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Tickling and being tickled

Question: There have been many instances in my life, as an adult, and as I was growing up, where I have been tickled against my will. When I was young my female babysitter used to tickle me prolifically, and I also fell victim to being tickled by many of my class mates at school. My younger step-brother was stronger than me, and when I was in my early teens he went through a stage where he would tickle me for an extended period practically every day. As I progressed through my teens I began to develop a fetish for being tickled, and found myself provoking tickling fights with girls from my school. One instance resulted in me being tickled by six girls at once all over my body for almost an hour. Most recently my girlfriends have also tickled me a lot, and most weren't even aware of my fetish as such, but seemed to know that I'd turn to jelly as soon as they touched my sides. For me being tickled is like torture while it is happening but it lives on in my mind as the most beautiful experience. I love seeing and hearing about other people being tickled. It is one of the most intimate and bonding forms of play. What is your fondest memory of tickling or being tickled?
Created by: slinkytickle at 12:37:26 AM, Tuesday, June 15, 2010 EDT


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