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Should a 6'1 skinny man be embarrassed if a very large 4'9 prepubescent girl proves she is stronger than he is?

Question: Prepubescent, of course, means she is a girl (age 12 or under) with neither developed breasts (that means SHE HAS NO KNOCKERS AT ALL!!!) nor pubic hair (that means SHE HAS ONLY 'PEACHFUZZ' ON HER VAGINA!!!). I ask this question because I once worked with a lady whose 4'9 prepubescent niece (who was only 11 years old) weighed over 150 lbs. AND SHE WAS INCREDIBLY STRONG!!! As a 6'1 skinny man who weighs considerably less than 150 lbs, whenever I saw that 'little girl' in the workplace during her visits there, I always used to fantasize engaging in one-on-one physical tests of strength against her even though I already knew (there was absolutely no doubt in my mind) that this 'little girl' would easily have defeated me in any test of strength, HANDS DOWN!!! I am sure there already must have been situations where a 6'1 skinny man like me engaged in various one-on-one physical tests of strength against a very large 4'9 prepubescent girl like her -- AND LOST!!! Perhaps he challenged her, mistakenly believing he would win. Or maybe she challenged him, KNOWING SHE WOULD WIN!!! Do you think a 6'1 skinny man (smaller in size and in weight although much greater in height) should be embarrassed afterward if he were to engage in any physical test of strength (e.g. armwrestling, wrestling, legwrestling or weightlifting) against a very large 4'9 prepubescent girl and it turns out (especially in front of a huge crowd) that she is stronger than he is?
Created by: GIRLPOWER FAN at 08:21:18 AM, Monday, July 05, 2010 PDT


No because she is obviously bigger and stronger than he is
Yes because he is a man while she is a prepubescent girl
Yes because he is way taller than she is
Yes especially if they are father and daughter
Yes for all three of the above 'Yes' reasons

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