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To the weak men Were you sexually abused as a child?

Question: You fantasize about being small & weak. Helpless in the clutches of a much bigger powerful woman. She inflicts pain on you that arouses you. You are associating sexuality with violence
Where did you get such an orientation. I know this is a little personal, but we are anonymous on this site. So, I am going cut to the chaste. Were you sexually abused as a child? Do you have emotional scars and continue acting out your anguish into adulthood? You cant change your orientation. Many are actually contented with it. But it is rare. So If you can remember, did it actually happen?
Created by: Iamcurious at 12:44:24 AM, Thursday, June 04, 2009 PDT


No because I am weak and little
not sure
yes, but it didnt effect my orientation

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