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For small weak guys: the worst part in being small and weak?

Question: I dont mind being small and weak at 5`3 118 lbs. I know 99 percent of all men and over 60 percent of women are stronger than me. Here is where it gets complicated. My 85 yr old mom is staying at my house for the holidays. She is 40 lbs heavier and 2 inches taller. She fell in the garage after trying to do her laundry. As a dedicated son, I came to her rescue.But I tried my best to move her and lift her, but I just wasnt strong enough. Today I am sore just trying. I ended have to call 911 just so they could ger her in her bed. My mom, even at 85 is bigger and probably stronger! So for all of you small weak guys. What is the worst part of being small and weak? For me, it is not being able to help those loved ones in need
Created by: verylittle at 09:51:40 PM, Thursday, December 30, 2010 PST



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