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Should a 6'1 skinny man be embarrassed if a very large 4'9 prepubescent girl proves she is stronger than he is?

Question: Prepubescent, of course, means she is a girl (age 12 or under) with neither developed breasts (that means SHE HAS NO KNOCKERS AT ALL!!!) nor pubic hair (that means SHE HAS ONLY 'PEACHFUZZ' ON HER VAGINA!!!). I ask this question because I once worked with a lady whose 4'9 prepubescent niece (who was only 11 years old) weighed over 150 lbs. AND SHE WAS INCREDIBLY STRONG!!! As a 6'1 skinny man who weighs considerably less than 150 lbs, whenever I saw that 'little girl' in the workplace during her visits there, I always used to fantasize engaging in one-on-one physical tests of strength against her even though I already knew (there was absolutely no doubt in my mind) that this 'little girl' would easily have defeated me in any test of strength, HANDS DOWN!!! I am sure there already must have been situations where a 6'1 skinny man like me engaged in various one-on-one physical tests of strength against a very large 4'9 prepubescent girl like her -- AND LOST!!! Perhaps he challenged her, mistakenly believing he would win. Or maybe she challenged him, KNOWING SHE WOULD WIN!!! Do you think a 6'1 skinny man (smaller in size and in weight although much greater in height) should be embarrassed afterward if he were to engage in any physical test of strength (e.g. armwrestling, wrestling, legwrestling or weightlifting) against a very large 4'9 prepubescent girl and it turns out (especially in front of a huge crowd) that she is stronger than he is?
Created by: GIRLPOWER FAN at 08:21:18 AM, Monday, July 05, 2010 PDT


Well a 5`6 150 lb 14 yr old girl almost broke my arm in an arm wrestling contest. I was 25, 5`3 108 lbs. I put up a huge fight, but her arm felt no resistance and squelched mine within seconds. Her mom was as tall as she was, but heavier and stronger than her daughter. But her current husband at the time, was almost as small as me--and they were in love! What I learned from that,yes alot of 14 yr old girls could wipe the floor with me.But more importantly, there are plenty of big strong women who passionately love their smaller weaker men :)

AnonymousJul 05 2010 4:35pm

I am also small (lanky). I myself was in love with a bigger stronger girl (my girlfriend at the time) and she was also in love with me. She stood 10 inches shorter than me. I am rather tall and, as I already mentioned, I am lanky. I struggled against my girlfriend in an armwrestlng match that I ended up losing. Her mother stood only 4'10" (three inches shorter than my girlfriend) but she weighed quite a bit more (190 lbs) than my girlfriend (150 lbs). In fact, to my utter surprise, she told me her mother is stronger than her father!!! When I saw my girlfriend and her mother armwrestling against each other, I almost could not believe how fast my girlfriend's mother slammed my girlfriend's arm down on the table (IT TOOK LESS THAN TWO SECONDS!!!). After witnessing what I had just seen, I suddenly became very much afraid (SCARED!!!) of her mother. I always treated her daughter (my girlfriend) with kindness and respect but after witnessing her incredible display of strength against her daughter, I knew I had no other choice!!! I knew I was way too scared and way too small to armwrestle her or otherwise battle against her especially when I saw how quickly she "dispatched" her daughter. If it were me vs her in an armwrestling match, she would have crushed my arm for sure!!!

LankyJul 05 2010 5:26pm
I dont know, should a man who makes 7 polls asking the same fetish question take a gun to his head?

RebsJul 11 2010 4:50pm
No male should be embarrassed when women or girls show them up in any area. They simply need to accept the superiority of women and girls over males as a fact of life. I do think most males do know that but most do not have the balls to admit that their balls do make them inferior.

KimberlyJul 12 2010 9:47am
The thought of A GIRL being stronger than A MAN is puzzling.

AnonymousJul 13 2010 2:47am
Many think that girls and women being far superior to males is puzzling too but it is solid fact.

KathyJul 15 2010 4:09am
Its a fact women or (girls) are much stronger than men because they are taking care of their bodies more. Females workout far more today. If a prepubescent girl wrestled me and beat me I would be embarrassed. Just the fact she is stronger hurts the male ego, but to be displayed in public that she is stronger would be like being castrated. No male wants to be exposed he is weak, but its a new world we live in. Males have to adjust their minds, females will soon be the dominant sex.

AnonymousJul 15 2010 5:53am
I admit without hesitation (and without shame) that there are adolescent girls and prepubescent girls who are bigger and stronger than I am. Because I am a middle-aged man who is very slender, I know I am actually weaker than the average woman so it goes without saying that I am also weaker than many prepubescent girls and I am also weaker than many adolescent girls. However, if I were a well-built man, especially at my age, I would be finding the nearest rock to crawl under if I were ever physically overwhelmed by a prepubescent girl or an adolescent girl. I would never be able to recover from the resulting psychological DAMAGE!!!

A middle-aged slender manJul 15 2010 7:05am
Middle-aged slender man I think very few men would admit to what you just stated. I am very short and thin. I am in my 60's and I know there are alot of adolescent/prepubescent girls who are much stronger than me. I have a sister who's daughter has proven that to not only me but her mother. She challenged me to a wrestling match with her mother present. We all laugh but in the end she had me down and had beaten me very easily. I felt so embarrassed, I had wished I never even agreed to such a thing. Since that day the three of us know the truth. I am very careful with females, getting your butt kicked once by a girl. You will never forget it.

A older-aged short defeated maleJul 15 2010 11:20am
I agree with Kimberly above when she said No male should be embarrassed when women or girls show them up in any area. They simply need to accept the superiority of women and girls over males as a fact of life. I do think most males do know that but most do not have the balls to admit that their balls do make them inferior

RonJul 17 2010 5:53pm
I agree with Kimberly above when she said No male should be embarrassed when women or girls show them up in any area. They simply need to accept the superiority of women and girls over males as a fact of life. I do think most males do know that but most do not have the balls to admit that their balls do make them inferior

RonJul 17 2010 5:53pm
Yes, girls are getting much much stronger! I now see grown men cower with fear when an aggressive, assertive girl approaches them. A thirteen year old girl took me down. I really really tried to break free from her but she got me into a hold and I couldn't escape! Soon she straddled me and I couldn't move. She just looked down at me as her legs continued to bounce on my biceps, weakening me. She wouldn't let me go. Soon I felt a new feeling of submission towards her. I can't explain it but, she broke my will and my spirit. I was really embarrassed because of the onlookers but, I found my will getting weaker. She then pulled down my pants and straddled me. I tried to resist but, she overcame me. She conquered me totally as I surrendered to her power over my consciousness. She raped me and I will never be the same. I am now quiet and docile before her. She has forced me to submit to her in everything and I am her property. Her girlfriends dress me up in panties and give me a makeover every weekend. i AM THIER PLAYTHING. Yes, teenage girls can overpower, dominate, subdue, re-condition and even rape adult men! More and more girls are feminizing men--whether we like it or not. So, men must take thier place beneath women and, even girls!!

d.b.Nov 22 2011 11:43am
No Debra, ten yr olds aren't stronger than the average man. However, by the time she's 18 nowadays, she's AS strong as the average man. You women are now pretty much taking over. Look anywhere and you see teen and preteen girls are more confident and assertive--on average--than the boys thier age. In fact, a real revolution is happening. I surrender to the changes, taking my place beneath women (and, obviously, girls). I was put in my place against my will but, now, I have come to see that women and girls are the dominant sex as boys are now trained how to submit to the girls. I think all men will break down and submit under FEMALE AUTHORITY. And. we ARE seeing females take over control from men. They are smarter and should rule us. Women is the head of man and he is her helpmate and quiet and submissive when around women or, even girls! I've gotta go now, the girls want me to try on some new panties and makemeover.

d.b.Jan 07 2012 12:02am
And, I might add,femininity is in style for men and boys as we submit beneath both women and girls. Girls (and women) on the other hand, are our protectors and leaders. Just turn on the tv or go to the movies and you will see that the girls are taking over the masculine roles and boys are afraid of them. They will rule the future as THEY are the ones graduating college and taking over control. Men and boys now tend to themselves as women did. We buy makeup and now spend a LOT of time "getting ready" to go out. And boys are being groomed for domestic duty as women leave the house.

d.b.Jun 26 2012 10:54am
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