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Should spousal support (alimony) laws be abolished?

Question: Just the thought of having to pay alimony if something goes wrong is enough to cause any guy to have second thoughts about getting married. It certainly has been a major factor in discouraging me (AN UNMARRIED GUY!!!) from getting married. And if I need to require a woman to sign a pre-nup in order to keep her from taking away at least half of what I have now or what I may have in the future, then that (in my humble opinion) IS A BREACH OF TRUST!!! In that case, I am far better off simply remaining unmarried. In the overwhelming majority of cases, the man (NOT THE WOMAN!!!) pays alimony when the marriage goes south. With ever-increasing numbers of women earning advanced degrees and commanding incredibly high salaries, how could such women possibly have the nerve to believe that they should be entitled to receive spousal support? I believe alimony no longer has a place in today's society. Do you agree? SHOULD ALIMONY LAWS BE ABOLISHED IN EVERY STATE???
Created by: AN UNMARRIED GUY at 06:23:06 PM, Monday, May 04, 2009 PDT


Definitely not.

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