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Amazons from outer space have landed: What man gets eaten first?

Question: A highlty advanced race of big strong women land on earth. Some are 9 ft tall and weigh 400 lbs. Others are short and weigh 300 lbs. 5 times more intelligent than the average human, they promise men lots of sex if they go on their spaceship to their planet. Well the men did go on board and there was lots of sex and booze and all the food they could eat. Well back on earth one of the galactic amazons had left a book.It was titled `To Serve Men`. This seemed to please the men of the earth.However a female linguist managed to decipher what the book was about... ITS A COOKBOOK!!!However its too late, all the men of the world are on that ship!Thats right! Those mighty amazons from a another galaxy and time are fattening up the men with sex, booze, junk food and ESPN to eat them!! Question:Who gets eaten first? Small weak men or big strong men?
Created by: RodSerling2010 at 03:08:02 AM, Saturday, April 03, 2010 PDT


Men have penis brains...they deserve it!!
big strong men -- more meat
small weak men-- less fat, healthier, easy kill

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