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Are paranoid schizophrenics inherently evil?

Question: Ok being a psychology major I know there is a difference between paranoid schizophrenia and regular. 80 percent of schizophrenics are regular. You ever see that Jamie Fox film or that man on the street? He`s a schizophrenic. However paranoid schizophrenics(which make up 20 percent) have less hallucionations, but are more frightful and more delusional. I lived with a paranoid schizoprenic for a while as a child. He verbally abused his mother, stole her money. Refused her medical care and was verbally abusive in the worst possible way. Very self centered extremely angry and hostile. He was an older relative and when I came along I was perceived as a threat. I was molested! I understand a common schizophrenic. You see them in the parking lots, car washes gathering bottles -- my heart falls for them. Then you have the paranoid who has no compassion,and so much hatred. And we all know the biggest criminals in history had paranoid schizophrenia. My biggest question is whether this mindset desrves a psychological definition or should we should call them just plain evil? Im not talking about the Jamie Fox chracter, just those who exhibit aggressive behavior and/or are labeled \
Created by: bigquestion at 11:42:51 AM, Wednesday, February 03, 2010 PST


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