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A modest Proposal: How to solve our budget crisis

Question: You have people on welfare living on $500 a month, and they have to take care of their kids on that amount?? Instead of throwing em free money, wouldnt it be to put the children in foster care, and put these individuals in a facility, which would give them skills to be more productive members. Yes, they would be wards of the state until have proven they have developed the skills to productive members of society for a prolonged period.They would then be released back into society. After they prove themselves for 6 months, they will have the opportunity to get their kids back. Now, if they fail to prove themselves, their kids will be put up for adoption, and they(the parents), will be put away and become permenant wards of the state. But no way, will the tax payers be throwing around free money.
Created by: deleod at 01:17:30 AM, Sunday, July 24, 2011 PDT


Yeah it might be better than incarceration or cannibalism

AnonymousJul 24 2011 9:25am

Or maybe you should shut the f*ck up and go die!

i hate youJul 24 2011 10:02am
Anonymous: I would rather not call it cannibalism.

MelindaJul 24 2011 1:19pm
Melinda, what would u call it then???

shut da fuk up u fat slutJul 25 2011 8:28am
Have you ever been on welfare? because what you describe (minus the children part) is actually what welfare is. It's not free money, there is extensive job training and you can't be on welfare if your not looking for a job, it's not free money.

AnonymousJul 25 2011 9:22am
Why the eternal war on children???

? for MelindaJul 25 2011 10:23am
Why the eternal war on children???

? for MelindaJul 25 2011 10:33am
Shes obviously a fat SLUT who can't get laid and has never had any, thus her bitterness towards the most innocent and vulnerable of society.

i know everythingJul 29 2011 5:53am
This whole mess is the result of fiat paper money which isn't actually money at all and nothing more than ink on paper. Using gold and silver coins as real money, we would never get in this mess of borrowing trillions of what? NUMBERS? It's all fake. No body would want to throw gold and silver around like fake paper! The Federal Reserve Note used to be just that (s note for real money) but the idiots turned the note for money into the money. Now it is de-valued more and more while everyone struggles to make ends meet! Over 4,000 paper currences have been used over time and all have failed simply because paper is worthless. It is money that must be managed while real money stands on it's own. That's why gold is now $1,600 an ounce! Remember one ounce was $20.00 in a coin?

Dumb money problemAug 01 2011 4:08pm
To all those haters!! Because I do care about society, and our children. And I cant stand those so innocent having to suffer, and never given a chance in life. I DO LIKE Swifts proposal. I know it will never be a reality in my lifetime, although in time I am optimistic it will become a THE reality. I am not bitter. As a retired social worker, I know the plight of human suffering. I see it everyday in households across america.Yes when I witness that suffering, my hero Swift comes to mind. Oh, btw I am married and a mother of 3 lovely daughters thank you!!!

MelindaAug 04 2011 1:29am
I am a tireless advocate to eliminate human suffering. I know its extreme,but Swifts proposal is the only way. My plight is to save the innocent and helpless who will never help themselves. I have worked in family planning clinics for almost 30 years, but I always thought they never went far enough to help those really in need

MelindaAug 04 2011 7:45am
IMO when the anti christ comes it will be feminazi like Minda who sugarcoats her language so we dont see their true motive. Eliminate human suffering BS!!...... u want to kill children in the worst possible way. ur evil!

typical feminist agendaAug 05 2011 9:27am
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