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Health Care Debate: Is it time to consider a career in the health industry?

Question: The healthcare bill has passed. One of the provsions is to establish community healthcare clinics. Without getting into the nitty gritty, it may not benefit doctors OR you relationship with your doctor. I , personally opposed the bill because I dont believe goverment intrusion in our private lives. But its been done! One bright spot I see in all of this, if all uninsured 32 million americans are to be insured, we are going to need alot of medical personel on all levels. We are talking about creating millions of new jobs over the next 10 yrs. So since your current employer will go broke because they cant afford to pay health insurance,maybe its time to consider a career in the health industry?? LOL that will be about the only industry left
Created by: justcuriousye at 01:07:51 AM, Monday, March 22, 2010 PDT


I dont trust the goverment. I certainly wouldnt work for them

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