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He says maybe, What does it mean?

The Problem: I asked a guy out and he keeps saying maybe. i really like him so i don't wanna say it is off. I need help of telling if he likes me or not.HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Asked by: iluvmrpony at 02:44:25 PM, Friday, August 12, 2005 PDT FLAG


Maybe he thinks you are joking bout it so have one of your friends ask him for you again so they can tell him xactly how much it means to you if he would say yes.

Your Friend. CC Aug 12 2005 9:51pm FLAG

if ur ugly it meens NO!!! if ur alright lookin it meens he's not sure!!! if ur pretty it meens he thinks ur to hott for him!!! i say ask him one more time but say somethin like "HEY [he's name]I LIKE YOU,I THINK YOUR CUTE AND FUNNY AND WAS WONDERIN IF YOU WANNA GO OUT SOMETIME." if he says 'maybe' then say somethin like "LOOK THIS OTHER GUY ASKED ME OUT BUT I WANTED TO KNOW IF YOU WANNA GO OUT FIRST " then tell him "SO YOU WANNA GO OUT OR NOT!!!" {and meen IT!!!}......but DO NOT SOUND TOO EAGER!!!

u FAKER!!! Aug 12 2005 11:24pm FLAG
i use this on girls so i dont know if it'll work for guys...but it worked on every girl i tried it on that said somethin like 'maybe' or 'i dont know'

u FAKER!!! Aug 12 2005 11:26pm FLAG
Maybe means hes not quite sure and he needs some time to think about it. Wait a few more days and if he doesn't give you an answer, ask him again and make it clear you want a 'yes' or 'no' answer.

Spiffeh Aug 13 2005 2:26am FLAG
he probably has 2 think about try not 2 put so much pressure on him

Sexy_lil_Bitch Aug 13 2005 3:39am FLAG
first of all stop asking u have to ask him and wait if he doesn't answer its a no. if he does answer then yes.

aga Aug 13 2005 9:25am FLAG
Asking guys over and over makes them nervous and they feel like they wanna say no so give it a little more time but i agree that he has taken long enough lol

Your Friend. CC Aug 13 2005 9:31am FLAG
maybe?? he thinks that he isn't sure what he wants to do..but dont keep asking him let him have sometime to think it over!!please your not in a hurry for love!!? right

kaite Aug 14 2005 1:48pm FLAG
maybe you need to give im some air to breathe so he can think but give hom your phone number so he can call to tell you the answer.

whitney Nov 14 2006 2:50pm FLAG
Let him knw how yu feel and ask another time lol make him want yu if he says no then let him go he wasn w0rf y0 tme in tha firs place

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-1' Dec 15 2011 12:58am FLAG
I haTe it when he says maybe I alway ask him for ananser but he always says maybe and it driveing meh crazy

ed -up bitchwihaightpu33y Sep 20 2012 5:52pm FLAG
Give him some time dont put any presure on him or he will say no ask him agian in like 4 days mabey

you aspwssybich Nov 14 2012 3:42pm FLAG
From my experience if a guy says maybe, it's a hesitated yes. My reason? well if he wasn't truley interested in you he would automatically say no. Maybe isn't always negative as people usually say. It also shows that he has some sort of feeling toward you and that the chance of you two dating has crossed his mind.

Elena Nov 15 2012 1:31pm FLAG
Don't ask him to many times or els hell just say no don't put pesssuer on him thir boys and some times boys don't cair so don't ask a lot f times .

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KvJslp A big thank you for your article.Thanks Again.

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