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Should spousal support (alimony) laws be abolished?

Question: Just the thought of having to pay alimony if something goes wrong is enough to cause any guy to have second thoughts about getting married. It certainly has been a major factor in discouraging me (AN UNMARRIED GUY!!!) from getting married. And if I need to require a woman to sign a pre-nup in order to keep her from taking away at least half of what I have now or what I may have in the future, then that (in my humble opinion) IS A BREACH OF TRUST!!! In that case, I am far better off simply remaining unmarried. In the overwhelming majority of cases, the man (NOT THE WOMAN!!!) pays alimony when the marriage goes south. With ever-increasing numbers of women earning advanced degrees and commanding incredibly high salaries, how could such women possibly have the nerve to believe that they should be entitled to receive spousal support? I believe alimony no longer has a place in today's society. Do you agree? SHOULD ALIMONY LAWS BE ABOLISHED IN EVERY STATE???
Created by: AN UNMARRIED GUY at 06:23:06 PM, Monday, May 04, 2009 PDT


Women are being asked to pay alimony after a marital breakup if there is a significant difference in income. Usually a division of resources and income is pretty equitable if the couple is childless. However, the situation changes a lot if there are children. In the majority of cases the mother stays at home to look after the kids, at least when they are very young. Following a breakup, husbands can expect to pay child support, and if the ex-wife is unable to work b/c she is at home caring for kids, then spousal support will also be due. Furthermore, if the ex-wife gives up job advancement or educational opportunities to stay at home and look after kids, then she will be entitled to even more support. So, from a man's perspective, the "dangers" of marital breakup are minimal unless there are children in the family. Then, the man could pay a lot for a long time. And, maybe that's fair.

ANONMay 10 2009 10:24pm

The fact that alimony is a major ingredient in the mix is yet another reason (in my humble opinion) why a guy is better off NOT getting married. The overwhelming majority of alimony payments are made from the man to the woman. If a man does not get married, he will not have to pay alimony in the first place!!!

ANONYMOUS BACHELORMay 11 2009 2:22pm
TV news recentlu reported that in New York City, the average female make 17% more money than the average male, but men still have to pay alimony to women.

AnonymousMay 11 2009 8:33pm
I remain an unmarried guy because I will never subject myself to even the slightest possibility that I would be required by law to pay for what Tom Leykis calls THE PAST USE OF A VAGINA. Think about this seriously, guys: Would you continue to pay rent, month after month, year after year, for an apartment that you can no longer enter? Unless you are a complete idiot, OF COURSE NOT!!! Well, if you are paying alimony, month after month, year after year, you are continuing to "pay rent" for a vagina that you can no longer enter. It is amazing that the law allows this madness called alimony to continue. IT IS OUTRAGEOUS!!!

AnonymousMay 11 2009 11:16pm
Once the Matriarchy is established the male will no longer have any right to property, he will be property, probably purchased by his Future Wife from his Mother and/or Sisters. The Woman will close on Her new slave/husband much the way people close on houses today. She may in fact rent him out to other Women to do slave labor but any compensation will of course be paid to Her not to him. Thus if at some point She tires of him She can sell him to another Woman or to the Matriarchy and retain any wealth he may have brought into Her household. However, where a Lesbian couple owns several male slaves there may be community property or equitable distribution issues concerning which Woman gets to keep which male slaves if the Female couple should split. Probably any male who was simply abandoned by his Female owner would revert to the Matriarchal State.

obedient husbandJun 08 2009 7:42pm
In the current society, just because a Woman dismisses a male as a husband does NOT mean She dismisses him as a slave. She continues to have a right to his money and property until he is acquired by another Female owner. Presumably the Second Wife will work things out with the First Wife in order to acquire him.

obedient husbandJun 09 2009 7:28pm
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