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Feedback from gender supeority discussion

Question: There are a number of polls on this site which advocate female supremacy. Since the majority of posters are not interested in rational discussion unless it suits their views ,one could assume that the purpose of the poll is for their own gratification rather than for a give and take of ideas. Why do you post on those 'polls' ?.
Created by: FNOL at 07:06:21 AM, Tuesday, November 06, 2007 PST


Because I like to correct their arrogant misguidedness
Because I wish to state my supremacy (Males)
Because I wish to state my supremacy(Female)
Because just because I do, you male bastard !!!!!
I am using it as a good resource for an educational pursuit (ie an school assignment)
Sexual gratification (I'm into all that dominance stuff)
They are great to prod for a few laughs !

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