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Girls are you stronger than your guys?

Question: Is it true - as some other polls suggest - that women are sometimes or even often stronger & more muscular than men? if so, can you prove it by indicating which of the following contests of strength or muscle comparisons that you have either been involved in or witnessed? For either girls or guys, which of the following statements is true in your experience? Also, please leave comment describing any incident that you have witnessed or participated in.
Created by: bigelowmax at 10:55:17 AM, Saturday, July 10, 2010 PDT


This is a very easy question for me to answer because as I already pointed out in some of my other comments, I am a tall skinny guy. Most of my short fat girlfriends (and other fat ladies as well) are bigger and stronger than I am with bigger biceps than I have. And, of course, each lady weighs more than I do despite the fact that I tower over each and every one of them. There are lots of people who mistakenly believe that fat women are not strong. I know from my own firsthand experiences that fat women are incredibly strong!!! One of the greatest feats of female physical power I have ever been subject to (if not the greatest) was when one of my short fat girlfriends easily lifted me over her head. I tower over her by quite a bit. However, she weighs much more than I do and her muscles are way bigger than my tiny muscles are. Fat women tend to have bigger muscles than skinny men because fat women have all that extra bodyweight to carry around that skinny men like me don't have. That's why a fat woman can beat a skinny man at armwrestling. That's why a fat woman can outlift a skinny man in weightlifting. That's why a fat woman can take down a skinny man and go in for the pin in a wrestling match. That's why a fat woman can lift a skinny man over her head. When my girlfriend easily lifted me over her head, she gave a perfect example of a short fat girl easily lifting a tall skinny guy over her head which gave me THE BIGGEST, HARDEST WOODY!!!

AnonymousJul 11 2010 3:11am

No, im head of my swim and gymnastics team and i'd destroy that cheerleader

TaylorJul 13 2010 6:40am
Wow! It looks like she could rip him apart at the pelvis! That's power!

JanJul 17 2010 9:47am
I have a younger sister who is both stronger and more muscular than me. I do not understand how a girl can have bigger muscles than a boy? If boys have testosterone and it's an advantage, how come my sister has more muscles? Can anyone explain this? Her muscles are way bigger than mine and harder so how is this possable? We are both teens, I play baseball and she is a swimmer. her shoulders are 2 inches wider than mine and we are both 5' 8" tall and she is bigger when it comes to muscle. Any ideas as to why she should become stronger than me?

wonder whyJul 17 2010 2:23pm
Wonder why, I think girls strength potential is not well understood and quite frankly many girls can outmuscle boys like comparing yourself with your sister. I have also read that girls sometimes can have testosterone levels that can be very high because of sports or exercise but to be honest, it's an interesting question.

AnonymousJul 17 2010 2:30pm
Some months ago I was sitting drinking wine together with my closest friends, 4 women all together. We are all physically active and pretty strong. One of my friends, let's call her G suddenly told us that she and her husband had armwrestled and wrestled some nighs before and that she had easily beaten him at those games! We were all a bit shocked and curious to find out more. We all know that her husband is at least 4 inches taller and probably 20 lbs heavier. She said that he had never been very strong, he was very thin when they met and most of the weight on is body was fat. G said that he had challenged her to armwrestle for fun and that he got extremely embarrassed when she won. Right arms had been a rather tough match but she had totally dominated him with left arms. And then he had suggested wrestling since he wanted revange. G said that this was rather stupid of him since her legs are very strong and she had just prooved that her arms were stronger than his. She told us she pinned him three times in a row before he admitted her to be stronger. We all laughed and started to think about our own relationships. My husband is actually one inch shorter and perhaps 15 lbs lighter than me, he is in good shape but plays tennis and golf while I am lifting weights. I thought that I could probably take him in armwrestling and wrestling, I told this to the others. C is the biggest of us, her husband is perhaps a little bit bigger but they are of similar build. She said that she might be stronger than her husband since he almost never worked out, he spent most of his time at the office. D is the smallest, she doubtet that she was stronger than her husband but perhaps she could take him in a wrestling match since she had a much more flexible body and very powerful legs. We decided to wrestle our husbands and meet again and tell each other about the outcome a month later. When this evening came we first watched a film that G had bought, a film about mixed wrestling! We were all very excited seeing powerful ladies wrestle men into submission, for some reason this was all thrilling for us. Then at last we could tell each other about our experiences. G had asked her husband if he wanted to try to win against her and he had accepted. The outcome was the same, he lost badly both in armwrestling and the wrestling matches after. C, the biggest of us, told us that due to lack of experience when it came to armwrestling she had lost the first match right handed but had won with left since her arm strength was impossible for her husband to match. They had a new match with right hands and then C had won. First of all her husband had thought that C was crazy but than accepted, she hadn't told him about G's match nor that we all wanted to challenge our men. The wrestling matches had been very tight where C's husband had won the first fall after more than 30 minutes, then it had been C's greater endurance and also strength advantage that had given her a 2-1 victory. D had been right about the outcome of the armwrestling matches, her surprised husband had been ever more surprised when he really had to fight to pin his petite wife in the armwrestling matches. When she suggested wrestling matches as well he thought of other activities. D told us that her husband had been totally surprised and shocked when he found himself in a head scissors he couldn't get out of. He had won the next match since it was now more serious, D had been clever and used her legs against his arms as much as possible making him tired and at the end she had pinned him and won 2-1. My husband and I used to wrestle 20 years ago when we met in our 20's, he always won but I didn't do my best. It was OK to let him win. My husband is today busy with politics, takes most of his time, so the tennis and golf is more rare. He is still very slim though. I asked him one evening if he remembered the wrestling matches from our youth, and he said yes and that I had been pretty strong - for a girl! This was exactly what I needed, I told him that I had let him win, that I was stronger than him then and that I was probably much stronger than him now since I work out more than him. He swallowed the bate and there we were sitting at the kitchen table, armwrestling. I know a little about armwrestling since my father used to be a champion. I am proud to say that my husband didn't have a chance. I slowly pressed first his right hand and then the left to the table. When we wrestled he had problems from the start since I am both heavier AND stronger than him. I played with him, I wouldn't say humiliate but I showed him how strong I was compared to him. I was happy to see that he could take it. He said that he knew that I was strong and that he now and then wondered if I was stronger than him. Now he knew. The four ladies had shown our men that women can be strong. I think that the difference in strength gets smaller and smaller with age, and women are getting more physically active. I have wrestled my husband some more times after this, he is not doing so well but I guess all my muscles are stronger than his so how could he win?

KJul 19 2010 6:55am
My wife has larger muscles and we workout together. She gained more than I have. At first I couldn't stand it but slowly I'm learning to enjoy it and admire her larger muscles.

BenJul 20 2010 12:59pm
I'm stronger than my boyfriend. This year my biceps and calves are 2 inches bigger than last year because of gym and sports so my muscles are bigger than his now.

BrendaJul 20 2010 1:06pm
I see women with bigger arms, but its fat? Or does the fact she has bigger arms make her stronger as some tell me?

I dont get itJul 21 2010 12:31am
To I don't get it, with women's arms and legs you can never know. Some women with big arms have no strength whatsoever while others have big muscles hidden under the fat. One of my collegues at work is a big rather over weight woman. She has an athletic background and still works out but the fat is a problem. She is extremely strong though, she weighs around 220 lbs on a 5'9 frame, she absolute kills us me at armwrestling at work. Another woman I know looks like she is of similar build to the strong woman but she is not strong enough to lift a 30 lbs box from the floor.

neither do IJul 21 2010 4:26am
Brenda, how is the fact that you are stronger and more muscular than your boyfriend affect your relationship? Can your bf take being weaker?

KJul 21 2010 4:27am
He seems to be getting nervous about it. But is starting to look at my muscles more and more wanting to feel the too!

BrendaJul 21 2010 12:37pm
Same with my husband Brenda, he looks at my muscles when he thinks I am not watching, I almost hypnotize him when I fix my hair, letting my biceps jump up and down. I can see he is frustrated, it is tough for a man to accept that he is weaker than his woman, at the same time it all excites him. I am very pleased with this progress in our relationship, it has taken us to new land so to speak. And the discussions with my friends about this male/female strength issues is also funny.

KJul 22 2010 7:04am
I am a German woman, very lucky to find this poll today. Just like other women here I am physically active, work out a lot both at home (I work from home) and at the gym. My husband works a lot, travels and has no time for gym. He brings his running gear always with him so he is in good shape. Over the years my body has grown, mainly with bigger muscles (but also some fat I have to admit). My husband not long time ago looked at my body and said something like my God you are getting muscular and he wanted to feel my flexed muscles. This surprised me, he has never done anything like that before. He asked me if I was as strong as I looked, I smiled and said stronger! When we went to bed that night he suddenly jumped on me and pressed me to the bed, him sitting on my chest with his arms pinning mine over my head, at least that was his plan. I started to fight him and soon realized that I could easily force his arms out to each side of me so he fell on me and he got trapped that way. The I took one of his arm, and slowly bent it behind his back, he tried to resist and then did the same with the other so he was lying on me helpless with both his arms stuck behind him. I forced his arms a bit higher and he straight away gave up. He was a bit shocked how easy I could outmuscle him and so was I to be honest. He wanted to wrestle again and I said that he could sit on both my arms with his legs and have my head trapped between his thighs. He wasn't sure this was a good idea since this was giving him too much advantate and not fair. Anyway he sat down on my, trapped my head and pinned my arms. I asked if he was ready and when he said yes I pushed at his knees and raised my legs in a great movement with all my power. The result was fantastic, he fell off me and rolled off the bed. I followed him and took hold of his head, forcing it between my thighs and sat on the bed with him trapped between my legs. He was embarrassed and gave up. When I asked him if he wanted another match he just shook his had and said he gave up to me. He wanted to lay beside me, rested his head on my shoulder, something he never done before. He then started to caress my body, feeling my muscles. I told him to get the body cream and he could rub this in my muscles. It was like me being so much stronger suddenly made him submissive and he now wanted to admire my muscles. I was quite happy about the way this had turned out. We had a fantastic night in bed and he then slept in my arms. Since that evening he loves to touch my body, feeling my muscles and I happily flex for him. We are getting into some kind of role reversal. I am 15 kgs heavier than him I have to add, my muscles are quite a bit bigger than his.

GieselaJul 22 2010 7:22am
Giesela..thats a great post! how tall are you 2?

lelgtJul 22 2010 7:44am
I am 178 cm, that would be something like 5'10 I think. I weigh 82 kgs so I am not a small woman. Husband is about my height but only 67-68 kgs.

GieselaJul 23 2010 12:52am
this is a reply to wonder why.i have sis that is 3 yrs younger when we were kis we would copare our strength and muscles she could always beat me in a foot race.thats when i relised girls can have more muscle.when i was 17 she had bigger to me i think that girls are as strong if not stronger than boys. to me the stronger sex is getting stronger so we have to accept the fact that this is a womans world.

fan of stronger womenJul 24 2010 11:27am
In elementary school I made the mistake of getting into a fight with a tough girl. She was a little bigger than me and I soon found out that she was a lot stronger and more aggressive. Her only weakness was her long hair. She was beating the crap out of me until I managed to catch a handful of her hair and pull with all might. I managed to throw her down and run away. She got skinned up and I got in trouble for fighting a girl.

average guyNov 05 2010 5:31pm
when i was twenty-five i challenged my neighbour a slim woman twenty years old at that time to an armwrestling match .usualy her biceps didn't show much, but i did feel she is strong as she used to carry havy things around. at the first time i won but it did take me more than a minute. after a period she asked me to rematch, we did and i beat her again,we both felt that the diference in our strength is not so big.about a month later we faced each other again ,i won this time too but it was very hard for me to pin her arm, this time we rematched on the spot, we had to stop when no one of us could beat the other. it didn't take a long time that my neighbour asked me to arm wrestle her again but that time we should make at least three times in a row. i accepted but guessed as she did that at longer terms she may have the upper hand.indeed it turned up that i beat her the first one she did put me down the second and third time when the last time it took her less than twenty seconds.i remember it made me very curious .meanwhile as time passed she got married and had a son,we discussed our encounters sometimes of course remembering my defeat . her husband knew about her beatting me and he even said once that he would like to see a rematch between her and me.but for a long time it did not happen.once on a weekend the ocasion came as we stood near a high table like the ones used by official armwrestlig games. i asked her if it is time to try again and even sugested to make it five times in a row. we were all there she,her husband,her little son my future wife, and me of course. we started not knowing what will come out as it was along time since. i pinned her the first one it took me at least two minutes, my arm hurt so much.the second round was all hers and in less than a minute her husband and son applauding,my future wife did not comment.but then came the three other times ,what a shame i was pinned so easily ihad to admit her being stronger. i want to add that i am stronger than an average man being a farmer workig physical work. much later we had a son too, my neighbour and me were in charge to take care of many children on a trip they all slept in sleeping bags ,we sat by a bonfire wating for morning to come,it was clear that we will try our strenght again and we did, even that she was pregnant for a second time,her belly quiet big,so we sat near a camp table and armwrestled sixteen times during those hours,i was beatten all of them. we than bet to go on competing at least once a year,until we shall be old.when i became seventy ,itold her that i have lost so many times to her that it is time we stop she asked me to go on until she will be seventy.i accepted as we later kept the score of our matches as it came to be she beat me 106 times wen i pinned her only 7times.

the farmer.Nov 15 2010 5:09am
never underestimate the endurance of a woman! When me and my husband armwrestled the first time when we were young he won quite easily with right arm, with his left it was almost a draw since I have two strong arms and he really was a lot stronger in his best arm. We then once armwrestled just after we had done pushups together. The reason for this was that I noticed that I did my last round of pushups easier than he did (we both did 3x30 at that time). He wasn't sure if he wanted a match since his arms were like noodles but I insisted since I had done as many pushups as he had. I totally killed him! He couldn't put up any resistance. After that evening I left him behind me when it came to strength. Yes, he would still win right hand armwrestling for a while but since I could do more reps with the same amount of weights than him I slowly became stronger and after perhaps a year I was quite a bit stronger than him. We also wrestled sometimes but since my legs are very big and strong he was no match for me. I could almost always get him in scissor holds that either made him give up or I could zap him from all strength and then just pin him. Today we are more than 50. I can easily win when we armwrestle even if he will start with the backside of my hands almost touching the table or if he uses two hands against one of mine. Two of our female friends are stronger than me and of course stronger than my husband. It is some comfort for him that all thre of us ladies are stronger than our husbands.

50 and strongDec 01 2010 11:42pm
<b>i am 5'10.5'' and weight 66kgs, my wife is no more than 5'3'' and weight upto 75 kgs but she easily overpower me in wrestling but in arm wrestling she alway defeated by me since i know fat woman have strength of their body fat . Skinny girls are very weak</b>

MarkDec 31 2010 10:46pm
We discovered recently that my girlfriend can flex her boobs better than I can flex my pecs. She can make her boobs dance up and down whenever she wants! She has DDs, and a little research turned up that generally the bigger a woman's boobs, the thicker and stronger her outer chest muscles (pectoralis minor) are because they have to support heavier boobs. We found that it's actually not uncommon for women with big boobs to have enough muscle to make them dance like she does.

AnonymousJan 20 2011 8:50am
I am 16, 6" 140, and my Girlfriend is 15 5", 115 ... she is a wrestle for her school. She really embarrassed me one day infront of her two friends. I was wearing baggy pants, no shirt and white briefs under my baggy 501's ...well I made a big mistake I called her a bitch ... just playing ..but she tackled me and forced by ankles by my ears and pulled my baggy 501's down around my knees ... and had my ass up in the air showing nothing but my white briefs ... and using my pants to hold me in place ... i was totally pinned ... then she gave me a Hj in front of her friends ... they said I was whimpering and screaming like a girl ... then she sad who is the bitch now .. and would not let me up into I said .. ME this day they call me ..HANES the Screamer !!!!

PaulMay 07 2011 11:44am
I am Paul's girlfriend and yes I pinned paul with a move called the "spladle" that is when my legs pinned his left leg and his left arm and my right sholder has his right leg pinned and my body is on his chest and his ankles are by his ears .. and when I tackled his his baggy Jeans fell to the bottom of his butt ... so to stop him from squirming I pulled his pants down around his knees and held the Waste line with my left hand ... leaving my right hand free ... and after pinning Paul for a couple of mins I started to feel his Boner !!! and like most guys that get pinned by a girl they will get a Boner !! it is very embarrassing for them !! so i reach with my off hand over his briefs and started to Play ... if you know what I mean ... and just than my two girlfriend showed up ... cheering me on first they did no I was giving his a HJ ... not into he started to Twitch , squirm and holler .. he at least two orgasms and the last one was a high pitch scream ... yes like a girl !!! and I forced him to say he was my Bitch !!! before I let him up ...

KimMay 07 2011 1:33pm
I was surprised to find out that my little sister is stronger than me. She is a 14 years old (165 cm, 58 kg) and I am 17 years old (178 cm, 75 kg). She is swimmer and works out with weights very often. She was always very athletic. I also workout 2 times a week, so I am athletic. We armwrestled for fun. She won pretty easily and teased me afterwards. She flexed her biceps and I saw it was much bigger than mine. A big biceps peaked out of her arm and it looked really hard and defined.

AnonymousAug 11 2011 1:06am
Been reading these polls for awhile about strong muscular bigger women etc. Think most are very bogus myself. Am a professional white male, 50 years old 5'10" 190, athletic not a bodybuilder tho. Am here by challenging any big strong muscular woman, bodybuilder, powerlifter, whatever, bigger the better, stronger the better. Challenge is to any female who will come meet me here in oklahoma, and literally use her full size, strength, muscle and power to lift me, crush me with full strength, lift, carry, throw me around the room like a rag doll, bodyslam etc, without regard to injury to me. Seriously using ALL her full size, power and muscle on me for 2 hours. No mercy asked, will sign injury waiver as well or release of liabilities to you etc. Any women takers, all you have to do is contact me at and put likelike challenge in your subject line. Cash prize if you come to do this and claim it is 2500 dollars. Will make a nice Christmas if any really tough or muscular women exist in real life besides these stupid polls. I am extemely serious. Lets see if any really huge big strong or muscular powerful women exist, or if they just talk talk talk.

sjsh99Dec 01 2011 8:03am
@amused post the link here pls

AnonymousJun 27 2012 1:14pm
Anyone(guys or boys) ever get a "major" boner just seeing girls aged 9 to 14yrs. old with big hard,and real strong looking biceps? If so,what is your deepest and darkest(even sickest)fantasy with that type of girl? Be as sick and dark as possible with your answer if you please!

"ceps" girl luv'rAug 26 2012 10:22am
Also,in your fantasy,add if the "bicep" girl is a boner squeezer(with hands),and how hard would you like her squeeze "yours" as a "pleasure torture?"

"ceps" girl luv'rAug 26 2012 10:38am
i can beat any girl no matter how strong dare to challenge

buff broDec 19 2012 6:26pm
I got beat in arm wrestling with my GF and one of her friends. So I challenged them to something I was skilled at (Bushido). I allowed them to use an actual katana, while I used a wooden kendo bokken. Even though it was two on one, they soon found out if it had been the real deal, there would be two headless corpses. Then I was like... gee... where'd all your muscle go? the shocked looks were epic

AnonymousJan 05 2013 12:38am
My Boyfriend is 5 ft 10 and 65 kg. He is athletic. I am 5 ft 2 and 140 kg. I don't work out but I can beat him in a wrestling match.

AnonymousJan 08 2013 5:35pm
I love tall girls and strong! unfortunately in my small town there are these girls! I am very small and weak .... I'm 166 cm (5.5) and weight only 55 kg (121 pounds)! I would love to be carried and lifted by a big strong girl! my mail is

mick73Feb 08 2013 5:36pm
i am a police officer who got assaulted by a fat woman who was tryna kill her hubby over some potato packet while tryna handcuff her ya fat women are stronger than guys

the police officerMar 30 2013 1:27pm
Could you describe one of your matches, anonymous?

AnonymousApr 15 2013 9:56pm
Stronger Gals -weaker guy couples would U like to do the Erotic Chastity Vaginal-Penile Musclehold/choke/lock & enjoy indescribable continuous indefinitely prolonged Orgasmic Pleasure !!! Jai Sri Lingam ! Jai Ma Yoni !

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