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please only females of all ages,make this males please

Question: please lets get a real veiw of only womens point of you truly once&for all beleive that most women ether now or allways have been,or just starting to be phsicaly stronger&beater fighters,and will take over as the superior sex.please only women vote&please women only leave a message.and if you think you are or allways have been the superior sex,and think you should be then please if you live in arizona or going to come here then please email me at for some friendly compition.boxing,wrestling,kickboxing.would just like to see how I would do.I can't fight very good? very strong,average guy,5'9\
Created by: keith at 01:58:03 AM, Saturday, February 12, 2011 PST


men allways have been&will allways be superior over women.becuse women are ment to be ruled over.
women allways have been the stronger&beter fighting sex,just now takeing are rightfull place.
women are evolving and are just in the past 20years have sarted to take over as the superior sex&will from now on allways will be.

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