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Which is the most inhumane?

Question: Say there is someone you utterly despise, a criminal, serial killer, or just someone incredibly annoying like Britney Spears, what would be the cruelest form of punishment?
Created by: i.c.dumb.ppl. at 08:32:44 PM, Tuesday, February 27, 2001 PST


Idiot, this is an entertainment board. Good luck with the kindgarten equivalency test.

AnonymousFeb 28 2001 10:57am

hello, i created it in sue me if likelike is a bunch of fags that cant locate poo.

The Almighty Creater of the PollMar 01 2001 2:35am
who's britney spears?

meJun 06 2001 7:43pm
What is annoying about Britney Spears ? , it is the fact that she has more money than u, more siccess than u, or better looking than u ?

Bob GeldofAug 30 2001 7:07am
Retarded poll. Like beyond retarded, this is what humanity has come to now.

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