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Why does my GF likes to do this to me so much?

Question: My GF likes to leg press and abduction leg wrestle me in my hot tub when she comes over to my place. I am very strong muscular in my upper body while she has slim weak arms. I had injuries to my hips and knees so my legs are on the slim side. She runs and bikes hills, some weights too so her legs are more muscular and bigger. She embarrasses me in front of friends or when we are alone by pinning my legs to my chest during this leg wrestling.
Created by: Frank B at 05:29:00 PM, Thursday, March 31, 2011 EDT


Her upper body is no match so she is just taking advantage of her stronger legs for fun
It makes her feel powerful
She enjoys beating me only because I have a big musclar upperbody otherwise it would not be a big deal
She gets turned on by it
She likes to dominate me to tease me
She simply wants to show off her strong legs
She wants to show other people that she may have a weak upper body but her lower body is stronger then her mans

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