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Boys are 'supposed' to be stronger than girls and tall people are 'supposed' to be stronger than short people (The ?):

Question: As a boy, I figured I was stronger than all of the girls for both of the above reasons (Title of Poll:). I continued to believe I was stronger than all of those girls (because I was a boy while they were all 'just girls') until one day when this really large girl (who I was sure noticed my bold behavior) looked up at me (I was several inches taller than her) and then she suddenly pushed me. I went 'sailing backwards fast', landing hard against the wall behind me. I was stunned but then I came to and when I pushed her back, she hardly budged at all!!! Frustrated, I decided once and for all to test my arm strength against hers and that was when I found out the cold hard truth: She was not just a bit stronger than I was. She was a whole lot stronger than I was!!! I totally ignored the fact that she was a whole lot bigger and heavier than I was as well. I didn't want to wrestle her at that point. I knew I would have lost because I knew I was way too skinny to go one-one-one against her. Have you ever seen a shorter, larger girl (or woman) overpower, take down and then pin a taller, smaller boy (or man) in a wrestling match? If you ever saw this happen, how much did he tower over her? (That is, of course, before the match WHILE HE WAS STILL STANDING!!!)
Created by: Tall and skinny at 08:11:25 AM, Sunday, February 28, 2010 PST


This is a message for tall thin man & short thin man. There is a huge demand for underground videos of large women brutally beating small guys like yourselves. If this is what you want, why not make it career? Its hard to find small men because most dont want to get brutally beaten! But if this is your thing, its a dream come true for you and the filmmakers. You guys(especially the short one) will gets tons of work. Just know that this is not a movie,you will be brutally beaten. These women are also very big and therefore a risk of serious injury.If this is your passion though, you will keep coming back for more! Just know you may get more than you bargained for, plenty of cuts and bruises. the pay though is awesome. Just I though I would give my two cents on this!

Random ThoughtMar 04 2010 5:14pm

Just knowing that a bigger stronger woman can beat the living daylights out of a small thin man like me is enough of a turn-on. However, I would not actually want to get my ass whipped by that bigger stronger woman (or a bigger stronger girl).

A thin manMar 06 2010 3:53pm
Random I dont think Id want to particapate in that. As a short thin man, just knowing is good enough for me. And the truth is being brutally beaten by a large woman? Wrestling and being pinned down is enough of a demonstration that she is stronger. An all out fight and brutally beaten? No thanks! Also serious injury means one thing to me---death! Therefore most women who are 40 or more pounds heavier could seriously injure me in an all out fight. I wouldnt want to do that because I love life too much. Finally, what kind of a monster of a woman would particapate in something like this? She is large and strong with a mind of a psycho

AnonymousMar 07 2010 6:31am
Anonymous says he is a short thin man but as I already pointed out, a thin man does not have to be short to get his ass whipped by a big strong woman. As a tall skinny man, there is no way I would ever be foolish enough to pick a fight with a big strong woman or a big strong girl who is only 4-foot-10 but who weighs a massive 200 pounds. I am over a foot taller than she is but because I am so skinny, SHE WOULD DEFINITELY TAKE ME DOWN!!!

Tall and skinny (op)Mar 10 2010 1:05pm
It has happened to me quite often in playfights and wrestles. I think the biggest height difference where I lost in wrestling was when I was 15 and my friend made me wrestle his 8 year old sister who was good at judo, me being 5'9 at the time and she being about 4'3. It has happened quite often that I've lost playfights with a short feisty girl, some of them less than 5 foot, and I'm now 6'1".

ticklish-girly-armsMar 13 2010 1:12am
I have never been in a fist fight with a female bodybuilder but I have wrestled 25 or 30 of them. I went through A phase where I hired professional female wrestlers from http/ a national list of female wrestlers who are mostly bodybuilders. Don't get me wrong this was not because I thought it would be an even contest. I expected to lose and I did. I experienced front rear side reverse and figur four head and body scissors, headlocks grapevines body pins full nelsons half nelsons sleeper holds and many other holds all of which I was submitted. I am 6'4" a d 220 lbs in good shape and I had absolutely no chance. I tried to wi. But really enjoyed experiencing the superior muscle and all the holds. They all respected my limits. Only one was too big. Renee Toney was 5'8" and 200 lbs with 21" biceps. She lifted 1000 lbs for 12 reps with her legs.

WrestleDadNov 17 2010 11:48am
By the way part of the session was for them with me in a head scissors would force me to masturbate. Since I was rock hard the whole match the last couple minutes were reserved for that. If I told them I. Would not the squeezed me harder and made me. What a way to end a match.

WrestleDadNov 17 2010 11:53am
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