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please only females of all ages,make this males please

Question: please lets get a real veiw of only womens point of you truly once&for all beleive that most women ether now or allways have been,or just starting to be phsicaly stronger&beater fighters,and will take over as the superior sex.please only women vote&please women only leave a message.and if you think you are or allways have been the superior sex,and think you should be then please if you live in arizona or going to come here then please email me at for some friendly compition.boxing,wrestling,kickboxing.would just like to see how I would do.I can't fight very good? very strong,average guy,5'9\
Created by: keith at 01:58:03 AM, Saturday, February 12, 2011 PST


suck it

menFeb 13 2011 12:01pm

thats your job women.

men.Feb 13 2011 3:14pm
You obviously want to get pummelled by a woman :All in positive thinking! First in a quiet place visualize yourself smaller and weaker and know this will be you. Second visualize this big woman. Detail her description, hair color and weight. Make her very big and powerful. Finally let you run into this woman where she will savagely attack you and beat you. Visualize all of it in a quiet place and know this will happen. Send your desire out into the universe knowing that it will return to you multiplied. Not sure why you would want that? And make sure you do want that because it will come back to you multilpied, which could mean your death. We are all part of that universal power. which means we can harness that power to bring to us our desires. the problem is most of us dont know what we desire. And some of our desires are self destructive. We always get what we desire, not what we want. Think clear and hard whether you want to be physically assaulted by some big lady. know the possible outcome. But after all that, if this is your desire, then use that technique and it will happen! We always get what we desire

AnonymousFeb 19 2011 11:45pm
please women just prove all these polls are right or not I would like to take on a women in wrestling,boxing kickboxing,not to hurt her bad or get hurt real bad but like to see if theres a women that can realy beat me in enyway.its funny I get no emails by women so that just tells me and all people that all these polls are a lie.I live in arizona so of there is a women that truly beleives women are stronger&better fighters then just prove it to me and all now its up to you women??????????.

still wanting to know?.Feb 22 2011 12:20am
well don't need to know enymore.I have not had one women take my challange,becuse you women know you are the weaker&dummer sex,and will allways be owned by qwit lieing to everybody&your selfs.

have fond out.Feb 23 2011 4:24pm
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