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Question: I live in a family of 5, 3 guys, my brother and dad, and 2 women, my mom and sister. I have grown up believing women can be the stronger sex. My mother was a competitive bodybuilder and for all my life to this day she has easily been the strongest member of my family. My sister now grown has followed my mom and is now the second strongest. To me this is normal as i have lived with women being stronger all my life, but i have come to learn that some people view this as abnormal and wrong. I believe in todays society families and people should be accepting of women who are physically stronger. Do you think that it is belittling for men or their is anything wrong with a family in which women are stronger?
Created by: bobik598 at 02:10:34 AM, Friday, August 04, 2006 PDT


no it is not wrong
yes it is wrong

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