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Start dating at 40

Question: To start with, what I mean by start dating is not like after 20 years as most would experience. When I was a teenager I was very shy skinny and full of zits. I literally found it impossible to get a date. as I got older, I started to look better and my shyness gradually subsided. But I ended up building my career and taking care of my elderly parents. So now here I am at 40. I feel normal at every sense of the word. I have a good income, nice property . I always flirt witht he pretty girls. But then it dawns on me, then I have never dated in my life. I am at a time in my life that I would like to go beyond flirting and ask her out. Id like to share my life with someone. But I`m 40 and have literally no dating skills, let alone any intimacy skills. So as I approach the dating world for the first time, what would you suggest?
Created by: brian2007 at 12:13:16 AM, Friday, May 25, 2007 PDT


break away from your family
get an escort to clue you in
If she likes you, she wont care about your experience.
Just don`t worry about it, im sure others are in your shoes
Just go celibate
Never a date at 40? r u retarded or something?
this is highly unususal, i would seek some counseling

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