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how to make your booty clap

The Problem: I am having problem learn how to make my booty clap

Asked by: big&sexy at 10:31:05 AM, Sunday, August 27, 2006 PDT FLAG


Nobody has given this poor pathetic soul any advice yet.

Aug 28 2006 4:23am FLAG

your gay

Kim Aug 28 2006 8:28am FLAG
ur so self centered

chesse girl Aug 28 2006 8:06pm FLAG
y would we tell u

Anonymous Aug 28 2006 9:19pm FLAG
Well, you stupid assholes, she asked you a question. This an advice column. That's what it's for, in case you haven't picked up on that. "You're gay! You're self centered! Why would we tell you?" Are you guys retarded or something? Do you think you're funny? Or, haha, mean? You're pathetic. What sad and devoid manner of apes are you? I bet you don't even know what that means; you retarded little kids. Listen, if I knew how to make an ass clap, I would tell you. But I don't. Sorry. At least I want to be helpful, though.

I.G. Batti Aug 29 2006 10:16am FLAG
what if he haets me

colettet Aug 29 2006 1:30pm FLAG
hay you are a ass.

colettet Aug 29 2006 1:32pm FLAG

Anonymous Aug 29 2006 1:56pm FLAG
Yeah, you made me "Laugh".

Mach 3 Aug 30 2006 6:12pm FLAG
what does booty clap mean?

Anonymous Aug 30 2006 8:47pm FLAG
"shake that ass, watch urself, show me wut u workin with"

Anonymous Aug 31 2006 5:13am FLAG
Im more worrid about what would happen if march3 got her brain to clap

Anonymous Sep 02 2006 11:19am FLAG
It would probably hurt. The two sides smacking off one another.

Mach 3 Sep 02 2006 6:36pm FLAG
thats only if Mach had one

JP Sep 03 2006 1:21pm FLAG
Oh, that just too bad. I do! What are you going to say about that? Are you going to call me an IT? Are you trying to make that "happen"?

Mach 3 Sep 04 2006 7:30am FLAG
dont have to you already did it for me IT U knew you where one before I found out knowing how you couldnt make up you mind from one day to another. Oh ya you have to have a mind opes sorry mach u dont have one

J.P Sep 04 2006 9:29am FLAG
No, I tricked you. Only when I said I was actualy a guy, you half believed me, and tried to turn it into a joke because your afraid of looking gullible, which you are. Your very gullible. Wha ha ha ha...!

Mach 3 Sep 05 2006 8:20am FLAG
gullible is that the best you can do to call me names wowwwwww come on you can do better then that IT Go another guy up his ass. Still trying to your ass I see face up to IT you dont know what the hell you are

J.P Sep 05 2006 11:05am FLAG
Hay Mach is more then a It he also a ing lier why am I not shock MMM could it be that we know his act better he even does it YUP YUP YUP

D Sep 05 2006 11:06am FLAG
And dont for get that last YUP LOL

Anonymous Sep 05 2006 11:06am FLAG
ok can i just say that D is a total retard. do you actually think your funny?

ebony Sep 05 2006 12:24pm FLAG
ebony naaaaaaaaaaa not has funny has you look

D Sep 05 2006 1:13pm FLAG
he wasnt trying to be funny he was making a point What are you the nexts dum ass ebony

Rose Sep 05 2006 1:14pm FLAG
That's true, he was making a point, D is completely Retarted. Did they install a computer in the special education room? Sure seems like it, because I have never heard anything so stupid or retarted in my entire life, and I live in Newfoundland, the land of skeets. And how can he not be as funny as he looks? Can you see him? Do you wish you could see him? Queer.

mach 3 Sep 05 2006 4:32pm FLAG
dont know we still waiting for your to come in Mach. Your the one will is a Retarted

? Sep 05 2006 6:11pm FLAG
still havent gotton new words yet Mach What you need a book to help you?

Anonymous Sep 06 2006 4:56am FLAG
ya a paper back hard cover he might hurt himself

Anonymous Sep 06 2006 4:53pm FLAG
Sorry, I was at something called school. It might be a wierd concept for people like you to grasp.

Mach 3 Sep 06 2006 5:04pm FLAG
Ya we know what that is stay there long in take a class call LEARN TO GET A LIFE 101 Even so we all know your'll never past it

D Sep 06 2006 5:13pm FLAG
ya learn some manners to mach

? Sep 06 2006 5:13pm FLAG
ok every one on here is a fag no one has even answered her ? all of u people are queerbates

u guys are gay Sep 07 2006 10:48pm FLAG
And your not

Anonymous Sep 08 2006 4:54am FLAG
everyone hear is stupid

Anonymous Oct 11 2006 5:16pm FLAG
and you are to ? nects subject please LOL

Terry Nov 30 2006 7:58am FLAG
to make your booty clap you have to rotate your buttox muscles

c Dec 16 2006 8:24pm FLAG
At least someone answered the girl got damn ? yall dumbasses is here fighting over something that is off the damn subject. Fukin immature retards

All of Yall are Bums In a Pizza Box ( and dont take this saying Dec 29 2006 10:20pm FLAG
do u have to have a big butt to make your booty clap ( if u do, damn! i wouldn't be able to do it b/c i got a small butt )

J.P Dec 29 2006 10:22pm FLAG
first put your feet shoulder length apart tr\urm ypur feet away from each other bend your knees a little and move your thhighs in and out as fast as you can u will soon hear your booty clap if not keep practicing ;)

sdgz Jan 15 2007 12:40pm FLAG
i know a way it looks retarted but i so it just for fun this is if u have a little booty like sdgz said put your feet shoulder length apart balance on your heels try to hold on to something if your a beginner lean forward a little and twist your heels in and out and your butt will for sure clap, all these other people on here talking about stupid en problems and are LAME

smm Aug 06 2007 7:53pm FLAG
to make your booty clap you can just bend over a lil and knock your knees together or you can make it bounce up and down if you have enuff booty and it should clap on its own. to make it bounce i mean by popping it up and down and making it jiggle

nastygirl001 May 17 2008 4:48pm FLAG
u set of asses called me pathetic little soul u'll kno wat nun of u nonsymetrical unscrupulous set of unwillin annoyin ass haven't the slightest idea wat ass clappin is if u'll don't jus give it a rest the 1s who tried it's good 2 try

i can clap this ass of mine without you'll advise Aug 08 2008 12:50am FLAG
its easy stand up sraight with your legs together but give it some space and then just shake your ass and it should clap

cj Aug 28 2008 10:04am FLAG
my cousin told me

cj Aug 28 2008 10:05am FLAG
HEY, everybody grow the hell up. If you don't know how to clap your booty, then don't say anything.

SHA Nov 13 2008 8:13pm FLAG
bend over pivit on your toes and rotate the ball of your feet like your trying to put yout a cigarett.

amber Nov 16 2008 4:34pm FLAG
if you have a big ass, touch your knees together. if your ass is flat, sorry

ihaveabigass Jan 23 2009 8:41pm FLAG
Girl all u got to do is put ur hands on ur knees stiil ur ass out and shake violently with it when ur ass shake violently u are making it clap.

The Queen D Nov 12 2009 3:25pm FLAG
no gurls with flat ass can clap there ass too

nunya Oct 05 2010 1:40pm FLAG

BIGG BOOTY LATINA Nov 27 2010 8:00pm FLAG
bend over a bit and hold on to ur knees and shake in a up and down motion . or you can clap ur knees together or sit on your knees slightly bend over and shake . if that dont work try working on popping one ass muscle at a time and when u master that add a shake to it .

ladi finesse Dec 05 2010 8:52pm FLAG
lol ahah all you gots to do is put yahh hands on yahhh knees and pop yahh but up and down or yuhh can get on yahh knees and pop yahh ass.. i think thats the best way to make it clap.. <3

Pinky :) Feb 16 2011 3:54pm FLAG
Heck im tryna learn how so wat

lifesize Apr 12 2011 2:25am FLAG
First start off standing up flexing your butt muscels. When you do then you start doing this faster and faster. It will take time. THEN you'll bend over slightly (take your time learning) and continue. If you can't maybe tone those butt muscels and you'll be clappin at those GOGO's.

[: Preddi :] May 06 2011 2:22pm FLAG
And btw whats the point of adding all these LAME comments like "Oh i can clap" Like if you could why are you on this website? And don't reply arguing because I surely wont be back. I came to help no brag. And those who are still trying try relaxing you muscels. When you strain it looks pretty... weird. Luv ya mami's.

[: Preddi :] May 06 2011 2:25pm FLAG
Likewise most of you all have issues. Poor girl asked ONE questions and ya'll turn into immature-bragging-brats. The real question is "why are you here?"

Ami-imA May 06 2011 2:28pm FLAG
All yall retarted

Nonya Jun 10 2011 1:56pm FLAG
go on and in the search engine type "learning how to make you booty clap it easy" there is this girl jill who breaks it down step by step

shellz Jun 13 2011 12:49pm FLAG
hi open your ass

kaitlynn Aug 06 2011 12:23am FLAG

LIL'HELPER Aug 30 2011 1:53am FLAG
i dont know how either and all u fools arent helpin this girl out hello theres something wrong with this picture this an advice site not a put down site.

rjack31 Sep 02 2011 6:08pm FLAG
Can't explain it but once you get the hang of becomes easy but if u ain't got no ass then it won't clap sorry !!

Mz.2much<3 Nov 01 2011 5:12pm FLAG
move ur legs n juiust move ur but

Anonymous Nov 10 2011 6:01pm FLAG
Depending On Your Butt Size This Move Can Be Either Super Easy Or Hella Hard What I Do To Make It Clap Is Legs Shoulder Width Apart (I Find This Is Best For Beginners) And Rock My Hips To Catch The Beat (Because I like My Ass Clap On Beat) Once You've Found The Beat Shake Your Thighs Or Knock Your Knees Together And Depending On Your Butt It Either Will Or Will Not Do It If Not Try Doing Lounges and Squats To Build Up Lower Booty Muscle And Try Again And Dem jerks Up There They Probably Mad Because They Dont Know How To Clap Their Butts

Juicyy.. Nov 17 2011 2:00am FLAG
i usually rock from side to side and since your a beginner hold on to something , move thighs inside and out or slap knees together, while doing that jump up and down that way u get that ass clap and bounce lol good luck hun o and when your comfortable move and do as many tricks as u like

Ressy Baby Dec 03 2011 1:40pm FLAG
i got a question i know how to squat to the ground an make it clap with my butt muscles i can jiggle it crazy but i find it hard to do standing up? can you help? =)

latina4u Jan 03 2012 5:16pm FLAG
Just practice in the mirrior until comfortable with your rythum. An movements you will do fine

Classy ladi69 Jan 03 2012 6:17pm FLAG
Put your hands on our knees and pop your butt them drop it add enthusasum watch some video and perfect your technique and your not gay your just a girl

Useful Feb 09 2012 6:22pm FLAG
its not working for me!!!!

bipimpn Jan 15 2013 12:00am FLAG
Just put your hands behind behind and shake your in a circle rotation.

She`s a Native American Jul 04 2013 9:17pm FLAG
behind your head i meant oops sorry hun typing error.

She`s a Native American Jul 04 2013 9:19pm FLAG
Ohh another typing error i meant shake your butt hun. lmfao

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