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any **** girls swap s or just want to text or that are single

The Problem: Any cute **** girls want to: A: swap s.B:want to text me.C: want to go out with me or D: just want to talk no desprite stuff jw k or D:want to sex just kidding about the last one im yrs old and that live in philadelphia, or in the U.S. k!

Asked by: matman17 at 06:50:40 PM, Monday, March 25, 2013 PDT FLAG


If any girls wana talk or something else ;) txt me. 480-3-5263

C.T Mar 25 2013 6:53pm FLAG

Pedo alert!

Anonymous Mar 25 2013 6:54pm FLAG
Im not a pedo and are you a girl calling me a pedo maybe ur a pedo and ur trying to hide it haha beat that you pedo and give me one good reason y im a pedo b/c everyone else says look at my c*ck or wanna sex or text but im in the wrong haha ur a pedo like i said beat that? @anonymous

matman Mar 25 2013 6:58pm FLAG
Except u r a pedo nd u left cuz u couldn't handle the bullying giving away ur identity now ur back trying to act younger... Fuk u pedo

Anonymous Mar 25 2013 6:59pm FLAG
Im really no liying im really so im not a pedo my lil bro hes hes texts ppl or says stuff that he trys to set me up and idk y he does that!

matman Mar 25 2013 7:07pm FLAG
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