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For small weak guys: the worst part in being small and weak?

Question: I dont mind being small and weak at 5`3 118 lbs. I know 99 percent of all men and over 60 percent of women are stronger than me. Here is where it gets complicated. My 85 yr old mom is staying at my house for the holidays. She is 40 lbs heavier and 2 inches taller. She fell in the garage after trying to do her laundry. As a dedicated son, I came to her rescue.But I tried my best to move her and lift her, but I just wasnt strong enough. Today I am sore just trying. I ended have to call 911 just so they could ger her in her bed. My mom, even at 85 is bigger and probably stronger! So for all of you small weak guys. What is the worst part of being small and weak? For me, it is not being able to help those loved ones in need
Created by: verylittle at 09:51:40 PM, Thursday, December 30, 2010 PST


Little guy!! If I were that tiny, I would be scared to death to make anyone angry. What kind of a life is that?

Beef up for the New Year! Yes u canDec 31 2010 10:46am

You know what? Your mom probably was better off because you called 911 than if you were stronger and moved her yourself because they knew how to do it without harming her. So it's no big deal that you are not physically strong. be glad you have a mom to love, that you have your and for everything else you have. In fact, if the worst thing you have to be upset about is that you are weak, you are a lucky man indeed. Happy New year very little.

TadJan 01 2011 4:56am
I have a typo in my last response. In the second sentence, I meant to say "Be glad you have a mom to love, that you have your health and for everything else you have". Like the Bozo I am I left out the word "health" in the original.

TadJan 01 2011 4:59am
Most women are stronger then men today. Within the next 10 years it will be the norm. So you are not the only male that feels weak in front of women. My wife is stronger than I am and I have accepted that. Our life is typical wife and husband but we both know who is in charge at our house. We have two daughters and I have become a second class citizen. Females come first in our house. You just have to accept it. I have.

PaulJan 02 2011 5:25am
Dude you shouldnt be lifting any grown adult at your stature? Thats what 911 is for or else get a neighbor;etc....YOu made a smart move by calling 911, but I wouldnt attempted to move her period because you could have been seriously hurt bud!

BriJan 02 2011 10:16am
I think the worst thing about being small and weak is having a small and slender penis. Mine is just 4.5 by 4.3 inches erect.

bsized4point5@yahoo.comJan 03 2011 9:58am
I have you beat. Mine erect is 3.2 by 3.8. That is when I can get it hard.

tinyJan 03 2011 8:02pm
the worst part being small and weak as a man is that you are small and weak and because of that have more difficulties in life. I am a little bit taller than verylittle and a bit heavier but not by much. It has also been difficult finding a woman that can cope being with a small light man. But you also get a lot of help being smaller. I am travelling with train often and have sometimes a big suitcase that I need to place on the top shelf, more women than men offer to help me out. And being very small is also an advantage sometimes, nobody since school has ever attacked me, why bother with a half pint. And at last I found a woman two years ago at the age of 42. She is at 5'8 4 inches taller than me and considerably heavier. She used to be a top athlete and I guess she is at least twice as strong as me, probably more. She got tired of the macho guys as an athlete and was looking for an ordinary, smaller man. How big chance is that really? So now I always have help if I need to lift something heavy, pull a tough wine cork, tricky jars etc. And sexually things have been fantastic being with a stronger bigger woman, we are not into S&M but play wrestling is quite common and I although I never win it is good fun

Small weak and happyJan 10 2011 11:27pm
Sorry Guys!!! I was a recovering cancer patient and for a while very thin at 5`7 107 lbs. There was nothing gratifying knowing that I could be snuffed out by every man and woman!

cyJan 11 2011 12:16pm
Its been a while since I saw any man under 120 #s. That's pretty damned small LoL!!! Don't you eat???; /

IleneJan 12 2011 10:57am
The worst part about being a small man is being intimidated by children. I live at an apartment complex with a swimming pool I can't go to because I was bullied by thug 10&11 year old boys who were about my height but heavier and stronger than me. I am 19 but never had a problem with kids that young until I moved here. I always assumed that I would get respect because I am obviously an adult man. Dont parents teach respect anymore? (I was manhandled and even given a "wedgie" just because I was smaller!?!.....something that hasn't happened since middle school).

JustinDec 31 2011 8:12am
I absolutely love very small sized guys. They are so cute and adorable. I like to treat them like a toddler except for when I want sex then they are good bottoms.

Love small sized guysDec 31 2011 10:18pm
the worst thing being small is that you need to be very lucky to find a woman. Most women are more conservative than men I have found, they could never be with a shorter, lighter and weaker man. They want to be protected. I have found one woman, one woman in 50 years, that loved to be the protector, the strong one, the dominant yet loving partner, but I lost her. After this lady I haven't been close to find a woman that is equal to my size or even smaller. Of course it could be me but I have never had any problems making friends.

SorryJan 18 2012 7:06am
the worst part in being small and weak is being small and weak, apart from that everything is fine

AnonymousFeb 24 2012 1:24am
I agree with Justin, the worst part is being pushed around by kids. I am 22 years old and go to college but I am about the size of a 12 year old (and not a big one either). I hate it when teen boys tease me and push me around. It makes me feel like I am still in middle school. And teen girls in groups giggle and make comments about what size they think I am in my pants. I can't help but be embarrassed and when they see that, it gets worse. The last time I physically fought back, a 14 year old boy lifted me off the ground and gave me a wedgie, yes, middle school all over again!

small & miserableJul 14 2012 9:33am
hey small and miserable and justin- you should definitely fight back. I'm 17 and tall but really skinny. I dont always win but its better than being pushed around !

thindudeJul 29 2012 9:35pm
hey small and miserable and justin- you should definitely fight back. I'm 17 and tall but really skinny. I dont always win but its better than being pushed around !

thindudeJul 29 2012 9:35pm
the worst part is that women don't like smaller men. Being less than 5'4 as a man in a Nordic country means that 60-70% of the women are taller than you. And they don't want a pint sized man. Unfornuately that goes for the smaller women as well. They want a man at least 4-5 inches taller and then I have almost no women that are interested in me. I have had a few encounters with big women. They have been disasters. Some women (as well as men) are getting off being in charge and being able to dominate their partner. I have had three relationships like that with women more than 4 inches taller, one was 8 inches taller and much heavier. The reason for them to pick me has been to be able to dominate and abuse more than anything else. They have loved being able to do whatever they like with me being much stronger, it have all three times started with rather innocent things like lifting me up in public, wrestling me down at the beach in front of a laughing crowd and then little by little started to hit me and at the end really hurt me. One of them actually broke two of my ribs and one of my fingers. After the last of these big women I have avoided women. I hope to that some woman, not too big not too small will like me but it seems pretty hopeless.

Small and lonelyAug 09 2012 5:01am

-1'Jun 08 2014 5:47am

1Jun 30 2014 9:29pm
I'm so small and weak, all women are amazons compared to me... solilo2020(at)

soliloMay 05 7:59pm
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