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Tickling and being tickled

Question: There have been many instances in my life, as an adult, and as I was growing up, where I have been tickled against my will. When I was young my female babysitter used to tickle me prolifically, and I also fell victim to being tickled by many of my class mates at school. My younger step-brother was stronger than me, and when I was in my early teens he went through a stage where he would tickle me for an extended period practically every day. As I progressed through my teens I began to develop a fetish for being tickled, and found myself provoking tickling fights with girls from my school. One instance resulted in me being tickled by six girls at once all over my body for almost an hour. Most recently my girlfriends have also tickled me a lot, and most weren't even aware of my fetish as such, but seemed to know that I'd turn to jelly as soon as they touched my sides. For me being tickled is like torture while it is happening but it lives on in my mind as the most beautiful experience. I love seeing and hearing about other people being tickled. It is one of the most intimate and bonding forms of play. What is your fondest memory of tickling or being tickled?
Created by: slinkytickle at 09:37:26 PM, Monday, June 14, 2010 PDT


A few months ago I was babysitting two boys of 7 and 9 who were both very boisterous and difficult to control. I'm against physical punishment, but often they wouldn't listen to me, and for a time the only way I could control them was by tickling them whenever they misbehaved. However, one day they ganged up on me and tickled me instead, and no matter how hard I tried I couldn't stop them. The older one had my arms under his legs and was tickling my arm pits and ribcage, and the little one sat on my legs and tickled my feet or tummy. It went on for ages and I was literally screaming and crying before they stopped, begging them that I'd do anything. I had no respect from them after that and had to tell their parents to find someone else, but they still wanted me to babysit them for another week because they couldn't find any cover, so reluctantly I did, and I got tickled twice more really badly.

LucyJul 31 2010 8:14pm

Lucy! Im not saying ur not ticklish, however, how did u let two little boys overpower u like that? Just curious, thats all

feetraiderOct 16 2010 2:59pm
Despite their age, they were stronger than me, and when they had it set in their minds that they would tickle me there was nothing I could do about it. The older one was really strong for his age and I have no strength at all. It was so humiliating embarrassing.

LucyOct 30 2010 12:28pm
I see! Im sorry for u because you feel humiliated by it, however,dont feel bad because ur just ticklish, thats all!

AnonymousFeb 17 2011 9:31pm
But I do enjoy thinking about it now. At the time it was so bad though, being overpowered by such young boys, and being teased and tickled like that. I just couldn't believe how weak I was when I got tickled.

LucyMar 06 2011 11:17pm
how old were you at the time lucy

susanAug 13 2011 11:45am
how old were you at the time lucy

susanAug 13 2011 11:47am
I was 16, Susan.

LucyAug 14 2011 3:40pm
I've now been overpowered and tickled by a younger girl I was babysitting too. She was 10 and I'm 17. She was more lenient than the boys were at least.

LucyNov 05 2011 11:17pm
I'm 17, but really small and skinny, and my younger cousin is 11 and big for his age, and he managed to beat both me and my friend in a play fight. He sat on my friend and had me on his lap and was tickling me all over, but there was no way I could stop him, and I was screaming like a maniac, but his fingers just kept squeezing and digging into my tummy, and every time I tried to get up he would just push me back down with one hand. Then he sat on me and tickled my friend instead and she was screaming too. She's 15, and almost as light as me, and not very strong, and he had her totally at his mercy. Then he took off his shoes and tickled me with his socked feet while tickling my friend as well, so we were both laughing and squealing like crazy. Then he pulled me back into his lap alongside my friend and spanked us both, which I loved but my friend hated. I was laid right over his crotch and could feel his erection underneath his tracksuit bottoms. I often let him grab me and wrestle me if we happen to meet, and every time he gives me a really good tickling. It makes me feel so cute and relaxed after.

SelenaNov 24 2011 11:04pm
My uncle tickles me loads in front on the family at get-togethers. I love to just lie across his knee and let him tickle me all over.

HannaDec 03 2011 3:05am
I get tickled by a family friend. She's a really strong and loud mum and she loves to grab my ankle and tickle my feet until I'm literally screaming for her to stop. She's bigger than most guys, let alone me.

SaffyDec 04 2011 5:24am
Then don't be by her

AnonymousFeb 18 2012 6:34pm
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AnonymousFeb 18 2012 6:34pm
I am the one how tickled lucy

jetFeb 18 2012 6:36pm
When i was 14, i was really skinny and into wearing really skinny jeans. My 12 year old brother was almost as tall as me and very strong. When my parents were out we got into a arguement and he pinned me down and tickled my stomach and armpits until i begged him to stop. He made me renouce my football team and say his was the greatest and as i had laughed at him the week before when dad had spanked him hemade me plead to be spanked and forced me over the bed [if i had resisted he would have gone back to tickling me] and spanked me over my jeans with my dads slipper. Even though it was very humiliating for me i have enjoyed being on the recieving end of mercyless ticking and spanking ever since

tonyOct 05 2012 7:31am
How old are you now tony?

AnonymousOct 05 2012 7:34am
Im 18 and my brother is 16, He is very much into body building and i'm still skinny. He tells me what to do alot of the time [when our parents are not there] and he has some childrens handcuffs which on two occasions he has put on me [hands behind my back] and subjected me to some fierce rib tickling. He says i scream like a girl and really has complete control over me. Thats what i wear and eat.

tonyOct 05 2012 7:39am
So by controlling what you eat he keeps you skinny and then make you wear tight fitting jeans?

AnonymousOct 05 2012 7:40am
Yes thats right, although i like being skinny and wearing tight clothing. You understand i have been controlled by him since he was 12 so its a way of life for me now.We get on really well but we both know whos the boss [and stronger].Every now and again he will take control of me. I cannot beleive there is anyone out there as ticklish as me

tonyOct 05 2012 7:44am
See I have always wanted to be pinned down on a couch or a bed or the floor and tickled. I am 16 now and still haven't been tickled for a long time. I love being tickled, it is the most amazing feeling ever. One time, i was with a family friend in his car and took his phone and hid it underneath me and I got tickled until I couldn't breathe. Oh my goodness did I enjoy that. I haven't been tickled in a while, but that should really change.

StormNov 27 2012 2:08pm
lucy were u bare feet from the time ugot there just wondering and how were u sitting

annoynmousJan 28 2013 11:37pm
lucy were u bare feet from the time ugot there just wondering and how were u sitting for them to tickle u

annoynmousJan 28 2013 11:39pm
I have been tickled against my will by a person whom I will call my rival/enemy- we really cant stand each other. To make a long story short, I challenged her once to a wrestling match in front of our common friends assuming that I would handily beat her and pin her down then humiliate her by making her beg me for mercy etc. Well, I didn't know how strong she is, and after 10 minutes of fighting she simply wore me down, and got me in a schoolgirl pin. Her knees were pinning my arms above my head, and I bucked and bucked but to no avail- she just had me and her idiotic laughter was driving me insane with laughter. But it didn't end there- she said "you look angry, lets see if we can make you laugh". Then she reached back and lightly started to tickle my exposed armpits. I had to use all my willpower not to burst out laughing, but she knew she had me beat- so she dug her nails into my pits and that broke me- it totally broke me- I started screaming with hysterical laughter and begging for mercy. She just smiled and kept tickling me there for it must have been 10 minutes before two of my friends pulled her off me- that is the most frustrating experience in my life- it is bad enough to be helpless and defeated in a fight, but to be defeated by my rival whom I cant stand just drove me absolutely crazy with anger

AnonymousFeb 15 2013 11:37am
My Nephew tickled my armpits with his feet until I couldn't breathe. It lasted for 15 min. or so

timMay 12 2013 6:56pm
One time my dad pinned me with his legs and tickled me like CRAZy on my feet. Then i sat on his head and tickled his ribs. Then I farted on his face! Lol! Good times. Good times.

HaleyJul 10 2013 1:19pm
Hey Anonymous, That sucks that that happened to you (especially to someone you didn't like), but as a guy reading your story... that sounds incredibly hot, I have to say. If your still around and wouldn't mind going into more detail about what happened, email me at :)

AnonymousAug 14 2013 2:30pm
11 yr old girl tickled me with her toes till i cummed in my pants

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hzrezhojrYmJKPSep 24 2013 4:07am
I love to tickle others with my toes. It's fun to have someone under my feet tickling them , then make them smell my feet.

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DLYHkfMojFGgOct 26 2013 12:28am
like the anon story above I also had an experience a long time ago that still kills me (talking about it helps) where I was totally humiliated by a rival through tickling. She and I dont get along (I hate even mentioning her name) which makes it twice as worse. I dont want to get into all the detail but basically we had a shoving match after a public argument which turned into a standing wrestling match. The problem was she kept digging her fingers into my ribs whenever she could find an opening which, over about 2 minutes of hard struggling, started to wear me down. And I didn't realize how strong she was, which surprised me because I am bigger than her. Anyway every time she got my ribs I had to use all my willpower not to laugh and to show any weakness but it was getting to me and I was panicked because i was losing my stength fighting her off. So I said to her "ok thats' enough lets stop" but she just went for my ribs harder. So I tried my nails on her ribs but it had no effect, which really frustrated me. And I really, really can't stand this woman (its mutual), she is the closest thing I have to an enemy, and there was no way I wanted to lose to her and especially not in a public place. So I lunged at her to take her down but she slipped her fingers under my pits and that just ....beat me. Seriously, I broke, and started laughing and writhing like a snake but couldnt' get her fingers out of my pits. Then the worst thing happened- she tripped me and fell on top of me when we landed, and the breath was knocked out of me- so I was totally helpless for a few seconds, and she took advantage by straddling me in a schoolgirl pin and pinning my biceps with her knees. Now I was totally panicked and embarrased, and started kicking and bucking but she just had me- she had me totally beat and I was just enraged with frustration. But then she dug her nails back into my pits and I just lost it- laughing hysterically like a total idiot....she eventually had me admit defeat, call her the queen, admit my feet smelled and other things I wont mention before she stopped this scene. I was never more defeated and humiliated and frustrated in my life

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cilly manJan 23 2014 3:32am
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rian mahan tickle me nowJan 30 2014 3:52pm
Tickling was such fun for me until my navy pals started to tying and gaging me. Now it just makes me feel so helpless

kevin klineFeb 05 2014 10:49am
My uncle Kevin and Mark tickles my feet and they hold me down till I can't move and they tickle my armpits after they are done I can't breathe so I get them both back by tickling their feet they say Stephanie stop that tickles and I say no way they laugh like little girls because uncle Mark is extremely ticklish on his feet after I'm all done uncle Kevin and Mark grab me and put me in his lap and starts tickling me on my side's and I say uncle Mark stop that tickles and then he says I'm gonna get your feet again and I I say no your not so I hide my feet even though I have socks on he grabs them and tickles them again I laugh very hard and Mark says your size 3feet are ticklish aren't they and I say no and he says yes

steph hinkleFeb 26 2014 8:35am
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meluvyoungMar 03 2014 3:47am
hi selena,i was tickling an 11 yr old girl once. as I stood in front of her and tickled and rubbed her little breasts her head pushed against my hard c*ck and she said I was a horny man. then I came in my trackpants and wiped it on her little tits.

meluvyoungMar 03 2014 3:54am
another time the little girl next door was playing on her balcony in her school uniform wen she climbed over and sat on my lap. I couldn't wait to start tickling her. as she giggled and squirmed on my hard on I could see her tight little panties between her spread legs. I got so hard my c0ck flicked against her pussy and I came on her tummy. I had to rub my cum off so nobody knew I had my c0ck between her legs

meluvyoungMar 03 2014 4:57am
Anyone wanta tie me up and tickle me with your toes?

AnonymousMar 16 2014 1:56am
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sHGhzQMFcNtYQEWdHApr 01 2014 8:21am
My friend he was about 30 he would tickle me at 7yearsold and he would always say you are a ticklish little girl he would always get my feet and armpits and stomach and I would laugh pretty hard

princess Apr 04 2014 6:54pm
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NSFuKWyXZjcImttApr 17 2014 10:12am
Hi annoymous , I love tickling with my toes. Where ard you , I would love to tickle you with my toes. They stink a bit hope you don't mind Tickle toes

Tickle toesApr 26 2014 1:19pm
My friend would always hold me down and tickle me on my feet and sides he would say you better run and when I did he got me and tickled me until I couldn't breathe he was about 25yearsold and I was 13yearsold he would do raspberries on my stomach

princessApr 26 2014 6:11pm
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OOnLcYnxQpUeRecIFMay 12 2014 4:33am
One time when I got tickled by a family friend I fell off the bed and broke my arm and pelvis and I told her never tickle me again and she said sorry I told her okay next time remember that

princessMay 12 2014 9:36am
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eQMGCoKXigPrOPNlCAJun 04 2014 7:18am
I was staying over with my older cousin he is bigger then me he is about 290pounds and he pinned me to the floor and tickled my stomach and socked feet and armpits and sides for about 2hours and when he was done I sneaked behind him and started tickling him his feet was the most ticklish spot he laughs like a 10yearold boy good times

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My sister she's older then me every Sunday at her house she drags me to her bedroom and throws me on her bed and she takes off my shoes and tickles my feet and then she tickles my armpits and stomach and my sides and my thighs I tell her stop that tickles and she says no way you are my ticklish sister

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nQGGbsHZuWfuayiRWPBAug 05 2014 6:37pm
Where are you located Storm?

10042 Aug 08 2014 2:46pm
Where are you located princess? How old are you?

10042Aug 08 2014 2:50pm
Would you tell us how six girls was tickle you at time? :o sounds cool!

admiradorAug 11 2014 7:38am
When I'm doing something like watching cartoons on the floor my older cousin who is 45 says hey scoot over and I say no way buddy he says okay I'm gonna tickle your feet when he does I'm like Haaa pleassse stooop tthhatt tiiickles he says no I'm gonna get your belly I'm like rrrick sstoop tthhatt ttiickkles sooo mmmucchh I was laughing so hard I'm about 30years old and in Indiana

princessAug 31 2014 7:03pm
I'm always being tickled on my feet armpits neck sides ribs and tummy and worst of all my thighs that tickles a lot to where I can't stop laughing from somebody in my family that does it makes me squirm and I try to crawl away but they drag me back over and start up again and that lasts for about 3hours of non-stop tickling and laughter and I tell them do it again it's funny

princess Nov 07 2014 3:14pm
I want to tickle anyone in JHB with my stink toes who is willing to let me do it. Let me know. Daddyfeet.

DaddyfeetNov 24 2014 10:53am
My boyfriend pined me down and tickeld my armpits but on the floor on of his sat on my arms and then kissed me for 3 minutes

rubyNov 26 2014 10:49am
My boyfriend is tickeling my armpits then put tomoto surce

rubyNov 27 2014 2:15am
My boyfriend pined me down and tickeld my armpits but on the floor on of his sat on my arms and then kissed me for 3 minutes

AnonymousNov 27 2014 6:43am
My uncle Mike who is bigger then me he holds me down and tickles my feet and stomach armpits and sides and ribs it drives me insane it tickles so much he does it for 3and a half hours I'm laughing so hard

princessNov 28 2014 12:45pm
Sneak up behind him and tickle his feet armpits and stomach he will love it and he will tell you to it tickles he may over power you and start tickling you again because you tickled him signed

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When i was twelve A neighbors daughter's her 20's used to babysit me . She found out how ticklish my belly and sides are and would take my shirt off tickle me unmercifully. She said she love making me squirm and beg . I absolutey love it . being tickled is great!

Steve DarnleyDec 21 2014 12:01pm
My aunt who is bigger then most gals she holds me down and tickles my sides ribs armpits and feet I crawl away and she drags me back over and I have to say uncle or she will continue to tickle me until I'm wheezing from my asthma and reactive airway disease

princessDec 23 2014 7:08pm
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lvDZQAelKCBHKwFeb 05 2015 12:26pm
Ex gf used to tickle me with her feet all the time, they smelled pretty bad usually and she was really good at tickling me with them to get what she wanted.

anonymous Feb 06 2015 9:21pm
My other uncle who is 39 I would steal his cellphone and put it behind my back and he couldn't find it I was giggling and he said give my phone back and I said no and he took my shoes and socks off and tickled my feet I couldn't stop laughing and then he tickled my sides I said don't tickle.there and he said here comes the tickle monster and tickled me again and on my feet again but with socks on I was screaming for him to let me go so i tickled him he went into a bundle of laughter

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zldWBORrwWLgbcaJMar 06 2015 3:01pm
My gf ties me up and tickles me with her toes and fingers at same time. Its torture. Her toes tickle like hell. Anyone else get tickled by toes? Any pics? Email to she ll tickle you with her toes till u pee

AnonymousMar 20 2015 7:20am
I am a guy and i like to tickle people with my sweaty toes. One guy i tickled said it's very ticklish when i use my feet to tickle him. Anyone want to be tickled by my feet ?

DaddyfeetMar 26 2015 1:19pm
I've been tickled the most in my ribs and sides by some female strippres at the strip clubs they tickle my sides and ribs first with their pretty fingers then stretch their legs and use their toes to tickle my ribs and sides they said I had a cute loud laugh while I got tickled it's only fair I tickled them back I tickled their feet this happened when I visited those women strippers at the strip club one brunette two redheads and two blonde beauties while we had our drinks cuddled and talked in our reserved booth then while I gave them foot massages they would scratch my back then start tickling my ribs and sides with their pretty fingers then they stretch their legs and feet and use their pretty toes to tickle my sides and ribs then in the end it's all good after I tickle their feet I go back to massaging their feet then I worship their feet I understand how you all feel with tickling and tickle fetishes it's a natural part of life don't make anyone bad people that's ok everybody has their own choices to make

Jason Mar 31 2015 8:55pm
My older cousin who is 43years old I was laying on the floor resting and I had my shoes off and puma socks on and he layed down beside me and I started to wrestle with him and he started tickling the soles of my socked feet and I went into hysterics and then he tickled my sides and my neck and I said stop or I'm gonna call u a snoz and he said no and I got his feet under my death grip.and I tickled his socked feet and he went nuts laughing and screaming and saying stop that tickles or I can't take the tickling anymore and I said to bad u asked for it

princessApr 21 2015 4:57pm
Well sometime my mom got me with two guy hold me down and i ask what doing mom say go get ur shoe off she get my feet tickle i laugh laugh i say stop it tickle mom say oh more go my leg poking i laugh and i ask stop she go to my rib ask me are ur randy she start tickle i alugh laugh i say stop mom very tickle she go ture around bite my rib rib i laugh and she get my sock off tickle tickle tickel my both feet i laugh after i stop laugh and my sister came down take my stoamch laugh by kiss and pokinf i laugh hard how i feel im 14 old

lucyApr 23 2015 8:51am
And my uncle holding my leg up and my sister just got nail by tickle i laugh and put me in bed tied up so my sister keep me laugh by to say stop tickle she keep tickle more i just say really stop she oh well tobad wanna me get mom get ur ribs laugh oh told her down her tickles me i laugh put my feet soooooooooo tickles easy me to get laugh

AnonymousApr 23 2015 8:54am
Let me know if nice girl have nail please text me if i paid money if tied me up to get tickling with my belly ribs feet leg keeep me laugh

AnonymousApr 23 2015 8:59am
Every time I dangle my socked feet over my uncle's couch or my grandpa's couch or my brothers couch my favorite relative I would have to say is my niece and my uncle when they see my kid size socked feet they say I'm gonna tickle your feet and you can't do nothing about it and when my niece and uncle tickle my socked feet I say don't tickle me my feet are extremely ticklish please don't and I try to get away and my niece and uncle grab my both ankles and drag me back over to the floor and sit down and start tickling my socked feet again and my niece and uncle say you are my favorite in the world when they take off my socks they tickle my bare feet and I tell them it tickles so bad and they go for my sides and that tickles a little and they go for my pits and that tickles a ton and they go for my ribs no reaction not ticklish there but my neck that tickles more

princessApr 24 2015 9:30am
Yur niece and uncle your their favorite tickling buddy and they love tickling you and they should have tickled your stomach to make you laugh harder and your uncle should have blew a raspberry on your stomach if your other uncle's and nieces where there they should have tickled you to and joined right on in for a complete tickle torture on you

anonymousApr 26 2015 11:01am
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vnygHIwaucWMay 05 2015 2:43pm
It fun my girl friend put me on armpit up amd she play with my belly it easy laugh she has good nail i ask her how you learn tickling she say my dad hold me on my leg he took off my sock play with my both feet i laugh laugh im daef no matter what keep my feeling so my dad put his on bed and hold him till i tickle him for 20 min he start get me on

jonathan May 05 2015 10:38pm
When I played the tickling game with my 280pound uncle boy he knows how to tickle your feet armpits neck thighs stomach ribs and hips it gets you laughing hard and out of breath he likes to tickle me with socks on because it tickles alot he won't tickle you without socks on if you do something wrong he will tickle you for punishment to for 45minutes straight its funny

princessMay 07 2015 4:38pm
Going back to my post 0ct 2012. I am 20 now and my brother [18] still has control. He got home drunk the other night and our parents were out. I was in my skinny jeans and before i knew what was happening he was on top of me and the armpit tickling started. Normally when i start to beg for mercy he eases up a bit but the drink took over and he ignored my pleading. He made me admit he was my master and i was his skinny little bitch. He knows i hate to be spanked but he made me beg for him to put me over his knee and then the spanking over my jeans started. After about 10 mins i was crying like a baby. He said he had a skinny little 18 year old gay friend and ordered me to ask him out.

AnonymousMay 29 2015 12:58pm
By the way if you want to hear about my date with the dominant 18 year old friend let me know. TONY

AnonymousMay 29 2015 2:25pm
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DLBLbFlYNMay 29 2015 5:18pm
Not sure what you are saying. When i asked my brothers friend out over the phone [brother listening in] he made it quite clear that he was to be in charge and i was to do as he told me to do. i picked him up for our first date, i was dressed in skinny jeans, t-shirt and white trainers as instructed. Now i am 5 foot 9 inches and weight 8st 7 pounds. greg is about 5 foot 6 inches and about 8 st. My brother told me that if i did as i was told and became Gregs boyfriend then he would stop humiliating at home. When i arrived the first thing Greg did before we went out was to make me kneel down and kiss his feet. He was to take me to a master/slave party and wanted to make sure i knew my place. its humiliating enough to be controlled pysically by my body builder brother over the years but to be controlled mentally by some younger/smaller than me took it to a new level, but i felt i had no choice but to go along with it. Let me know if you want to know what happened at the party or give me your e-mail.

TonyMay 30 7:06am
Am i the only person that has been turned into an obidient slave by someone tickling them?

TonyMay 31 12:26pm
i was asleep on the couch at my aunts house and my uncle woke me up and started tickling my socked feet and tickling my sides i say that tickles and stop he says nope you are my very ticklish niece and he lifts me up on my back and starts tickling me when im up in the air and im just laughing really loud when my aunt is not in the house and my other uncle comes in and he says let me tickle my niece now and he does and he is my new uncle his name is david he can tickle really good and he knows my ticklish spots and he knows hot to get you laughing by wiggling his fingers at you even before he starts tickling you

princessJun 06 6:39am
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FrZFRuZbRrYmxlWJun 10 11:26am
I was over at my aunt buckeyes house and I stuck my socked feet into her face and she turned around and held my ankles with her hands and tickled my feet when I was watching American dad

princessJun 14 7:28am
I had been hanging out with a girl for a long time. Anyway, one day during early summer last year we went swimming at the town pool and when we were changing at the locker room she poked my bare sides with both pointy fingers. I shrieked. She got a devilish grin and said sleepover later my parents are going away for the weekend. I said okay, what do you want to do. All she said was you will love it. Make a long story short, I was nervous but never expecting what happened. We ate and around 8 oclock she and I went up to her bedroom with her laptop to watch a movie. I laid on the bed and she was standing and asked me to trust her and tie me up. she proceeded to tie my feet together and then my big toes. She tickled me for hours on my tummy, my feet, and belly button. I screamed and howled. It was so awesome, the helplessness of it and the power she had. It was also the first time I ever had an O.

EricaJul 23 7:01pm
She and I still hang out and play tickle games. She is a cold hearted tickler. She never gets tickled. She has evil long nails that turn you to jelly when they rake your tummy and poke your belly button.

AnonymousJul 23 7:05pm
My uncle tickles my aunt all the time I just sit there laughing at her because she is stuck like that she is really pretty too

Anonymous Jul 27 7:32am
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XkpdQSpfqAug 03 3:02am
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AnonymousAug 16 9:02am
Anyone have pics of girls tickling with toes?

AnonymousAug 17 9:49pm
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OEGLoHkCKulMcvjvxyuSep 02 6:44am
My other uncle Jason is the tickle master he sneaks up behind you and tickles you on your armpits feet thighs ribs and neck but he tickles me on my feet and thighs cause I'm extremely ticklish when he does it he has the tickle magic

princess Sep 13 10:45am
Love playing airplane with my nephew. Once he is up on my feet, i tickle him with my toes. He loves it.

DaddyfeetSep 18 10:21pm
the only way i go to sleep at my uncle's house is if he tickles my feet with socks on it calms me down and makes me go to sleep without fussing or crying

princessSep 22 4:07pm
C48A1q Wow, great blog post.Thanks Again. Keep writing.

uhqZZhELhuJSep 28 9:55am
I'm 18 and have always loved tickling girls or being tickled by them. When I was 16 I got into a a relationship that lasted over 2 years and I constantly found myself tickling her at whatever moment I could, eventually she started to catch on that I had a thing for tickling but whenever I was accused I denied as I felt some what embarrassed, but then one day I'm not sure why but I just came out with it and she was totally cool with it!!! And things went from cool to absolutely amazing. We would tickle each other all the time whenever there was an opportunity, the best bits were when she wasn't able to defend for instance we would be sat or layer in her living room with her family watching TV all quiet and I would spot a opportunity to tickle her ribs or something, I would slowly tease, poke and squease her defenceless ribs and she would be doing everything she could not to crack in front of everyone in the room, stuff like that was soooo fun and exiting. Eventually things got better where we would play games where one of us would lay on the bed and was not aloud to move and the other would tease away as much as they liked until they saw fit, blindfolded or anything it was always so good we loved it. Everyday consisted of tickling each other we even moved on to teaming up and tickling some of her friends!!! One time her best friend had just started smoking and we made a plan to pin her down and tickle her to make her stop. On that day her best friend (becky) came in me and my girlfriend looked at each other and then I pounced pinning becky's arms down while my girlfriend sat on her legs, we tickled her for ages and after that day it led on to many more occasions where we teamed up and tickled others even people we both didn't like!! Also while she was at school (we were both at different schools) she would tickle her friends and message name every detail sometimes even making up stories and scenarios just to keep me happy, it was good times. Over time we fell apart we argued a lot and eventually I broke up with her I really really miss all of that tickling stuff like so so so bad but we just didn't get along 😕😕😞😞

Tom Oct 13 5:06pm
6nRXWY I am so grateful for your article post.Really thank you! Great.

ohhYUqWEXOct 16 1:15am
e1UnDh What kind of camera was used? That is definitely a really good superior quality.

tFvaMhkirTZpvwcgOct 17 5:53am
My uncle he is a big boy he will tickle your feet with socks and without socks on and he will ask you questions and if you answer them wrong he will tickle you until you see your pants and until you cry

princessOct 31 12:12pm
CsAA5m There is noticeably a bundle to find out about this. I assume you made certain good factors in options also.

ZkazwtWZYdccaNov 09 9:59pm
my uncle mark he will get you to laugh by sneaking up behind you and put you to the ground and tickle you if he sees you without shoes on you better watch out he will tickle your barefeet and socked feet and it gets you laughing and he will find other ticklish spots on you without asking you and it gets you into hysterics or squealing

princessNov 14 5:25pm
my uncle mark he will get you to laugh by sneaking up behind you and put you to the ground and tickle you if he sees you without shoes on you better watch out he will tickle your barefeet and socked feet and it gets you laughing and he will find other ticklish spots on you without asking you and it gets you into hysterics or squealing and he will make you crack a smile to

princessNov 14 5:27pm
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