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What should a tall, slim, rail-thin hottie do after her not-as-hot short, stocky girlfriend outlifts her?

Question: Perhaps they are both together in a weightlifting room at a gym or at a health club and now the stocky girl, realizing that she is not as attractive as the hottie, has the perfect opportunity to 'level the playing field' by showing her thinner, hotter girlfriend how strong she is. What should the taller, hotter, thinner girl do after she is outlifted by her shorter, less-hot, stockier, heavier girlfriend?
Created by: GENDERJUSTICE at 06:28:55 PM, Sunday, September 27, 2009 PDT


Are they lez?

AnonymousJul 08 2011 4:47pm

Run for her live! Run fast!!

ZuziJul 01 2012 8:57am
Workout and become stronger than her. Then all guys will want more than your friend!

ArossDec 22 2012 10:47am
Want u more

ArossDec 22 2012 10:48am
Start a fight with her when shes exhausted from all that showing off and kick her ugly ass

anonOct 11 2013 1:31pm

-1'Mar 28 2015 2:27pm
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BBePYMgKQSun 12:40pm
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