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Can a very small weak man be a good mechanic?

Question: As a very small weak guy(5`3 118 lbs), it hard for me to be an effective car mechanic.Sure you have powertools that do help, however there is alot of physical exertion. Normally my girlfriend who is much bigger and stronger than me changes the tire. However she wasnt there when I almost had a blowout, I had to do it on my own. It wasnt easy either. I had to use the strength in my entire body to get it done. And I am still sore. A week earlier I had to replace my battery in car. It was so heavy lugging it into autozone to exchange it. the girl at the front desk even carried the new battery out to the car for me. I understand how the car runs, but to fix any problems takes alot of strength, in the form of grip or upperbody strength.Usually strength that I dont have.And thats not just cars, but home repairs as well. I can fix computers. In fact the one Im using right now I built myself. but a sound card only weighs a few ounces. So to all you small weak men, do you have the same problems? I am not saying you cant be a good mechanic, its just more taxing on you physically?
Created by: tinyone2010 at 12:44:46 AM, Wednesday, March 17, 2010 PDT



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