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my sister is hot

The Problem: Ok my sister is really hot. she has the best looking tits ever. n her ass is perfect. I like to watch her in the shower n when she gets out. how do i get her to have sex with me?

Asked by: john smith at 10:54:16 AM, Monday, October 13, 2003 PDT FLAG


go to hell you incest ing freak i pity your sister who the hell cares if she has big tits or a nice ass your perverted go to hell you basterd

strange man Oct 13 2003 6:07pm FLAG

Um John... Let me get something clear SHE IS UR SISTER.... IT DONT MATTER ABOUT ALL THAT STUFF.. one day in ur life u will find a beautful women and u will make her happy.. If u need further advice email me at

Jennifer Oct 13 2003 7:20pm FLAG
in weirdo how about thsi why dont you have sex with your sisters best friend you know what i think you are little and your sister is big and you just want some bitch i dontthink you can cum so get over it

JtyDrGh Oct 13 2003 9:12pm FLAG
liston to jennifer, she is right and dont liston to those other guys there jerks

ryan Oct 14 2003 12:41pm FLAG
mine was not advice it was insults

strange man Oct 14 2003 1:24pm FLAG
you need to get out more. there is an entire planet full of women that you are NOT related too that you can fantasize over. this is advice, usually I give insults

Bob the builder Oct 15 2003 4:32pm FLAG
go for it and outta her. eat her out n please her in a way that only a brother could

dodgy kid down the road Oct 15 2003 4:37pm FLAG
dude dodgy what the hell is wrong with you

strange man Oct 15 2003 4:42pm FLAG
put the crack pipe down dodgy kid, it's making you say stupid

Bob the builder Oct 15 2003 4:43pm FLAG
i love watching my sister ***** in the shower

dodgy kid down the road Oct 15 2003 5:12pm FLAG
Just ask her out no one is stoping you but you! It's your life DO WHAT EVER IN THE HELL YOU WENT !

POSSY Oct 15 2003 5:13pm FLAG
get her drunk and make her give you head. then eat her out. the take her clothes off and her.

adrian Oct 15 2003 5:24pm FLAG
dodgey arent you 10and i pity your sister NO MATTER how hot you claim your sister is none of you should spy on her

strange man Oct 15 2003 6:19pm FLAG
If you really think someone is going to write something like this in here thats for real like this crap you all are nuts. i hope you got your rocks off on hearing what other say to you for advice.

Anonymous Oct 16 2003 10:12am FLAG
your sick!!!!!! id never my brother you bastard

alexa Oct 18 2003 9:48pm FLAG
HAHA all u guys are ing funny c*nts man.. this convo is b*llsh*t man.. she'z ur sister for heavens sake.. a girl for u will come and then u'll be glad u didnt pony ur sister.. gronky sh*t man

mikitaro Oct 19 2003 7:26am FLAG
thats really sick. you shouldnt like your sister.. its against the law to er!!!!!

ilovealex4ever Oct 19 2003 4:55pm FLAG

strange man Oct 22 2003 5:15pm FLAG
ew u shoulndt like your sister, there r plenty of girls out there with the same characterisitics as her, why dont u fantazise about them insetead of ur sis u freaking psycho.

Anonymous is a hottie Oct 25 2003 11:25pm FLAG
cum n me

your mom Oct 27 2003 5:35pm FLAG
dude, get over me. i'm your sister. sit down with me and tell me how you feel. the best that can happen is that i'll f**k you. the worst that can happen is that you'll be sent to a mental home.

your sister Oct 30 2003 6:11pm FLAG
dude, get over me. i'm your sister. sit down with me and tell me how you feel. the best that can happen is that i'll f**k you. the worst that can happen is that you'll be sent to a mental home.

your sister Oct 30 2003 6:12pm FLAG
dude, get over me. i'm your sister. sit down with me and tell me how you feel. the best that can happen is that i'll f**k you. the worst that can happen is that you'll be sent to a mental home.

your sister Oct 30 2003 6:12pm FLAG
dude i am sorry but i think you should just wait for someone else and they will have good looking body parts to.

sk8ter Oct 31 2003 7:30pm FLAG
hey baby, lick my !! its freshly shaved!

your sister Nov 01 2003 4:41pm FLAG
her, there is nothing holding you back!

strange man Nov 02 2003 1:24pm FLAG
that is wronge get help

helpper Nov 07 2003 7:03pm FLAG
strpi her ass down and rape here send me a pic of here at

jokersicp Nov 09 2003 9:11pm FLAG
dude, tear her a new jerk

Mowgli Nov 12 2003 11:38pm FLAG
dont listen to these idiots the life out of her

cool kid Nov 17 2003 2:27pm FLAG
pleaze help me i am serious

John Smith Nov 19 2003 10:54am FLAG
you sick ass hole

Seig DeBlanc Nov 20 2003 3:00pm FLAG
suck off; u asssssss

Anonymous Nov 24 2003 4:15am FLAG
how could you...!!!!!!!!!

save ur self Nov 24 2003 10:03am FLAG
you are very sick i can vomit you

tell me more Nov 24 2003 9:38pm FLAG
I wanna my sister to and i need some way to do it

halla Nov 25 2003 3:18pm FLAG
her.its better to keep in family

sister er Nov 30 2003 8:07am FLAG
u r all fukin sick c*nts. u need to get abird not ur sister

meee Dec 02 2003 10:54am FLAG
i want the same with my aunt

jokersicp Dec 05 2003 9:53pm FLAG

anti_nazi Dec 08 2003 3:43pm FLAG
JUST PULL IT OUT MAN. she will love you like a brother for it.

I hate airplanes Dec 09 2003 11:14am FLAG
Me and my sister walk around the house ***** all the time, but its no big deal. occaisionally when were around eachother I will get a hardon, and I'll drop hints to her but she just laughs as if I'm joking. I wish she would at least give me a blow job or something.

the man Dec 12 2003 11:53am FLAG

k Dec 13 2003 9:56am FLAG
tht sik go fuk a bin

kum kum koi hai Dec 13 2003 9:57am FLAG

d*ck WIPE Dec 19 2003 7:06am FLAG
u r 1 crazy bastard!! I don't think it's right 4 u 2 be doing that. Brothers and sisters r not made 4 that. Does she know that u watch her?? Ur just a pervert!! ur a spazz!

sexybitch Dec 19 2003 6:11pm FLAG
Try for some real advice

made4that Dec 23 2003 6:24am FLAG
Dude the feelings you are having is natural... no nvm i cant even say that without laghing. Now i am just some sad loser who cant spell and has nothing better to do but still man you should pray to god to get rid of those thoughts. If you do manage to get rid of them though they will haunt you. I hope you can but you should realy find someone hot that is not related to you. But if you want you could always rape her and go to jail and go to hell as the "SISTER ER".

A fat loser that has nothing better to do Dec 28 2003 9:51pm FLAG
She'll hate you if she knew, leave her alone

So Alone Jan 05 2004 9:03am FLAG
My step sister gave me head when I came home drunk once. She thought I was passed out. When I woke up in the morning I thought it was kinda her. Of course, we're not related by blood so whatever.

Joey Joe Joe Shabadu Jan 06 2004 11:14pm FLAG
Yeah Joey, im the same, im having sex with my adopted sister, shes so sexy, i dont know why she was given up when she was a baby

Jay C Jan 07 2004 10:51am FLAG
go on then

me Jan 09 2004 3:08am FLAG
email me a pic of her at stevenmorris2@hotmail

Anonymous Jan 17 2004 12:57am FLAG
kos imak 3ala imo khwan sharmoota wlad i'll yew man

imak 3arsa Jan 21 2004 12:52pm FLAG
we did it last night on the couch, god she was good, mmmmmm

John Smith Feb 04 2004 9:52am FLAG
you sound hot how old r u

Anonymous Feb 15 2004 2:21pm FLAG
i want to your sis she sounds hott

Anonymous Feb 15 2004 2:26pm FLAG
go me(you sound hot)

come have sex with me Feb 26 2004 3:50pm FLAG
everybody hould my cute little sister shes 23 and super hot!

Mr.1000 Feb 29 2004 11:50am FLAG
go for it!

Eric Apr 16 2004 10:14pm FLAG
I like Mayonaise and suprize parties.

Mayonaise Spiker! Apr 18 2004 2:30am FLAG
To screw ur sister try to be her friend and talk nicely to her DONT fight with or argue with her like most brothers and sisters do! After u feel uve befriended her start walking in on her in the shower. Also leave the door open when u are changing if u know she will be nearby. Then tell ur sister u have an important thing to tell her. Schedule this conversation somewhere far from home such as in a car or hotel or if no one is at ur house. When ur sister comes to u wanting to hear what is so important PULL OUT UR PRI*K AND TELL HER TO SUCK IT HARD!!!! She's bound to suck ur CO*K if u put it in her face!!

quiet ones are crazyiest!!! May 06 2004 3:27pm FLAG

bastard c*nt twat Jun 07 2004 8:05am FLAG
I say outta her.....

MANGINA May 29 2005 3:28pm FLAG

B-DIDDY May 29 2005 3:32pm FLAG
Ya ibn il sharmota... wat kind of advice woould you like us to give you, Its your Goddamn Sister you sick sick son of a b**ch. if your that over your sister i'll do her... and you can watch maybe you'll feel better about it and you'll forget the idea of doing her.

Dawaween Jordan Jul 13 2005 5:56pm FLAG
when shes in the shower walk in and put your d*ck in her and start licking her tits thats what i did

joe Jul 25 2005 11:05pm FLAG
when shes in the shower jump in and start licking her ing thats what i did and we have sex everynight now

kj Jul 28 2005 9:43pm FLAG
my sn is DKbikerider08, Im me if u think that he should screw his sister.

me Oct 26 2005 8:31am FLAG
send me a pic of her

Anonymous Nov 22 2005 4:13pm FLAG
All Of Your Sisters Because You Cant Treat Them With That Little Pin U Call A d*ck Do Everyoen A Favor And Put The Pin Back In The Pin Cushin

18 in Jul 09 2006 3:06pm FLAG
while she is sleeping u open her clothes

***** boy Sep 07 2006 1:11am FLAG
its hott. i have already had sex with my sister multiple times. it started out with wearing her panties then turned to sex. we even have a kid of our own. i still wear her panties now for 3 years

my sister Sep 09 2006 4:33pm FLAG
im dating some one with the advice name strange man....well since he has a small penis how do we have sex???? i mean i cant even suck the darn thing its so small

strange mans woman Jan 15 2007 3:53am FLAG
u shouldnt talk 19 in ive seen ur penis....well at least i think thats what it was...idk im still having a hard time finding it

18 ins man Jan 15 2007 3:56am FLAG
im dating some one with the advice name strange man....well since he has a small penis how do we have sex???? i mean i cant even suck the darn thing its so small

strange mans woman Jan 15 2007 3:56am FLAG
fuk ur sister

me Feb 04 2007 1:55am FLAG
ur sister is hot

me Feb 04 2007 1:55am FLAG
ur sister is hot

me Feb 04 2007 1:55am FLAG

oiu Feb 19 2007 5:15pm FLAG
first off, insulting and stupid reactions aint gonna do a dam thing except annoy the guy who wrote the first post and defo aint gonna stop him fooking his sis. second, to "john smith", it's not up to other people to tell you what to do if it don't harm anyone. do what you want as long as your sis agrees (unless there's a big age difference or one of you is under and the other is over ) but if you have sex use a condom and the pill cus havin sex with your sis can make her babies deformed

random Mar 03 2007 7:57pm FLAG
Give me her number and I'LL fook her

iwannafookjohnsmithssister Mar 19 2007 7:29am FLAG
yu hav a sexy dic can i lic it? i luv haaving oral sex wit u but if u want u can hav oral sex wit her because i think shed like 2 lik ur dic

oralsexrox Apr 25 2007 2:34pm FLAG
she sonds sexy. drop hints. DO WATEVR IT TAKS

likmydic Apr 25 2007 2:36pm FLAG
i wana fck u so lik me again bro!!

yoursister Apr 25 2007 2:37pm FLAG
you are sick I don't know how it will happen it is some thing aganest the family live go to hill in the Islam relegen ampassible to think like you . you are stuped man . and who thinking like you .

Islam May 07 2007 5:09am FLAG
if all else fails, just ASK her

bobo Aug 21 2007 9:31am FLAG
my siter sucked some time but not often what to do

[puo[ Aug 28 2007 10:41pm FLAG
my sister is vary big boobs and mast come and fuk

khan baba Sep 26 2007 11:54am FLAG
dude why do u want to heck ur sister let me heck her for u

unknown Oct 08 2007 8:56pm FLAG
my sister is really hot and i fuked her few times

Anonymous Oct 08 2007 8:59pm FLAG
Please have sex with brother

Anonymous May 11 2008 6:52am FLAG
GO for it, ignore the haters and get on with doing the nasty to her (and make it very nasty ;)

evil1 Oct 17 2008 3:03am FLAG

s Jan 10 2009 8:43am FLAG
Man, don't listen to these retards. If you her. DO anything to her. You will go to jail. It is against the law. EVEN if she agrees. Don't do it man. If you need any more help. contact me.

A cop Jul 21 2009 7:23pm FLAG
please do it! i would love to do my sister! but then again, she's adopted so its not that bad. and she "accidently" kissed me today. i loved it! yummy! but just go for it! im gonna try. ;)

fosterkid Jul 29 2009 7:37am FLAG
Johnny! young man I'm dissapointed in you and I think you're a you now. GOOD JOB. John you're a failure son and a discgrace to the Smith family!

Dad Jul 30 2009 2:42pm FLAG

fosterkid Jul 31 2009 9:10am FLAG
that is grose and stupid

cody martain Aug 14 2009 12:44pm FLAG

baby doll evil Aug 14 2009 12:46pm FLAG
u guys are stupid do not have anything toghtether

bahfhdefwje Aug 14 2009 12:48pm FLAG
u guys are stupid do not have anything toghtether

bahfhdefwje Aug 14 2009 12:49pm FLAG
u guys are stupid do not have anything toghtether

bahfhdefwje Aug 14 2009 12:49pm FLAG
Look my sister sees me ***** all the time mainly because she loves to see my small penis, trust me its very small, we had sex once. i remember the look on her face when she climbed on top of me and slib my 3" inside, she touched my face and said that she felt sorry for me, i came straight away

It did happen boys Aug 21 2009 1:56am FLAG
u have a en stupid mind baster no body looks at his sister.but u know send her 2 me i will make her happy instead of staying near u baster

me Dec 26 2009 10:19am FLAG
Don't her. Allot of people think their sister is hot, that is one thing, but to have sex with your sister is another.

Logan Jan 02 2010 9:24pm FLAG
make her squirt

jkglg Jan 05 2010 4:19pm FLAG
real hard.

Your sister Jan 17 2010 1:47pm FLAG
real hard.

Your sister Jan 17 2010 1:59pm FLAG
if U can watch her shower, u should masterbait for her. She dont have to know. Masterbait for her when she lays in sun or out side, or if u can see her from another room. Masterbait all the time for her. The hope here is maybe after some harmless Seed spurting for her U will get her out of your system and get on with your life.

Mr Goodsense Feb 03 2010 8:42pm FLAG
what the hck is wrong with u but im jealous of my moms cat so don't ask me

Anonymous Feb 05 2010 7:57pm FLAG
Use the 'favour' card ;)

Anon Feb 18 2010 1:59pm FLAG

Your Sister. Apr 07 2010 4:36pm FLAG
Oh baby can i join and ty bastard

your mom Apr 07 2010 4:38pm FLAG
I would love a my sis

Smokey Aug 16 2010 11:34pm FLAG
The end of the world is coming! Join us now and be saved!

Satan'sChildren Aug 22 2010 9:15pm FLAG
Wat the Fuk is wrong with u. dont listen to these fuking retarts it is your fuking sister god u r such a sick barsted soooo.... hear is my advice for u why dont u just grow some ball and go and FUK HER GOD its not that hard :)

Retro People :) Aug 22 2010 9:19pm FLAG
if i had a hot sister,id try, but usually sisters don't do that stuff :(

a concerned citizen Sep 30 2010 9:08pm FLAG
all of you people your probibly gon to make him resort to suicide

a dead guy Nov 11 2010 7:51pm FLAG
spoons are fun to play with

a dead guy Nov 11 2010 7:52pm FLAG
yah my sisters hot she has deep red hair c cup breasts fine shape and f..u..c..k..i..b..e..l

a dead guy Nov 11 2010 7:55pm FLAG

wtf Dec 14 2010 6:51am FLAG
i feel the same for my sister D:

me... Dec 15 2010 9:55am FLAG
If the thing bout adam and eve is true in da bilble i dont think having sex wit ur sister is wronge i think wer all related in da world the only thing makeing that not possiable is that we all came out different holes

Advice king Dec 15 2010 4:31pm FLAG
bitch d*ck c*ck tits

your other sister Dec 21 2010 5:24pm FLAG

Anonymous Dec 21 2010 5:25pm FLAG

Anonymous Dec 21 2010 5:26pm FLAG

Anonymous Dec 21 2010 5:26pm FLAG
HAHAHAH f.,.,.,U.,.,.C,.,.,.K.,., OFF YOU PIECE OF SICK S.,.,H.,.,I.,.,T,.. piss out MY ASS

Anonymous Dec 21 2010 5:27pm FLAG
im vary sexy. Why?

sandeep Dec 27 2010 8:04am FLAG
Actually every one in the world is related because of Adam and even and I have the same problem if you have facebook can u tell me your name and I will inbox u

Theawesomeone Jul 03 2011 9:54pm FLAG
Actually every one in the world is related because of Adam and even and I have the same problem if you have facebook can u tell me your name and I will inbox u

Theawesomeone Jul 03 2011 9:58pm FLAG
OMG! JOHN? This is your sister speaking, that is scary! I will never look at you the same way again!

John's sister Nov 07 2011 2:54pm FLAG

1 Feb 18 2012 3:06pm FLAG

-1' Feb 18 2012 3:06pm FLAG

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-1' Feb 18 2012 8:35pm FLAG
Muse sucks dik!!!

HAHA May 22 2013 8:37pm FLAG
wtf we are time traveling NOT COOl MAN

Muse May 22 2013 8:39pm FLAG
Squirrels -_-

Sammi May 22 2013 8:40pm FLAG
i love foha bitch!!!

Dessert Punk May 22 2013 8:41pm FLAG
lol sammi

Dessert Punk May 22 2013 8:41pm FLAG

\ May 22 2013 8:42pm FLAG
I miss the old likelike

Cindy May 22 2013 8:42pm FLAG
I'm just trying to make it known lol

Sammi May 22 2013 8:43pm FLAG
I hear it was awesome@Cindy

Muse May 22 2013 8:43pm FLAG
I was here when it was the old likelike

Cindy May 22 2013 8:44pm FLAG
:O what was it like???

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