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what if there is no need to men for reproduction?

Question: A recent scientific research has put forward that a fluid in the spinal cord of the women can be used to produce sperms but only the sperms carrying X cromosome (the chromosome that produces female babies). It is claimed that woman will be able to reproduce in the future without the sperms of the men. In that case, would woman look for a man to have babies? Will they need men as their husbands? Or will they use men for their ability to work and serve the female world? or the males will be removed from the world?
Created by: kimono at 10:16:47 PM, Thursday, May 31, 2007 PDT


Men are needed for diversity in the population. A world with only females cannot be considered something desirible.
men can be used for their muscle power as well. Let them live as the workers under the female command.
Men cannot be destroyed. They will probably destroy that technology before they become the unimportant gender.
There is no need for men for anything other than reproduction. If woman can reproduce by themselves using science and technology, the woman will not care about men in the future. The males will extinguish.
woman can be as strong as the men and can do the men's work. There is need for men only for sexual interactions. Most of the women in the future will be straight in any way.

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