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what if there is no need to men for reproduction?

Question: A recent scientific research has put forward that a fluid in the spinal cord of the women can be used to produce sperms but only the sperms carrying X cromosome (the chromosome that produces female babies). It is claimed that woman will be able to reproduce in the future without the sperms of the men. In that case, would woman look for a man to have babies? Will they need men as their husbands? Or will they use men for their ability to work and serve the female world? or the males will be removed from the world?
Created by: kimono at 10:16:47 PM, Thursday, May 31, 2007 PDT


In this kind of world, I believe men will become the unimportant gender satisfying the needs of the woman. In the beginning few women will use this kind of technology but it will we used more and more in the future. Women will ignore men and they will have just sex with them. But they will not have babies from the men as that creates a bond between men and women. And women do not want to look after the men. Women will use men but will not be willing to live with men. The number of girls will increase while the number of boys decrease. In the end the men will be sold to women for sexual purposes. The women will not need men for their muscle power either because they can be as strong as men.

pity for menJun 01 2007 5:27am

I am a man.

JodiJun 01 2007 10:28am
so what?

pity for menJun 01 2007 3:58pm
that means short, fat balding men will led to the death camps lol

AnonymousJun 01 2007 8:14pm
Whatever happens to men in the future, the fact is, it will be decided by women.

AnonymousJun 02 2007 12:09am
men oppresseds women for ages because they were in awe of their power and afraid

AnonymousJun 02 2007 7:24am
#0007 - (Sat.) 6/2/07

UpdateJun 02 2007 8:50am
Why would women want to have men around? They question everything we do. They do violence act to us women all the time. Robots would do a better job, they would work nonstop they could lift a lot more Industry are replacing man with robots more and more each day. And we all now that WOMEN are better lovers than a male any day of the week.

AnonymousJun 02 2007 9:43am
Once women have taken everything from men and reduced most of them to under achieving, unqualified, low earning labour. We will then see a very cruel side to women, enjoying watching men suffer.

SamJun 04 2007 10:28am
# - 0010 (Mon.) 6/4/07

UpdateJun 04 2007 2:54pm
I am really a man.

JodiJun 04 2007 3:56pm
If we are all killed by a neuclear war, reproduction will not be an issue.

AnonymousJun 04 2007 5:53pm
I am really a dumbass

JodiJun 04 2007 9:31pm
I am really a man.

JodiJun 04 2007 9:33pm
I am really a man

JodiJun 04 2007 9:33pm
I am really a dumbass

JodiJun 04 2007 9:34pm
I am really a dumbass

JodiJun 04 2007 9:36pm
Men will be bred to have thick long dicks and will be boytoys for us women in power. They'll also be placed in chastity devices at the age of 12

KimJun 06 2007 7:43am
Kim is really a man.

JodiJun 06 2007 10:17am
It looks like there is only one person on this poll who keeps posting. Man you're retarded.

JohnJun 06 2007 1:06pm
Jodi the i am really a man dumbass, has pertty much destroy the comment section of this pole.

anonymousJun 06 2007 11:56pm
A pole is something you stick up your ass, a poll is something to comment on, you illiterate moron.

JodiJun 07 2007 5:42am
Those with the brain power of a box of rocks, should realizes the comments should be somewhat closer... to pertaining to the polls questions, than yours are. But then again I suppose the rest of us should be happy that you finally figure out that your a dumbass male or man, really... after all of these many, many, years of slithering around on this earth. On behalf of everyone here, we would all like to wish you a heartfelt "CONGRATULATIONS" We know it wasn't easy for you. And now you can move on to bigger and better thing, like maybe you could learn how to open your eyes and see your noise I know it's a lot to ask of you, but we have faith in you!!! he,he,he. (Boy you guys, can I lie or what)

anonymousJun 07 2007 3:08pm
anonymous, you are wrong. I figured out how to open my eyes so I could see for put-near a year now. So there...your wrong ha-ha. You see I was born long before they had DNA. When I was born the doctors & nurses couldn't tell if I was a boy or girl. So my muum being all wise, decided to give me a unisex name which was Jodi. As I got older, I felt sure...NO, I new for sure that I was either female or a male. In school all the boys teased me, calling me the ugliest girl that they ever seen. Well I been out of school for a long time, when I met the prettiest girl ever 1.27m tall & weight 32 stones. A real possible Miss Universe winner. OK...she did have a little problem with lice, but other than that she was perfect in every way. She was also 100% female lesbian. Anyway after a few dates she decided it was time to get it on. And so we made arrangements to do the hot thing at her pad. When I araived for the date & things she led me to the spare bedroom laid me down and help me get undressed, and then she went over to the dresser and pulled out a big black box, inside was a really thick magnifying glass, she said it had a 120 power lens, all I new was it was almost as thick as her eye glasses she was wearing. I ask what she was going to do with it, & she said that she hated men, & she was going to make sure I wasn't one. She took it out & started to check me out down south. It took her about 20 min. before she came backup for air, and with a look on her face she had just seen a ghost, she told me she just found my weeny, it was hiding behind one of my pubic hairs, then she ask me if I ever seen a dust mite? & I said I had & she said it was about the size of one of there turds. Then she told me to get out cause it wasn't going to work between us. Well I'm so happy to know what I am now, I keeping telling anybody that will listen to me that "I am really a man" I can't beleve it.

JodiJun 07 2007 11:20pm
#0025 - (Fri.) 6/8/07

UpdateJun 07 2007 11:26pm
the real good looking boys from a young age will be raised to be like sex slaves when they grow up. the rest of them will be raised for food.

AnonymousJun 11 2007 4:51am
Anonymous, Food for what?

Other AnonymousJun 12 2007 10:15am
Sexual reproduction is the only way to produce a population with sufficient genetic diversity to counter constant attacks from microscopic predators: bacteria, viruses, etc.

AnonymousJun 13 2007 5:14pm
I personaly put very little stock in what someone says, when they don't even have guts enough to use there first name. I guess they think that their so important and famous that we would all now who they were, and know that they wrote it, even with the few million people out there with the same first name? If there dumb enough to think that? they got a very active imagination, and can and will make up anything. Oh "wow" maybe it was J-Low can I get your autograph????

CathyJun 13 2007 9:50pm
#0030 - (Wed.) 6/13/07

UpdateJun 13 2007 9:53pm
don't worry,when they start having kids who have got every disease going there will be no sorrow for them,scientists,not believing they can be wrong will be putting them down and treating the kids,since there will be no males we shoudn't have to worry.

mike sAug 29 2007 9:19am
mike s, It easy to tell that English is not your first language. So please make your statement short and simple or get some of your friends to help you out with your comments.

anonymousSep 09 2007 10:43pm
Once we've solved the problem with (FEMALE on FEMALE reproduction) males will join the animal kingdom, as he is shoved quickly down the ladder to extinction. (HAPPY HUNTING GIRLS)

SallyOct 07 2007 2:54pm
#0035 - (Mon.) * 12/24/07

UpdateDec 24 2007 1:18pm
No,the scientists can do without women as well as men.Only persons with iq over 50 need apply to continue the human race so that lets you lot out.

saracen395Jan 30 2008 11:13am
I read an article today on animals that can produce by parthogenisis. Although they can do it males continue to exist in their society because males are necessary to produce children that are not the exact copy of their mother. In the latter situation the the lack of genetic diversity ultimately leads to problems for the species. So appears that some men will have to be kept as breeding slaves even after the perfection of parthogenisis. Kim's approach is more scientific than Sally's.

obedient husbandFeb 24 2008 6:20pm
obedient husband, Kin was giving the three different choices, she didn't tell us what her choice would be. You seem too spend a lot of time twisting the ladys arms, trying too tell them how they should think (As if they were a bunch of dumb female with no brains)and trying too make them see thing your way, instead of letting them tell you how it going to be done. I can understand why you spend most of your time getting your a.s.s whipped, you got too be one real assh0le.

AnonymousFeb 24 2008 9:23pm
If you are a Woman I ask forgiveness for having offended you. Most respectfully, I do not try and tell people what to think. I simply express my opinion. Of course any Woman has the right to put me in my place.

obedient husbandFeb 27 2008 5:53pm
#0040 - (Fri.) * 2/29/08

UpdateFeb 29 2008 9:28am
Control child birth to female. Castrate all men that are alive. Extinguish them after a certain age.

AnonymousMar 21 2008 8:49am
How do you control child birth to females.? Castrate all men that are alive,... well that pertty clear, How young do you plan on starting this procedure.? Extinguish them after a certain age...What a certain age?

TomMar 23 2008 9:42pm

AnonymousMar 24 2008 2:40pm
Oh,...I'd say about 180 plus years, yep... they can dig me up and snip away. How about yourself???

TomMar 26 2008 7:42am
#0045 - (Wed.) * 3/26/08

UpdateMar 26 2008 7:44am
Tom you have already given up your balls, you just don't know it.

AnonymousApr 01 2008 1:40pm
If that be the case?...That didn't hurt at all!!! "GEE" it looks like I grew a new one already!!! ""WOW""

TOM (I'M SO PROUD OF MYSELF)Apr 04 2008 7:46pm
IMHO we inferior males must now do our best to deserve living in the world where we are not necessary even for reproduction. Surely some of us will be able to find a good job -- as eunuchs in Women's apartments. Another good percent of us will be used to do heavy manual work. We should try to find our places at least in this second group...

Nick NApr 16 2008 2:45am
How Depressing: It's a Boy Study examines whether a child's gender factors into postpartum depression By Lisa Farino for MSN Health & Fitness Depression is one of the most common postpartum medical problems that new moms face. New research suggests that the risk is even higher for those who give birth to boys. Most moms will readily admit that rambunctious little boys are a bit more challenging to parent than little girls, who are generally quieter and less physically active. But the impacts of gender on parenting don?t necessarily start once the little ones start toddling. New research out of France found that women who gave birth to boys were significantly more likely to suffer from severe postpartum depression than women who gave birth to girls. The findings weren't limited to severe depression: Women who gave birth to boys were also much more likely to report a lower quality of life than women who gave birth to girls. This study, published in the Journal of Clinical Nursing, is the first to examine the impact of infant gender on postpartum depression for women in a Western country. Previous studies in China, Turkey, and India, found that rates of postpartum depression were higher among women who had given birth to girls. Researchers suspect the findings reflect the strong cultural preference for boys over girls in these countries. Another good reason too do a way with men!!! Don't ya think???

AliceApr 20 2008 12:40pm
#0050 - (Sun.) * 4/20/08

UpdateApr 20 2008 12:43pm
To Alice: Looks like in this case the majority of Girls will be born in the West, while the majority of boys in the East (it's already so -- AFAIK masculine population in China is much larger than feminine one due to frequent abortion of feminine embryos :( ). One of the possible results may be that males in the West can become more arrogant in the future due to their less number -- unless the enslavery of males will be as slow as it is now. So, Ms. Alice, You should do Your best to increase the speed of our enslavery. And we'll have to support Your attempts with our obedience and eagerness to serve You.

Nick NApr 20 2008 9:34pm
If us female can't handle the boys from the west, we sure as he!! won't be able too put up with the boys from the east especially the middle east. Thanks Nick N another good reason for us FEMALES, too remove males...from us FEMALES, Mother Earth.

AnonymousApr 21 2008 10:19am
Take it easy before you're head explodes Alice. It will likely be a woman that has to clean up the mess, because misogyony is alive and well in many places in the world and they suffer while you demonstrate you're HUMAN failings. Men are equal to women and don't bother slagging me personally, because you only need to stick you're head out you're front door to find a male who is you're equal. Why not try it ?.

FNOLApr 28 2008 10:26pm
Dear Ms. Anonymous, you'd better leave these Middle Eastern guys to us, inferior males! You, our Queens, should not soil Your hands with this!

Nick NMay 06 2008 3:47am
#0055 - (Fri.) * 5/9/08

UpdateMay 08 2008 10:38pm
Are you telling me that women don't need anything for men ?, that men are merely impediments to the abstraction of the heavenly female utopia. Ha!, ever seen a girl who fancies a guy , geeze !, who said guys were the only sex obsessed maniacs ?. Some of you people need to go back to high school.

FNOLMay 26 2008 12:10am
We've got a new game we'd like to play with you, at least one time, there no fun in it the second time around, hows about it...big boy???

JoyMay 26 2008 12:37pm
I just notice this poll is having a birthbay today of 1, years old (June 1, 2007) with 1338 votes to it count list, that pertty many for being only a year old.

AnonymousJun 01 2008 9:09pm
You mean June 01, 2008 don't you???

JackJun 01 2008 9:11pm
#0060 - (Sun.) * 6/1/08

UpdateJun 01 2008 9:13pm
In a future matriarchy, females will have grown far superior, and men will have been reduced below 2nd class humans as there will be no need to use them for reproduction.Some will be used for sexusal gratification, but all of them will be raised and eventually slaughtered for the dinner table.

AnonymousJun 08 2008 4:46am
Only food for cat & dog and if us lady enjoy hunting we could use them for that and then fertilizer!!!

LindaJun 08 2008 9:19am
Ms. Linda, Wife has never used me for breeding but She keeps me around to do hard labor at menial tasks for Her benefit and She also enjoys applying a firm hand to my naked behind. Would you not like to keep a slave for such things?

obedient husbandJun 08 2008 2:25pm
Your wife is probably smart enough to realizes that she would have to pay a king ransom to get someone to take you off her hands, so breeding you is out of the question. Besides she sure doesn't want...or need two of you crawling around the house, and that is what would happen when the lady she let use you discovers she been scamed, and she is now trying to get rid of a defective curtain climber, with the threat of a lawsuit!!!

PeggyJun 16 2008 3:02pm
#0065 - (Mon.) * 6/16/08

UpdateJun 16 2008 3:04pm
Actually Ms. Peggy, a powerful Businesswoman once tried to buy me from Wife. Wife eventually agreed to rent me to the Businesswoman for one day a week. Wife left me at a Dunkin Donuts and Businesswoman picked me up and took me to a motel. Businesswoman was satisfied with my service but the agreement broke down when She wanted to use me on weekends and Wife wanted it limited to a weekday. Wife can be very firm handed but Businesswoman was several inches taller and one hundred pounds or so heavier. She really blistered my behind that night.

obedient husbandJun 16 2008 5:48pm
Now was that in your fantasy world? Or was that in your make believe concept of reality world??? (as if there a difference)

Mrs. Peggy (to you)Jun 18 2008 7:24am
No Ma'am it actually happened. There are a number of Strong Women out there who enjoy using male slaves, loaning them to friends or renting them out. I know several Women who have provisions in their wills that if they predecease their male property, the male is bequeathed to another Female relative or friend.

obedient husbandJun 19 2008 6:20pm
I agree with obedient husband: heavy and dirty menial work (like washing lavatory pans) and blistering our behinds for Your pleasure -- this are the two best ways how You, Superior Ladies, should use us, inferior males.

Nick NJun 24 2008 11:19am
#0070 - (Tue.) * 6/24/08

UpdateJun 24 2008 2:04pm
You forgot about blowing there brains out for the fun and sport of it as we hunt you guys down, that would be a great use of males in the near future, WOW!! I'm getting wet again and goose bumps all over!!!

AnonymousJun 24 2008 2:17pm
Strong men will be used as slaves. Smaller weaker men will be raised for food. In essense Men will be reduced to the status of cattle. Is that a bad thing? NO...its just the natural evolution of humanity

swineJul 26 2008 7:05am
Dont worry though guys. We are ok,This is something like 500,000 yrs down the road as humanity becomes feminized

swineJul 26 2008 7:09am
More like 30 yrs., but you don't need to worry about it, an old geezer like yourself will be long gone,...way before then!

AnonymousJul 26 2008 8:13pm
#0075 - (Sat.) * 7/26/08

UpdateJul 26 2008 8:15pm
SMaller weaker men being raised for food? Undoubtedly, it will happen, but not in 30 yrs. Feminization is a collectivist philosophy, not individualism. Less individual indentity, more emphasis on how you fit in the community. sacrifice is the key ingredient, so those who are deemed "less than perfect" could be sacrificed if it would benefit the community as a whole. Remember the concept of abortion is female. And it emphasizes that abortions will rid our community of unwanted children. IF men will be deemed inferior and only be used for labor and reproduction, the weaker ones used for food - again to benefit society. Feminization is not about empathy and love, its about collectivism and sacrifice. Its not a bad thing, but dont think its paradise either.

AnonymousJul 30 2008 8:57am
Hillary Clinton echos the concept of feminization in her book the "it takes a village". She also mentioned if she were president,she would open a dialogue to "redefine" the value of life in modern america. meaning, how valuable is your life in the village as a whole. Thank god she isnt going to get the nomination, but that is only postponing the inevitable

AnonymousJul 30 2008 9:05am
lol I think all you guys need to get laid

AnonymousAug 08 2008 7:02am
I disagree with #76 - Anonymous, when they take livestock to market they select the best, for consumption, not the small, weak, disabled and mentally disabled. Are you telling us that women will be dumb enough to settle for dog food? I don't thing so! Remember you are what you eat. They might enjoy hunting them down in some kind of hunting lodge or resort and standing over there fresh kill in a victory pose with one foot stepping on there victim head or face, for pictures and then they?ll just walk off letting them rot and turn into fertilizer, in the hot days sun, but I can't see them eating this scum of the earth like a bunch of bottom feeders.

#79 - AnonymousAug 29 2008 9:48pm
#0080 - (Fri.) * 8/29/08

UpdateAug 29 2008 9:53pm
Birth rate of males should be controlled, and once reaching puberity all males will undergo castration. They will be kept naked with their penises a sign of their inferior and circumcised. Required to do heavy manual labor. At the age of 30 years they will be publicly extinguished. Males will be reguarded as animals.

PatSep 11 2008 5:25am
At the age of 30 years they will be publicly extinguished.____How will there lives be extinguished, if it publicly, it would have to be made interesting possibly a very cruel painful and slow death. P.S. I personally think using them as game animal and Hunting them down would a good world sport.

LindaSep 29 2008 12:29am
Ms. Linda, there is an island off the UK where upper crust Women wish to hunt fox but the island has no foxes, so the Women hunt their husbands from horseback.

obedient husbandSep 29 2008 5:48pm
What a bunch of demented fools. Upon reading some of this stuff, I am starting to hear banjo music. Get yourselves some professional help. No wonder we have such a sick society.

Bob M.Nov 03 2008 8:22am
#0085 - (Tue.) * 11/4/08

UpdateNov 04 2008 10:30am
In time most males will be aborted before birth. Those whom we allow to be born will be raised 12 yrs for food.

BethNov 11 2008 12:43pm
Beth, I take it you don't agree with poll comment #79 - Anonymous P.S. How long have you been a Practising Cannibal?

KathyNov 14 2008 2:39pm
Ms. Beth, I will ask you the same question I asked Ms. Linda. How will you breed Daughters?

obedient husbandNov 14 2008 5:28pm
This would make a good comic strip.

AlNov 19 2008 12:52pm
It is already possible to fertilise eggs using genetic material from any cell in the body - not just sperm. The technique could potentially help infertile couples to have children. But also could mean that lesbian couples could give birth to a baby girl without the need for a father. Women do not carry the genetic information required to make a boy. So men could quiet esily become a thing of the past.

SamanthaNov 22 2008 10:09am
Then we males must work very hard as slaves so Ms. Linda, Ms. Beth, and Ms. Samantha find some reasont to keep us around.

obedient husbandNov 24 2008 7:31pm
Some males will always be kept around because sexual reproduction will not go away completely. Males are quite useful for certain physical tasks, and they can provide Womyn with great pleasure when they are properly trained. However, the population of males will be kept at a level of approximately 15%. Only the most genetically gifted males will be allowed. The rest will be aborted. Women have known for a long time that males are really only needed for a few things, and the rest of the time they just cause trouble. Now that there is a real possibility of solving the male problem, it's just a matter of time.

AnonymousNov 25 2008 12:58pm
"QUOTE" Only the most genetically gifted males will be allowed. The rest will be aborted "END QUOTE" Anonymous, I can just see it now, you poking the pencil and test paper up the mother ass, so you can test him. P.S. Will he be grading on the curve??? and will the test be timed??? LOL...LOL...LOL!!!

BenNov 29 2008 12:11pm
#0095 - (Sat.) * 11/29/08

UpdateNov 29 2008 12:13pm
Anonymous, maybe you are right. Then I completely agree with obedient husband. And I dare add that those who start serving women earlier will probably have some advantages - they will be better trained and will be able to fulfill more orders in a better way. That's why I agitate other males here to accept FemDom ASAP.

Nick NDec 13 2008 10:41pm
If you please, I have only one question for Anonymous question #93, are for any one of you guys. How can you tell if a male fetusis is genetically gifted or is going to become genetically gifted at a later stage in his life? PS. Don't worry...I'm not going to hold my breath for an answer! We all know it B.S before Brains on these polls!

PeteDec 22 2008 11:49pm
Pete, I guess if a male baby is really genetically gifted, our Superior Ladies will save his life and make him a semen producer. At least, this is what i can say using my narrow-minded male brain...

Nick NDec 24 2008 7:30am
Why is it that women are really into cannibalism? lol Even my wife is more open minded into the possibility, whereas I find the concept totally disgusting

AnonymousDec 25 2008 1:09pm
#0100 - (Thu.) * 12/25/08

UpdateDec 25 2008 9:34pm
Nick N, Quote: Superior Ladies will save his life and make him a semen producer End Quote. So your saying the Female will try to make the male as amart as they are or smarter so women can become at risk of becoming slaves to the male ego again??? Why would they want a stronger healthier male? If they are really smart it seems they would want a weak and not so bright male? Are or you talking about his penis? If so how would they now if the male fetus they were checking out was going have a 3"er or a 15"er???

PeteDec 25 2008 10:02pm
anonymous #99 because our bodies creates human life.therefore feeding on that product of our creation will only make us stronger and more harmonious with nature.Its a beautiful concept if you really give it some thought!

ArielDec 26 2008 8:46am
Ariel, I guess you are what you eat

JakeDec 26 2008 11:59am
lol true, cant say eating our own isnt natural

AnonymousDec 28 2008 5:32am
#0105 - (Sun.) * 12/28/08

UpdateDec 28 2008 9:58am
Look to me, as if old Nick N has turn tail and run for the hills or maybe under the rock he came from.

PeteJan 04 2009 12:34pm
Pete, I believe that one smart male won't be able to shake FemDom regime. A chastity belt and a good whipping are usually enough to keep us inferior males (even smart ones) in submission.

Nick NJan 05 2009 12:34pm
Sound like a recipe that would keep them running on low power, depressed, and suicidal. The only males that could handle that would be the pansy asses which means there NOT looking for a stronger healthier male, there looking for dumb asses that they can throw away with no love loss for there part.

AnonymousJan 06 2009 10:19pm
Nick, Laws inactive by females allows for public nudity of all males. Mandatory sterlization for at least 90% of all males. Castration sentences for males who do not measure up to the critique. Good whippings should be a daily exercise, to put color into their bottoms. Then males would be in submission, they realy don't have a choice in the matter. Now do they?

Slave Jim (already emasculated)Jan 07 2009 2:31pm
#0110 - (Wed.) * 1/7/09

UpdateJan 07 2009 8:59pm
What makes you guys think any women in her right mind, are public...would love to, are even want to see you FAT ASS POT BELLYS fools naked. Get real, it only you guys that have got the HOTS seeing each other butt naked. If women take over you fools will be dress in full attire. (all fatty skin covered up)

DebbieJan 07 2009 9:19pm
Ms Debbie, You are absolutely right! Stout males look really ugly. That's why i do my best to keep myself slim enough. Slave Jim, everything sounds nice in your description except for emasculation. You see, I'm not emasculated yet, so I cannot say for sure how it's felt. You see, we inferior males have only one need - sexual drive, and our Superior Women redirect this animal drive into a strong wish to serve Them. So I'm not sure I'll be able to serve Women as good as I do (or try to do) now after emasculation. Though I accept that if any Mistress wants Her slave be castrated, it must be done without any hesitation. And all males who has made an attempt to rape a Woman/Girl must be castrated -- better publicly, by the victim, with a blunt knife and after a merciless public whipping. And all those whose attempt to rape a Woman/Girl was successful - they surely must be executed. Bercause they are like a tiger who has taste human flesh - nothing will stop it to try to taste it another time, that's why it must be shot. BTW, I believe we need a law which allows any Woman to rape any male - She may use a strap-on or his own sexual arousal. (Really if the male had sexual arousal, who dare to name it raping?)

Nick NJan 08 2009 11:36pm
Ms. Debbie, if Women are in charge males will probably used as work slaves which will take off the weight and build muscle. Also whip marks across a male's bare behind will be a symbol of Female power as well as perhaps the brand of a Female owner.

obedient husbandJan 09 2009 7:18pm

AnonymousJan 11 2009 12:48am
#0115 - (Sun.) * 1/11/09

UpdateJan 11 2009 12:50am
Most respectfully Ma'am, dead males cannot scrub toilets, do laundry or be used as pack animals. They also cannot provide oral service to a Woman's crotch or rear. But You have the right to exercise the power of life and death over those males that belong to You.

obedient husbandJan 11 2009 5:07pm
Ms Anonymous, i must confess i agree with obedient husband. Because i guess that future developed FemDom society will still have some dirty manual work to do, and we inferior males are the best candidates to do it. Or do You suppose that it will be done by a Woman? I'm very sorry, Ma'am, but it looks impossible for me.

Nick NJan 12 2009 9:01pm
Nick N your comments about the decriminalising of rape by Womyn of men made me think.Of course serious sexual assault is wrong whoever does it to whom.And I suppose you could say the "wrong" kind of male rape is moer common.You know when males rape another male. However I do think that a bit of groping or fondling of the male is entirely appropriate and he should not get to upset when we exercise our right to "test the goods". A gentle squeeze or fondle of a mans genitals and bottom or a finger probing a man anus should not be an excuse for a male to create a fuss.He should accept it as a fact of life and get on with it.

Big BrendaJan 27 2009 10:43pm
Nick N your comments about the decriminalising of rape by Womyn of men made me think.Of course serious sexual assault is wrong whoever does it to whom.And I suppose you could say the "wrong" kind of male rape is moer common.You know when males rape another male. However I do think that a bit of groping or fondling of the male is entirely appropriate and he should not get to upset when we exercise our right to "test the goods". A gentle squeeze or fondle of a mans genitals and bottom or a finger probing a man anus should not be an excuse for a male to create a fuss.He should accept it as a fact of life and get on with it.

Big BrendaJan 27 2009 10:43pm
Nick N your comments about the decriminalising of rape by Womyn of men made me think.Of course serious sexual assault is wrong whoever does it to whom.And I suppose you could say the "wrong" kind of male rape is moer common.You know when males rape another male. However I do think that a bit of groping or fondling of the male is entirely appropriate and he should not get to upset when we exercise our right to "test the goods". A gentle squeeze or fondle of a mans genitals and bottom or a finger probing a man anus should not be an excuse for a male to create a fuss.He should accept it as a fact of life and get on with it.

Big BrendaJan 27 2009 10:45pm
Big Brenda, Ma'am, I agree as long as the male is not already the property of another Woman. If he is, then the Woman wishing to grope him should get the permission of his owner.

obedient husbandJan 28 2009 7:37pm
We concur obedient husband

Big BrendaJan 30 2009 11:35pm
Big Brenda, why thank You Ma'am. It is a shame You do not know Wife. I would love it if She loaned my arse to You for your amusement.

obedient husbandFeb 03 2009 5:41pm
In the future, Robots will do the work of man and will be much more efficiently and they won't require a bare ass warming and they won't sassing back!

AnonymousFeb 06 2009 2:47pm
#0125 - (Fri.) * 2/6/09

#1UpdateFeb 06 2009 2:50pm
But most Dominant Women get off from beating a male's bare behind. Would they get the same affect from a robot?

obedient husbandFeb 10 2009 4:50pm
Key word here is "MOST" dominant women: #1. There not that many dominant women out there #2. And of those that are, there not into asses or you guys are. I bet that most participants on this board are male, saying what they so desperately would love to have a Female tell them! And those that participate the most on this board are those that get very little in real life, if any at all (most of the males are smart enough to know their wife would have them committed and she would personally throw away the key if they new there little secret) because us female find this s.h.i.t. sickening to say the least.

AnonymousFeb 14 2009 9:56am
Wife loves to order me to strip naked and bend over for Her and She gave me a hard beating with Her wooden spoon last week. Dominant Wives do exist!

obedient husbandFeb 16 2009 6:43pm
One above,I rest my case

AnonymousFeb 19 2009 1:11pm
#0130 - (Thu.) * 2/19/09

UpdateFeb 19 2009 1:12pm
Ms Big Brenda, i agree with both You and obedient husband. If a male is not owned by a Woman (and guys up to 18 yo should be owned by their Mothers), then any Woman should have the right to grope his balls (if he still has them) and pat his ass. More, any Woman should have the right to cane him if She feels he was too rude with Her. But if he is owned by a Woman, then She must give this permission for this groping/caning.

Nick NFeb 27 2009 1:15pm
A very sensible approach Nick N.Yes they should be able to pat his arse but we should also be able to pet it i.e probe and fondle it. Really like to make my boys lick my fingers after probing them. Certainly a slap round the face if he is disrespectful in public if not the cane or a tawse.

Big BrendaMar 10 2009 1:06pm
A very sensible approach Nick N.Yes they should be able to pat his arse but we should also be able to pet it i.e probe and fondle it. Really like to make my boys lick my fingers after probing them. Certainly a slap round the face if he is disrespectful in public if not the cane or a tawse.

Big BrendaMar 10 2009 1:06pm
Why does Big Brenda keep repeating itself, does it not really believe itself and knows it full of S.H.I.T.

AnonymousMar 10 2009 1:26pm
#0135 - (Tue.) * 3/10/09

UpdateMar 10 2009 1:28pm
Ms Big Brenda, of course, it's the Woman who decides should this unowned male (and if he is owned by a Woman, it;s his Owner who decides) be slapped round his face or caned. Everything must depend of the Woman and how much inappropriate She finds his behaviour. I've noticed that some Women are very mild and unwilling to do any (even absolutely necessary!) pain. So there is a good sense to organize a special service for this Women - They would be able to send their males to a place where these inferior creatures will be caned/belted/tawsed by volunteer Women according to males' Owners' orders. An any Woman who wants to cane a really guilty male (otherwise She can cane Her own male(s)) should be able to visit that place and to take part in punishing a male there. That system would teach us inferior males that we ought to respect any Woman.

Nick NMar 14 2009 12:51pm
I have expounded on this before Nick N.There should be re education centres for males where Womyn can do very rewarding work for the community in punishing and teaching males to behave.

Big BrendaMar 29 2009 9:03pm
I have expounded on this before Nick N.There should be re education centres for males where Womyn can do very rewarding work for the community in punishing and teaching males to behave.

Big BrendaMar 29 2009 9:04pm
Scientists have recently made a sperm cell from skin stem cell/s. If they can do this, the next logical step would be to use the same process to create an ovum. Step three, perfect the artificial gestation chamber (womb), and thus women join men on the scrap heap.

an intelligent life formJul 10 2009 11:28am
180 plus years? They'll have rotted away long before then, they'd have nothing to snip! Good plan, Tom! Way to out smart em'!

an intelligent life formJul 10 2009 11:35am
#0141 - (Mon.) * 7/13/09

UpdateJul 13 2009 12:42pm
Unlike the simpler forms, Humans and other similarly complex speceis are obligate sexual reproducers. If we go down the parthogenesis route, our genome will surely collapse.

an intelligent life formJul 30 2009 12:30pm
The only thing that will collapse is the male ego. There are numerous complex species which are parthenogenic. Parthenogenesis has been found in fish, reptiles, and birds. The point is that males are actually the minority in nature. Far from being innately superior to females, maleness is actually a mere mutation of the basic female template. In most of nature the female is larger and stronger than the male. Humans and other mammals are the exceptions to natures rule of larger females. Humans ma never become completely parthenogenic, but males are no longer able to claim natural superiority, and even equality is looking unlikely.

AnonymousSep 17 2009 4:48pm
My dear anonymous person, not once have I ever claimed supremacy of either sex over the other, nor will I ever do so. As for Human reproduction, we need the biodiversity to survive that only the sexual method can provide. All that parthenogenic species ar capable of doing is a form of virtual self cloning.

an intelligent life formSep 27 2009 4:39pm
Many anthropologists believe that the first Human societies were matriarchal, only to be diposed by patriarchy much later. So, if women have always been physically weaker, how did they manage to hold on to power for so long?, the answer is that originally, they were not weaker, in all likleyhood they were probably stronger. Though itis not known what sociocultural control mechanisms women used to opress men, these methods had a strengthening effect on the men, and the reverse on women. Eventually, the men noticed this, thus seizing the opportunity to usurp female dominance and seize power. After the "Great Male Takeover, the new masters employed every physical, mental social, cultural and economic repressor system they could think of in order to retain their newly won power, thus began the decline of woman. :(

an intelligent life formSep 27 2009 5:02pm
Eventually, after the 'decline of woman' ... the male power structures which were based on the mythology of male superiority began to erode. This took many generations because males had succeeded in destroying most artifacts of the matriarchal cultures of the past and violently squelched any attempts to challenge patriarchal rule, but the science and nature has over time revealed the falsehood of patriarchy and the inferiority of males. Now we are seeing the inevitable resurgence of Female power - and it is coming back with a vengeance. Women will never let males repeat the injustices of the past and are moving closer and closer to absolute superiority over males. Since the discovery of the inferiority of the y chromosome and the advances of reproductive science which have led Women to the brink of parthenogenesis, Women have overtaken males in every academic field and are about to overtake males in the professional world. We are clearly seeing the beginning of the era of Female superiority.

AnonymousOct 24 2009 1:34pm
Read "The Dominant Sex" by Mathias and Mathilde Vaerting. It is availablr to read free online, just Google it, it will educate and challenge assumptions!

an intelligent life formNov 13 2009 11:41am
Chapter 7 is interesting:-103- Among the early Teutons, the women must have been well grown, for in ancient Teuton tombs female skeletons have been found ranging up to seven feet in length. Ammian[3] writes that among the Gauls the women were stronger than the men. In this case, too, a reversed division of labour seems to have obtained between the sexes. Strabo moreover says that the Gaulish women were taller than the men. We have reports as to the women being stronger and taller in the case of quite a number of primitive tribes. Joseph Thomson states this concerning the Wateita, an East African people. Writing of the Bosjesmans, Fritsch says that the women were on the average about 4 centimetres (more than 1 ? inches) taller than the men. Ellis tells us that among the Andombis of the Congo the women are stronger and better developed than the men. They have a splendid physique. It is they who do all the more arduous work. Among the Papuans, likewise, the women are stronger than the men. A parenthetical reference may be made to the amazing strength of the Tahitian queen Oberea. Jaeckel quotes Captain Wallis as saying that she could carry him about as if he had been a child.

weakerNov 19 2009 7:09am
Weaker, was this only because the women ate the same and exercised the same as the men, or was it perhaps also because of learnt behaviour influencing the endocrine system, in the same way that, for example, a male gorilla becomes a silverback by behaving more dominantly? If this is the case (a big 'if', and I am no biologist) then the hormone balance between men and women might partially alter to match the structure of society, rather than always being the reverse.

SteveDec 04 2009 12:14am
#0150 - (Fri.) * 12/11/09

UpdateDec 11 2009 8:47pm
If women could reproduce without men then I hope they will keep a few of us around for fun.

svn18Dec 18 2009 5:20am
Age 18, all males will be given a battery of tests. One for IQ, personality and physical. We also take into consideration academic history. If they score high, they are breeding material!! No castration for the purpose of breeding until age 40. If they score normal, they will be castrated and serve society in some capacity. If they score low, and their history reflects test scores. They will be castrated on the spot and be sent to a place where they will be prepared for the final phase. In a matriarchy, our sisters will know castration, euthenasia and abortion is the key to a peaceful society that is free from crime poverty and intolerance. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Death(I prefer to call it human retirement) and castration is what an absolute matriarchy is all about, and whether you maybe 18 or 100, we all know we are going to die.In a matriarchy, its quality of life vs length of life. AND always death with dignity and compassion

PriestessDec 19 2009 10:05am
If you compare the female body with the male body, the difference over the years is lessening. A man was much stronger then a woman in the '50s then he is today. For a man, his physical strength is the only thing that is left for him in which he can beat a woman. If women would become physically stronger then a man then I think men would have to deal with a crushing blow to the male ego. And if it would become a common way for women to get pregnant without any intervention from a man then men would lose their usefullness and I hope women would find it in their hearts to have mercy on us.

svenDec 25 2009 12:49pm
Nothing change, women are only usefull for making food, clean the house and sex. Now make a sandwiche, bitch!

100% maleJan 20 2010 4:33am
#0155 - (Thu.) * 2/11/10

UpdateFeb 11 2010 7:10am
comment # 154 Another good reason you male sucker have got to go

JoyFeb 11 2010 7:13am
Could Joy (Pain) be a reincarnated Adolph Hitler, with hatred of men replacing hatred of Jews?

an intelligent life formFeb 13 2010 2:45pm
@Joy, Hello kitchen maid am I comment number 154? I know I am not that smart... And what do you want to do what do you want to do with males? And do you really think I will accept that?

100% maleFeb 15 2010 3:03am
Dear Priestess, Your plan makes sense. Please only take into consideration that castrated males are not very eager servants to the Women. Maybe You'll agree to keep a part of us, middle-level males, in CBs?

Nick NFeb 18 2010 6:33am
#0160 - (Fri.) * 3/12/10

UpdateMar 12 2010 11:54am
As a Female Supremacist I would not seek to eliminate males entirely just because we have artificial methods of reproduction at our disposal. Indeed I would favour producing large numbers of males artificially (in mechanical wombs) to service the needs of the Gynarchy. This would allow genetic modification for particular roles. Females aka human beings could be bred from either normal sperm which is female or by newer methods. In terms of social devolution males will gradually move from being equal, to subordinates to women in developed western society within 20-30 years. This process is already well under way. Once Female superiority is an established fact males status will rapidly move from being our subordinates to being seen as more child like and dependent in nature. Matriarchal marriages will become more and more frequent. Males will assume their wives surname and obey female authority absolutely in the household. After some decades I forsee males losing the right to vote or attend tertiary education. Males inferior intellectual capacity will be an established fact by this time which males themselves will universally accept. It will then be relatively easy to argue males have no reason for existence other than to serve and please females. Males will eventually, lose the right to own any property and indeed become the property of their Mother, or designated ?Mistress?. Males will be seen as slaves and bought and sold as one currently does with dogs and horses. This kind of society will rapidly lead to males being regarded by Womyn as a hybrid semi-human-semi ?animal . The term human being will be exclusively reserved for superior Female. males will be referred to as ?manimal? , beast or simply animal. How might these sub-human beasts be used by Womyn in the future? I offer the following suggestions: Domestic male-serving a Womyn in her household. -Drone male-A worker male required for heavy or menial labour outside -Breeder/Genitor male-serving the reproductive needs of the Gynarchy. -Pony male-A low carbon method of short distance travel for Womyn -Laboratory/Donor male-For medical experimentation and donation of organs required by Womyn. -Guide Male-A talking dog for blind Womyn -Pleasure male-To be used by Womyn with no domestic. -Circus/Zoo male-For the entertainment of Womyn -Retired males-male who had passed their useful service due to age or illness. These would be humanely put to sleep. -Bull /Livestock male-Reared for Womyn wishing to eat male animals. -Prey Male-For Womyn wanting to hunt male animals on horseback.

Goddess AmandaApr 04 2010 3:45pm
Goddess Amanda, most respectfully, if this mere male may address You, do You currently keep male slaves and how do You discipline them?

obedient husbandApr 06 2010 6:33pm
I have noted from your posts that you are a truly compliant and courteous male towards your Female superiors.Your kind of outlook and behaviour would be the social norm in the Gynarchy to come. I will therefore indulge you with a reply. Yes obedient male I own a small stable of manimals under my complete control. Discipline and correction is the divine right of all Womyn. However, a Womyn in touch with her inner Goddess can exercise complete psychological authority over any male without the need for constant physical discipline. I have found dog training methods highly effective in bringing males under my complete control. No doubt because the psychology of male humans has innumerable similarities to canines. While there are many books, magazine articles etc presenting this analogy as a light hearted joke I think the idea has serious merit. I therefore often treat my males exactly like dogs.

Goddess AmandaApr 07 2010 2:43pm
Amanda, it is all bullpoo " Womyn in touch with her inner Goddess can exercise complete psychological authority over ANY male without the need for constant physical discipline" A whole female army could not enslave me.So how will a single woman enslave me? Don't get me wrong I like sexy women but I never become a slave.

AnonymousApr 08 2010 9:54am
Anonymous you are a cretin. Your arguments are childish. Not an untypical condition in your gender! I was referring to men who have already accepted their innate submissiveness and inferiority. These males show at least some potential for training and having a useful social role. Deviants like yourself sadly still exist. However, soon males like you will not be fighting vs the dominance of one single Woman. Instead you will be living in a society founded on Female Supremacy. From womb to grave the future society will be controlled by Womyn. If you continue to stubbornly expound such oudated patriarchal attitudes in the coming Gynarchy you will require culling. Slavery is the ultimate destiny of ALL males that will be allowed to exist in a Female Supremacist state. I urge you to educate yourself on the reality of Female Supremacy so that you can ready yourself for your fate and prepare for a submissive role that will be required of all males.

Goddess AmandaApr 08 2010 11:18am
"If you continue to stubbornly expound such oudated patriarchal attitudes in the coming Gynarchy you will require culling." This means women are too dumb to enslave me so we kill him. And how is a women getting me? When I walk on the street the first women say you are my slave? Call me a child but i am not crying every week in a month because it is my period...

AnonymousApr 08 2010 2:28pm
Goddess Amanda, thank You for Your gracious response.

obedient husbandApr 08 2010 6:19pm
'This means women are too dumb to enslave me so we kill him.' Its rather we reluctantly cull the men who are too dumb to realise their purpose is to serve and please Womyn. Of course the Gynarchic state would not be aiming for indiscriminate gendercide. Rather the tiny hard core of males who may insist on resisting Female authority and become socially disruptive will be extinguished. They will be given the opportunity for re-education first. Culling is an option of last resort. 'And how is a women getting me?' They are 'getting you' because they are getting every male in society. Is English your second language? Your comment on a Woman's period is ridiculous. If we are discussing emotional maturity how many women get aggressive, or violent compared to Womyn? Why are 95% of people in Prison men?

Goddess AmandaApr 09 2010 10:59am
If there ever was a real war between males and women, we males would not stand a chance.

RonApr 12 2010 6:28pm
#170 - (Sun.) * 5/23/10

UpdateMay 23 2010 2:32pm
I read these threads for entertainment. Let me pose this question - what if WOMEN are no longer needed for reproduction? Did you ever think of that ladies? I would never propose we "eliminate" women because I'm not, you know, a psychopath, unlike most of you who post here. Amanda, no I won't call you goddess, your statistics are interesting. Of course, men have more tendency towards violence. It was needed for protection of the young and females. Do some research into evolution some time. 95% of violent inmates may be male (I'll take your word for it) but that does not mean that 95% of men are violent criminals. There's a big difference there. So, you are proposing wiping out all men when 99% of men are perfectly well balanced individuals. What that means is that in order to protect a few women from men you will commit mass murder of many innocent men, believing you are making society safer. You have exchanged a few innocent lives for millions of innocent lives. Your logic is fatally flawed and is exactly the same logic used by Hitler who believed he was doing a great service to humanity. It also means that you are no better than the violent male prisoners you so despise. Do you not realize how so full of bullpoo you are?

PatJun 10 2010 6:55pm
Goddess Amanda does NOT propose "wiping out all men". In fact She gives a detailed version of how males will lead productive lives as slaves to the Gynarchy. I am not defending Her because a Woman of such power does not need a mere male to defend Her but at the very least, the misguided posters who attack Her position should at least refrain from mis-stating it.

obedient husbandJun 13 2010 2:44pm
It's hilarious that you can't stand up for yourself obedient husband but you stand up for a nazi who would have you exterminated if she had the power. I stated her position clearly. Learn how to make inferences from what you read. Males who resist in her world would be culled. Most males would not go for that kind of state. A matriarchy, sure, I can actually see that happening, but a female supremacist state is a silly fetish fantasy.

PatJun 14 2010 2:39pm
She would not have me exterminated because I show Her proper respect, something you should do.

obedient husbandJun 15 2010 7:28pm
Amanda is not full of bull s.h.i.t, she is full of cowpat.

an intelligent life formJun 23 2010 3:21pm
Obedient husband, if you pandered to everyone who threatened you with violence you could end up one confused and doomed little man. If one of the groups demands conflicted with another's you would be destined for destruction no matter what. Sorry but your strategy needs a revision. Use the backbone that evolution gave you and stand tall like a man.

PatJul 06 2010 5:28pm
Just to clear things up: Wife may discipline me any time in any way She wishes. My existence is entirely at Her whim for Her pleasure. Priestess may discipline me anyway She wishes as long as Wife does not object to the type of discipline. If Wife or Priestess gives me to a Woman She may use me anyway She wishes within the parameters set by Wife or Priestess. I am not confused at all. I understand the hierarchy of the Women I serve.

obedient husbandJul 10 2010 5:16pm
No, OH. You were talking about Amanda sparing you extermination because you show her respect. This has nothing to do with your femdom relationship with your wife. I understand that dynamic and I would never knock that. That is your choice as an adult. However, you are talking about appeasing any old woman who threatens to exterminate you, by showing her "respect". If another person came along and told you that you were to show them respect and not Amanda, or else you'd be killed, you are now in a no win situation. You would have to make a choice and assert yourself. Just use your head, man. Don't give away your power so easily.

PatJul 11 2010 11:26am
I would hope Amanda would not exterminate a male owned by another Woman out of respect for the Woman. I have occasionally been in situations where I was the target of a Woman who was acting in an over the top manner and I just said, "I'm sorry Ma'am, I am not permitted to serve You," and I walked away. There are Dominant Women, particularly in a nightlife situation who might get overly aggressive because of boredom or because they had too much to drink. The best remedy is to remove yourself from Her zone of control. Since there are probably five other guys who will throw themselves at Her, She will soon be concentrating on someone else.

obedient husbandJul 11 2010 5:46pm
Some interesting comments. I think the key points to focus on are. 1. Yes, women are superior and this fact will be accepted by all, eventually. 2. Some women would do away with men. But the vast majority of women love and respect men. Many are women with male offspring and will raise their sons to live in a female dominated world. 3. Most women are not violent and don't want gendercide. 4. Men need to wake up and accept the truth of their gender inferiority and that the world will be a better place once women's rule is universal and absolute. August 2010.

STTGAug 03 2010 3:17pm
I have just noticed the rant by Pat that has totally misrepresented and misunderstood my position. Its an easy tag to underline anyone you disagree with as a Nazi. I am somewhat mystified how you could read my posts and conclude this. Exactly, where did I advocate the extermination of most men? What utter nonsense! Do you have a learning difficulty? Clearly, in the red mist of your hysterical response you forgot to actually read what I said. Its true I don?t buy into the equalitarian propaganda that teaches us men and Womyn are equal. The simple fact is Womyn and men are fundamentally different on many levels: genetics, biology, cognitive ability, communication skills, morality and spiritual potential. In most respects I think Womyn come out as the superior gender and the one most suited to make decisions at all levels of society. That means I believe the most harmonious organization of society is that the superior gender to make all the decisions for men. However, I don?t envisage a Gynarchy developing extermination camps or gulags for men! How ridiculous. This sounds more like something from a male FEM Dom fantasy than the product of a Feminine mind. Womyn in my view are characterized by greater compassion than males. So lets bury discussions of gendercide and lets try and have rational discussion shall we? Males can have a very useful and productive role in Gynarchy and will be dealt with in a compassionate but firm way. Male submissiveness is not some freakish aberration. It reflects a deep seated need most males have to serve and devote themselves to Womyn. Its just that male submissives have the insight to recognise this fact and are no longer living in denial. In a Female Supremacist state males will no longer have to hide such urges. They will be positively encouraged as normal , healthy behaviour. I believe this all reflects an underlying spiritual need in men to serve and please Womyn. As the highest form of life on this planet Womyn are literally the Great Goddess made flesh. Its therefore natural for males to wish to devote their humble existence to the highest manifestation of the Great Goddess. I sincerely, believe a Female Supremacist society is evolving peacefully. The Nazi?s seized power and murdered their opponents. Female Supremacists believe in a peaceful evolution of society so its natural order can express itself. Violence and bloodshed are the hallmarks of male patriarchal societies. Did Womyn create the Marxism, Nazism, or Religious fanaticism? Check out history and you have your answer. I think you will find it was exclusively men that founded all these movements. I do believe the means qualify the end. Using violence to obtain power or maintain it generally leads to an oppressive, totalitarian outcome. Although there are exceptions like the American Revolution. Mind you Native Americans or Blacks might take a very different view of subsequent history! Equally, you are left in the modern USA with a gun ridden culture where people still defend the right to own and use private firemans on the basis of a constitutional amendment designed to defend against further British attacks! My reference that men make up the vast majority of the Prison population was not to advocate locking most men up or imprisoning them. I was rather underlining the fact that this demonstrates the male propensity for violence and the moral superiority of Womyn. Its true I did use the term culling in regards the males that are socially disruptive or a danger to others. Is that so different from modern American society with its capital punishment in most states? That doesn?t make the USA Nazi state does it? All societies exist based on laws that protect its members and discourage what it perceives as socially harmful. I believe a Gynarchy will need to set out similar codes of behaviour that are required by Womyn and males. Males who murder, rape or abuse women will be harshly dealt with in a Gynarchy. Since males have a greater propensity for violence I anticipate it will be mostly males who fill up Prisons in the Gynarchy as they do today. In regards attitudinal issues such as lack of respect or obedience to Womyn I favour Re-Education facilities over actual imprisonment. Whether any men are literally culled in terms of execution would be a decision for the Female controlled government to decide in their law making deliberations. I hope I have demonstrated to you that a Gynarchy would not be an oppressive place for men. Rather it would offer them an appropriate and harmonious social role decreed by nature.

Goddess AmandaAug 08 2010 1:01pm
Keep in mind I am discussing a single Female Supremacist or Gynarchic state I doubt this will be a global government in the forseeable future. Thus the Gynarchy will inevitably be surrounded by other states with different political systems. I believe that all males should be offered the right to leave the borders of the Gynarchy if they cannot accept its values and laws. All males would be allowed to make this choice at the age of 16. Equally, males who sought to undermine the political system in the Gynarchy could be permanently exiled if they consistently refused to accept its laws. I believe any population losses would be more than made up my eager submissive male immigrants happy to accept Female authority in all matters.

Goddess AmandaAug 08 2010 1:37pm
The problem is men don't need female authority. Jealous maids like amanda need to accept that it is impossible to make this laws. All males got exiled,becomes an army, and put all females in a prison.

ToniAug 10 2010 12:47pm
Amanda, you simply proved that my "rant" was on point. You continue to rationalize "culling" and re-education as legitimate means to your chosen end. Yet you claim to be non-authoritarian. You advocate for males to be given the choice to accept tyranny or be exiled at age 16! Love it or leave it, huh? We'll get along fine as long as we all realize that you're right, isn't that so? Democracy at it's finest, isn't it folks? Let me quote you: "Slavery is the ultimate destiny of ALL males that will be allowed to exist in a Female Supremacist state". ALLOWED TO EXIST! Am I being paranoid or does that not mean that men who refuse to be slaves will not be allowed to exist - be "culled" as you so eloquently put it. Another splendid display of your morality. In your earlier post you proposed a number of roles for men in gynarchy. Let's review just a couple of these fine ideas. Slave. That's self explanatory. Bull/Livestock - to be eaten by women! Do I really have to explain why this is...what's the word? INSANE?! Enterprising young men will also get the option to be Prey, and have the honor of being hunted by women on horseback. Nice. Then you have the audacity to say that you have clearly shown that gynarchy will not be an oppressive society for males. The irony is so thick you can almost choke on it. Your claim of utopia, being brought about by oppressive laws based on the superiority of one group's genetics, has been played over and over throughout history. Do you have any knowledge of history at all? Yet, you still think that comparing you to a nazi is unfair. That's rich. You see, I'm not one of these bitch-ass geeks jacking off over your monologues. Don't try to dazzle me with your doublespeak and bullpoo, and your so called superior female intellect. You're out of your league girl and you just got your proverbial skirt flipped up for all to see. Who's next?

Pat - Kickin' A$$ and takin' numbersAug 10 2010 10:08pm
Pat. READ MY LAST POST I offered you an explanation of my of my serious position in my last post. However, you clearly want to go back to earlier comments that I have already stated were were tongue in cheek! If you want to disagree stick to my last post where I offered full clarification. I have already just said I am not advocating gendercide or extermination! What you call tyranny many would call bliss. I do not advocate violence as a way to attain or maintain powerr -again see last post! Incidentally, I am a Vegetarian and believe in animal rights-that includes males.

Goddess AmandaAug 15 2010 6:03am
BTW Pat. I have an MA in History!

Goddess AmandaAug 15 2010 6:06am
So Goddess Amanda Ma'am, might I inquire as to the day to day use of the males You own and keep naked? Do You use corporal discipline and what is a typical day for one of Your males. Most respectfully,

obedient husbandAug 15 2010 2:50pm
Amanda, I reread your last post, as you requested. Maybe, I was over reacting, I thought. After reading your post again, my position is unchanged. You simply back tracked on what you had previously written, once someone called you on it. You've done this before, stating that some of this is just dark fantasy. It doesn't change what you wrote and the fact that many of the guys here buy into it. Obedient Husband is right into it and it was him that I was correcting. You can say you don't really believe what you wrote, he evidenly does! It's not just this thread but everything you've written on this site, on which I base my opinion. Are you going to recant every one of these types of statements you've made on every thread here? Furthermore, you still maintained your authoritarian position that women will rule men because they alone know what's best for men. I'm sorry but you don't get to make that decision. It's fascism-lite. But thank you, oh wise one, for granting animal rights to human males. Your own rant was nothing but a softening of the edges, stating we will absolutely rule you men but don't worry because we will be kind to you animals. You do maintain that men should have no rights or power in society though, right? My last question is, what if some men were to refuse female rule and insist on a crazy idea like democracy and representative government chosen partly by them, as members of "the people"? Your answer to that question is all that we need to determine the moral merit of your position. I think we both know what your answer is as well. That's all that needs to be said on this matter so this will be my last contribution to this dialogue.

PatAug 15 2010 11:49pm
Just to clarify Pat I have no intention of 'recanting' as you suggest. Why should I? My firm belief in Female superiority remains unshaken. Following on from this I am fully committed to seeing the move towards a Gynocracy as the sanest and most compassionate organization of humanity. I did offer'clarification' on what was intended in a more humorous vein. This wasn't a 'softening' of my position it was a clarification of it. I offer no apologies or excuses as these are unnecessary. I regret there are no emotions here. Its hard to convey the emotional tone behind mere words here at times. Maybe its a culture clash. I suspect you are an American. No offence but you do have a reputation as a nation of having a rather 'literal' sense of humour. We British enjoy a more eccentric style of humour! Like all Female Supremacists I believe men are more peripheral to life than women. This is not motivated by blind hate or prejudice. men have always been more expendable since Womyn and children are the crucial core of a society. Societies have endured the wiping out of males in wars but no community can sustain the decimation of Womyn. Geneticaly the male Xy gene is a mutation of the female XX gene. Indeed, scientists tell us the male Xy gene is dying out like all unstable mutations. Equally, all babies start in the womb for the first few months from a Female template. Hence the paradox of male nipples! The laws of nature have decreed that Womyn live longer and are more resistant to disease than men. This doesn't mean men are irrelevent. They have long had a role as the protectors, workers and breeders for Womyn. In a Gynocracy this role would continue. However, in a Gyncracy Womyn would be the exclusive decision makers. Why? Fascism? Hardly. Fascism and Nazism denied the vote to everyone. The Gynocracy would be a democracy. Its just that the franchise would be restricted to Womyn. I understand why this proposal annoys and angers some men. There also some degree of fear and anxiety that Womyn might abuse this power over men. However, the lack of voting rights to men does not mean they are worthless. It simply means that nature has not gifted them with the higher cognitive abilities for rational, compassionate decision making. That is not misandry or hate. Its based on a cool evaluation of the evidence of history and science. Scientific research now confirms beyond doubt that the Female brain is significantly superior to the male. Research now confirms we think quicker, we have better memories, we communicate more fluently, we are better organized, we can multi-task more effectively,and the two halves of our brain are better linked. Womyn are more rational, calm, decision makers and have demonstrable greater compassion and empathy. Indeed I would state that overall, Womyn are morally superior to men. males have a well recorded higher propensity for aggression and violence. Its no coincidence 95% of the Prison population are men in societies across the world. This aggression might come in handy if your fighting off a Sabre Tooth Tiger or the neighbouring tribe but its increasingly obsolete in a society based on commuication and interpersonal skills. The excessess of the violent patriarchal societies over the last few thousand years have seen the extreme cruelty of male power. This violence has been unleashed not just on neighbouring states but on Womyn, children and ultimately the Planet. For the protection of Womyn, children and the Planet we need Gyno-centric values of non-violence, compassion and wisdom to replace the redundant patriarchal model of government.

Goddess AmandaAug 16 2010 12:32pm
To: Obedient husband. I am not here to fulfill your prurient interests. Female Supremacy is not masturbation fantasy it is serious poltical philosophy! Perhaps I have misjudged you but I suspect you are seeking this kind of personal information for sexual gratification. I am not posting here for your entertainment.

Goddess AmandaAug 16 2010 12:49pm
I said I wouldn't reply any more Amanda, but your last post made some good and interesting points. Much of what you said about the patriarchal model is indeed, correct. We are in agreement about the destruction done to our world under this system. I have been interested in matriarchal societal models for a while, but I do not equate matriarchy with female supremacy. Nor do I believe the system we call patriarchy was ever really about male domination as much as it was about class warfare. Women suffered greatly throughout history, but oppression was not limited to women. Just about everyone at some point was getting screwed under patriarchy. That doesn't make it any more right but I think it is easy to show that the war against women was one segment of a divide and conquer scheme. It's therefore, easy to pin this whole thing on men. Using that logic, it would make just as much sense to declare that only Black people can hold office, or maybe only Native Americans, since they were not responsible for the previous tyranny. If I believed that a gynocracy would solve all our problems I would welcome it. I just don't think it's that simple. Your points about the differences between male and female brain function are, I believe, mostly true. I can't argue against them and I have heard most of it from third parties before, but I can't verify how much of it is true or whether it is popular scientific sensationalism. However, for the the sake of this discussion I'm willing to accept that they are true. However, I disagree with what they mean. Reading about how much better the female brain functions one would expect that males, in comparison, would be chimpanzees. While that statement may evoke laughter from women, looked at honestly, we know it's simply not true. I'm not sure what these differences really mean or if they equate to blanket superiority, but rather, certain superior functions. An objective position would then have to bring up aspects of the male brain which are superior to the female. I haven't done this research but I'm just saying that these traits don't necessarily mean superiority. Anyone who is being honest would know that certainly there are many individual men who are more intelligent than individual women. I highly doubt there is much difference in intellectual capacity between the sexes, just looking at it intuitively from experience, so as I said I'm not really sure what the differences in brain function really mean, other than women will be able to do certain things better than men. They certainly seem to communicate better. However, I think if we were "keeping score" we would find that we can not make a case for superiority between the sexes. So I can't take your position seriously that nature hasn't gifted men with the rational decision making ability. All of this is very interesting but I think still irrelevant from a moral perspective. I think whenever you start viewing a segment of the population as more expendable or less important you open the door to fascism. If men are more expendable then it becomes acceptable that they be used as sacrificial fodder for the "greater good". The ends justify the means. Who's ends? It's a very slippery slope. I'll accept that your earlier comments were tongue in cheek. At the time I did not know that. You seem more reasonable now. I apologize for my harsh comments earlier. It's not my intention to argue men vs women. My position was always one of morality. We actually agree on quite a bit but I disagree with what you perceive to be a solution. For a whole lot of reasons, some of them moral, others practical, I just don't think it is something that should ever be attempted.

PatAug 16 2010 10:52pm
It seems we are finally getting somewhere in terms of a dialogue. I dont have time to respond to you properly just now but will do so as soon as I can. I do think a Gynocracy can only be developed through debate, non-violence and in an atmosphere of genuine respect for each other. Otherwise, we would be guilty of repeating the mistakes of other movements like Fascism, Communism or Jihadist Islam that seek to compel others to accept their viewpoint forcefully. I agree with you that men have suffered under patriarchy too. Forced to be eternally 'strong' and emotionally stunted. Sacrificed in perpetual wars or dying in gruelling jobs and in stilted social expectations. Perhaps thats why so many men are attracted to a Female led society! Ultimately, I believe we are at an absolutely critical moment in human civilisation in terms of environmental threats to our continued existence as a species on this planet. In many ways we seem to be fiddling while Rome burns. Its time for men to stand aside and let the 'clean up Womyn' sort out this unholy mess that patriarchy has got the world into. Of course if you believe Jesus is about to return any minute or The Koran has all the answers good luck. For the rest of our its clear we are going to have to work out our own salvation.

Goddess AmandaAug 17 2010 2:23pm
I agree with almost everything you just said, Amanda. We're starting to see the system crumble, not just for the poor but even for the middle class who have had a bit of privilege. I welcome a society focused on feminine values, although that doesn't necessarily mean female. I do think it will be in all of our best interests to have women involved a lot more than they are, maybe even as a majority, but we are going to need all of us to turn things around. Fighting about who is going to be dominant, men or women, is just a distraction.

PatAug 18 2010 2:54pm
Goddess Amanda, Ma'am, I did not mean to offend. I find descriptions of Matriarchal households to be an inspiration to me in my quest to be a better slave to Wife. I admit there is a certain element of sexuality to it but this mere male's understanding of Femdom Goddess worship is that it does not separate the sexual from the rest of life. That is what the benighted Patriarchal religions do in an attempt to limit the power of Women. I find Your posts inspiratonal as it is.

obedient husbandAug 20 2010 7:46pm
To: obedient husband. You are correct that Goddess worship does not seek to suppress the sexual. However, the focus is the primacy of Female sexual desire not male fantasies. Moreover, many Goddesses find it useful to chastity train their properties. Incidentally, I find your reference to your yourself as a 'mere male' tiresome. As a Womyn I am perfectly aware of your inherent inferiority. Its implicit in the word male to begin with. Dispense with such language in future when addressing me here. When the time is right I will reveal more regarding my domestic arrangements with my males.

Goddess AmandaAug 23 2010 5:16pm
Sad but true that Women are going to have to clean up the mess males have made of the world. It's really unfair that Women will have this burden - since males are not equipped to do so. It's male blundering that has led us to the brink of global catastrophe - so men really can't be trusted to turn things around. All the more reason that the male role in reproduction is being threatened. There is an increasing preference for Girl children and research into reproduction without males has progressed to the point that it's only a matter of time before Female-only reproduction becomes a reality for humans. Before that happens there will be a decrease in the rate of males being born, partly due to choice, and partly because males are less able to survive environmental toxins due to their inferior genetics. Women are the strong ones.

ymanAug 26 2010 5:59pm
Goddess Amanda, thank You Ma'am for Your response. I eagerly await anything more You wish to tell me and understand that this will be done, if at all, on Your schedule for Your needs.

obedient husbandAug 26 2010 6:50pm
: yman. your comments regarding the future may well come to pass. However, we have a long way to go before we get there. For example, in the two most populous countries on earth today ie China and India we see a disparity in male:female births with the former still favoured in these important societies. Ultimately, the growing ascendancy of Womyn and artificial reproduction will give a future Gynarchy the choice of reducing the male population from anything from 2-10% of the overall population. Personally, I think Womyn will prefer to keep larger numbers of men to serve and please us.

Goddess AmandaAug 27 2010 5:51pm
Genetic superiority. Male population reduction. Enforced servitude. We're back on this kick are we? I thought we were getting somewhere Amanda. Regardless of how noble you believe your cause to be, ultimately the implication is a totalitarian state. I'll say it again and again. These ideas have played themselves out so many times in human history that we don't even have to guess at what the outcome would be if these ideas were ever adopted by the public.

PatAug 30 2010 8:10pm
Pat the genetic superiority of Womyn is a scientific fact. You really need to read some books and educate yourself a bit better. A good starting point is- ''Y: The Descent of Men'' by the British geneticist Steve Jones. If you want to play with the big Girls you really need to invest the minimum about of time in basing your statements on evidence rather than naive uninformed assumptions. Get back to me when you are a bit better informed on the scientific facts. As a Womyn I have never made any secret of the fact that I believe society should have Womyn as the primary focus. This is always been the implicit state of affairs. I just seek to make it explicit. As for Female primacy there are a myriad of reasons why this constitutes a saner organization of society. You keep assuming this transformation will require violence, It will not.Ultimately, men themselves will see the wisdom of relinquishing full control to Womyn. These boards are just a microcosm of what is occuring on a much larger scale throughout the world today.

Goddess AmandaAug 31 2010 12:55pm
Male biologists and anthropologists - and now male apologists (call them 'manthro-pologists') have, in the past, written Woman out of the science of biology and evolution itself, treating Women as the peripheral sex and men as the center of the human species. As Women flowed into science after breaking barriers in academe during the 20th century, many of the flaws in the male version of biology have been corrected. For example - we now know that it is the Female, not the male , who is the primary biological form. This can be easily seen throughout nature. Human males are beginning to realize their natural inferiority to Women. Some males are frightened by this fact and this has led to the notorious patriarchal backlash of recent years. But males are now fighting a losing battle. It is a battle that was lost as soon as the facts about the y chromosome were revealed and Women began proving their superiority to males in schools all over the world.

ymanAug 31 2010 3:35pm
Amanda, I DON'T CARE about sensationalized genetics. Oooh, the y chromosome is deteriorating. Who cares? Who gives a flying F'in rat's ass? It's irrelevant. Explain to me why that means women should rule the world. It makes no sense at all. First of all, it will take at least 100 000 years for men to die out. News flash: the human species will not be around at that time. It's highly unlikely we will survive as a species for another thousand centuries. Anyhow, it doesn't matter. My argument is a moral one, not a biological one. The belief that some group should rule because they are supposedly biologically superior is immoral. You claim to hold a Masters degree in history, yet you don't understand the implications of that ideology. There's nothing wrong with women (start spelling it correctly) in power. However, the gynofascist rule, where men will have no rights and be relegated to the status of barn animals, is highly immoral. You want to talk about science? Start reading some scientific journals, not sensationalized pop science books written for the public. I read a great article last weekend about the myth that men and women think differently, that their brains process information in fundamentally different ways. They don't. We're the same species. But the popular myth of mars and venus prevails. To think that men and women would do things differently just by nature of their gender is scientifically ignorant. The evils of "patriarchy" have nothing to do with gender and everything to do with money, power and class. Race, gender, sexual orientation were simply tools used to divide and conquer. Women, who held the same ideals of empire would have done the same thing. You are a pissed off feminist who is stuck in your gendercentric thinking, that women were some special group singled out and oppressed by the "patriarchy". I have news for you: there were many women in those elite European circles that plunged the world into the mess we've ended up with. The utopian view of women-good, men-bad is contrary to human nature. Yman, your views on evolution are peculiar. This is the other myth, that males are an abnormal mutation of the female "primary" form. I'm wondering when you will bring out the "why do men have nipples" argument, LOL. Yes, nipples on men are superfluous. This is a by product of evolution. Many organisms have parts they don't need but are left over from their evolutionary heritage. The male evolved and survived through natural selection. The male gender is not a genetic accident. This is evident througout all of nature, with the exception of simple organisms which can procreate without sex. This argument about the primacy of the female form is infantile. Anyway, I didn't mean to get off on a tangent but if you want to talk about science, make sure you come correct. Leave the pop biology at the door. All of this nonsense about genetic superiority and moral superiority is and always has been the rhetoric of fascistic totalitarian regimes. That was my point. WHy not try to argue against what I actually said, Amanda, rather than repeating the same old drivel.

PatAug 31 2010 8:20pm
Oh dear. We are back to that disrespectful, impudent male reacting in fear and ignorance. You arrogantly finish your post goading me as if you have said something particuarly intelligent or insightful. You are clearly the kind of male that is incapable of basic courtesy or respect. A sad example of the feral male so rife in today's society. Quite honestly, I dont think you are bright enough or respectful enough for me to waste my time pointing out all your misconceptions. Some males are simply not worthy of training.

Goddess AmandaSep 02 2010 11:54am
Yes Amanda, when you can't present an argument, just claim superiority. I think that's brilliant.

PatSep 02 2010 1:34pm
Pat, the likes of Amanda are no different to religious fundamentalists. Such people constantly fly in the face of science.

an intelligent life formSep 03 2010 3:27pm
Intelligent life form, that's true. Although, they like to selectively pick out scientific facts and imbue them with meaning that suits their agenda. Sometimes they actually believe their own misguided notions and don't realize their conclusions are ungrounded. I'm afraid, critical thinking is a lost art.

PatSep 04 2010 12:32am
I fly in the face of science? Hardly. The truth is its you who are in denial of the scientific evidence because it doesn't match your equalitarian prejudices. To label someone 'as like' a religious fundamentalist or like a fascist is fine for coffee shop chatter but its hardly a logical argument. Its the old guilt by labelling trick. Anyone who who can link such vastly dissimilar attitudes as all the same clearly doesn't know what they are talking about. Lets challenge you out of your smug arrogance. Show me some hard scientific research to prove there are no differences between the genders.....................................................................................................................................................

Goddess AmandaSep 08 2010 9:40am
Like pat has so succinctly stated, you like to cherry pick scientific facts and superimpose upon them meaning that is compatible to your own agenda. People like the Nazis used similar methodologies in order to justify their own beleifs, and we all know where that eventually led.

an intelligent life formSep 11 2010 6:02pm
The labeling is all coming from you. I take it this means you cannot produce any hard evidence to answer my question above? If the science is all on your side why dont you produce it for once?

Goddess AmandaSep 12 2010 9:23am
An interesting point about the evolution of the sexes. Male evolutionary biologists used to believe that the male represented an evolutionary advance over the female because they observed that male secondary sexual characteristics were more differentiated from the young of the species than were female secondary sexual characteristics. They believed that the female was closer to the child state than the male because mature females are more similar to children in than males if you look at superficial characteristics like body hair in humans, or antlers on deer. They conveniently ignored the presence of undeveloped mammaries in males, which are certainly closer to the immature child state than those of females. <br><br>Considering that the very presence of mammaries in males points to the evolution of the male FROM the female. Also - considering that the male role in reproduction is essentially the same in ALL species, from insect to reptile to avian to mammal, the male can be said to have evolved little as a gender. The female exhibits a fairly wide range of variation throughout the species. From those who lay multiple eggs which are fertilized externally, to those who lay eggs which are fertilized internally by the male, to those who produce pods of multiple eggs, to live bearing species. The female organism has gone through many evolutionary transformations while the male has stayed the mostly the same, his sole function to produce sperm and ejaculate. The small variations in the male function from one species to the next must FOLLOW the changes which occur in the female. So the position if the penis (or equivalent organ) changes to fit the females' requirements. Since the FEMALE is actually the gender which DRIVES evolution, SHE may eventually decide to evolve beyond sexual reproduction and do away with the increasingly bothersome male.

AnonymousSep 14 2010 11:34am
An evolution beyond sexual reproduction would do away with both sexes.

an intelligent life formSep 14 2010 3:10pm
I am still waiting for your compelling scientific evidence....................zzzzzz

Goddess AmandaSep 21 2010 6:30pm
Ok folks its time to call time on my creation: Goddess Amanda. I have had real fun over the last few months but I really can't keep the absurd pretense of this Female Supremacist 'Womyn' going any longer. I dont know what was funnier. The cringing male subs like obedient husband or arguing with incandescent masculinists like Pat. On the record Pat I agree with just about everything you have ever said! However, it was much more fun being Goddess Amanda. However, I have had my fun. Time to retire. Oh and yes I am a guy! Straight,into BDSM and what they call a switch. I do like the fantasy of female supremacy. However, that is where it should stay..pure fantasy. Not least as I enjoy dominating women too! Unfortunately people like obedient husband and Big Brenda are gender bigots who have reified men into a preconceived notion of inferiority. As someone once said 'you will see it when you believe it'. Take care Goddess Amanda -Sorry that should say Mark

Goddess Amanda ( aka Mark)Sep 28 2010 4:43pm
I make it a rule that I never question a person's internet persona because I allow them their fantasies. If Mark really was Goddess Amanda (and who knows) he created an interesting persona that entertained a lot of people which is essentially the point of these sites. The same is true of Big Brenda. If someone creates a persona I try and stay in role with the created persona. However, I am not sure why "Mark" would choose to disillusion people at the end. I thought about writing as "Goddess Amanda" saying that Mark was a fraud and maybe someone will, or maybe Mark is a fraud but since the whole purpose is fantasy it doesn't really matter. "Pat" on the other hand seemed to resent other people's fantasies. If he is not in to them why doesn't he just ignore them.

obedient husbandSep 28 2010 7:51pm
I'm a 14 year old boy, and this really scares me. would you really do this to us? why do we deserve this. i never did anything to any of you....

jacobSep 29 2010 6:41pm
Good one Mark! You played the part well, if that's actually true. Since there aren't user accounts here and anyone can write as anyone they choose, I'll have to take your word for it. I didn't think somebody could actually hold those beliefs! It does give us one more example that the women on this board are probably all men. You did capture the lunacy of female supremacy very well though. You've also exposed it as a male fantasy. Good job. I laughed at the term masculinist because I used to call myself that as a joke, just because it sounds so ridiculous. But no, I'm not a men's rights crusader or anything like that. I just have this sickness that I have to speak up against bigotry, slavery and genocide, regardless of who the proposed victims are. To Obedient Husband, I don't resent other people's fantasies. When I landed on this site I took it to be real because the arguments of "Goddess Amanda" and Big Brenda echoed the sentiments of lesbian female separatists. If you aren't familiar with those views, you should do some research. This stuff is taken seriously by some people and it is very real. Although I knew the men were just fantasy seekers, I was more interested in debating the merits of female supremacy with true believers, which Mark had me convinced he was. It is the last you'll see of me on this silly site though, although I did enjoy laying the boots to "Goddess Amanda". It was fun. You guys should be concerned about spreading this fantasy on a freely accessible site though, where young boys like Jacob can find it! That's the reason I debate the issue because there are people who take it literally. Jacob, this is just a silly fantasy indulged in by sick people. Don't worry about, man.

PatSep 30 2010 12:23pm
I am sorry to 'disillusion' you obedient husband. I would probably have stayed in role but people like Pat were forcing me to defend positions I found increasingly unsustainable. I certainly have a submissive side so I found the whole female supremacy thing quite a fantasy. However, I tend to agree with most of the objections Pat threw at me. Numerically, I suspect the majority of those into female supremacy are male. However, there certainly are some women out there who strongly advocate such views. Three varying examples are Sahara Eve, Rasa Von Werder and the French writer Aline d'Arbrant who founded the movement 'Gynarchy International'. The latter is peculiar movement comprising Lesbians and hyper submissive males. Talk about Turkeys voting for Christmas!

MarkSep 30 2010 4:14pm

AnonymousOct 04 2010 12:53pm
Never read Sahara Eve, maybe once or twice. Rasa Von Werder used to be Kellie Everts and yes, I found her stuff to be offensive. Her current writings are more spiritual, maybe she evolved. Aline's stuff is a fun fantasy and I get the feeling it is commercial, she is really seeking customers. To Pat, I know very few real scene Women who argue that males who are not into Femdom should be forcibly made to serve Women. If they argue it it is merely an extension of the fantasy. Again these are internet personas. I have no idea if anyone here participated in the public scene, joined organizations, went to clubs or munches or private parties but the one thing that is true is that there are far more sub males out there then Female Doms. While the quality of service offered may not be what the Woman is looking for there are enough males at least interested at the outset that none of these Women need to forcibly compel men. It has been years but if a self proclaimed Femdom walks into a club or a meeting half a dozen guys She doesn't know will rush up to Her with their cards saying "Ma'am would you call me" or something similar. Some of the Women who do not care for this will simply stop showing up thus depleting the supply of eligible Females even further. Wife used to permit me to dabble in Scene activities but basically has forbidden them since the turn of the millenium so I come out here to discourse on some of my more leather oriented fantasies. I suspect males who register in Aline's database (I never actually join any internet groups) probably never come close to scrubbing floors while Aline and Her girlfriend stand over them with whips. But they can always hope which is what these postings are about. On the flip side, SMC of San Francisco is real organization and the persona of their Priestesses and priests whom I have met in person more or less matches what is on their web site. But believe me in their heyday they were NOT looking for more male slaves but rather for more Priestess candidates. An excellent study of the Bay Area Femdom scene is Erotic Power, by Gini Graham Scott. I have actually met Dr. Scott. If jacob or Pat read this book they will see they need not have any fear of being forced to serve Women they do not wish to serve. As for "Goddess Amanda" since a week or so later there are no angry replies to Mark from the "real Goddess Amanda" I guess She takes Her place in history next to other non-Persons such as Piltdown Man and Johnny Chung. Skol.

obedient husbandOct 12 2010 6:51pm
the girls here who take positions or post about enjoying shooting ,hunting or castrating male human beings seem light years removed from real life woman doctors , lawyers , executives , journalists one sees ----do you ladies actually have any professional jobs ,qualifications ----do you face real -life problems like rising prices , unemplyment , traffic jams / gridlock , racism , gender discrimination or are you all unemployed/ lowly-paid/ poorly educated sexuallly frustrated pathetic dregs of society ----professional ladies want to zoom to the top of their demanding Career not waste time hunting / castrating / ballbreaking men !!!!! only under-acheiving losers & depressives would seriously do all such stuff !!! as far as Lou Rolls , Obby Hausband & Nicky N go they are seriously masochistic samples ---Dr von Kraft-ebbing , Jung & Freud would have adored putting them in asylums & studying them for future Pschycology development !

Ashesh GhoseMar 05 2011 4:05am
AG people come here to explore their own sexual myths. It is like reading about Arjuna (or Hercules or Thor) and it is basically harmless.

obedient husbandMar 07 2011 5:50pm
OH, u mean otherwise they are quite normal PLU [people like us] when they are NOT fantasizing / ball-breaking / castrating ? BTW it feels great 'n relaxing sparring with you friend ! best regards . Best wishes for a tender loving spanking on your yearning behind tonite from your significant Other 1

Ashesh GhoseMar 10 2011 9:08am
BTW ,OH have u heard of the term "yonge meeke housebondes" as described by the Wife of Bath in Chaucer's Canterbury Tales ; it was written in the 12th/13th century refers to young meek husbands [Wife of Bath would have adored u] in olde englishe ! Housebonde might mean in your case a house-bound househusband who is loyal bondsman & bonded to his LiegeLady , Wife & Sovereign !!! who has signed a bond handing over himself ,his property ,soul & *sshole to Wife/Lady/Mistress ! the Wife of Bath worships Jesus in order to shorten the lives of Housebondes who are not meeke & refuse to be ruled by their Wives [& Superiors] while she herself brags she ruled 4 of her 5 husbands with aWhipe in her hand ! it was the 5th. who proved to be her Waterloo & Nemesis --she fell in love ,handed over her property & until they were reconciled to each other's eccentricities used to beat her ---why is husband beating or wife-spanking so erotic for readers is a mystery only Maya can unravel ? wife of Bath would have probably prayed to Jesus " Please grant Obbie Hubbie Eternal Life / Love whatever ...." Another "myth" OH

Ashesh GhoseMar 12 2011 2:09am
AG Wife gave me a firm beating on Friday. We will see what She is up to tonight. We are planning to watch Big Love which is a patriarchal fantasy which actually has practitioners in the American West.

obedient husbandMar 13 2011 2:33pm
OH best of luck for getting what you want & for being to be able to withstand same ,buddy !

Ashesh GhoseMar 14 2011 9:31am
The male is expendable and may eventually be entirely obsolete. The female is the primary biological form. It is the female who is primarily responsible for reproduction which is the most complex and essential of all biological functions. Since the female is necessary to carry on life, she is inherently stronger than the male.The male body is simply a genetic variation of the basic female form. This is clearly seen by the fact that males have nipples, which are female body parts. Every man has useless male breasts on his chest as a reminder of his natural inferiority. The delicate male reproductive system, most of which hangs precariously on the outside of his groin, consists of a few simple glands and a hydraulic tube which respond to the overwhelming sexual power of the female. She engulfs him and draws out his semen, after which he is exhausted. The female's sexual organs are complex myriad of internal organs which are protected by her strong pelvis and abdominal muscles. Her vagina, with which she engulfs the male, is a muscular organ, much larger and stronger than the penis which it surrounds and swallows. The clitoris provides the female with pleasure which is many times the intensity and duration of anything a male experiences, is sometimes erroneously described as a vestigial penis. This is clearly wrong, since the clit is much more sensitive than the penis. Also the penis which is used not only for ejaculation of semen, but for urination, has the urethra running through it. The clitoris and the female urethra are not combined as one, but are separate organs. This shows that the penis is in fact a modification which combines two previously separate structures. If the clitoris was a 'shrunken penis' it would still have the urethra running through it. The truth is that the penis is a bloated clit which is less sensitive and has to do double duty as an excretory passageway. Nature has made females the stronger sex because thy are more important in the overall scheme of things. Males are a biological afterthought. Women can reproduce without males because sperm can be easily replaced by means of ovum fusion But eventually a small number of males will be kept around for menial tasks even after their job as sperm provider is a thing of the past.

wmnpwrMay 08 2011 3:31pm
I agree. When Wife first acquired me She had no intention of breeding but kept me to run errands, scrub floors, take Her places and to use my naked behind as a whipping post. She also occasionally mounts me. She was an older sophisticated Woman when we met and I was a young male. She was a Cougar before the term came into vogue and She sometimes muses over to whom She should leave me in Her will.

obedient husbandMay 09 2011 5:55pm
Admit it obedient husband-your decrepit old Mistress is becoming a wrinkled old prune and you have the hots for a young sexy Mistress to replace her! Having her leave you behind in her will is your fantasy of getting a younger owner.

Time To Trade Her in!Jun 02 2011 11:12am
No She is hotter than ever. The will thing may in part be my fantasy about how She will have one final exercise of power over me but actually I hope She outlives me so I can finish my life in servitude to Her.

obedient husbandJun 02 2011 5:38pm
To Amanda. You have to be at least a little messed up to justify murder against those who don't agree with you.

HaichJun 17 2011 4:26am
Haich didn't you read the post above? 'Amanda' was really a guy!

AnonymousJun 19 2011 7:22am
OH what is the age -gap between Wife & u ?? Has She passed Her Menopause ???

GAJun 20 2011 2:56am
Even if any of you knew what you were talking about, the world doesn't retaliate for things in the past. Men, white men did " rule" the world and oppress many but in doing so learned that no matter how frail or indifferent someone is for example African Americans being a different color or woman being sought out as brittle delicate people we found that we are all equal and nothing is going to change that. Men also have been able to have children without woman at all but we dis not continue to suppress. In fact we gave freedom for everyone to chose for them selves. How else if you think woman are such superior beings did it end up the way it did after centuries of men leading woman? We did so to protect all people including woman. Not only because they are proven to not be as strong as men but to be more corruptible. So before going off and placing your knowledge-less opinions do your research.

GregJul 02 2011 2:49pm
Twelve years and yes.

obedient husbandJul 02 2011 5:46pm
Everything written on this site is nothing more than masturbation material for submissive males. In the real world there are very few men who want to submit to a women and even fewer women who want a man they can dominate. That's why submissive males have to come on here to vent their fantasies.

AKJul 08 2011 5:51pm
AK has to be kidding! He states: ''Very few men want to submit to a women?'' I used to be a Pro-Domme and let me tell you I made a VERY good income meeting the needs of hundreds of submissive men. There are tens of thousands of women like me across the US. Plus I am active in my local BDSM community and know how frequent submissive men are. Hell I dont need a club I can spot a sub man a mile off and they are legion! I dont know what planet AK is living on but I dont recognize it.

PandoraJul 13 2011 4:02pm
Pandora I have to agree with you and maybe it should be taken a step further. We could start teaching our daughters what men are made of. Put our men and boys in chastity devices and or castrate them. Saving the real hot guys for fun and making only girl babies. Once we have enough women to take over all inferior men should feel the hurt they made us women feel. These men should have there testicles abused and beaten, and finally those testicles should be crushed very slowly.

AnnaAug 10 2011 9:50am
Female children only. Boys (males) should be no more than 15% of the population.

AnonymousAug 11 2011 5:54pm
^Female children only would result in 0% males, not 15%.

AnonymousAug 12 2011 12:19pm
Absent some type of parthogenisis Female children only would ultimately result in 0% people. Avram Davidson wrote a good story about what an all Female parthogenic world would be like. I forget the title however.

Obedient husbandAug 18 2011 2:15pm
>>>> ^Female children only would result in 0% males, not 15%. <<<< Only after a long enough period. But if there was a moratorium on male children for a certain amount of time to reduce the male population to 15%, then the number of males could be carefully regulated to keep it at that percentage. The world would be a much better place.

AnonymousAug 30 2011 4:50pm
OH you seem tobe pathetically yearning to be present in a Gynocentric world where these women obviously Lesbians do NOT want men !!! Don't you have any self-respect left ?

AGSep 02 2011 10:47pm
You know what, I think it was Virgin Planet by Poul Anderson. Davidson wrote the one about the planet where all the Women were six feet and all the men were four feet. Sorry.

obedient husbandSep 04 2011 5:27pm
Ah you like Scince fiction obedient husband... me too! I read that Poul Anderson book ages ago. As I recall though the women enthusiatically overthrew their female only gynarchy and went for the few spacemen that had arrived. In other words all dominant women need are a few red blooded heterosexuals to make them give up their power. A common theme in science fiction from that era. Tut tut. Still it was written about 50 years ago. Another gynarchic story was 'Flesh' (1960)by Philip Jos? Farmer where astronauts return to an Earth 800 years in their future dominated by a pagan Goddess-worshiping religion. A sort of Female gynarchy Planet of the Apes!

PandoraSep 26 2011 10:57am
Ms. Pandora, you are correct Ma'am. I never read "Flesh". I will have to look for it. James Tiptree Jr. (actually a Female) wrote Houston Houston Do You Read about astronauts who returned to an all Female world. Then there was The Ruins of Isis by Marion Zimmer Bradley where contact with the outside world led to a liberalization of a Matriarchial planet but the Matriarchy still survived. (Instead of continuing to ruled by a High Priestess executve, the planet modified its system so one Woman served as High Priestess, another Woman served as a secular Chief of Government, and a male who was beyond his sexual peak was permitted to be the third member of the triumvirate and was addressed as Elder Brother. Before liberalization (and maybe even afterward the epilogue does not state) it was common for a Woman to implant a device in Her male's testicles so he "could be located and controlled at any moment".

obedient husbandOct 10 2011 5:15pm
Anna you are a crazy whore. Women like you will never get the chance to that.

AnonymousOct 11 2011 1:08pm
So why do you want men to die?

AnonymousDec 01 2011 1:35pm
Males should not be eliminated. They are useful to perform heavy physical labor and please women sexually. Even though I'm a female supremacist I think the penis is the most beautiful thing in the world, if it's long and thick of course. It is even more beautiful if it is circumcised. It gives a woman the greatest pleasure in life. I like the way it becomes erect all on it's own. It's really a fascinating organ, and only males have one. Males have used their penises as weapons against women, but if males are properly controlled, the role of the penis becomes servile. It actually gives the woman more pleasure than the male, even though it's part of the male body. I definately would not want to live in a world without penises. Only the best looking males with the largest penises should be allowed to breed.

FemSupremeJan 02 2012 1:45pm
I agree with the above comment, men should be forced to take the undesirable jobs or become slaves

Inferior ManJan 05 2012 9:58pm
Yes, the males should be enslaved. The feminist scientists creat formulas for future females will be above six feet and male slaves should be below four and half feet heieght. The males will do hard work any time and in rest time they must lick the thighs of supreme females. And for energy the males daily four times should drink the urine of the supteme females. My slave husband do it regular

Divya, IndiaJan 14 2012 12:57am
Some women are really crazy. If this will be the future I hope it will never be become reality. What some men did to women in the past was not correct, but what this women want to do to men is over the top. And you really want to say that women are superior? No superior human would do this to an other human. Whatever his or her gender is. The times have changed and also the world.

a normal manJan 29 2012 2:08am
The very fact this topic is being discussed showed the increasing vulnerability of men in our society. Women now hold all he cards and he fate of men is in their hands. If we are suitably hard working, and obdeient we must pray to our Goddesses for their divine mercy and compassion. Ultimately, these luminous being must make such decisions for the sub-uman males.

DevoteeMar 04 2012 8:26am
The very fact this topic is being discussed here only goes to show the increasing vulnerability of men in our society. Women now hold all he cards and he fate of men is in their divine hands. We can only pray that if we are suitably hard working, devoted and obdeient to our superiors they will show us mercy and compassion. Ultimately, these luminous beings must make all decisions for the sub-human males.

devoteeMar 04 2012 8:29am
The women here are odd, have you never met a kind, intelligent man? Do you think we're all savages? In a way, you are being racist.

AnonymousMar 04 2012 2:05pm
Many of the posters here are men who are mentally wired for HE (humiliatory erections) I.e. Humiliation sexually gives them erections so they post humiliating scenarios where Matriarchial societies whip , strip , cadtrates men --this gives them HO (humiliatory orgasms ) . But reality is vast majority of women are not wired for VO or victorious orgasms . Most women also are mentally wired to crave HO (humiliatory orgasms ) themselves so we have ascenario of Jacks who crave spankings from Jills who crave spankings from Jacks so it is all a vicious circle of endless frustration !!

GAMar 09 2012 11:59pm
satanic conspiracy between Satan and whores is going on, started with circumcision which is nothing but smart satanic mutilation to make male stupid, violent and sexually obsessed. circumcision invented 5000 years in Ishtar temple, her priests went in castration while public males went in circumcision, both process lead to unique abnormal mental status, it remove pleasure nerves while sexual desire is increasing via testosterone, the result is sexual deprivation and violent unstable brain like in many Jews, Arabs and New York males. Rwanda is simple evidence for madness and violence caused by brain damage due to circumcision. nowadays there are two world in conflict; circumcised world and uncircumcised world, Jews and their slaves (Arabs and Americans) verse German, Russian and Chinese countries. the circumcision axes is dangerous on humanity

MabosMar 19 2012 10:09am
Actually in vitrio reproduction leads to many defective babies so cloning will also produce retarded girls :best method of reproduction still remains male-female genital sex

Ash -9Mar 25 2012 12:58pm
lol "goddess" Amanda is just a huge c*nt. Come at me dumb slut. This vision of yours is nothing more than some sick fantasy that will never happen. Pat seems to be the only one in this thread with some common sense.

Fuck you niggerMay 23 2012 10:55am

1Feb 07 2013 11:42pm

-1'Feb 07 2013 11:42pm
In the end, men will work under the direction of women, politically disenfranchised, and perhaps enslaved

SarahJun 05 2013 11:03am
Sarah, most respectfully, do you currently own male slaves?

lawslaveJun 10 2013 7:06pm
how can I? It's not legal.

SarahJun 13 2013 6:41pm
I would like to see men on the block

AnneJun 14 2013 2:40am
If nothing else, that would have entertainment value

SarahJun 14 2013 4:45am

AnneJun 14 2013 6:20am
Looking at some of these men--it would not be Kunta in Roots. Hardly prized specimen, and not appealing stripped to the waist.

SarahJun 14 2013 9:54am
Sarah I tried to thank YOu and Sophie for your kind comments on "Are Men Useless" but the computer would not take the post. Anyway assuming this gets posted I am NOT Rob D, although he seems like a fine fellow and I am eagerly awaiting a more Matriarchal system.

lawslaveJun 14 2013 8:41pm
Well the Computer Goddess is letting me post on this site. Some years ago there were clubs in the New York area which held "slave auctions". Males were paraded naked on stage and Women bid play money to own them for the night. It was quite a thrill to grovel naked before a crowd of excited (and let's face it, sometimes drunk) Women and hear them bidding for me. The fact that you can reference Kunta Kinte leads me to believe that You are a mature powerful Woman. Since those days I have been acquired by a Powerful Cougar Huntress, who played that role before it became fashionable and I am currently Her marital property.

lawslaveJun 14 2013 8:47pm
Tell me about your relationship with your wife. Also are you working as a lawyer? In New York? What does you wife do?

SarahJun 15 2013 12:15am
Sarah, Ma'am, to answer in reverse, She is an artist, Yes, and Yes (for a Female Led firm). Wife initially picked me up in a museum and took me to dinner. Over dinner She said She was looking for a "younger male servant" and would expect obedience in and out of bed. I accepted the position and She kept me as a personal slave for the next 13 years. Then She ordered me to marry Her. At our ceremony the official was a huge powerfully built Woman and I had to vow to "love, honor and obey". We were pronounced Woman and husband and Wife caned me on our wedding night. There are three basic rules to our marriage 1)She is entitled to my unconditional obedience at all times 2) Any money or property I acquire belong to Her. (Female boss deposits a paycheck for my services in Wife's account) 3)She may use or discipline me in any way She desires. Sex is at Her whim to Her specifications for Her pleasure. She may use corporal discipline on me at any time for any reason to any level of severity.

lawslaveJun 17 2013 6:28pm
Most respectfully Ms. Sarah I would love to read about how your relationsips are structured.

lawslaveJun 17 2013 6:30pm
I couldn't post in the other thread either... I had been waiting for the continuation of Ms. Sarah's posts and looking forward to calling her "Ma'am" myself. It feels so right doesn't it? Anyway, I guess this whole forum is still mostly broken. I suspect the people who put it together are long gone and it's just running on fumes. Any other good forums like this you two know of? (That actually work that is).

RobDJun 18 2013 10:17pm
Over the past few decades, the advances in technology have allowed us to take a closer look at what is happening within both the female and male brain. Male brains are larger than female brains, yet females can think and calculate faster than men can. Magnetic resonance imaging and other brain imaging techniques have shown that most female brains are more active than most male brains. Even when the female brain is resting it has been shown to be as active as an activated male brain. Considering such information, it appears that many girls will have an intelligence advantage over boys by being consistently engaged, even when they aren’t trying as hard as a boy. As a further result of MRI scans we are able to see and view the ways in which some boys and girls process information. Generally speaking, the female brain processes more responding stimulants, through more senses, and more completely than the male brain. When information content comes into the female brain it travels in through the limbic system up to the top four lobes of the brain where thinking occurs. On the other hand, many males seem to move this content through the limbic system down to the brain stem. Basically, this means that females are more likely to process the information faster and reach a conclusion, as more of the activity moves into the hemispheres that handle thinking. Comparatively, men take longer to process information than women because their brains have less neurons available for activity and the connections between those neurons are fewer in number than those found in women’s brains. It is hypothesized that because of this, women constantly operate on a superior level of awareness than men, as their brains are always taking in more sensory information. Because of the limited processing in male brains, they are more likely to need a rest period than in females. The study proved that many male brains frequently enter a reboot phase as they become overloaded easier than female brains, which aren’t as limited in terms of calculation. This phenomenon is similar to the fact that a computer with less RAM and a slower processing speed is more likely to lock up than one which is more powerful. In addition to processing speed and greater sensory intake, females also have a larger corpus callosum, which connects both brain hemispheres. Because the female brain can use both sides more efficiently and more effectively than the male brain, it is able to carry more information throughout more connections, increasing its speed and giving the female greater resources for thought. The differences between intelligence between the genders can be explained through biology. At conception, all life begins as female, marked by the XX chromosome. To roughly half of these embryos, a Y chromosome is introduced, turning the original female embryo into a male. Testosterone surges throughout the growth of the baby while in the womb at a much higher rate than in the female. This chemical transforms the original female brain, enlarging the sex and aggression centers. Testosterone also has been shown to kill off brain cells and damage connections within the brain, as while as put the male at a much higher risk for diseases and brain related disorders. To compensate for this, nature has made 105 males be conceived to every 100 females. Because males are more likely not to survive birth or to die at a younger age, their higher numbers shrink quickly, as females become roughly 52% of the population. These biological differences not only explain the limited cognitive abilities of the male brain in relation to the female, but also explain why females outlive males in humans as well as in the all animal kingdoms. These advantages of the female brain go even beyond intelligence. There are many different chemicals in the brain that affect the ways in which we act, feel, and respond in different situations. The feelings experienced as a result of these chemicals are caused by receptors in the brain which produce the effect of the chemical when activated. Because girls have more brain activity and more neurons in their brains than boys, they also have more receptors. A perfect example of a chemical reaction in the brain is orgasm. We feel orgasms as pleasurable because of the chemicals serotonin and oxytocin are released in our brain during climax. Because receptors are greater in number in the female brain then in men, orgasm will feel much better for a girl than it does for a boy. Brain scans show that during orgasm the female brain experiences 10 times the amount of pleasurable chemicals than in the male brain. In addition, the chemicals stick around in women’s brains longer than in the male brain, so the pleasurable experience lasts longer. Girls are also capable of multiple orgasms, so their brain remains ready to experience the pleasure over and over again for as long as she desires. Because of the refractory period men experience after they have an orgasm, they remain unable to have another orgasm for a period of time. This results in girls being capable of more powerful and longer lasting orgasms then in men, where orgasms are shorter, weaker, and fewer in number. In scientific studies, the equivalent of the male orgasm was played through the brains of volunteering women. Their experiences were recorded in written testimonies. Common remarks was that the intensity of the male orgasm was much weaker than what they normally experienced from orgasm and that the orgasm ended much quicker than they anticipated. When these women had female orgasms in the lab, they were much more vocal and their bodies contorted as their muscles contracted in response to the orgasm. When the same women experienced the male-style orgasm, they remained mostly quiet and stood almost completely still. They were actually quieter and moved less during the male orgasm then men who had their orgasms studied in the lab. Scientists hypothesized this was due to the females being used to experiencing a more powerful orgasm than the male-style orgasm that they experienced in the lab, while men experiencing the orgasm saw it as normal and had never felt anything better. Scientists were unable to allow the male volunteers of the study to experience the female orgasm, as the male brain is unable to handle the abundance of chemicals and activity the female orgasm provides. There was a theory that if the intensity of a girl’s orgasm was played through a boy’s brain, the shock to his system would kill him. Because of this, it appears the female orgasm remains a treat which can only be enjoyed by women. "I definitely feel very blessed that I was born female" study coordinator Sheryl Task joked. "If I was a man, I'd definitely be very jealous."

from a recent scientific articleJun 20 2013 7:11am
There you have it. And with women voting in greater numbers than men, we will eventually hold the Congress and the majority of key political appointments, judgeships etc. With those, why should we hesitate to make rules that advantage women and permit us to eventually control most institutions. Then men will become the second sex and many will be put where they belong: wearing aprons in our kitchens, ironing our dresses, diapering our children, cleaning our homes, running our errands, and whatever else suits our needs.

SarahJun 21 2013 2:30am
I agree

AnneJun 21 2013 5:26am
You make it sound like it could happen that way. We men would be become the second sex and serve women the way women served us. Turn about is fair, I guess. But the poll question is "what if there is no need for male reproduction?" Assuming science could eliminate the need for male reproduction, are you saying that you would keep us around because we would be useful as servants?

Frightened maleJun 21 2013 10:33am
likely yes

SarahJun 21 2013 12:29pm
You say we will wear aprons in your kitchens, iron your dresses, diaper your children, clean your homes, and run your errands. What other changes might there be?

Frightened maleJun 21 2013 12:49pm
women will possess and dominate men. you may even end up as property

SarahJun 21 2013 1:15pm
You mean we could be bought an sold as blacks were? Or we would be subject to mothers, wives, and other female guardians, as the Greeks, I believe.

Frightened maleJun 21 2013 1:43pm
Could go either way--depending on how willing men accept their new masters. Less intelligent men, of which there are many, will face difficult times--many will be unmarried, poor and disruptive. Women may have no choice but to seek methods to control the male population so that it does the work we give it, defer and obeys us, and refrains from violence. How easily you submit will affect the severeness of the regime.

SarahJun 21 2013 2:11pm
You said "men will become the second sex and MANY will be put where they belong: wearing aprons" etc. Does that mean some men will be free and not subject to a woman?

Frightened maleJun 21 2013 2:16pm
I think a Greek system would be best, but as society is currently structured and likely to evolve--and the fact that men don't actually bear the children--we would have many unmarried men. Some would do well on their own, many more not. The latter could become too troubles left to move around freely, and something more akin to slavery in the 18th and 19th century sense could evolve. I would not mind having a husband at home, as I do now, and still be able to invest in intelligent males to rent out and dull ones to further serve me and my husband at home.

SarahJun 21 2013 2:30pm
If I understand you, there would be three classes of males. One would be a few "freemen" who could do well on their own and would be permitted to do so. Another would be the majority of men would be subject to "gender role reversal" and would become servants of their women and subject to them, as women were until relatively recently. And there would be a bottom tier of males who would become not servants but slaves. All classes of males would be expected to defer to and obey women.

Frightened maleJun 21 2013 2:46pm
It could work out that way, or the first class of men could be property too--rented out and left to pursue careers but paying a rent of some kind to their responsible female. It could work out in many ways, but we would have too many less intelligent males--neither able to attract wives nor able to adequately take care of themselves if women did not assert control over the male population. In the end, we will have a shortage of males to suit our various purposes. I hardly want to get rid of men--like having an attractive male to warm my bed and take care of my house, etc. Prime specimens might be better kept just as companions and for sex--hence a servant class of less attractive and less intelligent males.

SarahJun 21 2013 2:52pm
Men are not going to like whatever set of arrangements evolve--but things are going to change.

SarahJun 21 2013 2:53pm
True. Already many women are the dominant breadwinners and they rule the roost. There husbands fashion their lives around them but not enough. To many women end up divorcing their husbands for not doing enough at home--why have one if they earn less and don't become the "domestic" partner. Also, we can still collect child support to pay for help if we throw them out and get custody, which is still usually the case.

AnneJun 21 2013 3:14pm
I agree things are going to change and men are not going to like it. That frightens me. Things have already change greatly in just four decades. That has frighten me. Girls outperform boys in school. More women than men graduate from college, and with better grades. Women taking over profession after profession. I see nothing to stop an eventual takeover by women. I don't see men rising up. What's happening is obvious to any one who looks but men seem to be in denial or acquiescent. In the workplace "prevention of sexual harassment" makes us timid. You have successfully laid a burden of guilt on us for having oppressed you. Every succeeding generation of schoolboys seems to feel more and more inferior to girls. In movies and on TV you can bust our balls and everyone thinks it funny. Newspapers and magazines can publish article after article about how women are superior in this or that. But if a Larry Summers even hints men might be better at science than women, you cut his balls off and make him apologize again and again Soviet style. Women have won the unilateral right of control over reproduction. Male politicians preen about their power but push comes to shove they are doormats for women voters and special interest groups like NOW and Planned Parenthood. Things are moving fast but maybe slow enough that I wont live to see the day that I am some woman's domestic servant and worse yet, her property.

Frightened maleJun 21 2013 3:34pm
You may live to see men as domestic servants but not property. Though I do believe you grandson will be disenfranchised and treated much as women were in the early 19th century--in those days men had presumptive custody of children in rare divorces. Of course you should be frightened. Your physical strength gave you great advantage over women until the 20th century but that has now passed. Men were masters of the universe much as Neanderthals before modern man. Modern men has now met his new master--woman. You can accept it quietly and get good terms or not and be treated much worse. I know men should not vote, or hold power over women. You are simply too inferior for that. You do have your uses and we will have to arrange things to accomplish those. If that means my granddaughter enslaves your grandson, so be it.

SarahJun 21 2013 5:04pm
I think that the greatest superiority woman has over man is her moral superiority. The world will be a better world with women in control. I know this with my head but not with my heart, being raised as member of the first sex I find it humiliating to see my sex becoming the second sex. But I know with my head it's a good thing. I am not stupid. I will accept the Ascendancy of Woman quietly and get on good terms with it. And I hope my fellow males will too, but I know that many wont. Men overwhelmingly make up the majority of prison inmates and that testifies to the overall moral inferiority of men. I know that too many men are troublesome to women. They abuse women verbally, psychologically, and physically. And they rape women. I know that women must exercise their new power to control men like this. Things like the Violence Against Women Act are only a beginning. Still, I believe that most men are like me and will accept your dominance without a struggle.

Frightened maleJun 21 2013 5:55pm
Enough won't that we will have to assert even more control the male population.

SarahJun 21 2013 5:59pm
Most respectfully Ms. Sarah, so You have a "husband at home". You are the breadwinner and he is the domestic? Do You use corporal discipline on him as it was common for husbands to do to spouses during the Victorian era? Is he obedient to you in public?

lawslaveJun 21 2013 7:08pm
Frightened male, I mistyped above--I meant to say "Even with that, women will have to assert more direct control over the male population." I believe a good part of the male population will go along--just gradually accommodate to female dominance. Changes in the labor market will require it: most males will not be able to compete as effectively as women, and will find marriage or subordinate positions attractive. However, enough men will be resentful and violent--look at how our prisons are stuffed with dysfunctional males who turn to violence. The problem will get worse--the less intelligent will often be marginally employed,restless etc.

SarahJun 21 2013 9:55pm
Hey Frightened Male, Did I Frighten You Off? Successful, well-educated women, like me, committed to achieving matriarchy have no desire to eliminate men, no matter what the biological options. I love my husband and I like having a spouse to take care of my home and keep things going for me. Owning a few more if such a regime proved necessary would be fine too—I would treat them well to get the most out of them…. Men like you, who understand and accept why things are changing and will comply, need not be frightened. However many men may require that we instill a bit of fear to bring them along…. Right now we have the cooperation of men enforcing the laws that protect us from dangerous males and allow us to exert ever greater control. After all the prison guards and police are mostly men, but at some point we will have to take that from you, and things could get nasty. The same applies if we choose to disenfranchise men. Necessary as those changes may be… In the end, I suspect we will ID all males at birth (Iris Scans and DNA), tag you, and embed electronic trackers—we can easily track the location of every male and determine if he is moving about in an unauthorized fashion. At birth responsibility and control for each male would be assigned to mothers until that was transferred to a wife through or other responsible woman through gift, lease or sale. Also, to pacify the restless among the male population drugs may be required—either enforced by the responsible women or the state—for disruptive behavior…. We can’t put all the males that might prove disruptive in prison but we can restrict their mobility, compel them to work and obey female authority. We would not want to do that to most males—just let them work at home, or outside the home but under the general supervision and responsibility of a female would be fine…. In the end, we will have a shortage of males. Many less affluent but self-sufficient woman may have to rely on artificial insemination and child care to have children. For them, male children will have great potential economic value but I suspect most would end up in the possession of more affluent women.

SarahJun 22 2013 3:36am
sarah- your posts are ok, but i've seen other men like you pretending to be women on this site do a better job then you (better jerkoff material). to you and all the others who have this female domination fetish, dont you ever wonder why we are this way? i have the fetish and wanna get rid of it (its not normal) it'd be interesting to hear from others who also have it on why they think it exists. if we find anything in common in the lifes of 2 people who have the fetish maybe we can uncover a reason behind it

AnonymousJun 22 2013 9:21am
Really, you should read some things in the mainstream I have if you don't think matriarchy is coming. Sorry pale--I am a woman and things are changing. This won't end with simple role reversal because too many men will make things too difficult for the rest of us--women and reasonable men. In the end, something will have to be done.

SarahJun 22 2013 9:36am
Sarah, We get two kind of reactions--disbelief and denials of well established demographic facts, and men we just scare away.

AnneJun 22 2013 10:00am
You didn't scare me away. It's just that I have nothing more to say. I've said "I will accept the Ascendancy of Woman quietly and get on good terms with it." That means that if necessary (and I hope it wont be necessary), I will kneel down and kiss your feet or your bottoms, wear aprons in your kitchens, iron your dresses, diaper your children, clean your homes, run your errands, manicure your fingernails, pedicure your toenails, and whatever else suits your needs. There is nothing more to be said.

Frightened maleJun 22 2013 11:25am
Frightened Male, Good! I am not much interested in you kneeling or kissing my feet or bottom or anything else like that. Like other women, I will expect you and other men to defer to women, live by the rules we make for you, and do the work we give you--that will likely include wearing aprons in our kitchens etc, but that is all part of doing what the two genders should always do--love and care for each other.

SarahJun 22 2013 12:25pm
frightened male - you are giving "sarah" the jerkoff material he needs. that is why he kept begging for a response from you even though you had already ended the conversation. he wants to continue the roleplay. on the other hand, aren't you more interested in digging deeper and finding the roots of our submissive desires? i know a lot of people (sarah, you, anne) come to this site to escape reality and pretend we're on the brink of a female lead society because it makes them hard, but we could be doing more here. i want to find out why you people are this way, it's not normal. you know it as well as i do.

confusedJun 22 2013 2:31pm
can't make me hard. did you read the Atlantic Monthly article--the link in my post above?

SarahJun 22 2013 2:38pm
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