh bed eating doritos, and he started ing CHOKED on a dorito and he was like 'u like dat' and I looked at him like ' dafuq u think???' And it went on all night.

SexyKitty Jun 07 2017 9:29pm FLAG
I've had sex for a while now and I get a stuffie doesn't matter wut size just hump it it's really simple to get pleasure u don't need to go thru extra hassle!

ImBiBish Jul 25 2017 11:32pm FLAG
Can you get pregnant if you rub it in privacy? Plz tell me the truth!!

I am a girl and I am Jul 29 2017 6:19pm FLAG
Lol I've had sex with my dog. Ya'll should try it sometime ;D

AnimalLuver Feb 18 9:33pm FLAG
Hi guys, I'm Dani if you want to see what I look like go to *** and look up Dani Daniels in the search bar!! Hope ya'll enjoy sex!

Dani Daniels Feb 18 10:19pm FLAG

Dani Daniels Feb 18 10:20pm FLAG
well,i do it at night with my big stuffed dog, I pull my underwear down stick its tail on my V*gina and start humping, I do it faser as go and it feels so good

ND xxx Apr 28 12:48pm FLAG
make sure the blanket is covering your bottom half so if someone walks in on you you can say your just laying on it

ND xxx Apr 28 12:51pm FLAG
hope you enjoy ;)

ND xxx Apr 28 12:55pm FLAG
Give advice: