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Which is the funniest

Question: Wh
Created by: arrs at 04:38:41 PM, Friday, November 23, 2001 EST


MY so heavy, she stepped on a scale, and it broke
YM momma so dirty, they dye bowling balls in her bathwater
YM so black, she leaves fingerprints on charcoal
YM so fat, she plays hopscotch with the states
YM so fat, she went on a diet and KFC went out of business
YM so fat, when she broke the rocord for fattest person, the guiness book of records expanded 3857327498372 pages
YM so stinky, a skunk went uneasy on her
YM so stupid, her IQ is -50
YM so ugly, they slapped the wrong side
YMso heavy, when she jumped, they had to make a new measurement

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