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the guy i like likes my best friend

The Problem: this dude luciano likes one of my best friends. everybody is telling me 2 not be her friend anymore but its not her fault she is pretty,and she doesn't like him.i told him i liked him and he didnt say anything ,but the next day he was flirting with her and she was trying to get away.i know i shouldn't like him anymore and i don't i just can't stop thinking about him.what should i do about luciano????

Asked by: sexy1 at 07:04:08 AM, Wednesday, May 25, 2005 PDT FLAG


well i kind i know how u feel well its goin to be like that some-times but u got to keep your head up but anyway i think that u should forget about him and move on as hard as that may be but thats the best thing to do other wise u are just goin to get hurt then u might cry every night just thinkin why he couldnt like u but like i said its goin to be hard to forget about him but just go to someone that will like u the way u like him well thats really all i can say for now so holla at u soon

mesha u can reach me at write it just like May 26 2005 6:35pm FLAG

hey guess what this guy liked me n my best friend liked him. I didnt go for him n i made it clear i wasn't interested then guess what few weeks later he sarted having feelings for my friend now they going out so who knows what could happen. U already told him how u feel so just keep talking n flirting but only abit then if he starts flirting back u just flirt more then who knows he could start warming up to u! but if its been few months n nothings happened move on!

1superstar May 26 2005 9:23pm FLAG
i like this guy mathue>c> and he likes my friend destenie. i toled destnie how i felt about him and than the next day thay where flirting and she sade "mat i rilly like you you wana go see a movie?'' so i just moved onn and than i tryed to move!

big foot! Mar 28 2006 3:31pm FLAG
sexey1 i know how you feel the guy that i like likes my best friend but before i knou that he made me cry but i wanter why he dont like me and my best friend just told me that yesterday when they had that conversation weeks ago just try to move on thats all i can say

kkcc Apr 14 2006 8:48am FLAG
i like this guy, jacob. But he likes my friend nicole. all of the boys like nicole.. anyway he tried to ask her out but nicole said no . she doesnt like anybody. what can i do to reconize that i exsist. ( and dont tell me to move on because i cant )

nicolette May 19 2006 1:23pm FLAG
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yo mama's mama May 19 2006 1:26pm FLAG
try to get over the guy and try to show him that u have the right to not like him then u will see then hell start to like u and make him go through what u did...

Samantha Sep 17 2006 5:15pm FLAG
never like a guy so much that u want to marry him cause then hell think your desprite and u dont ever want a guy to think that about u...

the gymnast... Sep 17 2006 5:17pm FLAG
guys are stupid... unless your in love with someone ofcourse...if ure in junior high never get into a serious relationship....

purple.. Sep 17 2006 5:19pm FLAG
i have that same problem too i guess my only advice would be if u already told him give it a lil while and if nothing happens move on there are more guys out there and he just isnt the one for you

XOXOlots of loveXOXO Oct 17 2006 3:36pm FLAG
im going through the same thing the guy i liked just asked my friend out this morning...she likes him back...i say dont give wild who knows mayb he will like u back someday...give it time..if u and the guy are good friends theirs a chance u too can b together someday..if your in high school ask him to Sadies if he doesnt have a girlfriend anymore...thats what im going to do...i just say patcience is the key to any good relationship!

hoping for love.. Oct 17 2006 6:51pm FLAG
Try to think about how you friend feels other than you.

SensibleSammi Jan 08 2007 12:09pm FLAG
well i really need help because cam "likes" my best friend and we as friends talked to him about it and now his mad

Amanda Apr 02 2007 10:20pm FLAG
well me and this guy were friends for a while then he thought he was going to play melike a fool so me and my best friend said f that and played a game back to him and know hes pissed what do we do? please help us.

Tara Apr 02 2007 10:22pm FLAG
the same thing is happening to me right now. one thing that i would do, and should do, is tell him that you like him, and tell your friend how you feel, and see waht she does or says, and them see what your crush says. i know it can be hard. wait it out, and maybe he too will like you back.

XOXO wishing for love XOXO Apr 12 2007 2:19pm FLAG
Same thing.. the gu i ahve liked for like my whole life.. lieks my best friend and she lieks him too.. they always flirt. i ahve told mi friend how i feel but she really likes him too.. and he already told me he will probably love her forever.. im really sad and jealous.. wat should i do?

*Jealous* May 17 2007 3:56pm FLAG
Im going through the same thing, but my friend has a bf and she flurts back whith the guy i like, and its retarted, but all i can do is get over it because there is nothing i can do about it. But i could always out shine my bf, and that is what everyone else should do if you like somone go for it and out shine everyone else

LittleMsFabulous Jul 28 2008 7:35pm FLAG
well i know exacly how u feel i like this boy named karh and he likes my friend thee only thing that sucks is she likes him

~ARLI~ Sep 09 2009 7:52pm FLAG
I know how you feel, it feels horrible. You should still hangout with your friend just ignore him or act normal when he's around. If he gives you a hatred look just say "what!" but still be your friends friend. If you want to forget him think about the negative thing's about him, and ignore him.

forever young May 18 2011 6:01pm FLAG

Rakesh Mar 19 2016 3:09am FLAG
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