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Boys are 'supposed' to be stronger than girls and tall people are 'supposed' to be stronger than short people (The ?):

Question: As a boy, I figured I was stronger than all of the girls for both of the above reasons (Title of Poll:). I continued to believe I was stronger than all of those girls (because I was a boy while they were all 'just girls') until one day when this really large girl (who I was sure noticed my bold behavior) looked up at me (I was several inches taller than her) and then she suddenly pushed me. I went 'sailing backwards fast', landing hard against the wall behind me. I was stunned but then I came to and when I pushed her back, she hardly budged at all!!! Frustrated, I decided once and for all to test my arm strength against hers and that was when I found out the cold hard truth: She was not just a bit stronger than I was. She was a whole lot stronger than I was!!! I totally ignored the fact that she was a whole lot bigger and heavier than I was as well. I didn't want to wrestle her at that point. I knew I would have lost because I knew I was way too skinny to go one-one-one against her. Have you ever seen a shorter, larger girl (or woman) overpower, take down and then pin a taller, smaller boy (or man) in a wrestling match? If you ever saw this happen, how much did he tower over her? (That is, of course, before the match WHILE HE WAS STILL STANDING!!!)
Created by: Tall and skinny at 08:11:25 AM, Sunday, February 28, 2010 PST


He was a couple of inches taller than her.
He was a few inches taller than her.
He was at least a foot taller than her.
He was well over a foot taller than her.
Never saw it happen.

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