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To small weak men who are weaker than women: How common are we?

Question: This site is the meeting place for small weak men who are weaker than the average woman. So we are more frequent here than the real world.That is true. I am a very small weak guy at 118 lbs. The last time I saw a guy who was as weak as me was 3 months ago and I am out all the time. Ususally if I see a male who is as small and weak as me, it is a 11 yr old boy. So here is the question for us small weak men? How common are we in the general adult population?
Created by: tiniguy at 12:09:24 AM, Wednesday, November 11, 2009 PST


1 percent
1 to 3%
10 to 20%+
3 to 5%
5 to 10%
Less than one percent

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