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Which is the most inhumane?

Question: Say there is someone you utterly despise, a criminal, serial killer, or just someone incredibly annoying like Britney Spears, what would be the cruelest form of punishment?
Created by: i.c.dumb.ppl. at 11:32:44 PM, Tuesday, February 27, 2001 EST


An over-elaborate execution involving fire, poisenous spiders and snakes, etc.
Being forced to inhale 2nd hand smoke
Being tickled to suffication
Denial of Cake/Chocolate/Ice Cream etc...
Feed them only Taco Bell food for the rest of thier existance
Forced to listen to Christina Aguilara/Britney Spears/Boy Bands until they go deaf.
forced to watch Richard Simmons reruns for all eternity.
Make them listen to Classical Music with the trebel all the way up at 20 deciples
Make them take polls 24/7
Make them watch Nick Jr.

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