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A modest Proposal: How to solve our budget crisis

Question: You have people on welfare living on $500 a month, and they have to take care of their kids on that amount?? Instead of throwing em free money, wouldnt it be to put the children in foster care, and put these individuals in a facility, which would give them skills to be more productive members. Yes, they would be wards of the state until have proven they have developed the skills to productive members of society for a prolonged period.They would then be released back into society. After they prove themselves for 6 months, they will have the opportunity to get their kids back. Now, if they fail to prove themselves, their kids will be put up for adoption, and they(the parents), will be put away and become permenant wards of the state. But no way, will the tax payers be throwing around free money.
Created by: deleod at 01:17:30 AM, Sunday, July 24, 2011 PDT


I agree, but it doesnt go far enough
I agree, but its too harsh
not sure
You are one evil bastard

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