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Do guys like fat girls?

The Problem: My problem is that I like a guy, and I am not sure that he likes me because I am fat. Guys talk to me, and I was asked by a guy before but said no, because i was only at the time, but now i think carma is biting me in the but. so do guys like fat girls?

Asked by: gurl_power at 01:41:01 PM, Thursday, May 18, 2006 PDT FLAG


very rarely not the majority

maddie May 18 2006 9:50pm FLAG

dat just depends on the person

korn1 May 19 2006 4:39am FLAG
yeah korn 1 is always right

h.I.M. fan May 19 2006 7:20am FLAG
it is what is in the heart and not what is on the outside

Anonymous May 19 2006 12:18pm FLAG
Sometimes, but some guys are jerks anyway!!! So stay clear of the jerk ones. trust me!

e.r. u wont b May 19 2006 2:32pm FLAG
god loves u the way u r do not worry about it god made un the way he wanted u to be u r pretty either way

head lover May 19 2006 3:12pm FLAG
yes, more to love. call me

Anonymous May 19 2006 3:21pm FLAG
u r not fat i mean any time some one calls u fat juss say it gives the meat flavor and guys shouldn't care what shape u r as long as u look good as long as u have a good heart it is wat is on the inside that counts good luck

head lover May 19 2006 5:20pm FLAG
No. No one likes fat chicks. You wil probably die a virgin. Just kill yourself now and get over several years of too much trying.

Mach 3 May 19 2006 5:20pm FLAG
no leave her alone

head lover May 19 2006 5:35pm FLAG
I agree with head lover. I totally disagree with Mach 3.

Anonymous May 19 2006 6:00pm FLAG
I hate all your suggestions I got a boy friend and I'm on the heavey side so shut up about think you know it all

Mercedy Benz May 19 2006 8:32pm FLAG
just go ask them out

Anonymous May 19 2006 8:32pm FLAG
just go ask them out

mercedy Benz May 19 2006 8:32pm FLAG
Don't say I didn't warn you.

Mach 3 May 20 2006 7:37am FLAG
i had a skinny guy as boyfriend. and belive me i am not skinny and like that korn 1 it depends on the person and that mach 3 guy is an ass don't lisen to stupid people like him there just un happy with with there self so they have to make you miserble. i was told no one would go out with me because i was fat well i proved them all wrong and got one. so i say if i can do it you can too

wendie Oct 07 2006 11:21pm FLAG
A numer of guys like fat girls more than thin girls. I my self love fat girls.

nate Oct 10 2006 12:14am FLAG
theres muccccccccccccccchhhhhhhhhhh morrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeee to love i would go with the fat chicks

jonathen Oct 16 2006 7:38am FLAG
hi i am going through the same thing but im iv been fat for 3 years and iv only had one boyfriend that liked me for who i was but that was 3 years ago.

keshia the Oct 21 2006 5:00pm FLAG
get a life all of you to many fish in the ocean to be bithing

your mom Nov 01 2006 11:58am FLAG
don't listen to Mach 3.Listen to anonymous and korn 1.

angelle Nov 30 2006 4:37pm FLAG
i wouldn't say guys lke fat girls. u kno why? bc wen u dance, slow dance or grind, and when the guys hands are on ur hips, it will feel wierd bc u hae fat hips. guys aren't into girls like that trsut me. try nutrisystem if ur self concious

annie Feb 05 2007 6:41am FLAG
It does not matter if guy like fat girls or not it is weathere the girl like's her self .If u love ur self guys will love u too =)

rin Mar 11 2007 12:14am FLAG
once u go fat u never go back!

annonymus Mar 21 2007 11:16am FLAG
that mach 3 dude, hes an jerk. he should go jump off a bridge. some guys like thick girls, some dont. it all depends on the guys. but w/e the case maybe, know that you aer beautiful either way.

Taylor Mar 26 2007 3:58pm FLAG
There is nothing wrong with being fat. The hardest thing about getting a boy is that first impression. The problem is that most people don't like big people, but there are a few that do. That will give you the in for them to actually get to know you and the person you are inside.

Loverly Apr 02 2007 1:42am FLAG
Well im chubby not fat and people just dont like me. I dont have friends either. Most people say its cause im fat and they dont want to be seen with me. Some times I just wonder why I just dont end it all right now.

Sad and Lonley Apr 23 2007 4:47am FLAG
some times I wonder whats so great about skinny. Skinny people are over rated.

Sad and Lonley Apr 23 2007 4:53am FLAG
Just be you......If guys or anybody else doesn't like you because of your weight they have a BIG problem!!!!

Anonymous Jul 23 2007 9:09pm FLAG
im 5lbs but all of my weight is in my ass and gutt but i am a person who has had a relation ship with a guy who was a user and a looser all i want is a sweet lovinbg guy .

5lb red head Aug 02 2007 8:52pm FLAG
i dont think that people have any idea what theyre talking about when they talk crap about over weight women.........or men for that matter. in reality anyone that has never had a weight problem has no idea how hard it is to be overweight. i was a tweeker before and thats the only time i was thin...but it was also the only time i was unhappy. now that i am clean i have gained a lot of my weight back but i have also met someone that accepts me for who i am and has no problem with my weight at all. my advice to you is to be yourself and if you have a problem with your weight than do something about it but if someone else does...forget them...they got no idea and they are not worth your time. guys will like you for who you are, if not, its better to know it wont last earlier rather than later.

<3kaRE Aug 08 2007 11:01am FLAG
it doesnt matter if your fat guys will still love you if your a wondrful person, belive me i'm skinny and i dont like it that much i have no ass no hips nonthing so just love your body and belive me some guys do like full figered girls a.k.a fat girls look at ma brother hes skinny as hell and has a girlfriend whos full figerd and they been together for 6 years.

charlie a girl! Sep 01 2007 10:09am FLAG
guys don't like fat girls. period

Anonymous Nov 01 2007 2:02pm FLAG
Im a Phat gurl and i have soooooooo many guy friends and we alwayz flirtin and none of them never talk about my size because it don't matter to them. to me the fatter the better

me Nov 17 2007 8:55am FLAG
look mija am chubby myself too,.. I don't have a man right now n yeah sometimes I feel lonely cuz I see all does skinny Turks with them cute ass guys pero u know wat I rather stay single then have a guy that would only be with me just to have fun,,,,, so don't trip over it cuz sooner or later they are going to see that phat gurls are the best so just wait tip the perfect guy comes to u !!!!!!!!

3s@ LoK1T@ Nov 20 2007 12:47pm FLAG
hi, well first of all i am phat i am pretty hot and thick i am a thick madame and i love myself i always have and always will. i can walk into a cluba nd take a skinny bitches man anyday anytime trust that. alot of my friends ask me how do i do that. the key is i wake up each morning and look in the mirror and tell myself that i love me just athe way i am every curve every inch of me and trust thats alot lol. i am a dime peice no matter what people say i hold my head up high and i am glad that people talk about me that means i am worth it evry player has to have haters. i dont have a weight problem people just ahvw a problem with my weight. i love who i am and so do my mens. beleive that. i get much much play cause i am confident and i will not settle for less. i am sexy and curvy and pretty i love me i ahve to cause no one else will if i dont evrything that u do and think begins with being personal start with yourself u have nothing to lose and the world to gain good luck

miss_sweet2581 Dec 19 2007 8:24pm FLAG
i agree miss_swet2581...and i'm "thick" as well and i'm 18...but sometimes its really hard 4 me 2 feel truly confident in a room full of skinny b@#$%&s lol so what do u think? alot of guys like me and wanna be my bf...but i still feel like im not good enough cuz i'm not skinnny

iwanchuk Dec 20 2007 10:47pm FLAG
if people don't like u then it's probably because of ur personality. im not super fat but im still definitely in the chunky range. I have a ton of friends and only one jerk has ever talked about my weight and I made sure that he apologized. i mean don't beat ppl up but just talk to them reasonably and they usually apologize. don't just go cower in the corner, stand up for yourself. yeah, being fat does get u down but if u dont like it then try to fix it. Like i'm tired of being fat so I'm not eating as much. i'm not on a diet persay and i don't exercise incessantly but so far I've lost 18 lbs and want to lose about 20 more. but like i said it's ur personality that matters. good luck.

Snapple Jan 30 2008 6:28am FLAG
Look I am not fat Iam skinny and I dont think you wont edvise from a girl but I got some things to tell you. Iam always getting teased about bieng skinny. People are always saying you need to gain weight and stuff. They also say you need meat so you can have big boobs and a big butt. Well i tell them iam happy the way iam. Know my piont is that people are always saying skinny chicks always get the hot guys but hot guys are jerks trust me. So fat girls always get great guys. So just ask any guy out that you wont. oh and dont listen to that fu**** mach3 or how every he is.

yo friend Kaytlyn Feb 09 2008 8:34am FLAG
Look I am not fat Iam skinny and I dont think you wont edvise from a girl but I got some things to tell you. Iam always getting teased about bieng skinny. People are always saying you need to gain weight and stuff. They also say you need meat so you can have big boobs and a big butt. Well i tell them iam happy the way iam. Know my piont is that people are always saying skinny chicks always get the hot guys but hot guys are jerks trust me. So fat girls always get great guys. So just ask any guy out that you wont. oh and dont listen to that freaken mach3 or who every he is.

yo friend Kaytlyn Feb 09 2008 8:36am FLAG
Sorry i put my suggestian twice ingnore my bad potty mouth because i dont wont my parents to know i put that word in there ask that dude out and he says no then i will kick his ass.

yo friend Kaytlyn Feb 09 2008 8:45am FLAG
Look yo gurl no matter what a guy says about you dont listen just ask another guy out

cheeze Feb 09 2008 6:53pm FLAG
some guys are jerks i will say that. but some guys are not. me im married to a ver loving woman that she was a pear shaped woman ya know biger type butt. i love that and as we grown closer she gained like 80 lbs. she still was so hott and beautiful in my eyes. i love her for her. she lost 40 of the 80 lbs and i still love her. what im sayin is to some guys it dont matter how big or small u are its the woman that u are. ps. i love curvy women oi belive thats how all women should look i love the female form in a non perv way and the curves of a woman is the essence of a woman be proud!

Blake Feb 16 2008 3:57am FLAG
well im over weight too and idk i like this guy and i have the same problem...hes way thinner than me...wut i am doing is excersizing and watchin wat i eat. and maybe in 1 month ill be thinner and culd maybe ask him out...u shuld try it (if u want) its working pretty gud wit me

crazyygurl Feb 22 2008 4:38pm FLAG
HEY chick, keep ur head up. Its okay to be fat! Rock what you got. Guys love self confidenence. The feed off of it. BE YOU and love your sel. The guys will be around your feet in no time! Trust me

Moofer Feb 26 2008 9:46am FLAG
OK, so i here all this about some guys luvin the larger women. the curvy hotties (like myself). my problem is i cant seem to find any...

AJ Leroy Apr 29 2008 12:14am FLAG

AJ Leroy Apr 29 2008 12:15am FLAG
Well some guys are jerks and make funn but dont listen cause they all just wanna be funny and cool around there fake frieds im in high shool in the meanest school ever but i lost 30pds and i stiilll feel good about my selff.i have great faimly and great frends and the girl sad and lonly that posed that coment pleace dont say that why would you end your life if you are fattyer your the same person but bigger be your self and the person that posend the Q. wait for the guy to ask you out somtimes you diside your better friends i had the same situation the guys my best freind now and he new that i used to like him =)i no eavery one says out sides the most inportant part but withut your heart you wouldent be here sooooo find your self =)

34 May 29 2008 5:13pm FLAG
hun, ive been reading this and dont pay any attention to what those stupid people who say "fat girls are ugly" and all that crap. listen to ppl who actually know what they are talking about. im 5'2" and more that 0 pounds, and all you have to do is love yourself and keep a smile on your face. if anyone tears you down by calling you fat or ugly dont take that smile off!!! ppl will love you if you love yourself, that i am SURE of. good luck girl!!!

lynnajenn21 Jun 13 2008 10:02pm FLAG
u kno wat... i apprciate all of wat u guys said da gud and bad cuz its how u feel its tru dat all guys wont like US fat gurlz but dont let dat get u down work it my fat sistaz. and if u like fat gurls dats gud 4 u and im happy dat u r open minded cuz we have a lot ta offer i just wish more people saw dat fat chicks have thoughts and oppins and dat we are not just a size. we are BEAUTIFULLLLL and we must belive it. and if anybody wants ta talk about da subjecy text me at 330-962-2571..............

Queen B Jun 21 2008 4:36pm FLAG
like some of the people said it dosn't matter what u look like on the out side but what s in the inside.Dont worry what you weigt i am the same way big

eeyore fan Aug 25 2008 6:14pm FLAG
im also in the same situation was wasnt always fat until a year ago you can bag watever guy u want just know who you are and love you trust me real guys love it

happy Aug 30 2008 4:10pm FLAG
If you love yourself........"think confidence"-guys love confidence...... he will love you nothing wrong with curves..... be positive always!!

curvey&cute Nov 07 2008 6:04pm FLAG
love yourself and the men that love big girls will notice you self confidence is sexy im 23 260lbs and my man loves every inch of me i get asked out at least once a week used to not be that way used to think i was ugly the min i quit thinking that way the men came a runnin ive had men that are worth something so girl keep keep your chin up and smile and love yourself if he is into you he will show it

big&sexy Jan 26 2009 3:53pm FLAG
Im a fat chick too and really I dont care what people think. i think I like being me. I have had a boyfriend who has loved me for me. I say just be yourself and if they dont like you for who they are then screw them.

unsanctionedsin Feb 17 2009 11:34pm FLAG
some times they do but idk they jus never see the good n the person!!

bby gurl! Feb 23 2009 5:52pm FLAG
some times they do but idk they jus never see the good n the person!!

bby gurl! Feb 23 2009 5:52pm FLAG
well i think itz all bout what u like and whatz ur type some guys love them some bbw and some guyz prefer skinny chickz but if ur confident and love urself and u carry urself well u can attract hott guyz

jennie7o4 May 03 2009 6:04pm FLAG
I'm 5'8 and half 250lbs bigger boned I still get guys galore and I don't act slutty love your self. I used to be skinny. Never got guys til I gained weight

mamita Oct 04 2009 12:55pm FLAG
I'm bigger too I've had all kinds of guys ask me out or look at me if you make your self look nice and your confident that's what matters and if your bigger make sure you wear clothes that fit just because your not skinny doesn't mean you can't be hot guys can tell if you don't care about yourself

anonymous Oct 20 2009 1:30pm FLAG
I'm bigger too I've had all kinds of guys ask me out or look at me if you make your self look nice and your confident that's what matters and if your bigger make sure you wear clothes that fit just because your not skinny doesn't mean you can't be hot guys can tell if you don't care about yourself

anonymous Oct 20 2009 1:32pm FLAG
Well, fist of all, I don think u should worry bout ur weight in the first place. I'm fat, but I look @ myself & say "man I rele do look good" & it's the truth cu I do think ik rele pretty (not 2 b arogent), but u should try it, trust me it boosts ur condidentce a ton. & I'm kinda in thg kinda situation now, but if he's a jerk, 4GET ABOUT HIM!! He's not worth it. I've nvr had a bf, but I think u could trust me on this. & I'm not in a hurry 2 find a bf anyways. Waiting 4 a good guy is gonna pay off 1 day.

joRdyN<3 Jan 04 2010 11:09pm FLAG
Just as long as your face isn't fat, and if your still single, maybe it true. Sorry ladies...sometimes that's just how men work.

muscular Jan 26 2010 11:57pm FLAG
Love yourself first, you need to know what sets you apart from others. You have a unique set of characteristics and quirks that make you an interesting, fun, valuable person. It doesn?t matter if you?re sexy, smart, funny, or athletic ? as long as you genuinely love yourself.Love yourself first no matter what you look like. When you accept yourself, you're ready for a romantic relationship. If you don?t love yourself, it?s difficult for others to like you

23 Athena Feb 07 2010 8:34pm FLAG
Sorry for those Chinese characters... lol

23 Athena Feb 07 2010 8:39pm FLAG

bigger and better Feb 20 2010 8:17pm FLAG
sometimes skinny gurl r hoes and dey play u

barbie gurl Mar 13 2010 8:21am FLAG
lolz first it all depends on the guys second it matters wats on the outside but wats in the inside third b confidence guy like that.....and hey never give up

guys like ta grab on ta sumthang Jun 05 2010 1:00pm FLAG
My answer is get some confidence. If you're nervous, you're being too hard on yourself, likely judging yourself more than the guys are. Look at yourself and find things you like. Wether it's the way your eyebrows raise when you smile, your hair color, the way you always try to dress well or the way you look like you have better things to do....these are the things a guy will notice about you. You can't expect a guy to like you if he sees your insecurity- guys don't want to be our babysitters and constantly tell us we are not fat! Get out there, pick one you think you may like, walk right up and be yourself. Ask if he's dating someone, and don't cry if he says yes or says he's not interested. Just get out there and see what happens. Always try to have fun, don't lie, and if he seems not to like something about you don't let him change it- be who you are have the best time you can. That's what dating is supposed to be about right? Good luck and whatever you do, don't use pickup lines! ;)

b confedent Jun 05 2010 1:05pm FLAG
It doesn't matter Iff ur happy with the way u r then im sure theres a guy out there happy with the way u r too. Fat is just a substance in ur body so if u aint got food ur body lives on ur fat so all the stuck up B@#$!'s that are skinny nd think their all that will die B4 u do. And there are guys out there that do like (thick) girls more than scrauny lil sticks... I am FAT no lie but I like Sports If i lose all my fat I will still look chubby just because the way my body is made. IDK ignore the Haterz cuz they jst Haten cuz they got nuttin better to do... Live ur life to the FULLEST That means u can be ur fullest too its ur life nd I kno someone out there loves it as much as u do!!

F.abulous A.nd T.hick Dec 12 2010 10:42am FLAG
if he can't see past what u look like on the outside he's never gunna get a real girl. I am a bigger girl and i dated my first bf for 3 yrs...then he cheated on me nd started to beat me, lalalala. DON'T LET NO ONE SAY U AINT BEAUTIFUL.. COZ U MAY JUST END UP BELIEVING IT.

more to love May 04 2011 11:08am FLAG
Oh yeah guys definately like girls on the thicker side. Im like 235lbs and I got the pear shaped body and I see guys checking me out all the time. :) Just dont worry bout it 2 much and love u 4 who u are God made you with SUPREME wisdom so you know you are beautiful!

GOD loves You! Jul 05 2011 5:54pm FLAG

1 Feb 20 2012 4:19am FLAG

-1' Feb 20 2012 4:19am FLAG
i dont know what to go by i was skinny two years ago had more ppl interested in me then now i mean im not like huge but i did get bigger after i started my depo shot, now im big and i mean i get these cute guys messaging me and everything but i dont talk to them because i know once they see me their proly not going to like meso idk...

dont know!!! May 23 2012 8:41pm FLAG
some boys like fat girls I don't have a boyfriend and doesn't Matter what size u are some one likes u out there and they wont tell u because there afraid if they tell u if they like u. there afraid u wont like them Back and I'm not that fat and some boy likes e at my School but they wont ament it because there afraid that I wont like the and if that person tells me I can have a boyfriend!!!

Vena Tesi May 07 2014 3:52pm FLAG
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