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how do girls get horney and what happens?

The Problem: well theres my boy friend and he wants me to get horney with him

Asked by: vergin123 at 03:37:53 PM, Saturday, May 07, 2005 PDT FLAG


tell him to leave u alone but if u love im so much ud marry den i say fuk im ok

Anonymous May 08 2005 1:03pm FLAG

LOL ahahah! thats so SAD!

The Vixen May 08 2005 7:18pm FLAG
how oldare u

Anonymous May 09 2005 2:24pm FLAG
an1 on

Anonymous May 09 2005 2:25pm FLAG
you mean me, ...why?

The Vixen May 09 2005 4:01pm FLAG
wel go 4 it wot u gta lose u onli live once

DG May 11 2005 6:52am FLAG

Anonymous May 11 2005 11:46am FLAG
you should let him you

ur daddy Nov 15 2005 4:09pm FLAG
how do you know when and if a girl is

J-MAN Nov 17 2005 5:02pm FLAG
him gurl and do it good first time should be the best

lives 4 sex Dec 03 2005 7:41pm FLAG
him really hard

sexy 01 Dec 14 2005 5:22pm FLAG
heck skrew the guy he would love it. if ur a vergin u will cry ur first time i'm tellen u from experience.

sex master 950 Dec 30 2005 8:03pm FLAG
out of him

non virgin Mar 03 2006 10:19am FLAG
give him the best blow job ever

super horney Mar 03 2006 10:19am FLAG
what happens to a girl when she gets horney?

Anonymous Mar 04 2006 10:10am FLAG
i need to get some what do i do?

Me Mar 26 2006 5:04pm FLAG
hey and only do it if you really love him!

good advice kid Apr 10 2006 2:54pm FLAG
have sex with him girl i bet u that his d*ck is ,big!!!!

COOCHEE May 10 2006 1:36pm FLAG
just suck

Anonymous Jun 06 2006 12:17pm FLAG
Look I am very also an I am only I need so advice as well

Pebbles Jun 14 2006 3:31pm FLAG
Yo do what u got to do even though I am a V take this suggestion from a friend. Its hard to say but just do it.

That Girl Jun 14 2006 3:58pm FLAG
dont do anything you are only wait a few more years you have your whole life

your father Aug 14 2006 9:08am FLAG

SWISS DOGG Sep 09 2006 1:15pm FLAG
hey Pebbles, if your horney just finger yourself and u feel better, but if not hollat me at

jammal Sep 16 2006 12:42pm FLAG
how do u know u are horney

clueless Jan 02 2007 12:03pm FLAG
hey jammal...write to me.. ill be waiting for your help..

monkey Mar 25 2007 8:11pm FLAG

DKKDl;k k Jan 11 2008 7:47pm FLAG
what's up i love some body what should i do

njshjh Jan 11 2008 7:49pm FLAG
give him the time of his life!!!!!!!!

the sex guru Apr 12 2008 1:40pm FLAG
Ya, finger yourself it helps, or use a toy!

horney hottie Apr 20 2008 6:11am FLAG
Just do wat eva u think is rite

Mr,pimp Jun 16 2008 9:16pm FLAG
Hey is ther any hot girlz online

Mr.sxy Jun 16 2008 9:19pm FLAG
U should let him suck on ur

Idk Sep 09 2009 9:59pm FLAG
have sex its funnn and it feeels good

sexxxxalottt Feb 06 2010 11:40pm FLAG
ok i am and a virgin and the ? asked was how do girls get horney lol any answer cuz i have no idea

destiny sophia kate cody Feb 08 2010 9:27am FLAG
omg u don't have to if u don't want to

u do not need to know Sep 14 2010 3:36pm FLAG
da sht out of him

who cares Dec 27 2010 12:38am FLAG
all u gota do z either kiss em or touch them

girllovdem Apr 16 2011 10:11am FLAG
boob sucking babe!! nd when a girl gets horney u can tell in their voices sumtime or the way they act

HiitmeehwityoHAMMERanytim Apr 16 2011 10:12am FLAG
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