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What should a tall, slim, rail-thin hottie do after her not-as-hot short, stocky girlfriend outlifts her?

Question: Perhaps they are both together in a weightlifting room at a gym or at a health club and now the stocky girl, realizing that she is not as attractive as the hottie, has the perfect opportunity to 'level the playing field' by showing her thinner, hotter girlfriend how strong she is. What should the taller, hotter, thinner girl do after she is outlifted by her shorter, less-hot, stockier, heavier girlfriend?
Created by: GENDERJUSTICE at 09:28:55 PM, Sunday, September 27, 2009 EDT


She should call for a rematch because she is humiliated at losing.
She should challenge another girl who is stocky like her girlfriend.
She should congratulate her girlfriend for being stronger than she is.
She should end their friendship because the loss is too much for her to bear.
She should go home and cry to let out the frustration of losing.
She should suggest they both enter a beauty pageant (to try and get even!!!).
She should suggest they both make mad, passionate female love to each other.
She should try to convince another stocky girl to challenge her girlfriend.
She should try to land a high-paying modeling job (this would really even things up!!!).
She should WHATEVER!!!

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