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Girls are you stronger than your guys?

Question: Is it true - as some other polls suggest - that women are sometimes or even often stronger & more muscular than men? if so, can you prove it by indicating which of the following contests of strength or muscle comparisons that you have either been involved in or witnessed? For either girls or guys, which of the following statements is true in your experience? Also, please leave comment describing any incident that you have witnessed or participated in.
Created by: bigelowmax at 10:55:17 AM, Saturday, July 10, 2010 PDT


Girl has bigger biceps than the guy
The girl can bench press more weight than the guy
The girl can bicep curl more weight than the guy
The girl can lift the guy
The girl can lift the guy over her head
The girl looks much more ripped, chiseled and muscular compared to the guy, who looks relatively soft and weak
The girl wins (at least sometimes) at armwrestling one arm against two!
The girl wins at armwrestling
The girl's biceps are much harder than the guy's
The guy is bigger and heavier, but the girl is stronger

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